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ever any one should desire to understand military affairs, it would be necessary for him to learn the military law. And if any one wished to understand the science of navigation or mechanics, or any thing else, it is needful that he should learn the things belonging to the art. But here we see them doing nothing of the sort, and this happens respecting this science which requires great vigilance. For [that you may know] that this is an art which needs instruction, hear the Prophet, who says, “Come my children, listen to me, I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” The fear of the Lord truly needs instruction, and then, he says, “who is the man who desires life P” he means the life which is therein; and again, “refrain thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking deceit.

urn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.” Now do you know what prophet, or historian, or apostle, or evangelist said these things; a few only of you, I believe [know this]. And even then again, if we were to bring evidences from elsewhere, these would convince }. of the same thing. For,

ehold, he said in other words, what had been already said. “Wash you, make yourselves clean, take away your wicked

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ness from your souls before mine eyes, learn to do good, seek judgment.” Refrain your tongue from evil and do good; learn to do good. Do

ou perceive that virtue needs instruction ? for this man says, I will teach you the fear of the Lord, and that man says, learn to do well. But do you know where these things are situated P I think only a few of you do, and yet these things are read to you twice or thrice every week. And when the reader ascends he says first whose book it is, of such a prophet perhaps, or of an apostle, oranevangelist,and then he readsthe things which he reads, so that they should be plainer toyou, and that you should not only know the contents, but why they were written, and who said these things. But all is vain and fruitless. For all your eagerness is emptied upon the things of this life, and there is no regard of spiritual things.

What a bishop preaches must be confirmed by the Scriptures.

Chrysost. ad populum Antioch. Hom. i. tom. i. p. 10.
(Editio ut supra.)

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* Chrysostom had just enumerated eight causes of the afflictions of the

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Christians should follow the rule of the Scriptures. Chrys., in cap. i. Genes. Hom. v. tom. 2. p. 42. (Editio

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The preacher should only present the doctrines of the Scriptures.

Chrys, in cap. ii. Gen. Hom. xi. tom. ii. p. 95. (Editio ut Nothing can excuse the not reading of the Scriptures ; the Holy Spirit will interpret them.

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Tom. v. Joan. Chrys. Archiep. Const. opera omnia, Parisiis, anno 1609, in lucem emisit Fronto Ducasus, Soc. Jes.



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Editio novissima accurate recensita, emendata a Carolo Desiderio Royero, &c. Moguntiae. 1701.

SS. Theol. cum facultate

The third Sermon on Lazarus, vol. v. p. 55.

And this I always exhort, and will not cease to exhort, that you not only attend to the things which are there spoken, but that also when you areat home you diligently apply to the reading of the holy Scriptures, and this I have never ceased continually to inculcate upon those who are with me in private. And let no one repeat to me those stale and most reprehensible words, I am engaged in the forum, I transact city business, I follow a trade, I have a wife, I support children, I govern a household, I am a man engaged in the things of this life, it is not for me to read the Scriptures, but for those who have renounced these things, who have taken possession of the tops of the mountains, and constantl lead that sort of life. What sayest thou, O man P Is it not your business to study the Scriptures because you are distracted by a thousand

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cares? It is much more thy business than it is their's. For they do not so much need assistance from the holy Scriptures as those who are involved in multifarious business. For the monks bein

freed from the forum an

the tumults arising out of the forum, and having erected their huts in the desert, and having nothing in common with any one else, but philosophizing in security in the serenity of that repose, as if seated in a harbour, enjoy great safety. But we who are tossed as it were in the midst of the sea, and experience the wants of a thousand sins, always require the uninterrupted and continued comfort which springs from the Scriptures. For they sit afar off from the battle and receive consequently not many wounds; but you who stand continually in the ranks and receive perpetual wounds need on this account more remedies. For your wife provokes you, and your son grieves you, and your servant makes you angry, and your enemy plots against you, and your friend envies }. and your neighbour caumniates you, and your fellow-soldier tries to supplant you, and frequently the judge threatens, and poverty afflicts, and the loss of servants

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