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teriburgh, the 8th of April, in the year of Grace, aged 19.-31. Robert Baker, Esq. Captain in 1783, and in the 211t year of our reign.

the first regiment of Devon militia, to Miss Hay(Signed with her lin

ley, daughter and heiress of the late Aiderman perial Majesty's owo CATHARINE. Hayley, one of the representatives of the hand)

(L. S.) city of London.-Sept. 8. Dr. Cooke, to Miss Copenhagen, Aug. 5, The late Princess Prieit.-10. Captain Hepburn, to Mifs Sydenham. Charlotte Amelia has left by her will 100,000 -13. Robert Sheffield, Esq. to Mits Pitches, rixdollars for the relief of poor young women: daughter of Sir Abraham Pitches, Knt.--The the first class to consist of the distressed daughters Hon. Major-General Dalrymple, brother to the of nobles, or officers in the Danish service; Earl of Stair, to Miss Harland, eldest surviving thełe, to receive from the age of tive to ten, 50 daughter of Admiral Sir Robert Harland.-15. rixdollars annually; 100 to the age of 15; 150 Captain Everet, of the 3d reg. of dragoons, to till 20; and afterwards, if not married, 200 rix- Miss Mary Brooker.- -17. George Herbert dollars for lite. There are four other classes, Adams, Esq. captain in the 75th reg of foot, with annuities proportionably smaller.

and Lieutenant-Governor of Goree, to Mrs. The armament, contiiting of four sail of the Katon. line, tive trigates, from forty to fifty xebecks, artillery, bombarding, and other vessels, which

DEATHS. failed from , Don Anwnio Barcelo, arrived before the bay of

the Fleet Prison, Dr. James Buchan.-3. Dr. Algiers, on the 29th. The weather did not peunit any attack to be made till the iit of Price, of Guildford.-4. The Right Hon. Lady August, on which day and the 2d, 4th, 6:h, 7th, Harley-7. The Rev. John James Majendie,

D. D. Canon of Windfor, &t. in Southampton and 8th following, the Spaniards threw 3732 bombs, aná 3933 balls into the town, with the

Row, Bloom!bury, the Rev. Thomas Llewellin, lots of only 24 min, one of whom was an officer,

LL.D.-Sir John Ruilel, Bart. of Checkers, in killed, and three officers and 13 failors wounded.

Bucks.—Sir Rowland Hill, o: Hawkestone, Bart. On the gtli, Don Barcelo, having ncatly expende

8. At Chiton, the lady of Sir John Paliner.-his ammunition, reluined his route for Carthagena,

10. Mr. Richard Vincent, aged 82, the oldest where he arrived on the nith. --Letters from Car

inufician belonging to Covent Garden playhouse

and Vauxhali Gardens.--10. The lady of Sir thagena ot the uth of Aug. speak of the lots of a bomb vefiel on the part of the Spaniards, and

Noah Thomas, phytician to the King.-12. At

ter a short illnes, at the advanced age of 84, Mr. that two frig ates were materially damaged. Nut

Edward Clarke, comedian, who had some years withstanding the actual presence of our Lady del Carmen in this expedition, whose image was

retired from the itage. In his profeflion he had carried on board the commander's own thip, with

great merit, and was much efteemed by the late much pomp and devotion, it does not appear that

David Garrick, Esq. and the present Mr. King, any imprettion was made on Algiers, adequate to

with whom he had often joined his abilities to

delight a London audience, and as often received the trouble and expence of the bonbardment.

his Thare of their applaufe.-16. The Rev. Dr.

Pillick, Prebendary of Rocheiter. At his feat in BIRTHS.

Hertfordshire, after a few hours illness, General 'HE Grand Duchess of Russia was

Evelyn.–17. Richard Neale Badcock, Esq.one 9.

of the directors of the South Sea Company:-At fately delivered of a princets, who Derby, in an advanced ace, Mr. Henry Moore, was named Alexandrina Paulown..—27: Right builder. Having a quarrel the Thursday before Hon. Lidy Bolton, a ton.--Countess of koleberry, a lon.-Siplo 5: The Princeis of Asturias, Meight, that it ituppet 'all utterance, and he

with a neighbour, his portion rote to such a two princess

was taken up to bed Ipeechlels; and, notwithstanding the allistance of the faculty, he was

never able to speak atter, and died as above re. MARRIAGE S.

lated. The coroner's jury fat on the body, and IR George Armytage, Bart. of Kirk- brought in their verdin, that he died by the visi12. of Sir Harboard Harboard, Bart.--The Rev.

Deptiord, thipbuilder, F. R. ani A. S. S.--. Mr. Edmund Barry, rector of Sutton St. Nicholas, 18. Dr. Johulon, ph:fician, ot Worcerer. His to Mils Margiret Shepheard.-- Richard Colt death was occafioned by the Jail tever, which he Hoare, Ely. eldest son of Richard Hoare, Eiq. caught by vitting in Worce ter cutti.-18. At of Barn Elms, to the Hon. Mi's Lyttelton, cideit Exinouth, the Risht Ibn. Loid Ahburton, daughter of Lord Westcote, ot Hagley-Park, in Chancellor of the Dichy of Lancarter.--At OxWorcestershire.-- Lately, ai Gretna-Green, in ford, th: Rev. Dr. Benjamin Kennicot, Canon Scotland, Samuel Hartop, Esq. of Great Dalby, of Christ Church, Kesper of the Radcliffe LiLeicestershire, to Mily Pyewell, ot Bernby-Cattle, brary, and ricar of Culham in Oxfordshire; a Northamptonshire.-Al Salihul, near Birming- gentleman well known in the learned world for ham, the R:v. Nir. Yates, to Miss Barnardi. his elegant edition of the Hebrew Bible, and other An.-Lately, it Quebeck, Captain Corin Cainga publications.—20. In Charles-itreet Berkley bell, of th: 1.12h regimen:, to Mis Johnson, Square, Dowage: Lady Gerard.--Lately, at St. eliai drither or Colonel Guy Johnson, and neice Lucar de Barrameda in Spain, aged upwards of of 's foon ahnton, Birt.--28. Ai Northallerton. 107, Donna Anna Keyni. She had had eleven Mi. Gurge Limi'y, aged 104, to Mils Dunning, children, fifty-nine grand-children, and twento

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five great grand-children. She had enjoyed all her captain-general and governor of the island of lite å very robult itute of health, and retained Doininica, and its dependencies.—Right Hon. her strengih and agility until within two years John Lord Sheffield, by the title of Baron Shef. of her death, when the latter was impaired by the field.--Arthur Pomroy, Esq. Baron Harberton. confequences of a tall occationed by an animal -Robert Clements, Erg. Baron Leitrim.. running against her. Her hair, which was black, Francis Mathew, Esq. Baron Landat.-W. had turned grey at the age of 40. At ninety the liam Tonton, Efg. Baron Riversdale.

Mrs. cut it out, and it growing again, resumed its Christian Hely Hutchinson, wife of the Right primitive colour, which never changed after- Hon. John Hely Hutchinson, one of his Majuty's wardso-- Lately, the Rev. Mr. Tiske, rector most Hon. Privy Council in Ireland, Baronets of Wendens.--Mrs. Ditcher, widow of the Donoghmore.--Sir John Hufrey Delaval, Bar. late Philip Ditcher, Esq. of į Bath, and eldett Baron Delaval.- John Pennington, Elq. Baron daughter of the late Mr. Richardion, author of Muncalter.–And Richard Pennant, Eiq. Buron Claruta, Grandifon, &c.—At Lilbon, Mr. Parr, Penrhyn, to be peers of the kingdom of Ireland, De rebant, who has bequeathed the sum of

From the alber papers. 10,cool. to Chrilt's Hospital.-22. In the 73d Mr. Mayor, late member tor Abingdon, to he year of his age, the Right Hon. Robert Viscount inspector of the stationary illued for the public Hampden, Baron Trevor. His lordship succeeded offices.--- -Mr. Coulion to be inspector of the his brother John in the barony of Bromhain, in franks, in the grand duty, vice Mr. Rowe, des the year 1763, and was created Viscount Hamp- cealed, and Mr. Dellerew, to be inspector on die den, of Great and Little Hampden, in 1776. by duty, vice Mr. Caulion.—Mr. William Bell In the year 1739, then Mr. Trevor, he was ap- to be general surveyor of the Distillery, vice Mr. pointed envoy extraordinary and plenipoten- Henry Denton, religned; and Mr. George Mara tary at the Hague; a commitlioner ut the Cur- fhall to be surveyor, vice Mr. Bell.-Mr. Wils toms in Ireland in 1750, and Port-Matter-Ge- liam Faden, of Charing-Cross, to be Geographer sieral in 1759.-24. The lady of Hans Sloane, in ordinary to his Majełty, vice Mr. Thomas Equmd25. Suddenly, the Rev. Mr. William Jefferys resigned. — Mr. Church, of Gray's-Inn, 1 Gretham.--29. Dr. John Watkinton, Physician to be deputy clerk of the Hanaper in Chancery, to St. Thomas's Hospital.-Miss Plailtow, only vice the late John Church, Elg.--Mr. Bailey to daughter of General Plailtow.–30. James Nel- be one of the metlengers to the Treasury, vice thorpe, Esq. in the commiflion of the peace for Mr. Harrison, decealed.--Dr. Blair to be phythe county of Norfolk.-Harry Long, Eig. senior fician to St. Thomas's Hospital, vice Dr. Wát. barrister at Law. Sipt. 1. The Right Hon. Hugh kinlon, deceased.-Bryan Troughton, and Tho. Lord Clifford of Chudley. His lorulhip was de- mas Little, Elars. bankers in Coventry, to be fcended from a younger branch of the Cliffords, joint receivers-general of the Land-Tax, for the Earls of Cumberland, who were advanced to the county of Warwick.Dr. Carmichael Smyth title and dignity of Barons of Chudley, by King to be physician extraordinary to his Majetty. Charles II. April 12, 1672. He married the daughter of the Earl of Litchtield, by whom he had three fons and two daughters, all living.– ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Hugh, now Lord Clifford, married the daughter


EV. Mr. Boult, to the livings of Ancroft of Lord Langdale, by whom he has no itlue.

and Tucedmouth, co. Northumb.--Rev.

John Ruilell, B. D. chaplain to the Earl of CIVIL PROMOTIONS.

Northington, and fellow of Corpus Chriti

College, Oxford, to the living if Ilelmden, in GA ZE TT E.

the county of Northampton.-- -Rev. Richard IR John Dick, Bart. und William Molleson, Philips, r. of Ringwould, to the perpetual cuhis Majelty's army.-- Alleyne Fitz-Herbert, of 'Bene’t College Cambridge, to the t. of Esq. to be his Majesty's envoy extraordinary Penithorpe in Nortolk.- Rev. Thomas Kerrich and miniter plenipotentiary to the court of to the r. of Wendon, in Eflex.-Rev. Thomas Petersburgh.---Thomas Hyde Page, Elg. Lieue Hallum to the r. of Gedding.---Rev. James tenant in his Majelty's corps of Engineers, Stephen Lushington, M. A. Prebendary of Carknighted. Hon. Henry Erihine to be his Ma- liile, and v. of Latton, in Eilex, to the v. of jelty's Advocate in Scoiland.-Henry Matthias, Newcattle.—Rev. Mr. Randolph, chaplain to Eig. to be prothonosary, and clerk of the crown the Bishop of Salisbury, to be chaplain to Mr. in the counties of Cacimarthen, Pembroke, and Fitzherbert, the new-appointed ambatladour to Cardigan, and the town of Haverfordweit, and Rutlia.-Rev. Thomas Hall, M. A. late r. of borough of Caermarthen.--George Ogle, Esq. Trinity parith, in the county of Louita, in the and the Hon. Thomas Pelham to be Privy state of Virginia, to be chaplain to the British Counsellors of Ireland.-Earl of Derby to be Factory at Leghorn.-Rev. Humphrey Sumner, one of his Majesty's moli Hon. Privy Council, D. D. collated, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.- to the prebendary of Aithill, in that co

- Rev. James Muray, Etq. to be receiver of his Ma- Bartholomew Lutley Slater A. M. appointed jelty's land :ents in Scotland.---The Hon. Tho- one of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland's domeitio mas Pelban to be secretary to the Earl of Nor- chaplains.- Rev. John Roblon to the v. of St. thington, vice Ms. Wyndham, retigned.--Ed. Nicholas, in the city of Durham.- Rev. John mund Lincola, Elq. to be captain-general and Towers Allen to the v. of Barwick in Nortolk.yournor of the Illand of St. Vincent, Bequia, Rev. Mr. John Langham Dayrell, r. of Lilling2nd the Grenadines.-- John Orde, Esq. to be stone Dayrel, in the wunty of Bucks, to the va



of Stowe, in the same co.- Rev. Mr. Gibert to of Friday-street, London, and Patricius Goodall. be one of his Majelty's French chaplains at the of Nottingham, hofiers and copartners.-James Chapel Royal, St. James's, vice the Rev. Dr. Barrar, of Wribbenshall, in Worcestershire, merMajendie, deceafed.--Rev. Ms. Randolph, ftu- cer.-William Underhill, of Seigley, in Statdent of Christ Church, appointed to the vacant fordshire, ironmonger.----Benjamin Slade, the canonry of Christ Church, and Regius Profetfor

younger, of Alderigate-street, London, rectifier of Divinity in the University of Oxford, vice the and distiller of spirits.---William Miles, of SnowRev. Dr. Wheeler, deceased. -Rev. Spencer hill, London, leather-cutter.---Nathaniel Cotes Madan, M. A. to the r. of Great Bradley, in and John Crompton, of Coventry-itreet, tilk. Suffolk.-- Francis Woodcock, Clerk, M. A. to mercers and copartners.-Stephen Bennett, late the v. of Pipe, co. of Hereford.—Rev. Thomas of Merton, in Surrey, dealer in tea.—Stephen Beaumont, B. A. latě of Jesus College, Cam- Beck, of Bell-dock, wapping, bralier-Thomas bridge, to the livings of Cortlingitock and Key- Philpot and Francis Doriet, of Bedlington Furworth, in Nottinghamshire.- Rev. John Ran- nace, merchants and copartners.--Cudbert Kit. dolph, B. D. the office and place of Regius Pro- chen and Peter Smith, formerly of Ham-yard, feflor of Divinity, in the University of Oxford, in the parish of St. James, Westminster, but late together with the place and dignity of a canon of of Cecil-court, in the parish of St. Martin in the the Cathedral Church of Christ, in the said Fields, copartners and horse-dealers.-Robert University, properly belonging to the Regius Spooner Haddelley and Thomas Harris, of HighProfessor of the said University, vice Dr. Ben- street, Southwark, haberdashers and partners.-jamin Wheeler, deceased.--Hon. and Rev. Ed- David Evans, of Haverfordwest, shopkeeper,-ward Seymour Conway, M. A. to the place and William Rawlence, of Bewley, in Hampshire, dignity of a canon of the said Cathedral Church, Thopkeeper.-James Sheen, of Holbourn-Bridge, vice Rev. Dr. Benjamin Kennicott, deceased.- London, cheelemonger.-William Swansborough, Hon, and Rev. George Hamilton, M. A. to the of Holbourn-bridge, London, linen-draper.place and digaity of a prebend of his Maiefty's John Burnett, of Portsmouth-common, in Hants, free chapel of St. George, in the castle of Wind- victualler.--Amelia Adams and Samuel Denton for, vice Rev. D. John James Majendie.- Rev. Penlington, of Panton-street, near the HayJohn Prettyman, fellow of Pembroke Hail, market, silk-mercers and copartners.—Thomas Cambridge, to the r. of Shetley in Sutfolk. Chambers, late of Leeds, in Yorkshire, groceraRev. Henry Reginald Courtenay, D. D. to the John Taylor, of Homerton, in the parilh of place and dignity of a prebend in the Cathedral Hackney, broker. George Hewitson, of EatChurch of Rochester, vice Dr. Pinnell, deceased. Ham, in Eilex, horse-dealer.Wiliam Rich--Rev. Richard Berney, to the r. of Kestwick, ards, of Darlafton, in Staffordshire, bakerin the co. of Norfolk, and diocese of Norwich. John Dealiry, of Snaith, in Yorkshire, batcher

-John Burrows, of James-street, Golden-Iquare, DISPENSATION S.

druggift.-James Russell, the younger, late of the

island of St. Thomas, but now of Brittoi, mer. the v. of Illington, in Middlesex, the r. of

chant.--Thomas Goodair, late of Wakefield, in Thurrock Parva, otherwise Little Thuriuck, in

Yorkthire, linen-draper.- Jonathan Lowes, of Etiex. Rev. John Clement lves, M. A. chap

Middleton in Teesdale, in Durham, grocer and lain to the Eyrt of Balcarras, to hold the r. of haberdasher. Thomas Seamark,late of St. Paul's Great Holland, co. of Exiex, and dio. of London,

Church-yard, London, merchant, now a prisoner together with the r. of Stonham Aspal, co. of in the prison of the King's Bench.-- James RowSuffolk, and dio. of Norwich.----- -Rev. Waring

landion, of Satterthwaite, in the parish of Hawk. Willett, M. A. to hold the of Stanford-le-Hope,

Thead, in Lancashire, and Richard Rowlandion, together with the r. of Litton, both in the co. of

of Caton, in the said county, paper-makers and Ellex, and dio. of London.-Rev. Charles Mor- partners.---John Histt and Matthew Hirit the gin, M. A. to hold the r. of Whitborne, co. of younger, late of Brauihaw, in the parish of AlHereford, with the v. 01 Lidney, co. of Glouc.

mondbury, in Yorkthire, dealers and copartners.

-William Simmans, of Eltham, in Kert,

coach-matter.-- James Walker, of Hereiord, BANK RU P T S.

ironmonger.- Wittram Kimber, of Portíriouth, DAM HALL, of Blackburn, in Lanca- in Hants, coal-merchant.-David Cobb, of

Kingfton upo Hiril, cornfactor.---John Coles, the lame county, Cotton-manufacturers and co- formerly of Bringhall-ftreet, London, fince of partaet.--} hn Cherion, of Siole, in Stafforda New-York, in North-America, but now of Hadilire, whaisinger.-- joła Minghain Gill, and ley, in Middletex, merchant.-- James Boyjell, James Stuni, boch tömnerly of Laghom, in Ita- or Chartchouic-quare, merchantand inturer. 13, and late of Lonjon, mer hants, and copar:- Thomas Hai, late of Bishops Waitham, in ners (carrying on trade under the firm of Gill, Hants, when and woolen-drapero------ Nicholas Strast, 213 company. -John Bill, late of Cheia Hunc ani Gerin Berck, of Crutchid-finars, ter, wurwuieran and curier.--Chriftopher Lordon, merchants and partners.-

Witam Owitón, inte of Wapping-will, St. Paul, Shad- Hopps, c. Darlington, in the county of Daiham, weli, the charte--Bernhard Sumedes and John linen-draper ---Benjamin Cottreil, late of Dept. Hanne!, of Beish-lane, C., Londoa, ford, in hent, niatinet. --Daniel Kobe:ts, of wide and brandy-merch.nts and copartners.--- Fenchurch-Itreet, London, merchant.-Thon.is Daniel Chandler, of Great Rufell-itreet, St. Chetlyn, of Coventry, mercer and draper.---WilGiles in the Fields, grucet.-john Piper, of liam John Banner, of Birmingham, buttonPickering, in Yorkihire, dealer.--Samuci Eaton, maker.

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31 Sunday

2 Holiday
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4 1271


7 Sunday

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Compiled by C. DOMVILLE, Stock-Broker, No. 95, Cornhill.
3 perc. 3 per C. 13 per C. 4 per C. 4 per C. Long, Short India India

India | S. S.
Navy | Exch. Lottery mn,

Wind Weath.
reduced consols. Scrip. Scrip. consols. An. An. Stock Ann. Bonds. Stock Ann, Bills. Bills. Tickets.

Deal. London
64 63 į a

83 1 191 131
60 16 Dir.

3 Dif. 14 19 of it

N E Rain 64 63 & ad 651 83 191 138 139

596 16 635 4 14 19

है N E 63 a 64 83 191 13


14 19 O ha 를 SE
165 1
641 66
84 196 131


14 19 이


N E |Th&L.
64 a 3 66% 84 1

84 /
193 131 140 613

20 641

14 19 o

N E Fair

S W Rain 65 Ž 65 a 64 84 84 } 611


64 sa s

84 so 13 140


15 4 21 SE
833 194
614 18

2 $ SW


15.7 2


64 ļa 66 83

191 13


15 5

N E 64 a 633 83 191 134 143


id NE

63} a 63 651

198 131



E 631 - 624

19 2

SE Fair 63 i a

13 601 21

N E Rain 63 & 64% 84 19 131


14 15 4


NE 63. a 63 83 19 13 142

12 is 4 12.

62 g a 64} 82

18 134 1411

21 615

II 15 3

o Par.

SW 624 a 611 631 18 13. 1403 24


dir, Sw

615 a62


181 13

11 115 1

62 ay

82 84 1

18 134 20

15 I

SW Rain 621 a 61) 63 18 131 141


o I S W

SW Fair

N W Rain 62 a 61 631 82

18 131 141


113 14 14 19 0 11 SW Fair 613 a 601 63

13 25.

15 14 17 O 2 SW 61 a 582 611 181 12}


15 14 o o 6 dil, SW




I 2




14 Sunday



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15 0

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2) Sunday
22 Holiday



N. B. In the 3 per Cent Consols, the highest and lowest Price of each Day is given ; in the other Stocks the highest price only.






PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY. On Thursday April 17th the royal fince had faid, that the minister (Lord to twenty public and thirteen private from the Company, and what is the bills; the commissioners were Lords prayer now before the House?. Not Mansfield, Stormont, and Dartmouth. that

government should


back that Tuesday, April 22, Mr. Rolle moved fum, but that the East-India Company that the list of the subscribers to the fall be permitted to borrow 500,000l. loan be laid before the House. The and yet the honourable General opposes motion was seconded and carried. but this reasonable request. Such conduct when the order of the day was read, was inconfiitent from a person who had for the House to resolve itself into a quitted all connexion with the Com committee of the whole House, to pany, by felling out. Let gentlemen take into consideration the report of confider, that, when the Company was the committee on the petition that had circamscribed in its commerce, it had been presented by the East India Com- a credit of three millions sterling, but pany;

at present, it was confined to half that Sir Henry Fletcher, after ftating fum, and the request was, that the the situation of the Company, moved, company might be allowed to increase “ That leave be given to bring in a bill their debt, not to the original three to indemnify the East-India Company' millions, but to two. Would any reafrom all losses in respect to their not sonable man say that this kingdom making regular pavinents of certain was a bankrupt, becaufe there had not sums due to the public, and to allow been zol. in the Treasury last week, further time for such payments, and to and twelve millions had just been borenable the East-India Company to bor- rowed. Let gentlemen but reflect on row a certain sum, and to make a di- the immense expences of the Company vidend of 4 per cent, to the proprietors at home and in India, and that 17 at Midsummer 1783." General Smith fail of the line, befides frigates, and opposed the proposition, but commo- 16,000 men had been sent from France dore John tone observed, that the con- to India; in such a case, it could be no duct of the honourable General was furprize that the Company, as well as singularly inconfiftent. For man: years the state, had recourse to borrow for a he had been the champion for the pri- short time. There was, he observed, vileges of the proprietors, and had, on an illiberality and want of candour in a former occasion, offered to lend them the proceedings of the select Com150,000l. to prevent their applications mittee, that obliged him to ask their to parliament. The General replied honourable chairman, whether he meant that it was but 50,000l. that he had to move any resolutions against Mr. offered. The Commodore allowed, Sullivan, Sir William James, or Mr. that taking it then at 50,000l. it was Wilks, in consequence of the late rea tolerable round sum for an individual port? That report was in his opinion to offer.

The honourable General purposely obloure; but he doubre Lond. MAG. Oct. 1783,


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