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est us to be set in the Midft of so


and great Dangers, that by reason of the Frailty of our Na. tures we cannot always stand upright; grant to us such Strength and Protection as may support us in all Dangers, and carry us through all Temptations.

Help us, O Lord! to withstand the Affaults of the Enemies of our Salvation, the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, and with pure Hearts and Minds to follow thee the only God. Graft in our Souls the Love of thy Name, increase in us true Religion, nourish us with all Goodness, and of thy great Mercy keep us in the same. And thou, O God! whose never failing Providence ordereth all Things both in Heaven and Earth; put from us, we befeech thee, all hurtful Things, and give us those Things which are profitable for us ; and since it is thou alone canst order the unruly Wills and Affections of finful Men, grant that we may love the Things which thou commandest, and desire that which thou dost promise, that so, among the sundry and manifold Changes of the World, our Hearts may furely there be fixed where true Joys are to be found. Dispose us by all the Means of Grace we enjoy to attain that everlasting Salvation thou halt promised that we may both perceive and know those Things which we ought to do, and may have Grace and Power faithfully to fulfil the same,

Teach us, O Lord! so tô number our Days, that we may apply our Hearts unto Wisdom; and grant that neither the Splendor of any Thing that is great, nor the Conceit of any Thing that if good in us, may any way withdraw our Eyes from looking upon ourselves as finful Duft and Athes, but that we may press forward toward the Prize of the High-calling that is before 'us, with Faith and Patience, with Humility and Meěknefs, with



Mortification and Self-denial, with Charity and conftar Perfeverance to the End ; that fo when we ihall depart this Life, we may seep in the Lord, and at the general Resurrection in the last Day, may be found acceptable in thy Sight, and receive that Blessing which thy beloved Son fhall then confer upon all those that truly love and fear thee,

Charge thy holy Providence, O Lord ! we humbly befeech thee, with us this Nigh, and by chy great Mercy defend us from all the Perils and Dangers of it. Keep us both outwardly in our Bodies, and inwardly in our Souls, that we may be defended from all Adversities, that may hippen to the Body, and from all evil Thoughts that may 'aslault and hurt the Soul.

Extend thy Goodne's, O Lord ! to the whole Race of Mankind; have Mercy upon all Jews, Turks, Infidels, and Heretics; take from thein. all Ignorance, Hardness of Heart, and Contempt of thy Word; and so fetch them Home to thy Flock, that they may be saved among the Remnant of the true Praelites. Grant unto all them that are admitted into the Fellowship of Christ's Religion, that they may eschew those Things that are contrary to their Profession, and follow all such Things as are agreeable to the fame. Let thy continual Pity cleanse and defend thy Church, and becaufe ir cannot continue in Safety without thy Succour, preserve it evermore by thy Help and Goodness. Bless all our Governors both in Church and State, that in their several Stations they may be useful and serviceable to thy Glory, and the Public Good. We make our humble Supplications to thee for all our Benefactors, Friends and Relations, and also for our very Enemies; let thy Fatherly Hand be ever over them, let thy Holy Spirit be ever with them, and so lead them in the


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Knowledge and Obedience of the Word, that in the End, they may obtain everlasting Life. Look with an Eye of Pity and Compassion upon all those who are any Ways afflicted or distressed in Mind, Body, or Estate ; give them Patience under all their Suf. ferings, and in due Time a happy Issue out of all their Aflictions.

And as we pray unto thee, O God! for ourselves and others, so we desire to bless and praise thy holy Name for all thy Goodness and Loving Kindness to us and to all Men. I We give thee hearty Thanks for the Preservation of us the Day past, and the rest of our Lives, from innumerable Accidents and Dangers, for the Comforts and Conveniences, as well as the Necessaries of Life.) But above all, we laud, and magnify, and adore thy Goodness in the Redemption of the World by the Death and Passion of our Saviour Christ, both God and Man; who did humble himself even to the Death upon the Cross for us miserable Sinners, who lay in Darkness and in the Shadow of Death, that he might make us the Children of God and exalt us to everlasting Life. Teach us to express our Thankfulness, by submitting ourfelves entirely to his holy Will and Pleasure, and by studying to serve him in true Holiness, and Righteousness all the Days of our Life. Accept; O Lord! of these our Prayers and Praises, in and through the Mediation of Jesus Christ, our blessed Saviour and Redeemer, who hath taught us when we pray to say,

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What Evidence of their Divine

Dvent Sundays, the Design Apostles superior to the Seventy,
of them

Affections being set above, what, Archbishop, what meant by that
158 Term,

All Saints, 365. What may be Archdeacon, what meant by it,
learned from that Festival,

370 Ascension of our Lord,
Ambassadors of Christ, who, The Proof of it, 213. How

and what mi unt by it, 489 typically represented, ibid.
Amen, the Meaning of it in the How prophetically,

Ofice of Commination, 402 The Benefits of it, 215. Why
Angels, wlat they are, 337. not in the Sight of the Jews,

Properties of the Good and their ibid. How it ought to influe
Miniflry, 337, 338.
I be enc' us,

Bad aed their Ofice, 339

Ath-Wednesday, why so called,
Angelical Hymn at Chrilt's

Birth how to be undertood, 54 Atonement, the Day of it how
St. Andrew the Apoftle, 35.

obferved among the Jews, 433.
What may be learned from

Imitated by the ancient Chrif-
that Festival,

tians or Good-Friday, 254
Annunciation of the blijed

Virgin Mary, 142. What to
be learned from that Fellival,




Apoftle, what meant by it, 133.
Why Twelve pitched npon by Baptism came in the Room of
cur Saviour, 134.

Their los Circumcifion, 99. When ancia
cation, ibid. How enabled to ently administered, 219. Why
discharge their Office, ibid. at Easter and Whitsuntide,





from it.


ibid. Why deferred to those Chrillian Religion, what, 248.

The Truth of it, ibid. Its in-
St. Barnabas the Apostle, 275.

trinsic Evidence, 261. Tbe

be learned from Guilt of those that reject it,
this Festival,

280 262. What we may learn
Sl. Bartholomew the Apostle,

319. What may be karud Christmas-day, 51. Proper
from this Festival,

32 3 Thoughts for this Festival, 60.
Bå h-col, what meant by it, 238 The Observation of it bozu
Bethlemite Children, why de- abusid,

90 Church, why the House of God,
Birth of Christ, 51. What we 499.

Sucb in the Apostles
are to believe concerning, it, 5.2: Time, &c. 500. How to be
How manififted to the Wise


Men, 106. The Circumftan Church Officers in Subordina-
ces of it, 53. How published

tion by the Institution of Chrift,
to the World, 54. What may 46.4. Not confined to the

be learned from both, 55 Apoftolical Age. 465
Bilhop, his Ofice, 418. How Circumcision of our Lord, 97.

called in the Apoftolical Age, What,and when enjoined, ibid.
419. The Il'ord how used in Whın administred, ibid. The
Scripture, 463. Ancien:ly not Negleet of it how punished,98.
Paftor of a farticular Congre-

The Dilign of it, ibid. Why to
gation only, 409. St. Jerome's cecfe at Christ's coming, ibid.
Authority against them confi- What it figures to us,. 99
See Ordination,

What Rite jucceeded to it, ibid.
Clergy, Episcopacy.

What may be learned

from this
Bodily Reverence in God's Wor- Festival,

ship, low to be exprifjed, 502 Circumcision spiritual, what,
Britain probably received Chrif

tianity from St. Paul, 119 Clergy, the Ministers of Chrift,
Brutes, their Souls not immortal, why so called, 490. Their


perfonal Qualifications, as well

as Characier, require Respect,

520, 521. Though bad not
to be contemned, 522.

Christian Charity, what, 83 Consequences of despising them,
Charity, hot mode zealous by

523. Their Intereft no Ob-
the Holy Spirit,


jection against Religion, 524.
Christ, zuby codice a Nazarene, Nor the bad Lives of fome, ibid.
89. Sce Jesus Chrif.

How they may preserve Respeci,
Christians, when first so called, 525.

Their Maintenance,
276. Wat Obligation that what, ibid. By tbe Laws of
Aame lays on us, 277. How the Land, 527. Why we
united io Chrift, 150. Ad- ought to pray for them, 536.
Partages of it,
151 See Bishop, Priests, Deacons.


dered, 471.

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