An essay upon the harmony of language, intended principally to illustrate that of the English language

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Strana 107 - O'er many a frozen, many a fiery Alp, Rocks, caves, lakes, fens, bogs, dens, and shades of death, A universe of death...
Strana 105 - The birds their quire apply ; airs, vernal airs, Breathing the smell of field and grove, attune The trembling leaves, while universal Pan, Knit with the Graces and the Hours in dance, Led on the eternal Spring.
Strana 89 - There shalt thou hear and learn the secret power Of harmony, in tones and numbers hit By voice or hand, and various-measured verse, jEolian charms and Dorian lyric odes...
Strana 103 - Above the smoke and stir of this dim spot Which men call Earth, and, with low-thoughted care. Confined and pestered in this pinfold here, Strive to keep up a frail and feverish being, Unmindful of the crown that Virtue gives, After this mortal change, to her true servants Amongst the enthroned gods on sainted seats.
Strana 183 - Let this auspicious day be ever sacred, No mourning, no misfortunes happen on it ; Let it be mark'd for triumphs and rejoicings ! Let happy lovers ever make it holy, Choose it to bless their hopes and crown their wishes ; This happy day, that gives me my Calista...
Strana 108 - Rocks, caves, lakes, fens, bogs, dens, and shades of death, A universe of death ; which God by curse Created evil, for evil only good ; Where all life dies, death lives, and nature breeds, Perverse, all monstrous, all prodigious things, Abominable, unutterable, and worse Than fables yet have feign'd, or fear conceived, Gorgons, and Hydras, and Chimeras dire.
Strana 196 - ... dealt withal, as upon his humble request to have so huge a debt so freely forgiven, should, whilst the memory of so much mercy was fresh upon him, even in the very next moment, handle his fellow-servant, who had made the same humble...
Strana 101 - What ? like a ftorm from their capacious bed The founding feas o'erwhelming, when the might Of thefe eruptions, working from the depth Of man's ftrong apprehenfion, fhakes his frame...
Strana 185 - TAKE, oh take thofe lips away, That fo fweetly were forfworn ; And thofe eyes, the break of day, Lights that do miflead the morn : But my kifles bring again, Seals of love, but feal'd in vain.
Strana 81 - Latins often cuts off the vowel at the end of a word, when the next word begins with a vowel; though he does not like the Greeks wholly drop the vowel, but still retains it in writing like the Latins.

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