The Works of Samuel Parr, ...: With Memoirs of His Life and Writings, and a Selection from His Correspondence,

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Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green., 1828

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Strana 23 - I laid by sixty or seventy books for the purpose of writing in such a manner as would do no discredit to myself. I intended to spread my thoughts over two volumes quarto; and if I had filled three pages, the rest would have followed. Often have I lamented my ill fortune in not building this monument to the fame of Johnson, and (let me not be accused of arrogance when I add) my own.
Strana 23 - For many years I spent a month's holidays in London, and never failed to call upon Johnson. I was not only admitted, but welcomed. I conversed with him upon numberless subjects of learning, politics, and common life. I traversed the whole compass...
Strana 372 - Vaughan, for endeavouring to corrupt his integrity by an offer of five thousand pounds for a patent place in Jamaica. A rule to shew cause, why an information should not be exhibited against Vaughan for certain misdemeanours, being granted by the...
Strana 540 - Quantum elargiri deceat : quem te Deus esse Jussit, et humana qua parte locatus es in re.
Strana 215 - By the bye, who is this Mr. Hayley ? His poetry has more merit than that of most of his contemporaries ; but his whiggism is so bigotted, and his Christianity so fierce, that he almost disgusts one with two very good things.
Strana 633 - ... the archbishop of Armagh, who said that the ground was not his. I then found it not to be Mrs. Pochin's. Last year I traced it to a person to whom it had been bequeathed by Dr. Taylor, formerly rector of Bosworth. I went to the spot, accompanied by the rev. Mr. Lynes, of KirkbyMalory. The grounds had been drained. We dug in two or three places without effect. I then applied to a neighbouring farmer, a good intelligent fellow. He told me his family had drawn water from it for six or seven years,...
Strana 514 - The other was a witness of a yet higher order, who opposed, and, I think, confuted Junius, upon the Middlesex election. * He was a most wary observer, and a most incredulous man, indeed : he had access, not to great statesmen, but to the officers who were about the House of Commons and the House of Lords : he rested neither day nor night, till he had made his discovery ; and there lives not the human being, upon whose judgment I could rely more firmly for a fact.
Strana 513 - Esse aliquos manes et subterranea regna Et contum et Stygio ranas in gurgite nigras 150 Atque una transire vadum tot millia cymba, Nec pueri credunt, nisi qui nondum aere lavantur, Sed tu vera puta.
Strana 536 - Mercator metuens otium et oppidi Laudat rura sui ; mox reficit rates Quassas indocilis pauperiem pati. Est qui nee veteris pocula Massici Nee partem solido demere de die Spernit, nunc viridi membra sub arbuto Stratus, nunc ad aquae lene caput sacrae.
Strana 507 - Maecenas, pelagoque volans da vela patenti. non ego cuncta meis amplecti versibus opto, non, mihi si linguae centum sint oraque centum, ferrea vox. ades et primi lege litoris oram; in manibus terrae: non hie te carmine ficto 45 atque per ambages et longa exorsa tenebo.

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