Fishes of the World

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Wiley, 1976 - 416 strán (strany)
This book presents a detailed, modern classification of all fish families and many fossil groups found throughout the world. It incorporates the wealth of new information developed during the last decade about the evolution of fish and their interrelationships. The book, whole largely adhering to the classical evolutionary philosophy of classification, refers to alternate schemes and philosopies of classification. This is the only book which presents a detailed modern classification of all major fish groups (family level and higher). It begins with an elementary discussion of fish diversity and abundance (including a table showing the number of recognized extant families, genera, and species-total and only fresh water-of the 46 orders of fishes). Following this, a brief review of the classification of lower chordates puts the fishes in perspective. The fishes are presented in linear order in a manner that would best seem to reflect their postulated evolutionary relationships (from lampreys and hag-fishes and their fossil relatives, through placoderms and sharks, to the highest teleosts).

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