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down, and kneel before the Lord our Maker,

It is a godly custome if done in zeal of Gods glory,with devo țion, and not in a customary formality, to sanctifie our entrance into Gods house with Prayers, to fall low upon our knees before God, to invocate him for his blessing upon our selves; upon our Minister, upon the whole Congregation,

2. Learn of the Apostle, Let all things be done decently and in good order ; compose thy outward man to all due reverence, and conformity with the holy Congregation, and thine inward man to all zealous devotion; remember the meetings of the Saints in the primitive times of the Church, oubyador. Do not give God thy knee, and thy tongue, thine eye, thine eare and thy hand,chy whole outward addresle,and keep thy heart from him, and lec thy thoughts go and wander from the service thou art about.

Confesse your fins together, pray together, give thanks together; confesse your faith the common faith together, hear the Word together both read distinctly, and preached proficably.

Remember that God speakech in the Ministry of his Word, and say with David, I will heare what the Lord God Will say,

Gather Manna whilst you may for you and your houses. Take heed that Satan coole not your zeale of Gods glory, by fuggesting irreverent opinions of the Prayers, and forme of fervice of the Minister, of the Ceremonies of the Church, or uncharitable opinions of the Congregation. For all these be whips of Satans twisting to whip

thee out of Gods Temple, and to make the ordinances of God ineffe&ual.

Bring with thee an humble and contrite heart, and say with. in thy felf, as St. Paul did, I am the worst of finners, I am the worst Person in all this Congregation, for I know mine own wickednesje, and my finne is ever against me.

Bring faith with chee that will shew thee the glorious and gracious face of God;by that eye thou shalt see the sonne of God making intercession for thee, and thou shalt feele the spirit of God helping their infirmities : mingle faith with thy hearing, and the word shall profit thçe.


Hide the word in thy heart, be not like a leaking velfcl,co ler it out as fast as it is poured in.

Take heed of the cares of this life and voluptuous living, leaft they choak the good feed of the Word, when it cometh up.

In thy whole carriage at Church, consider that the service is publick; hoc age, do all thou dost at Church according to the oce casion, separate not thy self from the body of which thou art apart, by reading praying, or any other medication, which may divide chee from the Congregation,

Tarry it out to the end, and depart not without Gods blesfing pronounced by his Minister, to whom he hath given power from above to blesse in his name.

2.God is in his holy Temple, Let all the earth be filent before him.

This serveth for the direction of our whole life; for

1. This dwelling of God declareth his Omnipotency. The Lord is in heaven, he doch whatsoever he will. The earth is but as the drop of a bucket, compared to the unbounded, unfounded ocean of his fulnes of power and strength.

2. This dwelling declareth the graciousnesfe of God; for every good and perfect gift cometh from above; and unlelle the heavens heare the earth, the earth perishech utterly.

3. This dwelling declareth the Omniscience of God; there God ftandeth in the Congregation of Godas upon a watch-cower, and from the heaven the Lord beholdech che earth : the eye of the Lord is over all the world.

4. This declareth the eternity of God; so he faith, The high 1f&. 57.15

and lofty that inhabiterbeternity, which makes his purpose e{ta. blished with

stedfast decree, without variablene sor shadow of change, a God that repenteth not, bis gifts and calling are without repent

This declarech the wisedome of God; for the Master of that

houle is the wifeft; as the Prophet faith of him, He that ruleth Ila. 31.2.

that house well where the Angels dwell that excel in strength, The Lord of Hoasts is his name, and they are his ministring spirits; hem can it be but his wisedome is incomprehensiblegand his ways past fisde ing ont?



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6. This declarech his justice; for there is the throne of judgement; heaven is his Throne, and all the holy ones give him that glory, Even fo Lord God Almighty, true and righteous are thy judge- Rev.16,7

To conclude. 1. Tremble earth at the presence of God who hath such power, tempt not, provoke not this power against thee, he can rain snares; but if he be chy father, fear not; there are more with thee then agaidst thee.

2. Love the Lord, who is so rich in goodnesse and mercy,who dwelleth in the storehouse of blessings, and who giveth liberally with an open hand, and filleth,&c.

3. Be jealous of thy words, works and thoughts before the eye of jealousie,which seeth all things.

4. Be strong, and God shall establish thy heart; for be is unchangable,whom he once loveth, he loveth to the end, that is finis fine fine.

Lec his wisedome guide thee, and seek that wisedom which is from above, ask it of him; for he givech it liberally, and never upbraidech thee. He upbraideth many with

his gifts, never did he any with the gift of his wifedome, for that cannot be abused, his grace may.

6. Remember that for all that thou haft done in this life, God shall bring thee to judgment, every man shall give an account anto God of himself; Felix trembled to hear this.

Let all the earth keep filence before this God.



Hide the word in thy hearc, be not like a leaking, it out as fast as it is poured in.

Take heed of the cares of this life and volupe
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Tarry it out to the end, an
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2.God is in his holy T. him.

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elence of God, bursa

Pahis Throne, and all che holy ones givt time due

upon HABAKKUK. lareth his juftice; for there is the throne of juder dalmighty, true and righresas corezing miqes reszego



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HABAK. 3. I.
A Prayer of Habakkuk the Prophet upon Sigionoth.

Hese wordes are the title of this Chapter,
shewing the contents thereof.

It is called a prayer, and it is a Pfalme or Hymne, such as Davids Pfalms; the Heathen Poets call them Odes, or Songs.

It is called the prayer or song of Habak

kuki, both as composed by him and used by himself; and addressed to the use of the people of God in their captivity in Babylon.

It is a song upon Sigionoth.
The Hebrews affirm

this song to be one of the hardest places to interpret in all the old Testament, because it is full of dark Parables, such as could not be well understood till he came, who hath the key of David, who openeth and no man fhutteth.



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