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Wings and fly away. In a moderate Use of all those lawful Pleasures and Enjoyments which relate to the Gratification of our Senses and fleshly Appetites; as becomes Persons who expect their Portion not in the Pleasures of this World, but in the Happiness of the next. In a low Efteem of those Idols of the World, Riches and Honour; being ready to forsake them whenever they come in Competition with the Performance of our Duty. In bearing the Afflictions and Calamities of this Life with Patience and Constancy; looking unto Jesus, who, for the Joy that was set before him, despised the Cross; and consequently in fixing our Minds upon our chiefest Good, and earnestly desiring and longing for the Poflession of it.

8. What is the Benefit of this humble, resigned, and depending Frame of Mind?

H. It is the proper Disposition for Devotion, and the Parent of religious Fear. It is the Seed-plot of all Christian Virtues. It makes us ready to receive the Revelations of God's Will to Mankind, and as careful to practise what he enjoins. It makes us greatest in the Kingdom of God, either as that imports our being Members of Christ's Church here upon Earth, or our being Members of the Church triumphant, in Possession of eternal Bliss in Heaven,

Q. How does a Freedom from covetous and ama bitious Desires dispose us to be true Members of Christ's Kingdom ?

4. Not only by setting us at a Distance from the most dangerous Temptations of Life, which are Riches and worldly Grandeur ; but by giving our Minds Leisure to attend the Consideration of Religion, and Liberty to judge and distinguish the true Nature and Value of Things. For while the Jews expected a temporal Deliverer, and were fed with the Hopes of Powerand Dominion over all Nations, they were so strongly prejudiced against the mean


Appearance of our Saviour, that they refused to acknowledge him for the Messias. And if our Saviour had not instructed his Disciples in the Nature of the Kingdom, their Disputes about Preference might have undermined their Charity, and might have prevailed upon them to desert him, when frustrated in their Expectations. So that as he required them to become little Children in respect of fuch Desires and Expectations, it is still necessary, in order to be true Followers of the blessed Jesus, to mortify these worldly Affections; for otherwise the Thing's belonging to the Spirit will not live and grow in us.

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I. O of Babes and Sucklings haft ordained Strength, God.

to glorify and madest Infants to glorify thee by their Deaths; mortify and kill in me all Vices, and so strengthen me by thy Grace, that by the Innocency of my Life, and the Constancy of my Faith, even unto Death, I may glorify thy holy Name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

GOD, the Strength of all them that put their for the

Trust in thee; mercifully accept my Prayers. of Grace. And because, through the Weakness of my mortal Nature, I can do no good thing without thee; grant me the Help of thy Grace, that in keeping thy Commandments, I may please thee in Will and Deed, through Jesus Chrif our Lord. Amen.


perfect Pattern of thy Humility, and haft com- mility: manded me to copy out so fair an Original; enable



me by thy Grace to imitate thy wonderful Condefcenfion; that I may not by my Pride and Vanity lose that Happiness thou hast purchased for me by thy Humility. Make me sensible of my own Vileness by Reason of my Sins, which are evident Proofs of my Weakness and Folly; of my Baseness and Ingratitude, which make me contemptible in thy Sight, and ought to cover my Soul with Shame and Confusion. Let this Prospect check all vain and aspiring Thoughts, and wean me from any fond Opinion of myself. To thee be the Glory of all the Good I enjoy; for it is from thee I receive it. To thee be the Glory of all the Good I think or do; for it is thy Grace enables mc, it is thy Holy Spirit that works in me both to will and do thy good Pleasure. Let me never purchase the Praise of Men by mean Flatteries and sinful Compliances: Let me never entertain their Applause upon the best Account with too great Delight; left it corrupt the Purity of my Intentions, and beguile me of that Reward thou hast promised to all those that ferve thee in Spirit and Truth. Make me patiently to bear the Indignities I may receive from others, because I have deserved them from thee, and because thou hast suffered the same upon my Account: Grant this, O blessed Jesus, who, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, livest and reignestone God, World without End. Amen.


For Submillion to God's Will. Lam. iii, 33.


OST gracious God, who governest the

World with infinite Wisdom and Goodness, and doft not affli&t willingly, nor grieve the Children of Men; teach me contentedly to submit to the Dispensations of thy Providence, how contrary soever they may be to Flesh and Blood. Thou knowest the surest Ways of making me happy, and art infinite in Loving-kindness and Mercy ; therefore let thy blessed Will in every Thing be my Choice and Satisfaction. Let all my Dangers, either temporal or spiritual, awaken me to a careful Performance of my own Duty, and to a lively Sense of thy Power, which nothing can resist, and of thy Goodness, which endureth continually; that being armed with this Defence, I may serve thee quietly with a devout Mind, and in thy due Time be made Partaker of thy everlasting Kingdom, through Jesus Chrift. Amen.



The Circumcition of our Lord JESUS

CHRIST, or Dew-Bear’s-Day,
January 1.
Q. WHAT Festival doth the Church celebrate

this Day?
A. The Circumcision of our Lord Jesus Cbrisi,
who, when eight Days were accomplished, subject-
ed himself to this Law, and first shed his sacred
Blood for us.
Q. What was Circumcision?

A. A Rite of the Jewish Law, whereby that People were received into Covenant with God, as Christians are by Baptism. It was first enjoined to Abrabam, as a Token of the Covenant God made Gen, xvii. with him and his Posterity. It was renewed by 10. Joshua, when the Israelites entered the Land of Cá Jolh. v. . naan ; it having been disused for forty Years during their sojourning in the Wilderness.

Q. When was Circumcision to be administered?

A. On the eighth Day, because the Mother being Lev. xii. unclean seven Days, and the Child by touching her 2, 3partaking of the same Misfortune, was not till



Gen. xvii.



then fit to be admitted into Covenant; nor by

reason of its Weakness could it well endure, before Buxtorf. that Time, the Pain of the Operation. The Jews Synag. Jud. c. 4:

laid such Stress upon this, that Circumcifion before that Time was counted no Circumcision; and after that Time it was of leffer Value; hence they thought it necessary, rather than defer it beyond the stated Time, to perform it on the Sabbath-Day, though all Work wason that Day forbidden.

Q. What was the Punifhment threatened for negle{ling this Rite;

4. That Soul was to be cut off from God's People ; which, as the Jews generally interpret, supposed a

Man to neglect it when he came to a fitting Age Exod. iv. to understand the Obligation of it. For when Mo

fes's Child was uncircumcised, the Angel sought not to kill the Child who was uncircumcised, but Mofes, the Father, who should have circumcised it.

Q. Ilhat was the original Design of Circumcision?

A. That every Son of Abraham might bear in his Body the Seal of the Inheritance of the Land of Promise, and the Badge of Distinction from all other People, with which all that were marked, professed their Resolution to obey the only true God, Creator of Heaven and Earth; and that this visible Sign might put them constantly in mind of their Duty, and make them strive after the invisible Grace which it fealed, the Inheritance of Heaven, and walking as the Peculiar of the Lord.

Q. Why was it to cease after the Coming of Christ?

A. The Necessity of the Change of it appears from the appropriated and peculiar Ends of the Rite. For when there was to be no more Distinction betwixt the Children of Abraham and other People, and no one Land more peculiarized than another, but of every Land and Nation he that feareth Godand worketh Righteousness is accepted of him; that Badge of Approbation, and Seal of


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