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Phets Haggai and Malachi, that he should come be- Hag. ii. 6. fore the Destruction of the second Temple ; and the Mall Mi. 1. Destruction of the Temple was foretold by Daniel, Dan.ix. with the precise Time of our Saviour's coming. 26, 27 And to manifest to the World that Christ is come, the fews are now dispersed among all Nations, and their Governmentlost, and their Families confounded: The second Temple is long since destroyed, and the City of Jerusalem made defolate, which was foretold should be after the cutting off of the Messias. Mic.v.. And as the Time of Christ's Birth was foretold, so was the Place of it: it was prophesied, that the Milias should be born in Bethlehem of Judea, which Mat. ii. 6. was accordingly fulfilled, the Providence of God so ordering it, that Joseph and Mary should be brought up to Bethlehem, by a general Tax which Augustus then laid; not only that she might be delivered, but that their Names might be there entered, and their Family ascertained and proved, without Doubt, to have descended from David. The Person of whom our Saviour was born, was likewise foretold; according to Isaiah, she was to be a Virgin, which II. vii. 14. was accordingly fulfilled ; and thus Christ was Mat. 1. 25. emphatically ibe Seed of the Woman, according to 15. the Promise made to our first Parents, being, as the Gospel tells us, born of a pure Virgin, which never knew Man.

Q. What Prophecies related to the Life of the Messiah, which were fulfilled in Jesus?

A. The Meanness and Obscurity, and Sorrows of it are expressed by Isaiah; he was spoken of by the Ifa.liii. 2, Prophets as of a person that was to be reputed vile bral

. Ivix. and abject, despised and rejected of Men ; and ac- 9, 10. cordingly, in the Gospel Christ is called a Nazarene, and had not where to lay his Head ; and yet, not- Isa. xliii. withstanding these Circumstances, he was to be emi. 2, 3. nent for his Patience and Meekness. His Abode was




12. Mat. xxvii.

Ifa. ix. 1, to be chiefly in Galilee, and accordingly he was

brought up at Nazareth, and dwelt at Capernaum.

His Character of a Prophet was asserted by Moses ima lixi;. and Isaiah, which was eminently fulfilled, in that he

foretold future Contingencies. His Power of work

ing many and great Miracles was foretold by the xxxv. 3. 9. same Prophet, and accomplished by himselfin such

a Manner that many of the People believed in John vii. him, and said, When Christ cometh shall be do greater

Miracles than this Man bath done? It was foretold

that the People should receive him with Joy and Zech, ix. Triumph, when he came riding upon an Ass, which Xiat. xxi. was afterwards fulfilled; and that he should be sold

for thirty Pieces of Silver, the Price which Judas reZech. xi. ceived for betraying him.

Q. What Prophecies related to the Death of the Messias which were fulfilled in Jesus?

1. His violent Death was foretold by the Prophets, and by several Types which did represent and prefigure his Death. Thus Abraham's offering up of Isaac was a Type of Christ's being offered upon the Cross; and Isaac's carrying the Wood on his shoulders, was a Type of Christ's carrying his own Cross; and the brazen Serpent, and the Pafchal Lamb prefigured Christ's being lifted up, and

his being made a Sacrifice for the Sins of the Peopa: 1.6. ple. Our Saviour was buffeted and spit upon, accord18. Ixix. ing to the Prophecy of Isaiah. He had Vinegar given

bim to drink mingled witb Gall, and his Garments were parted among the Soldiers by casting of Lots, according to David. He was numbered with the Transgressors, being condemned as a Malefactor to suffer with Malefactors, being crucified between two Thieves,

He cried out under his Sufferings according to Plal. xxii. David, and prayed for his wicked Persecutors, ac

cording to Isaiah. And as to the Circumstances 11. liji, 12. of his Burial, it was foretold he should make his

lía. liii.


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Grave with the Rich, which was accomplished in that he was put into Joseph of Arimathea's own Tomb.

Q. What Prophecies related to the Resurrection and Ascension of the Messias which were fulfilled in Jesus

A. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ was prophesied of by David; thou wilt not leave my Soul in Hell

, nor Psal. xvi.

: Suffer thy boly One to fee Corruption, for to this Purpose 18. it is applied by St. Peter; the Time foretold by Aas ii. 27. Hosea to be after two Days, as several of the Rabbies Hos. vi. 21 understood that Place, it was prefigured by the Type of Isaac's Deliverance when he had been offered up; and by the Type of Jonas being three Mat

. xii. Days and three Nights in the Whale's Belly. And his fitting at the Right-hand of God, which supposeth his Ascention into Heaven, was foretold by the royal Prophet, Sit thou at my Rigbt-hand till I'make Pfal.cx.:» tbine Enemies thy Foot-stool. The Accomplishment of the forc-mentioned Prophecies was a sufficient Proof to the Jews, who saw them fulfilled, that our Saviour was a Person fent from God.

Q. How was Jesus proved to be sent from God by a Voice from Heaven?

A. Just before he began his public Ministry; when he was baptized by John in the Presence of a great Assembly

of the People, the Holy Ghost descended upon himwith a Voice from Heaven, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Mat. iii. And this Voice was again repeated, though not so publicly, at his Transfiguration on the Mount; and xvii. 5. is mentioned by St. Peter, as a considerable Argument of Chris's divine Authority ; For we have 2 Pet. i. not followed cunningly devised Fables, when we have 16, 17, made known unto you the Power and Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, but were Eye-witnesses of his Majesty: fer be received from God the Father, Honour and Glory,





Mat. xi. 3, 4.

when there came such a Voice to him from the excellent
Glory, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleaf-

ed. And this Voice which came from Heaven we beard John xii. when we were with him in the holy Mount. And a

tbird Time there came a Voice to him from Hea-
ven, in the Hearing of all the People.

Q. What farther Evidence is there that Jesus was
a Perfon sent from God?

A. The Power with which he was endowed of working Miracles, which when they are great and unquestionable, and frequently wrought in public, is one of the highest Evidences we can have of the

divine Mission of any Person. Upon this Ground Jahn iii. 2. it is, that Nicodemus concludes that our Saviour was

sent from God: And our Savour himself insists Jobo v.36. upon this as the great Proof of his divine Authori

ty; and the resisting the Evidence of his Miracles,

he reckons as one of the greatest Aggravations of Chap. xv. Unbelief; if I had not, faith our Saviour, done

among them the Works which none other Man did, they
had not had Sin. And that our Saviour did many
wonderful Things, is confessed by his greatest
Enemies, Celsus and Julian, though they attributed
them to the Power of Magic.

Q. Of what Nature were our Saviour's Miracles,
and boru were they wrought?

d. He healed all Sorts of Diseases, and that in Multitudes of People, as they came accidentally without Distinction; and the Manner of curing them was such as was above the ordinary Course of Nature ; for a Touch or a Word only produced the Cure, and that sometimes upon those at a Dis

tance : The most inveterate Diseases submitted to Jobaix. 7. his Power: He restored Sight to the Man born

blind : He made the Woman strait that had been john v. 8. crooked and bowed together eighteen Years; and the Man that had an Infirmity thirty-eight Years he


Mat. iv. 23, 24.

Luke xiii. 13.

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bids take up his Bed and walk. He multiplied a Mat. xiv
few Loaves and Fishes for the Feeding of some
Thousands; which Miracles were twice done, and
at both Times many Thousands were Witnesses of chap. xv.
it: And, what all Men grant to be miraclous, he 31.
raised several from the Dead, particularly Lazarus, John xi.
after he had been four Days in the Grave. All these
Miracles he wrought publicly in the Midst of his
Enemies, and for a long Time together, during the
whole Season of his public Ministry, which was
bout three Years and an Half, and sometimes he exe
torted a Confession from the Devils themselves of his
divine Power ; and indeed they were so public and
so undeniable, that St. Peter applies to the Jews

selves, declaring, That Jesus of Nazareth was aks ii.
* Man approved of God among them by Miracles, and 22.
Wonders, and Signs, which God did by him in the
Midst of them, as they themselves also knew.

Q. What Objections were made against the Miracles of our Saviour ?

A. His Miracles were such, and wrought in such a Manner, and did so plainly prove themselves to be above the Power of Nature, that none of his Enemies attempted to solve them that Way; therefore they attributed them to the Power of the Devil, He casteih out Devils by Beelzebub the Prince of the Mat. xii. Devils. This the Jews urged at first, and was af- 24. terwards made use of by others that opposed Christianity. And some later Athiests have made the Credulity and Imagination of the People to be a great Ingredient in his Miracles, becaule it is said, when Jesus was in his own Country, He could not do Mat. xiii. many mighty Works there, because of their Unbelief.

58. Q. How doth it appear that the Miracles of our Saviour were not wrought by the Power of the Devil ?

A. Because the Doctrine of Christ, which was confirmed by his Miracles, was contrary to that


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