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the Angels, and the mischief that they attempted against God after their fall.

But they were the first example of the severe vengeance of God. Of whoñi Saint Iude saich,

And the Angels which kepe.not their first estate, but left their Jude 6.

own habitation, be bath reserved in everlasting chains under darknesc, unto the judgement of the last day.

And for our first Parents, the pure eyes of God saw their nakednesse after their fall, and came himself into the garden in the coole of the day and convinced the Delinquents, and examined the fault, and gave judgment against them all, and presently executed that judgment.

Then Cain when bis (in was yet but in the bud, at the first putting forth thereof, in the casting down of his countenance, was called to account for it, God dilpuring the matter with him, and after when he came to the execution of his abominable wickedneffe, God again well examided the evidence, convicted the Prisoner, and brought him to confession of his fault, and banished him from his presence.

In all thele examples God was a speedy and a fevere Judge, as was fit for terrour in the beginning; but after he grew more remise, and as the Apostle faith,

The long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the 3 Pet.3,20 Ark was a preparing; So that God declared himself patient and

Jong-suffering, who had before shewed and revealed his fevere
Justice, that the terrour of his righteoufneffe might discourage
Gin, and yet his gentle forbearance might invite to repentance.

Therefore throughout the whole course of holy Scripture, we have examples of both forts, both of quick vengeance and of favourable lúfferance, that God may be known both to be just and merciful. : The reason whereof is," :

1. That the danger might breed terrour; for who can promise himself mercy, when our juft God may and doth cake such quick vengeance? Remember Lots wife, that she was Lots wife whom God favoured, that the Angel pulled her out of Sodom to haften her from their judgment that her offence was no more then looking back, whether out of curiosity to see what God would do to Sadoms, or out of unbelief doubting the truth of the shroatning

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or out of love to the place, or to some persons left behind to the wo, she was made an example of prefent calamity and curned into a pillar ofsale.

Therefore remember Lots wife for terrour, to ftrike fear in thee that thou (in not, least thou be smitten so soon as thou hart offended ; this to prevent sin.

2. That such as sin and find not the present wrath of God a. venging fin, may make use of that patience of God to repent, least a lingring judgment be but the whetcing of a sword to a sharper cutting when it cometh.

For the remiffeneffe of God doth not proceed from any re{pect of Persons, nor from a liking of any kind of fin, but out of free and undeserved favour, and for the glory of his own mercy, that he may be feared.

Who knoweth the mind of the Lord, or who hath been of his use. Counsel? who can tell when he is tempted to any fing; and embracech the temptation, and committeth the fin, whether God will make him an example of his patience and mercy,& long-suffering, by giving him both the time and grace of repentance, and

open to him the fountain for fin and for unclcannefle , to wash 84 him and cleanse himself from his Gin: or whether he will make

him an example of his fevere justice in chastening his trespasse with fomeipeedy vengeance, as he did the rebellion of Corah, or the lying of Anunias and Saphirah.

Therfore our care must be to keep our heart with all diligence from conceiving fin, to take heed to our ways that we offend not in our congue, to take heed to our foot, to our hand that they a& not fin, ever remembring that God is a jealous God, and that loveth not iniquity, and that he hath pureeyes which cannoc behold evil to allow thereof...

Herein the example of Christ is good, I have set the Lord al- 28,16.85 Ways before mes for godly feare doth pur God always in light of us, and of all our ways...

Let us seç our felves always in tbe sight of God, and answer every temptation to fin with this anlwer, Thon O Lord art of pu

gyes then to behold evil.

For therefore hath God so clearly revealed his Majesty, Power and Justice to the sons of men,' That his feare may be Ex.20, 28


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before your eyes that you fininot.

The King on carth chaferh away all evil with his cýe, because men feare the wrath of a King as the roaring of a kion and Thall che pure eyes of God, feeing all our ways, being abone our path, and about our bed, onderstanding our thoughts long before nothing awe us! Christ faith, Fear not them that can kill the body, and oan do nothing more, but feare him that can cajt both body and fout into beth fire. i Julio Shiraize!

This God that hath this power over the work of his own hands, as he hath pure eyes from whose fighe nothing can hide or conceal itself: fo he hath a right hand, inveniet dextra ejus ini micos ejus, his right hand will find out his enemies, yes strong is his arme, and the sword that he wildeth is pharp; for David faith, he hath whetted it of purpose to cut off from the earth the un. godoy thereaf: he hath alto a bowe and that is bent, he hath a quiver and that is full of deadly arrows; and bowfoever we fhall Nighthim, our God is a consuming fire ; to the Elect he is ignis imrabo, a fre in the bush, burning but not confuming; but to the jungodly thaq make no conscience of fin, he is ignis devorans, a fire devouring, as David faith.

The flame faltburn up the ungodly: similain...!6521 • The crying fins of our times, injustice in the Courts of judgemene, copempt of Religion, oppreflion of the poore, breach of the Sabbath, profane fwearing beastly drankennelle, abomi. nable wantonnelie, contentions and such like to give evidence against us, that there is no fearof God before our eyes, that we fear not the Presence of God, we regard noe his pure eyes.""

We would bave cured Babot of chose diseases, and he is not healed; the Word.which is dhe proper Phyfiek for these maladies is either not heard with attention, or not kept with retention;we minglait not with faidh, when we hearie, fo that we heap up wrath agaloft che day.of wrath:my brethren, do por lo wickedly, fin not

against God,lin not against your own souls, for fo Mofes cals Ko Num. 16. cah & his company,be cals them finners against their own souls,& 38.

- tháe are énfamples recorded forthe perpetualule of the Church,
even for them upon whom the ends of the world that come.
- When the judginono of Korah and his comparty was in sight

, it pril 10 era de

is said,


Al Israel that were round about abem fled at the cry of them: for Num. 16. they said, least tbe earth swallow us up also.

These Records of former times are kept for us that we might always have them in fight, that we might make it our own cale, and feare before the Lord, and Aly from the tenes of such wicked persons, who make no conscience of the pure eyes of God be. holding all their ways,least we perish with them.

2. Upon this ground he doth difpure; for seeing he relolvech that God is most just, and there can be no shadow of changing in him, he enquirerb of him how it comes to pasle, that so many evils be fuffered in the world, in the eye and light of God.

Doct. From whence we are taught that in all our consideracions of the carriage of things under the government of Gods Providence, howsoever ftrange the effects may seem to us, yet we must take heed thae we never question either the Wifedome, Justice, or Goodnesle of God.

Let us refolve on chat , and we may safely fit down and wonder at the effects ofhis will; for David faith, Tu facis mirabitia falna, Thqu'alone doft wonders. And Auguftine faith, that God doch manage things fudicio fæpe arcano (ed (emper justo, often by feoret, but always by joft judgment.

And upon this holy refolution of the Prophet, which givech Gąd his due and no way doch tax him, buc pronounceth him to behimselfin:

I dare not receive the judgment of Mę. Calvin upon this palfage becaufe I am perswaded that he is too harsh in his cenfure of this Prophet, and yet I find it so much against his will to find faukr, that he doch what he can again, when he hath wounded him to heal him again. : I honour the memory of Mr.Calvin asof a clear light set up in the Church of God, and am as unwilling to tax him, as I find him unwilling to tax the Prophet, and therefore I with his Reader to read him out upon this place, and he shall find that it is not matus violentur, but trepidationis not a violent, but a trembling motion that carries him For

1. He faith, descendit ad humanos affe&t us he descendeth to humane affections fo he may do and yet not offend. 2. He addech, oftendit fe quodammodo vacill are, ke shews him


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self somwhat wavering;that cannot be defended; for the motto of
a just man is semper idem, always the same;and it is the ungodly
man who is unstable in all his ways; his heart is not established.

3. But he smiteth home when he faith, verum quidem eft , secun-
dam partem versus afinem effe blafphemie, the second part of the
verse to be near a kinne to blasphemy; quia obmurmurat infi-
mulat deum unimia tarditatis, because he murmured and accused
God of too much slacknesse.

Yet Mri Calvin healeth him again ; pardon him in this; for he was in Angusto in a strait, jealous of having the honour of God touched by the Prophet, and yet tender of any touch of the charity that he did oweto the Prophet, and therefore having delared his holy love to God, he doth his best to excuse the Prophet, saying of him, frænum fibi injicit á occurrit mature. Se temperat ut preveniat nimium fervorem, he tempers himself that he might allay this too great heat.

And in the end be confesseth, quia non poteft fe expedire rebus
tam confusis,difceptat potius secum quàm cum deo, because he could
not get out of this maze, that he reasoned with himself rather
then God.

For my opinion I acquit the Prophet from any suspicion of in.
ordinate affe&tion in this his complaint, so long as he doth do
God the right to acknowledge him both eternall and equal; D
wonder not if he, and all that
consider him arighe in his ways,

swallowed up in the depth of admiration of them.

Let any man observe that which followeth in the Prophets complaint, and he hall see great cause of wonder; but whenfocver such occafion is offered to us to behold the like, let us do our God the right to confesse hina holy and just, and to resolve that which way soever things go, there can be no fault in him: therefore let us say with David,

Domine,tu justuses, & jufta funt judicia tua, thou art just, and

thy judgements are just.
P1.3.18. It is a good saying of old Eli the Priest, when Samuel told

him of the judgments of God upon his house, It is the Lord, let
him do what seemeth him good

Yet is it not unlawful for che children of God reverently to
consider the ways of God; yea it is a work for the Sabbath, to


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