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ftantly implore to enable us, in this Time of Trial, to discharge the Duty of good Christians.

Q. Wherein confifts the Exercise of Patience upon a Sick-bed?

A. In carefully restraining all Murmurings against God, or any Discontent, by reason of what he lays upon us. In watching against all the Temptations to Anger, as the Mistakes and Inadvertencies of our Attendants, the unseasonable Kindness of our Friends, the Disagreeableness of our Medicines, and the Preparation of our Food. In curbing anxious Fears of worse that may happen: And in being content to wait God's Time for our Deliverance.

Q. Wherein confifts the Exercise of Trust in God upon a Sick-bed ?

A. In quieting our Minds under the Apprehenfion of future Evils, by considering that we are in the Hands of a good God, who will lay no more upon us than we are able to bear; and who will in his due Time either remove what afflicts us, or give us Strength to endure it in such a Manner that it may contribute to the Improvement of our Virtue, and the Increase of our Happiness. And that, however destitute we leave our nearest Relations, as Wife and Children, yet that they are under the Protection of his Providence, whose Blessing is the richest Portion, and without which the best human Provision is no Security.

Q. Wherein confifts the Exercise of Resignation upon a Sick-bed?

A. In resting fully assured, that what God chuses for us is much better than what we could wish for ourselves. In embracing our Sickness and our Pains as Correctives of our past Follies, and as proper Methods for our Growth in Grace. In being contented to refer the Continuance and Event of our Sickness to God's good Pleasure, because his


infinite Wisdom knows the best Season for our Deliverance ; and as he first put us into this World, so he is fittest to judge when we should go out of it.

Q. How may we exercise Thankfulness upon a Sick-bed?

A. By acknowledging that we suffer less than we deserve, and that our Sufferings are needful to recover us to a right Mind, being designed by God to do us that Good, and to bring us to that Sense of him and ourselves, which perhaps nothing else would have done. · By owning those frequent Allays God gives to our Sorrows, and those great Helps and Supports we receive under them, from the Advantage of our Friends, good Attendance, sitting Medicines, and all other Conveniencies of Life. For in the worst Condition, if we turn our Prospect upon the best part of it, we shall find Reason to own God's Mercy; and in the best Estate, if we always dwell upon what is grievous, we fhall be too apt to make Complaints.

Q. How ought we to exercise our Devotion on a Sick-Bed ?

A. By defiring the Allistance of a spiri!ual Guide, to offer up our Prayers and to support our Weakness with the most comfortable Viaticum of the blessed Sacrament. By spiritualizing all the Accidents of our Sickness, making them a Rise for pious and devout Thoughts, which may be sent up in frequent Ejaculations to God, who alone can be our Comfort under all our Distress. By imploring his Blessing upon all the Means we use for our Recovery, and by offering to him all the Pains we endure, as what we are more willing to suffer than to offend him.

Q. Wherein confifts the Happiness of the Death of the Righteous ?

A. Not in any Freedom from painful and noisome Diseases; nor in any Exemption from sudden and


19. 20.

unforeseen Accidents and Dangers, whicft often

bring the Righteous as well as the Wicked to their Luke xvi. Graves. For we fee Lazarus, for whom was pre

pared a Retreat in Abrahdin's Bosom, had his Body full of Sores, and ended his Life in a miserable and forlorn Condition; while the Rich Man, whose Luxury 'had kindled for him inextinguishable Flames, only grows sick and dies. Thus the blessed Martyrs expired in Flames and upon Racks, while their cruel Persecutors died in their Beds. So that this Happiness of the good Man's Death must be distinguished by the Temper and Disposition of his Mind, and is founded on a well-grounded Hope and comfortable Expectation of a blessed Immortality, through the Merits of Christ's Death, promised to his sincere though imperfect Obedience. This makes him contented to quit that Body which he hath always mortified, and to leave this World as a strange Land, where he hath been detained a Captive.

Q. What Method may be taken to make ourselves expert in all the devout Acts of a pious Soul upon the Approach of Death?

4. To set apart some Time in our Retirements to fit and prepare ourselves for Death, by a solemn Exercise of all such Virtues as we shall then stand most in need of; that we may not be at a Loss to perform them when we shall be in a weak, and languishing Condition. I think the Evenings of Such Sundays and Festivals whereon we receive the blessed Sacrament, may properly be dedicated to this Purpose. So that when we really come into the Confines of Death, our Minds may be stored with devout Thoughts, and may readily express themselves in those pious Acts which we frequently exercised upon such a Prospect.


The P R A YER S.

I. RANT, O Lord, that as I am baptized into For a hapa the Death of thy blessed Son our Saviour py Etes

Jesus Christ, so by continual mortifying my corrupt
Affections, I may be buried with him, and that
through the Gate and Grave of Death, I may pass
to a joyful Resurrection, for his Merits, who died
and was buried, and rose again for us, thy Son Flus
Christ our Lord. Amen.

ELP me, O God, so to order my Conversa- Dollont

tion in the World, fo to govern my Spirit, For a hapa and to lead such a Life, upon which I may safely py Death? die. And superadd this to all the Grace and Favour thou halt shewn me all along in Life, not to remove me hence, but with all Advantage for Eternity; when I shall be in a due Preparation of Mind, in a holy Dispofition of Soul, in a perfect Renunciation of the Guise of this mad and sinful World, when I shall be entirely resigned up to thee my God; when I shall have clear Acts of Faith in God by Jesus Christ, high and reverential Thoughts of thee in my Mind, inlarged and inflamed Affections towards thee; and when I come to leave the World, afford me such a mighty Power and Presence of thy own good Spirit, that I may have solid Consolation in believing, and depart in the Faith of God's Elect. That I may chearfully follow thee into the State on the other Side of Death, of which thou hast given so great an Assurance by the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Chrift; who hath brought Life and Immortality to Light by the Gospel, and who hath promised to change these our vile Bodies, that they may be fashioned like unto



Mr. Keto
For Prepa-

our last End.

his glorious Body, according to the Working of his
mighty Power, by which he is able to subdue all
Things unto himself; to whom with thee, O Father
and Holy Ghost, be all Honour and Glory, World
without End. Amen.


may thy Fear and Favour, and receive my Death, ration for, whenever it shall approach, not as my Curse, but as

my Deliverance; as a Reft from my Labours, and an Entrance upon a Life without Trouble, and without Sin. Remember not against me my manifold Follies, but let them all be done away by thy Mercies, and my blessed Saviour's Merits, and my own true Repentance; that I may come to my last Change without Guilt, and foresee its near Approach without Fear or Impatience. And enable my soul to strip itself of all feshly Affections before it leaves my Body, and to be of like Mind and Disposition with the holy Angels, and beatified Spirits, before it goes to keep them Company. And in my last Trial bless my Sick-bed with the Benefit of a spiritual Guide, and with an Opportunity of recei ing the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Chrift; that the Strength of that heavenly Food may chear my fainting Spirits, and carry me with Joy to my Journey's End: Make me then to watch all Opportunities of renouncing my own Will, and resigning myself to thine, and of thewing forth Devotion of Spirit, holy Obedience, Patience, Faith, and humble Confidence in thee; and exercise the same diligently, as my last Labours for Immortality, and for securing thy everlasting Mercy, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



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