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Verl. 19

For mine enemies speak against me, and they shat lay Wait for P1.71,10, my soul take counsel together,

Saying, God hath forsaker him, perfecute and take him, for there is none to deliver him.

For they measure the light of Gods countenance according to the fcantling of outward prosperity.

2. The wicked want the unity of the spirit, which is the Real. 3. bond of peace; for the God of peace is not in their wayes, they love not, they call not upon God; Charity is a Theological virtue; where there is not true Religion, there can be no true love.

I am sure this is a true Rule in Divinity, whatsoever humane policie have to say against it.

Christ foretold his Disciples, in the world ye shall have afflictiona * These things I command you that ye love one another.

Johis.17. If the world hate you, ye kriow it hated me before it hated jou. Verf. 18. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own.

Charity is the bond of peace only to the children of peace; and they chat in Religion do fland in termes of contradiction, it is not possible to fit them with a girdle,

This point is thus made profitable co us. t.For our felves, feeing Religion is the best bond of brother use. hood, and where no Religion is, there can be no sincere love; lec us labour to grow up more and more in the knowledge and love and obedience of the truth, that we may be fortified chșoughout

6: both in our bodies, and in our souls, and spirits : tor chis maketh - us all one body, and we can no more fall out then the members of our natural bodyes can disagree one with another; the Oracor spake ignorantly of the union of affe&tions by the fame Country. Patria omnes in fe charitates complexa eft, the love of charity comprehends all love; for we know that we have had many unnatural fugitives which have ał andoned their Country, and plotted crcatons abroad against it, and have returned full of forraine venome and poyson to corrupt the affections of the natu.. ral subjects of their Soveraign with hatred of Religion and peace.

That is only true of Religion, for that fo lwecțneth che affections of men, that as they are concent to do any thing they can one for another; so they can be conient to endure any thing one for another, to beare for one anothers fakes and to put ap at one


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anothers hands many things;co forgive not seven times but seven. ty times (even times.

For the true Church, as Bernard faith, doth fufpendere verbera, producere ubera,hide the rod, and lay forth the breasts,

2.For our children we must inftruet them betimes in the knowledge and fear of God, that they may learn the doctrines of piety & charity and may be taught to be members one of another.

3. This setceth a mark upon the enemies of God; because where there is strife and envying, where there is hatred and malicc, are not they carnal ? If it be our duty to rejoyce with them that rejoyce, and to weep

:m that weep; they belong not to the fold of Christ, that rejoyce. the weepirg, or weep at the rejoycing of their brea, chren.

4. This declareth the va...cy of the joy of the world; for feeing their rejoycing is evill, it cannot be long lived; and cherefore it is said that the candle of the wicked shall be put out, but the joy of the elect fall no man take from them.

Therefore wo to them that laugh here for their Harpfall be turns ed into mourning, and their Organs into the voyce of them that weep, but bleffedure they that mourn, for they hall be comforted; and the time shall come when they fall rejoyce over them who bave joged

at their paines; and rejoyce over her O heaven, and ye boly - Apa Pro.18.20 ftles and Prophets, for God hath avenged you on her.

2. They attribute the glory of the conquest to themselves, they understand not who raised them up against the Jewes, who gave them strength to fight, and who gave them victory; therefore they burne incense to their own nets, and kisse their own hands, and thank themselves for all.

Here is the growth of iniquity; for first they exercise all cruel inhumanity against the Jewes, then they rejoyce over them, and chen doch their fin grow out of measure finful; for they forbear not to provoke God himself by their pride of heart, robbing him of the glory of his own work, and ascribing it to themselves.

This even the light of nature hath detected to be most injurious to God, and most dangerous to men, for they that have any natural notion of the Deity, know that the whole glory of all atchievements belongs to that supreme power which rulech all.


In the great consultation wherein Xerxes made a Proposicion Herod.l.7. of warre against Greece, having a special grudge at the Athenians, Polyrrima

Mardorius was an earneft perswader to the attempt; but Artabanus the son of Hiftafpes, the Uncle of Xerxes the King, a grave, aged man,difswaded it.

His great argument was drawn from a consideration of the danger of greatnesse to which the King his Nephew aspired to be Lord of all, and urgeth thar old observation which Horace the Poet since used, Feriuntque fummos fulmina montes, thc ligtning strikes the highest cops: his rule is

Gaudet Deus eminentissima quaque de primere, quia Deses neminem alium quam feipfum finit magnifice de fe fentire.

The point here noteable, is,
The prosperity of this world doth fill the hearts of men with

Do&t. pride and vaine estimation of themselves.

At the first when things fucceeded well with the Chaldean, he gave the honour thereof to his Idol god, as you have heard ; but now he taketh it all upon himself; his own net, that is, his wit and strength hath done all, and he is now his own god,

The Wiseman faith, I be prosperity of fools Shall destroy them.

They that worship strange gods, and do ascribe all their faire betydings to them, do commit Idolatry, and fin grievously; yet these do confeflc a Deity, and acknowledge the power, though not the person of God in supreme agencie; but they that allume all to themselves, deny a Deity, or disable it, so as that they may work without any borrowed help from tbence.

So that the greatest Idolatry that is, or can be committed, is that pride of heart which allumeth to it selfe the glory of profperous successe,

And let men take heed of this cemptation, for it is flattering Prov.zo. and fair-spoken, and our corrupt nature is very prone to give it 8,9. entertainment; this is one of the two things that Agur the son of fakeh did pray against;

Remove far from me vanity and lies: this opinion of our selves is well termed vanicy; for nothing can be more empty and voyd then it is ; and it is as well called Lyes; for nothing can be more ụntrue then that we should be able as of our selves to do any thing for our selves.

The danger, Leaft if I be full, I deny thee , And say, who is the


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Here be two things in the Chaldæans,which Iob doth protest

against, and imprecate himself if he be guiley of either of them. Tab31.29

The former evil, if I rejoyced at the destruction of them that hated me.

And this, if my heart bath been secretly enticed, or my moreb

hath kissed my hands Verf. 28. This also were in iniquity to be punished by the judge, for I should

have denied that God that is above.

It is Saihc Gregories note upon that text.' Per manum o. peratio, per os locutio defignatur; manum ergo ofculatur. ore suo, qui landat quod facit, e testimonio propria locutionis (oli virtutem

Let us remeniber our Sicut in cælo, as in heaven. For in hea. ven the twenty foure Ellers cajt their Crowns before the Throne; which as Saint Gregory faich, is,

Certaminum sunorm vi&torias non fibi tribuere, sed authori; ut ad illum referant gloriam laudis, à quo fe fciunt accepisse

, vires certaminis.

S'glory, this in fobsy is iniquit'as maxima, the greatest iniquity : for peccatum ex infirmitate /pem non perdit, lin of infirmicy losech not hope, but prefumption deftroyeth hope utterly, and so faith also, for faith, is

the ground of things hoped for.

19. Against this let us heare the Apostle : 'Let'us not be desirous of Gal. 5:26.

"Dain-glory 1014

This is that dangerous sinne of pride, which doth put our selves into the place and roomie of God, and u(turpeth his rights.

Our Saviour háth 'fufficiently discouraged this fin in a few

words to such as do rightly understand him; for when the disciLuk.us.i7 ples returned to him, and said, Lord, the devils are subject to us

through thy name, Christ anfwered,"

1.beheld Saran as lightning fall from ledven. Greg. Ut in di scipulis suis elationem premeret: judicium ruina retulit, quod ipse magifter elationis accepit.

The very way to begin the true worship and service of God in us; is to put off our felves by an fanble and true Confeffion, that of our felves we are able for 170 good work, I do not fay co demerit God, but not to do ourselves any good; the wifedome


Verk 18,

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that guidech us is from above, the strength that enablech, us is dextra excelfi, the right hand of the most High;this shews which way the glory and praise of all must go.

Considering then the fault of these Chalda ans in this vanity of boasting themselves: 2 vissa 1. Let us come to decline it as a discale. 2. Let us embrace che remedies thereof. vi... Decline ir,

use. '1. Becaufivit trespalieth that same primum & maguum man datim, the first and great Commandmene; for it robbeth God of his glory, and aflumech ic to our felves;and God hath sworn chat he will ons admic'any Parçner or sharer with him in glory.

2. It connu en una reth us with the children of Satan, for he is he father of all the fons of Pride.

3,It exterminates charity;for it maketh a mans own wil che rule of his actions and not the wil of God:which maketh us the Præ varicators of the fecond likeCommandment to the first, diliges proximum ficut teipfum, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thy felf.

4. It makech us liableto che feverést vengeance of God, for God resistech the proud; and if they perish whom God doth not allilt, what bope can they have whom God doch refiftsa, aude

5, Ic strippech us out of all thofe graces and common favours. of the Holy Ghost which we have, for when God seeth that we employ his talent to ouc own advantage, he will surely take it from usy seeing becook from him that employed not his talent to his advantage ; for it is a greater sin co be a false then to be an idle servant.

it , !.!... 6. There is no vice that becomes a man worser then self-opi. nion; we efteem one poor and proud very odious, and fuch are they that alcribe any thing to themselves, because we are not able of our selves, to chink, to move to live, co fubfift, without

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our God.

7.There is no vice that pleafeth Satan better then felf-confidence; forehat quictech Gods part in us, and separatech us from God, which is all chac Satau loeks; for then he hach Ture pofleffion, and all that he holdeth isin peace.... ::8.A proud mad that afcribeth all to himself müst needs be un. thankful. I may stirre up all the inconveniences of self-opinion,



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