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11.' Mine eje.shall see may de fire sapon mine enemies," mine egredi had

beare' my de fire of the wicked that rise up against me. 12. The righteous joull flourish like a palme-tree, he fall graw likes

Cedar in Lebanon.e 13. :: Those that beplaktedintbe bonife of the Lord, Jhull flourish in the

Courts of our God. 19. They shall.bring forub more fruit in their age, they Mall be fat And flourishing The ute of all, to

Sotsi 7.- To them that the Lord is upright; he is my rock, and there is no unrigbtconfueffe in bim, inguins

These be meditations of a Sabbath of rest, and the word of God givechfall examples of this truth, and daily experience in our own times offereth it...

3. The Scripture doth put into our months Pfalms and Hymns, and spiritwal Songs, i vteaching usto fengrand tomake melody to God in our bearts.

Excellent co this purpose are the Pfalms of che Bible, and if we fing merrily to the God of our salvation, this will paffe a, way the time of our waiting for che promise of God cheerfully; we shall not think it long..

For this did David deare to live. Oblot me live and I wil praise shy name.

4. The Scripture is full of heavenly consolations to establish the heart; that it shall not sinkė under the burrhen of this expectation, for in the Scriptoreszche Spipit of God fpeakech,

Let him that bach ears to hear, bear what the Spirit speaks to the Churches: this Spirit Chrift hath left in his Church to be the comforter of his Church, to abide with it forever: we have the earpest of this Spirit co bind the bargain of eteroad falvation.

We have the first fruits of this Spirit. 1.febIto

We have the testimony of this Spirit witneffing with our Spirits, that we are the Sons of God, and if sons, then Heyrs, and Co-heyr's With Chrift.

3. To spend the time of our waiting here for the promile of God, we have the holy exercise of Prayer; this doch bring us to a familiar conference with God, and as in bearing and reading of holy Scripture, we say, Andiana quid loquatur Deutz

So in Prayer God faith, He fall call spor me and I will henne him. I will be with him


Io Prayer, we may chaltinge God of his promise, as the Plalmil, Dowell O Lord unto thy servant according to thy Worde

Remember thy Word unto thy servant,upon which tbon bast cau. Pf. 119. sed me to hope.

Faith and feeling are not always joyned together; therefore in the want and expectation of Gods promises we pray, building upon the Word of God, because we know, For ever O Lord thy Verr. 892 Word is setled in heave'n.

Saint Augustine faith of Prayer, it is oranti fubfidium, an help to him that prayeth ; deo facrificium, a sacrifice to God; demoni. bus flagellum, a scourge to the devils.

1. It helpech us for it fetteth usin the face of God, and bringech us into his conference; and the time can never feem long to us, that is spent in that company.

2. It is a facrifice to God; for it is the performance of a duty by him commanded.

3. It is a scourge to the devils, and to all bis agents; for when we pray against the evil, our God heareth us and delivereth as from evil.

Verf. 4. Bebold his sonlè which is tifted up is not upright in him :

But the just fball live by his faith.
Od having directed the Prophet concerning the Vision in

the expectation thereof; He cometh now to the Vifion it felfe,
which containeth - A Declaration of his holy will in his general
Administration of Justice, and so doch not only serve chose
times and persons present, but may be excended to all times and
Persons so long as the world endureth.

And Gods showing hereof maketh it a Vision to his Prophet, and fo to his Church, and so it begins at Behold. - Now the answer of God doch first prevent an objection which might arise out of God's former words for when he faith of the vision, that the time is appointed for it and though it tarry,the Church must wait: asimplying that it might be long before it were-fullhilled; the Prophet might enquire; but whac shall the


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People do in the mean time? how shall the afflicted hold out till
that time appointed?
Therefore in the rest of the chapter,

y. He cleareth that objection, verf. 4:
2: He revealeta che Proceedings of bis Justice, against

sundry fins in all the rest of the chapteros 3.
For the first let us examine the words, 01:31;

Behold. Here he openeth the eyes and cleareth the fight of the Prophet, and of the Church to see the Vision, requiring us to take the matter into ferious consideration, as the Apoftte faith; Consider what I say. Let him that bath cars to heare, bear what the Spirit speaketh unto the Churches; so is this word often used in Scripture to move attention: 9:41:15; 2027" .

His foule which is listed up in him is not ispright.in:

Incerpreters do two ways: understand these words, either 3. thus, He that is not upright, his soul is lifted up;or by Conversion 2. Herhat is lifted up is not upright. This last we fol'ow, and this I cake to be Gods meaning. 1.0

It is true in the first sense that the ungodly man seekech Craft elsewhere then in God, and doth strengthen himselfe in the malice or pride of his heart.

Bur: God would shew bere that whosoever is thrus big.fwoln kom in the pride of his heart, hach not rectam animam, some read quie etam or tranquillam animam, a right or a quiet foule.

Ir agreech well with tbe Prophetscomplaint'of the insolency of the Chaldæans, chac they being now lifted up with the gtory of their many victories, their souls are nog upright ; wherein be declareth them horrible offenders, and therefore obnoxious to his high difpleasures i 1. Mr.Calv.doth understand this place thus, that God declareth his just judgment against the Chaldæans, thac because they have true ited in themselves, they shall have no peace in their fouls, but fome new suspicions Chall still arise to disquies them, or new ho pesto puc them on upon fresh adventures, or some new fears to discreate them, fo that they shall never rest in their souls.

Arias Montanus and Ribera a Jesuit do both foliowa.corrupe Translation.

Ecce qui incredulus oft non erit recta anima ejus. Whereas he


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Speakech not of unbelief, but of pride of heart which yer doch inn clude infidelity, because such do translate the trust that they ought to place in God alone unto themselves, and their ownc means of accomplishing their intendments: but our reading doch much better agree with our copy.

It followech in the second part of the Antithesis, But the jujt Ahall live by his faith. . And here let me first tell you that this sentence is cited in the New Testament often.

1. Rom. 2.17. As it is written, the just shall live by faith.

2. Galat. 3. 11. But that no man is justified by the law in the fight of God, it is evident; for the just shall live by faith. 3. Heb.10.-37. For yet a little while, and he yet jhall come,

, will cime and will not tarry...

38. Now the just shall live by faith, and if any man fhall drama back, my foule shall have to pleasure in him.

In all chese foure places the words have one and the fame fenfe.

The just man, chat is; he who is justified by a saving faith, thall e be fupported by that faich; so as whatsoever either outward or

inward calamities shall assault him, his faith shall carry him chrough-all : because putting his trust only in God, in the confidence of the Mediation of Jesus Christ, he shal have peace of conscience; and shall take all that befals him in good part. So then, 1. By che just, we do understand not any legal righteousnesse, fuch as standeth in the performance of obedience to the whole law; which no man bur Christ, God and man could perform: but an Evangelical righceousnesse, which doch confift in a godly zeal, and holy endeavour of obedience to the law, according to the measure of that grace which God hath given to men, and whereunto is joyned both repentance of all fins, and an holy sorrow that we do come fo short of that full obedience, which in duty we do owe to God.

And where he faith vivet he shall live, he doch mean both a nactural;'a fpiritual and anecernal life....

1. A naturallife for faith doth make that to be a life which else were a death; for the wicked are dead in trespasses and fins; fo-Cbrift faith; let the deadbury their dead, and the wagton wid


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dows are faid to be dead even whileft they live. But by faith our natural life bach life put into it, as the Apostle faich,

And the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself

for men And surely this comfort must be applied in my text, fo, though not so only, to cheer the natural life of the distressed Jews, against the many oppressions of the Chaldæans, that their faith in the promise of God must be their life, as David faith, I had verily fainted, but that I believed to see the goodnese of God in the land of the living.

There faith preserved the natural life of David.

2. This includech also a spiritual life, which is the conjunction of our soule with God by Jesus Christ; for what doth quicken

us but our faith? for by faith Christ dwelleth in us, and by faich Eph. 3.17 we are rooted and grounded in him. Col. 2, 70

3. This includeth an eternal life : for how do we come to be where Christ is, but by faith? Christ first testifieth of the faith of his Church, chen he prayeth : Father, I will that they which thon haft given me, may be with me, that they may behold the glory that I had with thee, oc,

They chat overcome this world do overcome it by faith, and fach as have this faith do grow boysterous and violent, They take the Kingdome of God perforce.

And this Perchance gave occasion to the various le&tion, fome reading in the present vivit doth live, fome in the future vivet, shall live; some understanding the natural and spiricual only, athers only the eternal life.

Bar I understand the promise extended as the Apostle faith, to both; for godlinesfe hach the promises of this life, and that which is to come.

This shewech what is meant here by faith, not the historical faith, by which we understand what the Will of Godis.

Not a temporary faith, which trusteth in God for a cime, and after fallech off from him. 7..

Not the faith of miracles which event fome i wicked Persons wbom Chrift will not know at che day of judgemenc bad.

Nor the faith of hypocrites which seemeth and is not; but a justifying and faving faiad. For we must live by the same faich

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