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Bribes is another daughter of covetousnesse. It was part of Samuels purgation of himself, of whom have I received bribes, 1 Sam. Izo to blinde mine eyes there with? for Solomon faith, A wicked man taketh the gift ont of the bosome, to pervert the Wages of judgment. Micah.describeth more then his own times.

The heads of Sion judge for reward, and the Priests thereof teach Mica 3.ár. for hire; and the Prophets thereof divine for money; pet Will they leane upon the Lord, and say, is not the Lord among us ? no evil can come upon us. Read on.

Symony is another daughter of covetournelle. I say no more of it, but leave it with St.Peters blessings, Pere at argentum tuum tecum, let their money perilh with thee.

But rapine was the proper and nataral daughter of the covetousnesle of the Chaldeans; they had their Angle, and their Net, and their Dragge; nothing could escape them.

The great fish did eate up the little ones ; oppression was the crying linne of Babylon, all their neighbours did groan under it.

1. This fin doth destroy jus naturale, natural right, which is quod tibi fieri non vis alteri ne feceris, do as thou wouldst be done to; out of which principle these two do arise. SI. Necui noceas,

hure none. 2. Ut communi bono deservias, serve the common good. 2. It offendeth the written law,which doch not only restraine aktum rapiná,non furaberis, the act of rapine, thou shale not steal; but voluntatem rapina, non concupisces, but the will, chou shald

not covet.

Agur the son of fakeh faith,

Pro 30.14 I here is a generation whose teeth are as swords, and their jare teeth as knives,to devoure the poore from off the earth, and the needy from among men

This generation is not yet grown barren; Chritt faith, Pauperes Semper habebitis vobiscum, you shall have alwayes the poor with you; and this generation of oppressors will be ever teeming, so long

as they have such matcerto work; upon for the rich and mighty will shift for themfelves.

3. It incurreth the severe censure of Gods justice; for if God fay.go je cursed to them that did not

dare sua, give their owne:




quid faciet eis qui rapuerunt alienu? woe to them that take that which is none of theirs.

4. This fin of rapine doth incurre the curses of them that are robbed; for evcry man criech, woe to such as congest that which is not their own.

s. This sin doth hinder the ascent of the prayers of them that commit it; God will not admit chem to his presence; for lo God faith,

Relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherlese, plead for the Widotto; Ifa. 1: 18. Come now and let us reason together.

6. The time shall come when those that suffer wrong, shall judge their oppreflours, for the Saints Mall judge the World.

Therefore let every man make conscience of doing violence; doubtlesse there is a God that judgeth in the World, let us value men as our brethren, and leck their good; let us direct our intentions & fubventions to that only end, that he that loveth God may declare it by loving his brother also;lec our brethren grow up with us, and let us joy in their prosperity.

4. Cruelty, is charged upon them.

For they build in blood, and cruelty is also one of the companions of ambition and covetoufnesse. If Ahab have a desire to Naboths Vineyard, either Naboth must part with his Vineyard, or his life.

They are not all innocent of this great offence that keep themfelves from shedding of blood : they that invade the mčanes of the maintenance of life, that pinch the labourer in his wages, or that make the hireling work for nothing, or that let their bire sleep in their custody, whilft he pineth for want of things necelsary, are all guilty of this accufation of blood.

It was the provocation wherewith God was provoked against the old world, for which he brought upon them the great floud that destroyed them a!!; This was Edoms (in in Obadiah.

There is a manifold cruelty as you then heard.

1. Cruelcy of combination, when we make our selves - strong in a fa&ion, to oppresse all that oppose us, and go not our way.

2. Cruelty of the eye, when we can be content to look on, to fee injures done to our

brethren,without any compassion,or sube vention,

3: Cruclog : 3. Cruelty of heart, when we rejoyce against them that (affer wrong, and make our felves merry with their afflictions.

4 Cruelty of the tongue, when we insult over them and brand them with taunts. 5. Cruelty of the hands, when we

1. Either persecute their persons with molestation.
2. Or toach their liberty with unjust restraint.
3. Or rob them of their goods by cruel direprions.
4. Or hinder the courle of justice that should do them

5. Or procure their death, because they do stand in our

light, and hinder our rising; of all thete I have spoken heretofore. We now hasten to the declaration of Gods just vengeance against this ambition,

2. The punishment. 1. They consult shame to their own house. 2. They fin against their own souls. 3. They labour in vaine, and without fuccese.

1. They consult ßame to their own house. Ambition doth affcct to build up an house, to establish a name that may continue in the blood and posterity, in succeeding generacions with glory and bonour.

David hath a.crosse prayer which is in the hearts and mouths of many that have such pride; let not their wicked imagination prosper, least they grow too proud,

These words do shew that ambitious pride shall not prosper, and whereas they study honour, and consult glory, in their aime and intention, God curneth it all to shame in the event.

The words of my text are che words of God; he knoweth what he meancth co do; and he saich, they consult their own shame, because be purposeth to turne all their glory into shame.

Shame is the thing that an ambitious man doch desire to de cline above all things, all his studies bend their Itrength against it, and pursue glory which is the contrary to it. To this purpose covecous men gather riches, and then with mony purchase great offices and great citles to make great houses, and nominous families upon earth to survive them.



Pro 14.1,

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Doc where this greatnesse is begun by ambition, maintained and supported by rapine, and cruelty , pride will have a fall

; he that meaneth to give it the fall, faith so, God whose power none hath ever résisted, he will curne that glory into shame.

The wiseman saich, He that is greedy of gaine troublesh bis own Pro.15.27

bouse. For

The house of the wicked shall be overthrown; 'he doth not mean domus, che house, but familia, the family, the whole name and posterity, the glory, all shall perish and come to shame.

And Prov. 15.25. Solomon tels us who fhall do it. The Lord Pio 15.25

will destroy the house of the proud; this is their shame to come down again ; when men have been aspiring and secled their nest on high, and made themselves beleeve that their honour shall be established upon their house; for then,

1. God (hall laugh them to scorne, the Lord Mall bave them in

derifion, saying, Behold the man is become as one of us. Pfal.52.7

2. Men shall laugh at them, and say,

Lo, this is the man that made not God his strength, but truffed in the abundance of his riches, and strengthned himselfe in bis wickedneffe : for Solomon faith, when the wicked perish there is shouting.

3. The Lord shall be glorified in the shame of the proud, co

vetous, cruel man; for every man shall say, strong is the Lord God Rev.18.8. who judgetb them, as over Babel; thus is God praised. Vorf. 20. Rejoyce over her thou beaven, and ye holy Apofttes and Prophets, for God bath avenged you on her.

This point is of excellent ufe. 1. For Doctrine, it teacheth us that which Solomon hath said, The feare of the wicked shall come upon him; the proud man feareth nothing so much as shame; the coverous man feareth nothing so much as want; the cruell man nothing so much as revenge; the glutton nothing so much as hard fare ; the drunkard nothing so much as a cup of cold water : and God hath chreat, ned these offenders with all these judgments.

2. It commendeth co us wisdome, and righteousneffe, and hamility, and all holy vertues, for they be all builders, and raise up

houses, and lay the foundation sure. Ab auditione mali non ti. Pfal.112,7. Pro:28.2. mebit. The juft man is bold as a Lyon; as

. Solomon, The wicked

Pro 11,10,

Pro.so 24.

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are overthrown and are not:but the house of the righreous shall stand. Prov. 12,7

Humility layeth the foundation of it low.
Faith worketh by love to furnish it.
Honour and much glory ate the roofe of it; peace is the fence
about it, and prosperity the demesnes belonging to it.

And the guard of Angels pitch their ten ts round about it.

This house is built upon a rock, yet it must endure the winds and waves,

3. This hath deceived many; for they have thought unrighteousnesse the better and safer way; becaule they have seen the wicked flourishing, and spreading like to a green bay-tree.

Job disturbech chem in their ruffe, and glory, and fulnesse and fatnelle.

Their houses are safe from fear, neither is the rod of God upon them. It goeth pleasantly for cwo or three Verses, búc vers.1 3. Job,'20.9. in a moment they go down to the grave,

It is an admirable wisdom, char fob hath recorded to direct, our obfervation of such,

Lo their good is not in their hand. They are not masters of their happy estate; which he proveth;

Verf, 16. How oft is the candle of the wicked put out; it is but a candle, and it is put out; often for God distributeth forrowes in his anger. God is angry; he doth not cover them over with sorrows, and and overwhelme them with woe here, but he distributes forrow, giving them some.lucida intervalla.

This varnish and paint and guilding; of unrighteousnese with Verf. i7. temporal happinesfc, doth make it deceive many.

A brutish man knoweth not, neither doth a fool understand this. Pfal.92.6 when the wicked spring as the grase, and all the workers of iniquity flourish: it is that they shall be destroyed for ever.

Who would have thought it? every man faith, when he seeth pride have a fall: no, for the Plalmist saith, Thy thought are

Here God himself declareth, thar ambition shall end in shame; and the candle of the wicked when it is put out, will end in a foule and stinking smoak.

4. This admilheth and exhorteth all that love their houses, and study their own honour, to seek it in the way of piety and


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very deep.

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