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a ho is ordained by God to be Fudge of Quick and Dead, Amsx.42.
and they shall all stand before the Judgment-seat of 18.
Chrift,both Small and Great. Power shall not exempt Rev. vi.
thekings of ihe Earth, and thegreat Men, neither shall job xxxiv.
Meanness excuse the poorcit Slave; for they are all 19.
ibe Work of bis Hands ; neither will he have regard to
such Qualities and Circumstances of Persons, which
do not at all appertain to the Merits of the Cause.

Q. Fur what shall we be judged?

d. For all Things we have done in the Body, whe- ? Cor. You
ther they be good or bad. All our Thoughts, Words,
and Actions, shallthen undergo the feverest Scruti-
ny; for they being all in fome Measure subject to
God's Laws, they thall then be examined as to the
Breach or Observance of them. We must then
givean Account how we have performed our Duty
to God, our Neighbour, and ourselves : How we
have improved the Talents we have been entrusted Mat. xxv.
with; particularly we ihallbetried forthe Omissions 42. &c.
of our Duty, which is the inain Enquiry recorded
in the Procedure of that great Day: and not only
our Actions, but etry idle, that is, wicked, Word
we shall speak will be brought into Judgment, and
by our Words we shall le jujtified, and by our Words Mat, xii.
he jhail be condemned: Nay our secret Thoughts
Thall then be exposed to publick View ; for
all Wickedness taketh its Rise from the Heart,
and the Design and Intention with which a Thing
is done, frequently discriminates the Goodness or
Evil of the Action; therefore God shall judge the Rom. ii.
Scirels of Men's Hearts by Jesus Christ.

Q. By what Measures shall the Sentence of the
Great Day pass upon Men?

A. According to the Nature and Quality of their
Actions. TheWicked shall go into everlasting Punish- Mat. xxv.
ment, but the Righteous into Life eternal." Sothat the 46.
Rewards and Punishments of the next Life, shall
bear a Proportion to the Good or Evil Men have
donc in this.


36, 37


Q. But




Q. But will the Degrees of their good and bad Actions be considered, as well as the Nature and Quality of them

A. The Scripture is plain and express in this Luke xii. Matter. To tahomsoever much is given, of him shall 2 Cor. ix. be much required; be that soweth sparingly, Mall reap

Sparingly; and be that Joweth bountifully, shall reap boliniifully. And in the Parable of the Talents, our

Saviour plainly teaches us, that Men are rewardLuke xix. ed according to the Improvements they make. He 16, &c.

that had gained Ten Talents is made Ruler over

Ten Cities and he that had gained Five Talents, Ru1 Cor. xv. lerover Five Cities. St. Paul expressly affirms, that

the Glory of the Saints shall be different at the Resurrection. And our Saviour tells us, that in the Day of Judgment the Condition of Tyre and Sidon, of Sodom and Gomorrah, shall be more tolerable than that of impenitent Sinners under the Gospel. And this is agreeable to the Justice and Equity of God's Providence, and to the Reason of the Thing, nothing being a greater Incitement to Piety, than the Conlideration, that the least Service shall not lose its Reward. And the better any Man is, the greater Disposition he hath for the Enjoyment of God; and the more hardened he is in Wickedness, the more susceptible he is of Torment, and treasureth up greater Measures of Wrath against the Day of Wrath.

Q. What is the prefixed Time of our Saviour's coming 10 Judgment? A. The Time and Season for that

great Assize is appointed by God, and reserved as a Secret to himMark xiii. self. Of that Day and Hour knoweth no Man, no, not

the Angels which are in Heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. The Angels who excel in Knowledge, and shalladminifterin all the Solemnities of the last Fudgment, are ignorant of it, and so is the Son of Man, who is himself to be the Judge, and who,


as 52.

2 Theft. i. 7.

Luke ix.

31, 32.

as God, knows all Things, yet as to his human Understanding he did not know it; which is not unreasonable to suppose, if we consider that the human Nature of Christ did not necessarily know all Things by Virtue of its Union to the divine Nature, otherwise Jefus could not have grown in Wisdom Luke ii. and Favour with God and Man.

Q. I bat shall be the Manner and the Circumstances of Christ's Appearing ?

d. He shall be revealed fooin Heaven with his mighty Angels. He shall defcend with a Shout, with the Voice í Thef.iv. of ibe Arch-Angel, wilh ihe Trump of God. He shall 1.9 come in bis own Glory, and in his Father's, and in that 26. of bis boly Angels. He shall fit upon the Throne of his Mat. xxv. Glory, and all Nations she:ll be gathered before him, and be shall separate them, the one from the other, as a Shepberddividethbis Sheep from the Gouts. Those that sleep in the Grave shall awake, and the Dead in Chrilt 1 Theff. iv. pall rise first, and they that arc alive shall be changed and Caughi up to meet the Lordin the Air; which

sufficiently 54: shew's the glorious appearing of the great God, and our Saviour Jesus Chrift: Glorious in respect of the Brightness and Splendor of his celestial Body, still made more glorious and majestic by the Authority which his Father hath committed to him of Universal Judge: Glorious in his Retinue, being accompanied with Thousands of holy Angels, who shall attend not only to make up the Pomp of his Appearance, but as Ministers of his Justice: and Glorious, lastly, in that bright Throne of Glory, from whence he shall dispense Life and Death to all the World.

Q. What may we learn from the Certainty of a future General Judgment ?

A. To governour Lives with that Care and Confideration, and with that due Regard to the Measures of our Duty, that we may be able to give up our Accounts with Joy, and not with Grict. To keep


16, 17.
1 Cor. xv.

Tit. ii. 13.

that strict Watch over ourselves by frequent Exami. nation, that our Demeanour, in this State of Probation and Trial, may obtain the Favour and Acceptance of our Judge at his dreadful Tribunal. To resirain ourselves from committing the least Sin, because there is none fo inconsiderable as to be overlooked at the general Audit. Not to encourage ourfelves by the greatest Secrecy to the Breach of any of God's holy Laws, because all our Actions shall be then exposed to public View, and known by the whole World, to our eternal Infamy and Reproach. Not to be dejected by the Slanders and Calumnies of bad Men, because our Integrity shall then be cleared by him who cannot errin Judgment. To improve all those Talents the Providence of God hath intrusted us with, because we are but Stewards, and must give an Account of them. To be sincere in all our iords and Actions, because in that Day the Secrets of all Hearts shall be disclosed. To avoid all rah judging of others, because he that . judgeth another thall not escape the Judgment of God. To abound in such Works, as we know will particularly distinguish Men at that Day, as feeding the Hungry, clothing the Naked, &c. because our Labour shall not be in vain in the Lord. And yet, after the most careful and industrious Performince of our Duty, to be humile and jealous over our own Conduct, because, though we know

nothing by ourselves, we are not thereby justified, 1 Cor. iv. for be that judges us is the Lord.

Q. Wat should we learn from the Uncertainty of the Time when we shall be judged ?

A. Immediately to reconcile ourselves to God by a fincere and hearty Repentance, that the terrible Day of God's Wrath may not find us unprepared : To be always upon our Guard, that we may make a daily Progress towards Christian Perfection, and constantly defend ourselves against the Attacks of


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Our spiritual Enemtes: To be frequent in all Acts of Piety and Devotion, that when we are summoned to appear, we may, if possible, be found employed in religious Exercises: To beg God's Grace that the Day of Judgment may not overtake us unawares, but that by a patient Continuance in well-doing we may wait for Glory, Honour, and Immortality.

The P R A Y ER S.


I away the Works of Darkness, and put upon por Judge

paration me the Armour of Light, now in the Time of this ment. mortal Life (in which thy Son Jesus Christ came to visit us in great Humility) that in the last Day, when he shall come again in his glorious Majesty to judge both the Quick and Dead, I may rise to the Life immortal, through him who liveth and reigneth with thee, and the Holy Ghost, now and ever. Amen.

LORD Jesus Christ, who at thy first Coming For the

didft send thy Messenger to prepare thy Way God's Mibefore thee; grant that the Ministers and Stewards nifters, of thy Mysteries, may likewise so prepare and make ready thy Way, by turning the Hearts of the Difobedient to the Wisdom of the Just; that at thy second Coming to judge the World, we may be found an acceptable People in thy Sight, who livest and reigneft with the Father and the holy Spirit, ever one God, World without End. Amen.


LORD, raise up, I pray thee, thy Power, and for Rela

come among us, and with great Might fuc- çue from cour me, that whereas through my Sins and Wick- tion. ednesses I am sore lett and hindered in running the



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