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$6. Disputes in Religion wisely avoided. Fantasies in Di.

vinity dangerous, as giving entrance to errors; whereof our

Physician confesseth to have had two or three :-$7. Ist, that

the Soul might, in some sort, perish, and rise again with the

body ; 2d, that all men should finally be saved ; 3d, that we

might pray for the Dead :--but these he suffered not to grow

into Heresies. - $8. Of the manifold nature of schism, ever

multiplying itself.-89. Mysteries in Divinity only to be ap-

proached in Faith.-& 10. The armour of a Christian. -

$11. 1. The Eternity of GOD.-$ 12. Of the Holy Trinity.

The visible World a picture of the invisible.—& 13. 2. The

Wisdom of GOD. No danger in attempting to trace the hand

of God in His works.—& 14. Every essence hath its final Cause.

-$ 15. Nature doeth nothing in vain. - $ 16. Nature a Bible

open to all.-817. Providence often falsely called Fortune.-
818. The term Fortune used in a relative sense.- 19. Danger
of confounding the First with second causes. Passion, Reason,
Faith. --$ 20. Atheism can hardly exist.–$21. Inconsistency
of unbelief. Many questions may be raised not worthy of
solution ;-$22. others, which are often raised, may be easily
solved; others may admit a free dispute ; and others are in-
consequent.--$23. The Bible the best of books.-$24. “Of

making many books there is no end."-$25. Obstinacy of the

Jews, and want of constancy among Christians. The blood of

Martyrs the seed of the Church.-$26. Not all are Martyrs

who suffer in matters of Religion.-$27. Of Miracles. All

Miracles eqnally easy to God.- $28. All relations of Miracles

not to be received alike.-$29. Oracles.- $ 30. Witchcraft.-

$31. Philosophy distinguished from Magic. The suggestions

of Angels.-$ 32. The Spirit of God diffused throughout the

World.-$33. Of guardian and attendant Spirits.—8 34. Man

a Microcosm, partaking of the nature of all created essences.

-$35. Of Creation.-$36. Man the masterpiece of Creation.

-$37. Of the perishable body.-$38. Death bath no terrors

for a Christian.-$ 39. Man hath three separate States of

existence : 1. in the womb; 2. in this world ; 3. in the next.—

$ 40. Death to be ashamed of rather than feared.-$41. Post-

humous fame not to be desired.-$ 42. Length of days not to

be prayed for, as age doth but increase our vices.-$ 43. A

special Providence preserves our lives.-$44. Though death is

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