Obrázky na stránke


Henry Moskowitz 325

New York State Troopers, The..... Katherine Mayo 622


G. W. Cable 301

“Our Brothers"

Bessie Beatty 675
Outlook, The, Its Attitude toward Reforms.

0. C. Kinnick and Lyman Abbott 135
Pacificism, Socialism, and the Fire of Life.

J.J. Chapman 542

Peace, Dare We Dicker for ?

....J. H. Odell 409


John Finley 186

Poetry :

Ad Finem..

...Jean B. Burt 148

April Battle-Ground, An. ...Adelaide Prouty 555


Clinton Scollard 633

Buy a Bond.

Theodosia Garrison 599

Buy a Liberty Bond.. .. Charlotte S. Boorman 638


....Jean B. Burt 633

Feet of the Children, The.. .Nora A. Smith 529

Fields of Flanders, The.. .C. M. Robinson 591

Fires, The..

..Jean B. Burt 111

First to Fall..

Elizabeth Hanly 486

For the Sailors at Sea..

.C. A. Richmond 281

Heralds of Spring, The..

..Jean B. Burt 412

How Spring Came to New York.Hermann Hagedorn 536

Jericho and Flanders:

1-The Fields of Flanders.. ..0. M. Robinson 501


.Clinton Scollard 591

Lie-Awake Songs, Two. Amelia J. Burr:



Stay-at-Home Stars..


Load, The..

Don C. Seitz 607


Aline Kilmer 366

Playing the War Game.

.Lowell Mason 68

Remembering ..

Eloise Robinson 65

Righteous Wrath..

.Henry van Dyke 55

Secret, The..

Pauline F. Camp 421

Soldier Songs, Two :

W. K. Rainsford 605

II- America to France and Great Britain.

H. T. Pulsifer 605

To a Schoolmate-Killed in Action..H. T. Pulsifer 452

When the Transports Sail......... Amelia J. Burr 328

Wild Bird...

H. T. Pulsifer 219

“ Won't You Work a Little Faster ?".P. E. Browne 260

Political Scientists, Some Reflections Upon a Meeting


.F. M. Davenport 50

Porto Rico, Progress in...

..S. B. 322

Prisoner, Whose ? The Further Adventures of

Arnold Adair. L. La T. Driggs :

1-The Swiss Spy Found, and Arnold Lost...


II-A Reunion in the Sky..

III-Arnold's Escape to America..

Quaker, The Confession of a... G. A. Barton 218
Racial Ideals, A Conflict of.........M. R. Vesnitch 027
Railways, Government Operation of the..T. H. Price 102
Revolutionary Leaders..

. Aino Malmberg 674
Russia—" Our Brothers"

...Bessie Beatty 675
Russia, Patience with.. Nicholas Goldenweiser 17
Sacrifice the Order of the Day.

Lieut.-Com. Henry van Dyke 260
School Marking System, Uniformity in.

C. H. Ibershoff 107
Schools, A Query about Our...

..W. C. J. 224
Sense-Common and Preferred. ..Irving Bacheller 20
Ship, The Fabricated..

..A. H. Beard 581
Slavs, Southern, Why Are the, Anti-German ?

Pierre de Lanux 576

Soldiers of Law and Order: Some Adventures of the

Pennsylvania State Police. Katherine Mayo :

14John G...


II—Hot Weather..


III–Get Your Man.


See also Howell, Sam, The Murder of, and New

York State Troopers.

Teaching is Salesmanship.. M. Ellwood Smith 339

Teleferica, The: The War's Aerial Tramway.

L. R. Freeman 55

Trotsky on the East Side... Henry Moskowitz 181

Uncle Sam's Athletic System. Walter Camp 482

United States, Who Is the ?... ...J. H. Odell 281

Visitors Allowed-1 P.M. to 5 P.M. ....G. M. Murray 111

War Bank, Shall We Have a ?.... .....T. H. Price 250

War Cabinet, A Plea for a......American Journalist 210

War's Aftermath..

.....J. H. Odell 307

Warships and International Friendship..S. G. Inman 245

War, The, a Conflict of Racial Ideals.

M. R. Vesnitch 627

War, The-What Can We Others Do ?

E. Phillips Oppenheim 636

War, We Want the Facts about the... ...J. H. Odell 178

Washington Impressions, Some.....F. M. Davenport 362

Washington, Passing the Buck in........J. H. Odell 241

Washington Portraits, Some... .F. M. Davenport 408

Wishing Squad, The..

...A.D. Chandler 452

Woman's College, Is the, Essential in War Time ?

Burges Johnson 586
Women, What the, Are Doing for Our Ariny aud

Wood-Chopping Day, A Community....K. B. Welles 154
Wood, The Story of a Bit of..

..C. E. Finch 651
Y.M. C. A., The, in Japan.. ..Gregory Mason 373
Y. W. C. A., The Hospitable, in War Time......... 149

Aces of Aviation..

.L. La T. Driggs 184
Act, A Friendly

...W. H. Hamby 167
Americanization, A Pioneer Movement for.

W. H. Hobbs 666
American, The...

.Hawthorne Daniel 632

A pathist, The...

.Thomas Addison 458

Army, the New. The New Spirit of. J. H. Odell :
Democracy, The Miracle of..

Arthur McQuaid, American. Herman Schneider :
End of a Day, The....

Austria-Hungary-Should It Be Dissolved ?

Pierre de Lanux 22
Aviation, Heroes of.

.L. La T. Driggs 94
“Battle Hymn of the Republic, The,” A New Old
Tune to..

Belgium, The Women of..

. Annie P. Hillis 191

.D. H. Haines 100
Books, The “ Spring Drive" of.

Boston Comes Across.

W. B. Munro 15
Boy Culture and Agriculture. A. D. Chandler:
Ill—The Story of Harry Campbell, a Boy Who
Came Through....

Brass Incense-Burner, The.. ......Jean C. Cochran 328
Business to Win...

.F. T. Miller 118

Cabinet, Coalition, Shall We Have a ?.H. W. Bridges 212

Camps, Entertaining the... An American Woman 295, 376

Canada and the Food Problem......H. L. Pangborn 43

Chamberlain, Senator, Interview with. E. F. Baldwin 177

Children's Crusade, A Modern.... .... Rose W. Bull 323

Conductorette, The...

.G. M. Aird 459

Czechs?" Army of Victory or Death "..G. H. Mika 321

Daniels, Josephus...

.T. H. Price 481

Downing Street, No. 10.

Robert Donald 007

Farm, Enlisting the, to Win the War:

1- What a Woman on the Farm Thinks of Price-


Helen C. Bennett 531

II- What an Eastern Farmer Thinks of the Food


..J. L. Dean 532

III—What an Agricultural Engineer Thinks of

Our Farning System.

Elwood Mead 534

Flag's Minute, The..

.L. C. Frost 201

Flanders, A Message in.

.J. M. de Beaufort 19

Food, A Farmer on

W. W. Reynolds 206
France, Building the Bridge to.. ..F. L. Allen 281
France, Glimpses of Our Soldiers in.

Francis Rogers and Pauline Sands Lee 619

Garden Cities of England, The New.....R. S. Childs 364

Gardening and the War:

1-Wasting Seed.

.J. B. Haines 556

II-Slacker Land.

..C.L. Pack 556

“Gassing" the World's Mind.

.W. T. Ellis003
German Agent, An Accredited, in Washington.

Demetra Vaka 110
German Propaganda in the Church.

Pastor of a City Congregation 180
German-Russian Peace..

.Samuel Colcord 133
Germans and the Light-How it Breaks Through :
1-The Confession of a So-Called German Pastor

and a Few Retlections... .. Paul Froehlke 13
II-A Wrong Strategy.

.E. A. Steiner 14
III-What a German Woman Thinks...L. B. Ring 15
Girl Scouts...

..Mrs. T. H. Price 366
Gob, The...

Elbert Baldwin 64

History, Current, Weekly Outline Study of. J. M.

Gathany....30, 60, 112, 152, 192, 220, 258, 296, 334,

376, 418, 454, 494. 544, 592, 631, 670

Howell, Sam, The Murder of ....... Katherine Mayo 581

Indiana, At the Front in. ...Lyman P. Powell 577

Interpreting the People to the President.J. H, Odell 368
Japan's War Problems :
1-Why Japan Haş Not Sent an Expeditionary
Force to Europe...

.T. Iyenaga

II-America and Japan in the Trade of China.

Baron Bunkichi Ito 53
Japan, The Spirit of (Interview with Marquis

Gregory Mason 92
Japan, The Y. M. C. A. in .. ..Gregory Mason 373
Job, The Book of-A Visualized Poem ..

Kaplau, Paul : An East Side Portrait.

Henry Moskowitz 108
Keats, Sidney Colvin's New Life of....H. V. Abbott 294
Knoll Papers. Lyman Abbott :
Children of the Church, The...

Democracy, The Spiritual Meaning of.

Fiske, John-Evolutionist...

Minister, The Making of a

Morley, John, Recollections of..

Teachers, Have, Special Privileges ?..

Labor Programme, for the War, The National.. 617
Lady, The Old, Talks on Hardships.. Edith B. Delano 223
Liberty Loan, The Third...

TH. Price 519, 618
"Life, The Origin and Evolution of."

Theodore Roosevelt 97



25,000,000 Subscribers to the Third Liberty Loan.

T. H. Price 579, 618


Alcohol, King, Dethroned (Iglehart)..

America Among the Nations (Powers).


American Diplomacy, The Principles of (Moore)


American Family, A Social History of the (Calhoun) 552

American Women and the World War (Clarke)..... 501

Amica Silentia Lunæ, Per (Yeats)


Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1917 and Year

Book of American Poetry (Braithwaite)


Army and Navy Uniforms and Insignia (Williams). 425

Audubon the Naturalist (Herrick)


Bolsheviki, The, and World Peace (Trotzky).. 298

Book, The, and the Soldier.


British Statesmanship, The Great Problems of



Brooke, Rev. Stopford A., Life and Letters of



Butters, Harry, R. F. A.: “An American Citizen"



Call, First (Empey).


Canadian Stretcher Bearer, Letters of a (R. A. L.).. 425

Challenge of the Present Crisis, The (Fosdick). 222

Chase, William Merritt, Life and Art of (Roof). 194

Churches and the State in France, The Separation of

the (Stowell)..


Colorado : The Queen Jewel of the Rockies (Baggs) 336

Comrades in Courage (Méditations dans la Tranchée)



Democracy and the War (Coar).


Denmark and Sweden, with Iceland and Finland



Desert, The (van Dyke).,


England's Debt to India (Rai)


Europe, The Rebuilding of: A Survey of Forces and

Conditions (Hill).


Fiction :

Bay of Saffron, The (von Hutten)...


Biography of a Million Dollars, The (Turner)... 500

Boy Woodbum (Ollivant)..


Chronicles of St. Tid (Phillpotts)


Enrthquake, The (Train)..


Flower of the Chapdelaines, The (Cable).


Gossip Shop, The (Buckrose)


Great Warr, A Second Diary of the (Pepys, Jr.)... 297

House of Conrad, The (Tobenkin)..


House of Whispers, The (Johnson).


Kentucky Warbler, The (Allen)..


Key of the Fields, The, and Boldero (Rideout). 456

Mistress of Men (Steel)...


Mystery of the Downs, The (Watson and Rees). 297

Orkney Maid, An (Barr)..


Pawns Count, The (Oppenheim).


Return of the Soldier, The (West).


Simba (White)..


Tree of Heaven, The (Sinclair)


Wander-Ships (Bassett).


White Morning, The (Atherton).


Fiction, Frenzied (Leacock).


Field of Honor, On the (Le Roux)..


Fiske, John, The Life and Letters of (Clark)


Florida : The Land of Enchantment (Winter).


France Bears the Burden (Fortescue)


Gansfort, Wessel (Miller).


God the Known and God'the Unknown (Butler).. 501

Great Britain at War (Faruol).


Hawaii, Our (London).


Hearts of Controversy (Meynell).


Holmes, John, Letters of, to James Russell Lowell

and Others (Thayer)

Miodor, The Mad Mouk of Russia (Trufanoff).


Income and Federal Tax Reports (Coulin)


Iron Ration, The (Schreiner).


Journalism, American, History of (Lee)..


Keats, John: His Life and Poetry, His Friends,

Critics, and After-Fame (Colvin)...


Laud Where the Sunsets Go, The (Leonard).


Life, The Origin and Evolution of (Osbom).


Lincoln, Abraham, Latest Light on, and War-Time

Memories (Chapman).


Lincoln, The Voice of (Wanamaker).


Literature, On Contemporary (Sherman).


Mark Twain's Letters (Paine)


Master of the Hill, The (Bowie)...


Moments of Vision and Miscellaneous Verses



Mount of Vision, The (Brent)

Nationalism (Tagore)..

National Progress, 1907–1917 (Ogg)


New York, The Book of (Shackleton)..


Nietzsche the Thinker (Salter).

North Atlantic Coast Fisheries Arbitration at The
Hague (Root)..

Novelists, Some Modern (Follett)

Pacific Northwest, A History of the (Schafer).


Pennsylvanian, Autobiography of a (Pennypacker).. 680

Photography, Science and Practice of (Roebuck). 680

Plays, Representative, by American Dramatists



Prisoner of War, The, in Germany (McCarthy). 338

Religion and Ethics, Encyclopedia of (Hastings). 07

Rome, A Short History of (Ferrero and Barbagallo). 380

Root, Elihu, Addresses of...


Rubens (Hourticq).


St. Paul, In the Footsteps of (Clark).


Salem, Old Memories of (Northend)


Salonika Army, The Story of the (Price).


Schools, Our, in War-Time—and After (Dean). 597

Scotland of the Scots (Blake)


Serbian Front in Macedonia, At the (Stebbing). 381

Soldier Men (Yeo).

Superman, The Collapse of (Thayer).


Tammany Hall, The History of (Myers)..


Thompson, Donald, in Russia (Thompson)..


United States and Germany, A Survey of Interna-

tional Relations Between the (Scott)..


United States and the War, The (Root)


Virgin Islands of the United States of America, The



War, In Our First Year of (Wilson).

Washington, George, Life of (Weems).



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The Peace of Vassalage....


Restoration, Reparation, and World Security 5

The Sugar Situation


The Great Questionnaire


The Red Cross Drive......


Prohibition in Canada and Temperance in

Our Expeditionary Force..


Why is La Follette Still in the Senate ?.. 7

Non-Partisan Service


Jerusalem and lowa City


Hampton's New Head...


The Governors of Arizona .


The Survivor of Commodore Perry's Ex-



The Blacklist.


Cartoons of the Week.


Government Operation of the Railways.. 10



By Lyman Abbott

Alsace-Lorraine ..


Why Hesitate ?.


Arms, Clothes, and the Soldier..


How the Light Breaks Through. Three

Autobiographies in Brief :

I–The Confession of a So-Called German

Pastor and a Few Reflections... 13

By the Rev. Paul Froehlke

II- A Wrong Strategy..


By Edward A. Steiner

III— What a German Woman Thinks... 15

By L. B. Ring

Boston Comes Across..


Special Correspondence by William B. Munro

Patience with Russia..


By Nicholas Goldenweiser

A Message in Flanders: The Cure, the

Colonel, and a Piano....


By J. M. de Beaufort

Sense-Common and Preferred..


By Irving Bacheller

Should Austria-Hungary be Dissolved ?.. 22

By Pierre de Lanux

Current Events Illustrated.


Boy Culture and Agriculture : III—The

Story of Harry Campbell, a Boy Who

Came Through ...


By Arthur D. Chandler

Weekly Outline Study of Current History 30

By J. Madison Gathany, A.M.

The New Books...


The Motor Truck in 1917 - Part II. 33

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Many of these persons who have not a direct need rapidity as the occasion may

for shorthand but want it as an instrument of efficiency pete with others—as a busy executive or as a bedemand.”—J. MARTIAN HAM.

and a daily time saver would buy the complete course LEY, Lake Providence, La. ginner in business.

of Paragon Shorthand at a popular selling price. You know how it is. Two good men apply for a position-one knows shorthand and the other

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Remember how many of the biggest men in tion in shorthand, a life-long help—not only for your. tests, Paragon Shorthand was unanimously adopted as America got their start because they could write self but for your wife or children or any other relative. the exclusive system for the shorthand-Frank A. Vanderlip, George B. Cor

You can have exactly the same course that has been Atlanta High Schools. The telyou, William Loeb, Jr., Edward Bok and other

taught for 15 years by its inventor personally, by mail classes we have already grad.

at his regular fee of $25. With 7 lessons and the inuated in Paragon are by far men of highest achievement.

genious self-examination method devised by the inven. the best we have turned out

tor you can learn Paragon at home in seven evenings. during my twelve years' con

Shorthand Writers Wanted nection with the schools.”—

We Guarantee Entire Satisfaction W. C. Lowe, Head of the Never before have American business and the GovShorthand Departments,

ernment at Washington felt so keenly the shortage Send only $5, and if after three days' examination Avery Drive, Atlanta, Ga. of capable shorthand writers. You see Uncle Sam's you are not pleased with your investment we will

Paragon is also being taught in the appeal on the screen of the movies, in the news gladly refund your money and pay the cost of mailing High Schools of Alton, ill., Lafayette,

columns of the daily papers, on posters in public build- the course both ways. Ind., Johnstown, Pa., and elsewhere.

We reserve the privilege of withdrawing this offer without notice. In Big Corporations "I am getting along fine with Paragon Shorthand. It is all you claim for it. It no limit."-JOHN WALLER, JR.,

119 West Fortieth Street, New York City Standard Oil Company, Sugar Creek,





is easy to write, and as for speed-there's


By Business Men I am using Paragon Shorthand in making my notes in the daily routine of the work. It is of incalculable help in aiding me in making my own notes of private business matters relating to my work in auditing, and I wish I had taken it up long since.''-JOHN F. CAHILL, Auditor. Florence Electric Light & Utilities Co., Florence, S. C. !

Enclosed find $5 for which
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Paragon Shorthand Course
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Outlook 1-2-18

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