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ορυττοντων πολυχειρια, αλλ' therefore, it is not consumel, : αυξεται και πλεοναζει. Και τι but increased and multiplied λεγω τους εμπροσθεν; ποσοι by the multitude of those μετ' ημας

ερoυσι, και μετ' who dig into it. But why do εκεινους ετεροι παλιν, και I speak of those who were παυσεται πηγαζων ο πλουτος, before us ? How many

shall ουδε επιλειψει ταυτη

speak after us, and many ταλλα, πνευματικα γαρ εστι, others after them, and the πεφυκε

δαπανασθαι riches shall not cease to TOTE.—Serm. xxvi. de verbis spring up like a fountain, nor apost. 2 Cor. iv. 13. habentes shall the metals fail there, autem eundem spiritum fidei, for they are spiritual, and &c. Tom. v. p. 319. (Editio can never be consumed. ut supra.)

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There is no malady for which the Scriptures do not present a

remedy. Eιδες, αγαπητε, πως εκαστον Have you seen, O beloved,

εν τη θεια γραφη εγγε- how everything written in γραμμενων δι' ουδεν ετερον μνη- the divine Scripture was reμη παρεδόθη, αλλ' δια corded for no other purpose

την ωφελειαν την ημετεραν και την than for our profit, and for σωτηριαν του των ανθρωπων the salvation of the human γενους και ταυτη δη λογιζομενοι, race ? Reflecting upon this, εκαστος ημων τα καταλληλα let each of us thence apply to φαρμακα εντευθεν εαυτω επιτι

himself his peculiar remedy. θετω. Δια γαρ

For upon this account it is επ' αδειας προκειται, και εξεστι freely exposed to all, and τω βουλομενω το αρμοδιον τω it is permitted to him who ενοχλουντι παθει φαρμακον επι- wills it to apply the fitting τιθεναι, ταχιστην

την remedy to the disease which υγειαν δεξασθαι, μονον εαν μη

troubles him, and to receive αποσεισηται τις την απο της speedy health (or soundness) ιατρειας θεραπειαν, αλλα την provided he does not separate οικειαν ευγνωμοσυνην επιδει- the cure from the medicine, ξεται. Ουδεν γαρ εστι των την

but displays his own candour. ανθρωπινην φυσιν συνεχοντων

For there is not one of the ουτε ψυχικoν ουτε σωματικον spiritual or bodily sufferings παθος, ο μη εντευθεν ιατρειαν

which afflicts human nature δεξασθαι δυναται.

which cannot thence receive


a cure.

The great advantage of reading the Scriptures ; the Holy

Spirit will interpret them to us. Μεγα αγαθον, αγαπητοι, των The reading of the divine θειων γραφων η αναγνωσις. Scriptures, my beloved, is a Τουτο την ψυχην φιλοσοφον great good. This renders απεργάζεται, τουτο προς τον

the soul desirous of wisdom, ουρανον μεθιστησι την διανοιαν, this transfers the mind to

man τουτο ευχαριστον κατασκευαζει heaven, this makes a τον ανθρωπον, τουτο ποιει προς grateful, this causes him to μηδεν των παροντων επτοησθαι, fear nothing present, this τουτο διηνεκες εκει ποιει διαι- makes us fix our calculations τασθαι τον λογισμoν τον ημετε- there, and do all things lookρον, και προς την του δεσποτου ing to the recompense of the αμοιβην οροντας απαντα ημας

Lord, and undertake with διαπραττεσθαι, και προς τους great eagerness the labours of


For there we may

πολλης της αρετής πόνους μετα εγχειρειν της προθυμίας. Εν- learn accurately, by a quick τευθεν γαρ εστι μαθειν ακρι

perception, the Providence of βως της ταχειας αντιληψεως the goodness of the Lord, and

God, the fortitude of the just, του θεου την προνοιαν, των δικαιων την ανδρειαν,

the greatness of the rewards.

be excited to δεσποτου την αγαθοτητα, και

the emulation and imitation των αμοιβων το μεγεθος. Εν- of the wisdom of the nobleτευθεν εστιν εις ζηλον και

minded, and not to be torpid μιμησιν διεγερθηναι της φιλο- respecting the struggles of σοφιας των γενναιων ανδρων, virtue, but to gather courage και μη ναρκαν προς τους της before the event from the proαρετης αγωνας, αλλα θαρρειν mises of God.

Wherefore προ της εμβασεως τοις let us, I exhort you, practise παρα του θεου υποσχεσι. Ai' the reading of the divine ο παρακαλω, μετα πολλης Scriptures with all possible σπουδης την αναγνωσιν των haste; for we shall thus attain θειων γραφων ποιωμεθα. Ου- the knowledge of them if we γαρ

γνωσεως Continually approach their επινευξομεθα, ει συνεχως επι contents. Forit cannot be that ωμεν και εγκειμενα. Ουδε γαρ he who peruses these divine τον μετα σπουδης

και writings with desire and great πολλου ποθου τοις θειοις εν

eagerness can ever be overτυγχανοντα περιοφθηναι ποτε, looked, but although we may αλλα καν ανθρωπος ημιν μη have no man as our instructor, γενηται διδασκολος, αυτος

the Lord himself from abore


Therein we may








reason, reveal

δεσποτης ανωθεν εμβατευων της entering our hearts, will enκαρδιας της ημετερας φωτιζει lighten our minds, illumine την διανοιαν, καταυγαζει τον

those λογισμoν, εκκαλυπτει τα λαν- things that are hidden, and θανοντα, διδασκολος ημιν γινε- instruct us in the things of ται των αγνουμενων" μονον εαν which we are ignorant, proημεις τα παρ' εαυτων εισφερειν vided only we contribute our βουλωμεθα. Μη καλεσητε, γαρ, own faculties. For, he says, φησι, διδασκαλον επι της γης. ye shall call n0 man master Επειδαν ουν λαβωμεν μετα upon earth. When, thereχειρας βιβλιον πνευματικον, fore, we take the spiritual συντειναντες εαυτων την δια- book into our hands, exerting νοιαν, και συναγαγοντες τον our minds and collecting our λογισμον, και πασαν βιωτικην thoughts, and expelling all εννοιαν απωσαμενοι, ουτω την earthly reflections, let us thus αναγνωσιν ποιωμεθα μετα πολ- practise the reading with λης της ευλαβειας, μετα πολ- much circumspection and λης της προσοχης, ινα δυνη- with much attention, in order θωμεν υπο του αγιου πνευμα

be guided by the τος οδηγηθηναι επι την κατανο Holy Spirit into the underησιν των γεγραμμενων και standing of the things that πολλην εκειθεν την ωφελειαν are written, and may

thence καρπωσασθαι. Και γαρ ο ευ

derive much profit. For νουχος εκεινος βαρβαρος και της

that barbarian eunuch of the βασιλισσης* Αιθιοπων, εν το Queen of Ethiopia, who lived σαυτη τυγχανων περιφανεια,

in such splendour, and was και επι του οχήματος φερομενος

carried in his chariot, did not ουδε εν εκεινω τω καιρώ της

at that season neglect the αναγνωσεως ημελει, αλλα την reading, but holding the Proπροφητην εχων μετα χειρας phet in his hands, he emπολλης εποιειτο την σπουδην ployed much diligence in προς την αναγνωσιν, και ταυτα reading, and this he did not ουκ ειδως τα εγκειμενα, κ. τ.λ.

understanding the contents.t

that we may

Ιδετε οσον εστιν αγαθον το You see how good a thing μετα προσοχής και σπουδης την it is to prosecute the divine αναγνωσιν ποεισθαι των θειων Scriptures with attention and

* The Romanists remind us that the eunuch would not have understood the Scriptures without Philip as an interpreter ; but we reply, that in the New Testament the Apostles interpreted the prophecies which foretold Christ, and salvation by Christ, and we remind them, as Chrysostom did the Christians in his day, that we have the Holy Spirit as our guide and teacher. ,

+ Here a page of the original is omitted as superfluous.




γραφων και δια γαρ τουτο και την earnestness. For this reason

βαρβαρον τουτον I have introduced to you this ιστοριαν εις μεσον υμιν παρη- story of the barbarian, that γαγον, ινα μη επαισχυνθω- we may none of us be μεθα απαντες ζηλωται γινεσθαι ashamed of emulating the του Αιθιοπος, του Ευνουχου, Ethiopian eunuch, who negτου μηδε εν οδοιπορια της αν- lected not the reading even αγνωσεως αμελουντος. Ικανος on his journey. For this

barbarian is fit to be an inγαρ ουτος ο βαρβαρος απασιν ημιν διδασκελος γενεσθαι, και structor to us all, to those τον ιδιωτικον βιον επανη

who have selected a private

life, to those who are engaged ρημενοις, και τοις εν στρατια κατειλεγμενοις, και εν περιφανεια live in splendour, and, in fiue,

in the army, to those who Τυγχάνουσι, και πασιν απαξ

to all απλως ουκ ανδρασιν, αλλα και

persons whatsoever, not γυναιξιν, όσο και διηνεκως οι

men only, but women, as well κοι διατριβουσιν, αλλα και τους ine at home, as to those

to those who spend their τον μοναχικον βιον επανηρημε- hΟ have chosen the monastic νοις, ινα μανθανωσι παντες, life, that all may learn that ως ουδεις καιρος κωλυμα γινεται προς την των θειων λογιων

no season is an impediment αναγνωσιν" αλλα δυναται μη Word; but that it is possible

to the reading of the divine μονον επι οικιας, αλλα και επ' αγορας βαδιζοντας και οδοι- home, but for those who go

not only for those who are at ποριαν ποιούμενους, και εν συ

to the forum and are journeyνουσια πλειονων τυγχανοντας, ing, and for those who are και πραγμασι συμπλεκόμενους mixed up with the crowd, ,

τουτων εχεσθαι σπουδης, and for those who are involved

τα παρ' εαυτων εισφερον- in business, to be eagerly ocτες, ταχεως και του οδηγουντος cupied with them, so that, επιτυχωμεν. Ορων γαρ ημων applying our own faculties, ο δεσποτης την περι τα πνευ- we may quickly obtain a guide. ματικα επιθυμιαν ου περιοψεται, For the Lord seeing our αλλα παρεξει την ανωθεν earnestness about spiritual ελλαμψιν, και φωτιει ημων την things, will not overlook it, διανοιαν μη τοινυν αμελωμεν, but will afford illumination παρακαλω, της αναγνωσεως, from above, and enlighten αλλα καν τε ειδωμεν των ει our understanding. Let us ρημενων την δυναμιν, καν τε not, then, neglect, I exhort αγνοωμεν, συνεχως αυτα επιω you, this reading, but whether μεν, η γαρ διηνεκης μελετη we understand the force of ανεξαλειπτον εργαζεται την what is said, or are ignorant μνημην. Και πολλακις οπερ of it, let us perseveringly



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pursue them; for perpetual meditation makes the recollection indelible, and frewhat we have not been able to discover to-day, when we have returned to it on the morrow, we have found clear, God, who loves mankind, enlightening our understanding.

medicinal treasury.

Chrys. on the 5th chapter of John's Gospel, Sermon xxxvi. vol. viii. p. 227.

Great is the gain from the holy Scriptures, and abundantis the profitableness. And Paul witnessing this, said, “Whatsoever things were written aforetime, were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of ages have come, that through patience and comfort of the Scriptures we may have hope.” For the divine Word is a treasure of every kind of medicine, so that if it is needful to extinguish folly, or to calm passion, or to expel the love of riches, or to despise grief, or to infuse courage, or to furnish patience, one may find therein ample resources.

He who does not enter the sheepfold by the Scriptures is a thief. Chrys. in cap. x. Evang. Joan. Hom. lviii. tom. viii. p. 371.

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“Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that entereth not b the door into the sheepfold,

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