Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse

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Strana 313 - Grief fills the room up of my absent child, Lies in his bed, walks up and down with me, Puts on his pretty looks, repeats his words, Remembers me of all his gracious parts, Stuffs out his vacant garments with his form; Then, have I reason to be fond of grief ? Fare you well: had you such a loss as I, I could give better comfort than you do.
Strana 394 - Times in these noticeable words : ' Of the devotion and strength of mind shown by the Princess Alice all through these trying scenes it is impossible to speak too highly. Her Royal Highness has, indeed, felt that it was her place to be a comfort and a support to her mother in her affliction ; and to her dutiful care we may perhaps owe it that the Queen has borne her loss with exemplary resignation, and a composure which, under so sudden and terrible a bereavement, could not have been anticipated.
Strana 406 - Her whole experience is a singular combination of the natural and the dramatic, as well as the most encouraging record of feminine confidence and masculine chivalrousness.
Strana 396 - Poor,' and published them with a little preface of her own (to which only her initial A. was affixed), in the hope that the principles which had been successfully applied in London by Miss Hill and her coadjutors might be put into action in some of the German cities. [A memoir by Dr.
Strana 390 - There was a second poem, enclosed in a heart-shaped framework of leaves, which gave expression to the grief of a devoted soul for the high-hearted lady. " But now the hour was come for another to take the post of honour by the bier of the Princess. Silently and sadly the two men saluted. He that left took away with him a deep and elevating impression of the general love and respect paid by the people of Hesse to their...
Strana 392 - The good die first, And those whose hearts are dry as summer dust, Burn to the socket !
Strana 406 - Union. Italian Rambles. By JAMES JACKSON JARVES, author of "The Art Idea," " Italian Sights," etc. i6mo, cloth extra, $1.25. Cuban Sketches. By JAMES W. STEELE. Octavo, cloth extra, $1.50. " The book gives a well-written tale of topics which are of interest both to tourist and to those who enjoy travelling at their own firesides.
Strana 193 - ... meeting between the King of Prussia and the Prince and Princess of Wales. Princess Alice wrote from Darmstadt in October of that year: — " Bertie and Alex [the Prince and Princess of Wales] have been here since Saturday afternoon. . . . The visit of the King [of Prussia] went off very well, and Alex was pleased with the kindness and civility of the King. I hear that the meeting was satisfactory to both parties, which I am heartily glad of. Bearing ill-will is always a mistake, besides its not...
Strana 24 - After dinner, while talking to the gentlemen, I perceived Alice and Louis talking before the fireplace more earnestly than usual, and, when I passed to go to the other room, both came up to me, and Alice in much agitation said he had proposed to her, and he begged for my blessing. I could only squeeze his hand, and say " Certainly," and that we would see him in our room later.
Strana 18 - First appeared Princess Alice as the Spring, scattering flowers, and reciting verses, which were taken from Thomson's ' Seasons ;' she moved gracefully, and spoke in a distinct and pleasing manner, with excellent modulation, and a tone of voice sweet and penetrating like that of the Queen. Then the curtain was drawn, and the...

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