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exert themselves, served also to accumulate the

MARRIAGE S. expences of the war, and to fruftrate the bett

in BengalMajor John Grattan occasioned by the barrassments , in which our affairs were by this Majesty's forces in India, to Mis Lucia Cary,

Tooth regiment, and Adjutant-general to his means involved, would have long ago produced eidest daughter of the late Hon. Lucius Ferdithe ditiolution of any army, less patient, lefs vir

nand Cary, Esq. Colonel of the 89th regiment, tuous, and less perlevering, than that which I

Member of Parliament for Bridport, and only have had the honour to coinmand.-But, while I mention those things which are notorious facts: Ballythail, in the King's county, in Ireland,

son of Lord Viscount Falkland. Fuly 8. At as the detects of our federal constitution, partie the Rev. Edmund Burton, Cancellor and Archcularly in the prosecution of a war, I beg it may be understood, that as I have ever taken a pleasure, vylan, in Cardiganshire, the Rev. John Wil

deacon of Tuam, to Miss Judge. Il. At Trein gratefully acknowledging the atsistance and fup- liams, Maiter of the Grammar-school at Ystradport I have derived trom every class of citizens, meirig, to Miss Jane Rogers.-15; John Kids io shall I always be happy to do justice to the unparalleled exertions of the individual States, on

gell Sandon, Elg. of Chelhunt, Herts, to Miss

Vincent.–17. Edmund Woods, Esq. of Shipmany interesting occafions. I have thus freely disclosed what I wished to

wick, in Suisex, to Miss Catharine Ommaney. make known, before I surrendered up my publick fire militia, to Miss Langton, only daughter

-21. Lieutenant-Colonel Gore, of the Oxfordtrult to those who committed it to me : The talk

and heiress of the late Joseph Langton, Etq. of is now accomplished ; I now bid adieu to your Ex

Newton-Park, in Somersethire.- At York, the cellency, as the Chiet Magistrate of your State;

Hon. Grenville Anton Checwynd, third son of at the same time I bid a lait farewell to the cares

Lord Viscount Chetwynd to Miss Stapyltən, of office, and all the employments of publick lite.

only daughter of the late Henry Stapylton, Esq. $ it remains, then, to be my final and only re

Thomas James, Elq. of the Middle Temple, quest, that your Excellency will communicate these

to Miss James.-30. At Coldham, Sir Thomas sentiments to your legislature, at their next meet

Gage, Bart. to Miss Maria Tergus.-31. At ing; and that they may be considered as the le

Gloucester, the Rev. Mr. Davies, of Sodbury, gacy of one who has ardently wilhed, on all occa

to Miss Smith.-Aug. 1. The Rev. Mr. Seward, lions, to be useful to his country, and who, even In the shade of retirement, will not fail to implore Philips.-2. Thomas Field, Esq. of the 4tch

of St. Bury, in Gloucestershire, to Miss Sukey the divine benediction upon it." I now make it my earnest prayer, that God

regiment, to Miss Stonehouse.-4. Mr. Thew,

brewer, in St. Giles's, to Miss Goftling.-5. would have you, and the State over which you prelide, in his holy protection ; that he would Johnton Wilkinson, Esq. furveyor of the Gene

ral Poit-Office, to Mifs Osborn.-6. At the incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to govern

Quaker's Meeting-house, . Gracechurch-street;

Mr. Tritton, of Lombard-street, banker,' to ment; to entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another, for their fellow-citizens of the

Miss Barclay.-7. At Lambeth, by his Grace United States at large, and particularly for their Eiq. his Majesty's Envoy-Extraordinary at the

the Archbithop of Canterbury, Morton Eden, brethren who have served in the field; and finally, Court of Saxony, to Lady Elisabeth Henley, that he would most graciously be pleased to dil

youngest fitter to the Earl of Northington.-8. pose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to

The Right Hon. the Earl of Eglintoun, to Miss demean ourselves with that charity, humility, and

Twylden, daughter of the late Sir William pacific temper of mind, which were the characteriitics of the Divine Author of our blessed reli

Twylden, Bart. gion ; without an huinble imitation of whole example, in these things, we can never hope to be

DEATH S. ha the honour to be, with much esteem ouville

, in Normandy, a remarkable dwarf, and reípect, Sir,

aged twenty-one years, and only two feet, lous Your Excellency's most obedient,

inches and three lines high. His voice was a and most humble servant,

little more masculine than that of a child of the G. WASHINGTON.

same fize, but he hardly used to speak any thing His Excellency William Greene, Esq.

but single words, such as yes or no, good bye, z Gov. of the State of Rbode-fiand.

will, I won't; he imitated the cries of a dog. cat, and sheep; pointed with his hand to what he

knew, and would laugh and cry, although comBIRTH S.

monly melancholy. He seemed to be occupied Mittax, June 24.

with nothing, and in short, had all the appear

ance of a child of three years old; his health was ER Serene Highness the Duchess of Cour. bad, he drew his breath hard, and had none, or

little perceivable pulse. His mother says, he was Naples, July 18. Our most gracious Sove- extremely weak when he came into the world, and reign the Queen was delivered of a dead Princess. seemed to have no bones, but was not crooked

Aug. 3. Lady of Robert Hay Drummond, he was extremely deformed, however, all his Esq. of a daughter.---5. Lady of Sir James life. On being measured when dead, he mea Grant of a lon. 12. Lady of Alderinan Turner sured an inch and two lines more than when he of a son.

was measured alive. -May 9. At Baffora, on his

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way home, Capt. William Ogilvie, in the service Lieutenant-Col.-- July 19. It reg. foot guards. of the Hon. Eait-India Company.-July 19. At William Caulfield Archer, Lieutenant; Fyíh Kidderminker, aged 65, the Rev. John Orton, Burgh, Gent. Enfign.--5th reg. foot. William formerly paltor of the diffenting congregation at Haynes, Lieut.2 11t reg. foot. Robert Innes, Shrewibury.–20. At Naples, Cardinal Rezzo- Captain of a Company; Andrew Fletcher, First nico, of an oppreslion of the breast, just as he Lieutenant; Gilbert Congalton, Gent. Second was dresting to go to the Vatican. This prelate Lieutenant.--27th reg.foot. Richard Hawkins, was a Venetian, nephew to Clement XII. Lieut.—29th reg. font. Boyle Vandeleur, from His death is a great loss to the learned, and still half-pay of 20th, Lieutenant.-45th reg. foot. greater to religion, of which, his inorality and Thomas Worthington, Gent. Ensign.-47th reg. benevolence were firm supporters.-22. At Ewe- foot. Charles Baldwin, Lieutenant; Marcus Jane, in Oxfordshire, Benjamin Wheeler, D.D. Marr, Gent. Enlign.-58th reg. foot. Edward Canon of Christ Church, and King's Profeffor Baker Littlehales, Lieutenant.--coch reg. foot, of Divinity.–24. Thomas Tyndall, Esq. of 2d battalion. George Prevost, of 47th reg. Caça South Cerney, in Gloucestershire, one of his tain of a Company; George Glover, Gent. Majesty's Deputy Lieutenants.-_-26. At Crabes, Enfign; Henry Lofack, of late 87th, Lieutenant. in Scotland, Sir Thomas Burnet, of Leys, Bart. -60th reg. foot, 4th battalion. Ambrose Lane, --29. At Longford; in Ireland, aged 116 years, Gent. Enlign.-63d reg. foot. David Andrew Alexander Kilpatrick, Esq. formerly

, colonel of from half-pay of late 8ift, enfign.-73d reg. rst an Irish regiment of foot, under the Duke of battalion.Robert Hamilton, of 82d, LieuteMarlborough.--Aug. 1. At his houfe in Chan. nant; James Orr, Gent, Quarter-matter.—82d dos-street, Cavendish-square, the Right Hon. reg. foot. John M.Dougall, of ist battalion 734, Lord Viscount Hereford, Premier Viscount of Lieutenant.- -94th reg. foot. Robert Cane, England.

Gent. Enlign. -97th reg. foot. Frederick Ralph
Hardyman, Gent. Enlign;


from 25th, Quarter-Matter.-July 20. 22d rež.

foot. Winckworth Tonge, from the Fencible AmeFrom the LONDON GAZETTE.

rican regiment, ensign.--23d reg. foot. James War-Office, July 1.

Mackenzie, firit Lieutenant. Peter Robinson, S , . John

ECOND troop of horse grenadier guards. Gent. second Lieutenant.--37th reg. foot reg. foot. Charles Wale, Captain of a Com Wilbar Cook, Captain-Lieutenant. Thomas pany.- 14th seg. foot. John Jones, Lieutenang. Digby, Captain of a Company. William John198

16th reg. foor. John Gordon Cuming, Cap- ston, of 5 th reg. Lieut.- 40th reg. foot. Wald. tain of a company.--20th reg. foot. John Pelham Clay, Captain-Lieutenant.-John BowGalkill, Captain of a Company. Richard Nor- land Lieutenant.-- 54th reg. foot. Mark Wright, man, Captain-Lieutenant." Jonas Jones, Lieu• Enfign. Mark Wright, Gent. Quarter-Mafter. tenant25th reg. foot. John Williamson, 57th reg. foot. Harry St. Clair, Captain-Lieute Captain. H. A. Wright, Captain-Lieutenant- Philip Vaumorel, Lieut. Matthew Kerr, Cape 3oth reg. foot William Minet, Captain.- tain of a Company. James Baillie, Lieut. Fidy & Seventh reg. dragoons. George Street, James Bowle, from 22d. reg. Lieut-both reg. Cornet-16th rege foot. Henry Craig, Lieu- 3d battalion. Rev. Charles Morgan, Chaplain. tenant-Colonel. Hugh Wallace, Lieutenant.- --both reg. 4th battalion. Ruth Clarke, in40th reg. foot. Nathaniel Coffin, Enfign. Peter fign.-74th reg. foot. Donald M.Lean, Lieut.. Cuninghame, Lieutenant.-43d. reg. toot. John Colin M'Lean, Ensign–82d reg. foot. ThoMarland, Lieutenant.--68th reg. foot. Samuel mas M Kie, Quarter-Maiter.-Royal garrison Chambers, Lieut.-82d reg. foot. The Hon. battalion. John M Willie, Lieutenant-British Colin Lindsay, Lieutenant-Colonel.-92d reg. legion. William Campbell, Cornet.- Queen's foot. Bates Watson, Lieuto-July 12.

ranger's. Capt. M. Robinson, from the Loyal dragoon guards. Charles Crautord, of 82d foot, American reg. Capt. of Cavalry. Potts, Captain of a Troop.--2d. reg. foot. Nic of the 2d De Lancey's, Lieutenant of Infantry cholas Ramsay, on half pay of the 2d foot, En- Swift Armitrong, Lieut. I. B. Haight, of 37th fign,-6th reg, foot. Thomas Welch, on half- reg. Eufign.-King's American reg. Thomas pay of the g6th foot, Captain of a Company. - Barker, Lieut. Henry Nase, Enfign. gth reg, foot. William Rofe, on half-pay of the Commillions jigned by bis Majesty for ibe Army in gth foot, Lieutenant -i5th reg. foot. John

Ireland. Butler Stopford, of 82d reg: enlign.-17th reg. 2d reg. horfe. Stephen Freemantle, from foot. John Lancaster, Lieutenant.--27th reg. 103d foot, Captain-Lieutenant.-- 5th dragoons, foot. James Hamilton, on half-pay in the late Lieut. John Dillon, from 2d horse, Captain.73d regiment, Captain-Lieutenant. John 9th dragoons. William Hunt, from 8th draCartwright Blake, Gent. Ensign.—both reg. goons, Captain.-IIth foot. Richard Ellis, foot, ist battalion, William Bradshaw Clinton, from 66th, Lieutenant.-66th foot. Mr. Richard Gent. Enfign.-62d. reg. foot. James Fisher, Talbot, Enlign.---Mr. Thoinas Talbot, Enrign. Lieutenant,-69th reg. foot. William Patterson, 67th foot. Mr. Ilugh Cowan, Enfign.-103d Gent. Ensigo.--82d. reg. foot. James Durham, foot. William Freemantle, from 105th foot, of 2d. dragoen guards, Captain of a Company.' Captain- Lieutenant. William Douglas, from William Markham, of 15th foot, enlign.--10h 11th foot, Captain.--105th foot. Richard Talreg. dragoons. Peter Shadwell, late of 20th bot, from 66th foot, Lieutenant.--18th dragoons. dragoons, to be Adjutant.--36th reg. foot. Cap- George Fortescue, Cornet.--11th foot, Willian tain Daniel Paterson, late of an additional com- Cane, Enlign.-49th foot. Michael Greene, pany in the 55th, Captain of an additional Com- Lieutenant. Thomas Gillon, Enlign. pany.--46th reg. foot. Lieut. Col. Hon. Colin

Royal Irish Artillery. Lindsay, of 820, Licut. Colonel.—32d reg. Alexander Arinitiong. Second Lieutenant.ro

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PRICES of STOCKS, &c. in AUGUST, 1783.

Compiled by C. DOMVILLE, Stock-Broker, No. 95, Cornhill.
Bank 3 per C. 3 per C. 13 per C. 4 per C. I 4 per C. | Long Short India India, India S, S. | New | Navy | Exch. Lottery Omn. Wiad, Weath,
Stock reduced consols. Scrip. Sirip. console. An. An,
Stock Ann. Bonds. Senck Ann. Bills, Bills Tickets.

Deal. Londra
64 6212 63 651

19% 84 131 60 | 26 Dif.


14 II IP: N E 291 128

65 63 am 651 84 84

13 1332


64 63 2 621

83 }
196 13 1332

31 1271 64 62 a 63 641

191 13


SE J 64 } 62 83 83 2 191 13 1341

17 71

14 II

64 ) 624a631



14 11

3 Sunday

SW Rain
64 63 1 64 83 83 191 133


14 12
64 4 6311 621 641 83 83 193 134

IO 14 14 0

63 3
641 83 ó 82 191 134


14 13 0

SW 63 / 62 am 83 82 19 134

6it 5 14 13 0 Par.

Rain 126} 64 625 a 63

82 13a 596

5 14 14 0 I p.

E 64 5 625 a 63

64 82

5 14 16 0

10 Sunday

83 1 191 133

6 14 19

32 Holiday

12:1 64 &

82 191

1367 59 8

5 14 19

14 1273 64 63 .

83 } 83 $ 193


14 19


64 635 * 62


595 8 704

14 19

64 635


14 15

17 Sunday

64 63

191 13

59 10 623 11

14 19

19 127

83 $ 83

194 13 1361


14 19 64 € 20

63 83 83

SW Rain

14 19
21 127)

83 191

W Fair

14 17 I
632 3 64 658 83 Z 83

191 13!
60 17

SW 63 a 64 658

83 193 13] 139


24 Sunday.

641 a 637 651
83 191 134


SW 26 1273 64 % 63 ja

650 83 1 193 13


SW 27

N. B. In the 3 per Cent. Consols, the highest and lowest Price of each Day is given in the other Stocks the highest Price only,

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PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY. N the 11t of April there was a de- ticularly on General Smith, the chairrelative to printing the report of from every imputation which had been the Select Committee appointed to thrown out by the Governor, in order inspect into East-India affairs, brought to bring them into discredit and fufpiup by General Smith. In the report cion with the House. there were charges of a very extraor

Mr. S. Smith and Lord Mulgrave dinary nature, and such as tended to opposed the printing of the report, on effect the credit both of Sir William the ground that it might prejudice James and Mr. Sullivan. The former the minds of the public, and hinder declared that the charges were wrong- the election of the candidates, whose ly founded, and he pledged himself names were held out in a very disadto the House to difprove every one of vantageous point of view, before they them. He pledged himself also for had the power of clearing themselves Mr. Sullivan, and said he was able to from the charges ailedged against them. frove to the satisfaction of the whole Mr. Burke, however, thought this House, that if there had been, as re- objection of no weight. Mr. Sullivan ported, a razure or alteration of any had undergone, in May, 1782, the cenkind in the records of the company, fure of the House; and if any thing it was without the concurrence, or tended to affect his election and preeven the knowledge, both of himself judice the public against him, it was and his friend. He objected to the that censure, and not the present res printing of the report, because it might port. He moved to have the resolumaterially affect them on the eve of an tions read, in which the cenfure of Mr. election, as both were candidates for Sullivan had been passed by the House. the directorship.

After this the Speaker put the question Governor Johnstone did not object on the motion for printing the report, to printing the report, because he and it was carried without a division, considered it as of too frivolous a na- The next day, April 2d, the new ture to do any injury to such charac. ministry was announced by the several ters as had been introduced into the motions made by Mr. Sheridan, Mr. list of its accusations. He reproba- Byng, and Mr. St. John, for new ted the myfterious, equivocal, and dif- writs for the several places vacated by ingenuous conduct of the committee. , Mr. Fox, Lord John Cavendish, and He was not fingular in his opinion of Lord North, who had accepted the their proceedings. A friend of his great offices of late, had actually quitted them because so The American trade bill was postmuch partiality and irregularity pre- poned to that day fe'ennight, as Mr. vailed amongst them.

Pitt wished to give the new ministry Mr. Burke pronounced a warm pa- an opportunity of making their obnegyric on the Committee; and par- jcctions to it. Its delay or its ado LOND. Mag. Sept, 1783.


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vance should, he said, be left with Mr. W. Pitt admitted the necessity them. He had done his


of the repeal, though he was of opiApril 9,

Mr. Secretary Fox moved nion the prohibitory acts were virtually that the further consideration of the repealed by the recognition of AmeriAmerican intercourse bill fhould be can independence. The bill before adjonrned for three weeks. He ob- the House could not, he was conserved that the principal end designed vinced, answer the end proposed by it. to be effected by that bill would be When Mr. Secretary Fox moved for perfectly answered by a negociation, the repeal of the act which subjected and he did not wish to see that intro- the American fhips to the neceflity of duced into a bill before the conclufion being furnished with certificates, '&c. of a treaty which ought rather to fol- Mr. Jenkinfon expressed some apprelow it as its confequence. At present hension that it would open fo wide a he thought nothing further was necef- door to smuggling that the revenue sary than the repeal of the prohibitory night be essentially injured, if not acis, and all those statutes which sub- ruined. jected American fhips to the expence

Mr. Eden, in order to guard against and inconvenience which arose from fo fatal a consequence, moved an the obligation they were under to be amendment to the following effect:registered and supplied with dockets and for voting certain powers in the when they failed from a British port. Crown to be limited, for establishing

Mr. Pítt had no objection to Mr. teinporary regulations for opening the Fox's motion, provided there was a intercourse.” This amendment was profpect of effecting the leading objects adopted by the House; and the moof his bill by a negociation: but he tion thus amended was carried withcould not flatter himself with any fan- out a division. guine expectation of fo favourable an In the House of Lords, April 14, illue to the treaty in contemplation. the order of the day being read for the

The further confideration of the bill fecond reading of the bill which was pas postponed according to the tenor designed to freeIreland from the controul of the motion before the House, and of the British Parliament both with rethe question on it carried without a spect to its internal and external reguladivision.

tions, and thus render it for ever indeApril 11. Mr. Fox's bill for re- pendent of this country, the Earl of pealing the prohibitory acts was refer- Abingdon rose and expreffed in a very red to a committee of the whole Houfe: animated speech his diffatisfaction; and but, when its inadequacy to the end ftated the grounds of his difiketo fome

proposed to be effected by it was no- of the leading principles of the bill with ticed by Mr. Jenkinson, the Secretary great energy and freedom. He thought acknowledged that this measure in its it was equally politic and jutt to leave prefent fimple and unconnected state the internal government of that counwould be insufficient: he, therefore, try to itself; but he viewed its external proposed to follow it up by another regulations in another light; at least bill for repealing the act that imposed those which refpected navigation and a neceflity on ships coming from Ame- commerce. These he was of opinion rica of being provided with certificates ought to be under fome limitation; and from American governors, of giving that limitation must be ultimately rebonds on clearing out from British ferable to the authority and interest of ports, and shewing their manifests. At this nation, unless we mean to divide the same time he was ready to confess Ireland fo absolutely from us as to that both these measures put together consider it in every view as a foreign would be no otherwise fufficient for nation. He thought our confequence opening the intercourse proposed than at fea would be etientially affected by as they would remove obitacles that at the present bill: and he was positive prefent prevented it, and be a kind of that the trade of this country would An introduction to lomnothing further. seceive irreparable injury from its par


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