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Verf. 32.
Verf. 33.

1. The great Commandement is broken which biddech us to love God above all things; for the drunkard makes his belly his god and dellghtech in his fhame : neither is God in all his waysz. of whom doth the name of God more suffer, then of the drun kard, and who do make leffe conscience of the Sabbath, then fuch do, who make that day of all other the most licentious, the most lascivious, despising the Commandment of God?

2. It is a sin against himself who commirtethit; for be shameth himself to beholders, he wastech his estate, hurreth bis own body, drowneth his understanding, judgment, memory, and depriveth himself of the use of reason; as Solomon faith, who bath Woe? Whe bath forrow? who hath contentions ? Who hath Pro:23:29 babling? mbo hasb wounds without cause? who bath redneffe of eyes. They that tarry long at the wine. At the laft is biterb

like a ferpent, and stingesh like an adder.
It corrupteth the affections, and inflameth lust.
Thine eyes shall behold strange women.
It corrupteth the speech,

thine heart fall utter perverse things.
It maketh a man intensible of his punishment.
They have Stricken me, and I was not fack;they have beaten me and verf. 35
I feli it not.

It groweth inco an habice, and cannot be easily given over; drunkenneffe is like a quartare, the dishonour of Phylitians : so ic is the dishonour of Preachers, they cannot cure it, we would have cured the drunkard, and he would not be healed.

When Ball I awake, I will get seek it again; as Saint Gregory faith, qui hoc facit, non facit peccatum, fed totus eft peccarum.

3. It is a sin against our neighbour; for ic is a waiter and con fumer of the provisions wbich God hath given to nourish and sustain many, and so he becomes a thief, robbing the hungry and thirsty : for it is panis pauperis et vinum dolentis, the bread of the poor, and che wine of the forcowful, that is thus (willed: and swallowed.

It coucherb upon the Commandment of murther, for to take away life, and to take away. the means that should support life are lo fer, that we can hardly draw a line between them.

It inflameth lust; as Ambrose,Pascitur libido conviviis, vino ac. eenditørzebrietate inflammatur,it filleth the tongue with a!Ikind of


evil words which corrupt good manners, turpiloquium, multi. loquium, vaniloquium falfiloquium, and where be the good names of men more foully handled then upon the ale- bench, when a drunken Senate meeteth?

And to conclude it dilbonoureth Parents : for the laws of the Church, and the laws of the Common wealch do forbid it, and designe punishment for ic.

Yet this sin is che Diana of our Ephesus, and if all the Preach. ers of England do cry it down in Pulpits, the Court of good fellowship will cry ic up again; though we shew you the scrowl of God, and open all the folds of ic, and read it to you. written within and without, wich nothing but lamentacions, mourning and wo agaiult chissin : chough we bind che Gioners in this kind by the power given to us by Christ, taying, wholoever fios gee retain, they are retained, yeč do men run headlong into this lin without fear or wic.

But when lin is once grown into fashion, we may stretch out our hands all the day long against ic, and spend our strength in vain, yet I will not despair of a blessing upon our faithful la. bours against ic; and thus much I will uudertake to do, as the Apostle faich,

I will yet shew you a more excellent way. . ...I will yet shew you approved remedies against this sinne,and there is no time of the year unlealonable for cbe foul to take Physick.

Remedia. 1. Take Davids Physick; I have kept thy ward in my heart that Remedios

I might not finne against thee; for that word will answer the tempracion, as loseph did, How then shall I do this great wickedne fo and Jo Jon against my God? Remember the fearful threatnings of wo and judgement against this finne : Remember the day of judgment wherein every man must give account to God of him. self, and of all bis ways; remember the biccernelle of the latter end thereof; all chis is clearly denounced in the word of God; Remember chat it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the lio ving God, for our God is even a consuming fire.

2. Remedy is a constant Practise of mortiscacion; for they thac humble their souls wich fasting, and chasten their bodies, and bring them in fubje&tion, that watch and pray, and call their

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fins every day to account, and examine their consciences by the law of God, he that doth these things well, thall foon come to their diets of whom the Pfalmift Ipeakech,

Thon feedest obem with the bread of tears, and giveft them tears to drink in great measure.

Pfel 80.5: Then thou Wilt go mourning all the day long.

3. Remedy is, withdrawing thy self from such company as use drunkenneffe, from such places wherein it is used, as Solomon adviseth.

Be not amongst wine-bibbers, amongst riotous eaters of flessi for the drunkerd and the glutton shall come to poverty, and drowsi-20.21. neffe fhall cloatb a man withrags, So Saint Paul chargeth the Corinthians,

But now I have pritten unto you not to keep compauy, if any, mane Cors that is called a brotber be a fornicator, or covetons, or an idol'ater, 11. or a railer, or a drunkurd, or an extortioner, with fuck a ono, no net ta eur, It is company that corrupes many; there are few that love drunkenneffe so well, chat they will fit

down and drink 1 Reg.16.9 themselves drunk, as Elab king of Ifrael did, but good fellowship spoils all, and one pot drawerh on another.

4. Remedy is, Let ouery man abide in ohe calling where in bo 1 Cor. 7. was ealled. God barb given his Angels charge of thee to keep thee ze, in all thy ways;so it is laid of a drunkard that he is out of the way; for did he excrcise himself in his calling, within his way, he could not miscarry.

The defice of the flothful killerk bim: for his hands refuse to la Pro.21.25: bour, he.coveterk greedily all the day long:

5. Remedy is a consideration of the hunger and chirft which Chrift Tustained on earth for thee, and of the hunger and thirst wbich Christ yet in the members doth suffer. Remember what he hath done for thee;do not waste that unchriftily which would serve to relieve Jesus Christ; be hungred co fatisfie thee, do not thou surfec co make him hungry ; "he chirfted, it was one of the last words that he spake on the Crosse, Sinio f thikt; do not thou make thy self drunk with that which should quench his thirst, lest chy, laft draught be like his vinegar mingled with gull. 6. Remedy is a consideration that we are required to pray conRr


tinually and in all things to give thinks which holy duty we cannot performe so long as we are in our cups; the fe duties require a sound judgment, a cleare underftanding, an heart established with grace, as the Apostle faith, Not in gluttony and drunkennesse, not in chambering and wantonnelle, but put ye on the Lord Jesus

, And have no care to the fles to fulfill the lusts thereof.

We were created to glorifie God in our bodies and in our souls, for they are God's;and therefore whether you eate or drinke; or whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God.

7. Remedy, consider that we are bidden guests to the Supper

of the Lamb, and the Spirit and the Bride saith come, and let whom Rev.22.177 soever heareth say come, and take of the waters of life freely; we

cannot tell when this supper time is, till Gods messenger death cometh and telleth us all things are prepared; come now, let not us over-charge our hearts with fürfecting and drunkennesse,least

that day come upon us unawares; they that are drunk already Luc.zi 34.

and full gorged with wine and strong drink, have left no roome for the waters of lifc; vas plenum plus non recipit.

It is a work for our life on earth to travel and take paines, and to exercise our souls.co godlinefle, and allco gec us a ftomach to this Supper of the Lamb, here is meate enough, the fatresle of Gods bonse; we shall be fed as it Were with marron; here is the hidden Manna for bread; here is Calix inebrians, we shall be made to drink of the rivers of Gods pleasures; for at his right hand are pleasures for

evermore. Here are good guests; for many Mall come from the East and Mat.8.11, West, and shall fit down With Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the

Kingdom of heaven.

They that come there let them drink and spare not, but let them keep their stomachs till then. I conclude this point in the

words of our Saviour, Jok. iz. 17.

If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.

2. They give their neighbour drink, and put their borcle to him, adding heat to hear.

Drunkennesse, as you have heard, is a grievous fin; bor chis is 2 degrec of fuller unrighteousnesfe to make others drunk. A mongst all the fins that David did commit, nothing face so close to him, nor left.fo foul a ftainc upon the honour of his memory,

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as did his carriage coward the Hitcice Uriah,

David did that which was right in the fight of the Lord, and turned from nothing that he commanded him all the dayes of his 1 Reg.15.50 lise, save only in the matter of Uriah the Hittite. This excuse of David in all other things wherein through humane frailty he failed ofcen, doch shew how God passech over the sins of the eled, as the Apostle saith, Caseidor, which through infirmity they do commit; but this special notice taken of the matter of v. riah the Hittite, declareth it to have been peccatum prime mag nitudinis, a fin of the first magnitude, in a vessel of glory, because so many sins met together in it; to name the most eminent, First, adultery; then the making of Uriah drunk ; then the murthering of Uriah.

Wherein you fee that this fonl fin doth make weight in the burthen of David.

The Holy Ghost to declare how foul and hideous a sin drunk ennesfe is, hath not spared to leave the dishonour of Gods good servants upon record, offending therein; as of Noah, who is much to be excoled, because having planted a Vine, and out of the grapes having pressed the first liquor that we read made of grapes, and not knowing the strength thercof, being also old, he was overtaken with it once and no more.

Surely it was the will of God so early to let the danger of wine appeare, even at the first drinking thereof, that all succeeding times might beware.

So the example of David, who made Uriah drank, against whom che matter of Uriah is upon record, for terrour chat men should feare chis great sin of making their neighbours drunk; for that is part of the matter of Uriahehe Hittite.

Will you hear the decision of the canon law in their cases of conscience concerning this sin, Ille qui procurat ut quis inebri- Summa etur,mortaliter peccat, quia consentit in damnum notabile proximi, AnglicaeThis is now the crying lin of our Land, Court, City, Country,

brietate, all defiled with it; and I must confesle a truth which the Sunne leeth, not all innocent of ic who should by authority from God reprove it by the word, aud punish it by the sword : ic is a fin in falhion,

Yet at the great feast which Assuerus made to his Princes, it is {pecially noted,

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