Plutarch's Lives, Zväzok 7

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David Huntington. A. Paul, printer, 1816
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Strana 251 - Qui studet optatam cursu contingere metam Multa tulit fecitque puer, sudavit et alsit, Abstimiit venere et vino ; qui Pythia cantat Tibicen didicit prius extimuitque magistrum.
Strana 188 - Yet, while my Hector still survives, I see My father, mother, brethren, all in thee : Alas ! my parents, brothers, kindred, all Once more will perish, if my Hector fall. Thy wife, thy infant, in thy danger share : Oh ! prove a husband's and a father's care! That quarter most the skilful Greeks annoy, Where yon wild fig-trees join the wall of Troy : Thou from this tower defend th...
Strana 198 - Thus, a little before he left Asia, he was sitting alone in his tent, by a dim light, and at a late hour. The whole army lay in sleep and silence, while the general, wrapt in meditation, thought he perceived something enter his tent: turning towards the door, he saw a horrible and monstrous spectre standing silently by his side. 'What art thou?' said he boldly. 'Art thou god or man? And what is thy business with me?
Strana 13 - As for his tent, the enemy took it with all the riches it contained. After Megara was taken the soldiers prepared to plunder it, but the Athenians interceded strongly for that people, and prevailed ; Demetrius was satisfied with expelling the garrison, and declared the city free. Amidst these transactions, he bethought himself of Stilpo, a philosopher of great reputation, who sought only the retirement and tranquillity of a studious life. He sent for him and asked him, " Whether they had taken anything...
Strana 75 - She lay, and leant her cheek upon her hand, And cast a look so languishingly sweet, As if, secure of all beholders...
Strana 297 - And Plato, perceiving that the best general cannot undertake any thing with success, unless his troops be sober and perfectly united to support him, concluded that to know how to obey required as generous a disposition, and as rational an education, as to know how to command : for these advantages would correct the violence and impetuosity of the soldier by the mildness and humanity of the philosopher.
Strana 113 - Caesar was under some apprehensions about this immense wealth, lest, upon some sudden emergency, she should set fire to the whole. For this reason he was continually sending messengers to her with assurances of gentle and honourable treatment, while in the meantime he hastened to the city with his army.
Strana 133 - Dionysius to a bad education, he endeavoured to engage him in a course of liberal studies, and to give him a taste for those sciences, which have a tendency to moral improvement. By these means he hoped he should induce him to think of virtue without disgust, and at length to embrace it's precepts with pleasure.
Strana 75 - That men's desiring eyes were never wearied, But hung upon the object. To soft flutes The silver oars kept time; and while they played, The hearing gave new pleasure to the sight, And both to thought.
Strana 78 - When the day following came, the vessel was crowded with people ; and as soon as Antony had let down his line, she ordered one of her divers immediately to put a salt fish on his hook.

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