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come to Church; no trivial Pretences were then admitted for any one's Abfence from the Congregation, but, according to the Merit of the Caufe, fevere Cenfures were paffed upon them.

Q. What are the great Adventages of the Religious Obfervation of the Lord's Day?

A. It keeps up the Solemn and Public Worship of God, which might be very much neglected, if it were left to depend upon the Determinations of Human Authority. It preferves the Knowledge and vifible Profeffion of the Chriftian Religion in the World,when,notwithstanding the great Differences there are among Chriftians in other Matters, they yet all concur in obferving this Day in Memory of our Saviour's Refurrection. And confidering how much Time is taken up, by the greatest Part of Mankind, in providing for the Neceffaries of Life; and how negligent and careless they are in the Concerns of their Souls, who flow in Plenty and Abundance; this flated Seafon is highly ufeful to inftruct the Ignorant by Preaching and Catechifing, and to put those in Mind of their Duty, who in their Profperity are apt to forget God. Moreover,by spending this Day in Religious Exercifes, we acquire new Strength and Refolution to perform God's Will in our feveral Stations the Week following.

Q. Since a great Part of the Duty of the Day confits in Thanksgiving, pray what is implied in that Duty?

A. A due Acknowledgment of God's Bleffings; a juft Value and Efteem of them; and a Defire and Endeavour to make all poilible Returns.

Q. When may we be faid duly to acknowledge God's Mercies?

A. When we do not let them pafs undifcerned and unregarded by us, but carefully confider and take Notice of them; and when we do not afcribe the good Things he has given us to our own Deferts C 2 and


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and Endeavours, or to any other Thing or Creature, but only to him. All glorying in ourselves, takes from the Acknowledgment of theGiver's Bounty.

Q. When may we be faid to have a just Valve and Efteem of God's Mercies?

A. When we retain them in our Memory, and make frequent Reflections upon them; it being natural to remember thofe Things we highly prize. When we do not grudge or repine at our Portion, but are contented with thofe Circumftances which the Providence of God has made to be our Lot.

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Q. What Return ought we to make to God as a Teftimony of our Thankfulness?

A. We ought to profefs our Dependance upon him, and our Obligations to him for the good Things we enjoy. We ought to publifh to the World our Senfe of his Goodnefs with the Voice of Praife, and tell of all his wondrous Works. We ought to comfort his Servants and Children in their Afflictions, and relieve his poor diftreffed Members in their manifold Neceflities; for he that giveth Alms, facrificeth Praife. We ought carefully to obey him in all thofe Inftances wherein he has declared his Will and Pleafure, and be ready to facrifice the dearest Things in this World, even our Lives, for the Advancement of his Glory, and the Maintenance of his Truth.



GLORY be to thee, O my God, who in Compallion to human Weakness, which is not cafersation pable of an uninterrupted Contemplation of thee, fuch as the Saints have above, haft appointed a folemn Day on purpofe for thy Remembrance. Glory be to thee, for proportioning a feventh Part of our Time to thyfelf, and liberally indulging the Re

of the Lord's Day.


mainder to our own Ufe. Let me ever esteem it my Privilege and my Happinefs, to have a Day of Reft fet apart for thy Service, and the Concerns of my own Soul; to have a Day free from Diftractions, difengaged from the World, wherein I have nothing to do but to praife and to love thee. Give me Grace to worship thee in my Clofet, and in the Congregation; to spend it in doing Good, in Works of Neceflity, Devotion, and Charity, in Prayer, and Praife, and Meditation. O let it be ever to me a Day facred to divine Love, a Day of heavenly Rest and Refreshment. Grant, O Lord, I may not only give thee due Worship myself, but may give Reft and Leifure alfo to all my Family, to all under my Charge, to serve thee alfo; to indulge Eafe to my very Beafts, fince good Men are merciful even to them. O bleffed Spirit, who on the first Day of the Week didft defcend in miraculous Gifts and Graces on the Apoftles, defcend upon me, that I may be always in the Spirit on the Lord's Day. And fince the Blefling of everlasting Salvation, which we Chriftians on thy Day commemorate, does wonderfully exceed the Creation commemorated by the Jews: O let our Love and Praife, Devotion and Zeal, proportionably exceed theirs also: and this I beg for Jefus Chrift his Sake, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.



WORTHY art thou, O Lord of Heaven A General and Earth, to receive Glory, and Honour, giving. and Power, for thou haft created all Things, and for thy Pleasure they are and were created. Thou haft made Heaven the Heaven of Heavens, with all their Hoft, the Earth and all Things that are therein; thou preferveft them all, and the Hoft of Heaven praifeth thee. Glory by to thee, O Lord God Almighty, for creating Man after thine own C 3 Image,

Image, and making fo great a Variety of Creatures to minister to his Ufe, Glory be to thee O Heavenly Father, for my Being and Preservation, Strength and Health, Understanding and Memory, Friends and Benefactors, and for all my Abilities of Mind and Body. Glory be to thee, for my competent Livelihood, for the Advantages of my Education, for all my known or unobferved Deliverances; and for the Guard the holy Angels keep over me. But above all, Glory be to thee, for giving thy Son to die for my Sins; and for all the fpiritual Bleffings he has purchased for me; for my Baptifm, and all the Opportunities thou giveft me of ferving thee, and of receiving the holy Eucharift; for whatever Sin I have efcaped, for whatever Good I have done, or thought, for all my Helps of Grace and Hopes of Heaven, Glory be to thee. Praife the Lord, O my Soul, and all ibat is within me praise his holy Name.

Glory be to thee, O Lord fefus! for thy inexpreffible Love to loft Man, for condefcending to take our frail Nature on thee, for all thy heavenly Doctrine to inftruct us, thy great Miracles to convince us, and thy unblamable Example to be a Guide to us. Glory be to thee, for thy Agony and bloody Sweat, for all the Torments and Anguifh of thy bitter Paffion. Glory be to thee, for thy glorious Refurrection and Afcenfion into Heqven, and Interceffion for us at the right Hand of thy Father. O gracious Lord, thou who haft done fo much for me, how can I ever fufficiently praife and love thee! Praife the Lord Jefus, O my Soul, and all that is within me praise his holy Name.

Glory be to thee, O bleffed Spirit, Glory be to thee, for all the miraculous Gifts and Graces thou didft bestow on the Apoftles to fit them to convert the World, and for infpiring the facred Penmen of Holy Scripture! Glory be to thee, for inftilling holy Thoughts into my Soul, for all the Ghoftly Strength

and Support, Comfort and Illumination I receive from thee; for all thy preventing, and restraining and fanctifying Grace! Glory be to thee, Bleffed Spirit! let me never more by my Sins grieve thee, who art the Author of Life and Joy to me! Praise the Lord, O my Soul, and all that is within me praife bis boly Name.

Bleffing and Honour, Thanksgiving and Praise, more than I can utter, more than I can conceive, be unto thee, O most adorable Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, by all Angels, all Men, all Creatures, for ever and for ever. Amen, Amen.

Advent Sundays,

Q. WHAT do you mean by Advent Sundays?
A. The four Sundays that precede the
Great Festival of our Saviour's Nativity; which make
a Part of that Time appointed by the Church to
prepare our Minds by proper Meditations for a due
Commemoration of Chrift's coming in the Flefb.

Q. When is the first Sunday in Advent?

A. The first Sunday in Advent is always the nearest Sunday to the Feast of St. Andrew, whether before or after.

Q. With what Temper of Mind ought we to commemorate the great Bleffing of Chrift's Coming in the Flesh?

A. With firm Purposes and fincere Refolutions of conforming ourselves to the End and Defign of our Saviour's coming into the World. For fince the Son of God was manifefled to defroy the Works of John iii. 8, the Devil, the great Care and Bufinefs of our Lives fhould tend to avoid every Thing that is evil, to mortify the Deeds of the Flefh, and not fuffer Sin

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