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Time, 444.


out of

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Communion of Saints, what, Death, Wisdom to prepare for it,

307 441. What Preparations ne-
Company, how to be chofen, ceffary, 442. Repeniane, ibid.

372. Ill Effects of bad Com- Making our Wills, 442, 443•

373 Weaning our Affections from
Confirmation, what, 474. An the World, ibid. Care of our
Apostolical Ujage, 475. Not

Charity, 445.
confined to the Age of the Apol- Bearing Sicknfs Chriftiany,
tles, 476. How ibe Candi- 446. Retiring for that Pur-
dates of it mit be qualified, ,

477. Ý ke Advantages of 16, ib. Dependance upon God, what, 93
Confecration of the Sacrament, Disciples of Christ, why chofen
bow performed in the primitive



Discipline of the Church in Lent
Contempt of the World, what, what, 399. How supplied in
93. The Advantages of it, 94

the Church of England, 400.
Conversion of Infidels might pro- It onght to be restored, 401
bably succeed if attempted, 223

Differunces about civil Matters
Covetousness, its Nature, 330

how to be managed among
The mis bie vous Efects of it, Christians, 281. Abcut reli,
331. The Unreajonablen ss of gious, how to be dibared, ibid.
it, ibid. The Means to over-

Divine Nature incapable of juf-
come it,
332 firing, &c.

Crucifixion, the Nature of it, Doctrine of Christ, the Perfec-

tion of it,

Curses on the first Day of Lent, Dreams fupernatural, what, 236

how to be understood, 401.
Uje of them,



[blocks in formation]

: September, 481. In Decem-

be learn-

ed from the Observation of these

Days, 420, 478, 592, 534.
Encouragements of the Chrij- Fact. See Matters of Faz.
tian Religion,

60 Faith, the prevailing Principle of
Enemies, what Love due to them, a good Chriftian, -47. The

What Uncharitableness Porver of it, ibid. In Chrift,
most pra lijed towards them, what, ibid. Properties of it,
71. Obligation to love them, 48. Receives Clearness from
ibid. The Reajonableness of it, the Holy Sp-rit,

72. Repintance, how the Con- Family-prayer, a Duty incum-
dition, ibid. How to be treated bent on Masters of Families,
when they repent, ibid. How

their Repentance to be judged Fafts,the Nature of Fasting, 379.


Obligations to it, 434. Ex-
Epiphany, what meant by it, amples of it in Scripture, 381.

105. What may be learned Practised by the Apostles and
from the Observation of it, 108 frimitive Chriftiani, 382.
Episcopacy, the primitive Go- How and upon what Occafi-
vernment of the Church, 466. ons, 383. Not the abstaining
The Method used by St. Paul from Meats condemned by St.
gives Light to it, 469. What Paul, ibid. When religicus,

Opposition it met with, 477 384. How to be observed, 387.
Evangelist, what it mians, 190

What to be avoided in the Ex.
Evil-speaking, what, 341.

ereffe of it,

When we may speak Évil four Festivals, what, 1. Their Authe-
Neighbour, 342. Cond-mned rity, 1, 2. The Dilign of them,
in Scripture, ibid. The Hei- 3. Not against the Fourib Com-
noufiefs of it, ibid. The Dif- mandmeni, ibid. They do not
gurje of it, 343. What 10 be riflrain ibe Pra fos of God, ib.
done to dificurage it, ibid. Not Popish, 4. Not to be abo-

How to conquer this Vice, 344 lifbed because abufed, s. How
Examination of ourselves, whal, to be observed, 7. What Com -

539. And the End of it, 541. mond concerning them under
Prescribed by 'bilofphers,542. the Law, 8. How ihat obliges
The Wisdom of it, ibid. The Chriftians, 9. Advantages of
Frequency of it, ibid. The chief objerving them, 10. See Day.
Subject of it, 543. Questions Firit Day of the Week objerved
proper to put te ourselves every by Cbriflians, 14. Why called
Evening, ibid. Conhderations the Lord's Day, ibid,
to excise it, 544. Meibid of Fridays in the Year, why Faffing
it, 545. I be Gonji quencts and Days, 538. How io obo
Avantages of it, 546. Heads ferved,

for the Exercise erit, 548 Forgiveness of Sins, what, 405
Example of Chriit, the Bright-
neys of it,







Holy Days. See Day.
Holy Ghost, proved to be God,

268. His ordinary Gifts, 226.
Gift of Tongues, wherein it con- How to be attainid, ibid. His

fified, 221. How conferred on parti ular Office, 227
the Apostles, ibid. Read with. Holy Orders, how carefully ad-
out Deceit, 222. Not the Ef- ministrid in the Church of Eng-
fict of Crat, ibid. Not of land, 417. A;ter vhat Man-
Enthusiastic Heat, of

ner, 420. What we



223 from the lifti:ution of them, ib.
Gifts of the Holy Ghost that Holy Week, wby so called, 424.
are ordinary,


How objerved in the primi-
God's refting from his Works, tive Church, 425. And in the

Church of England,

Godhead and Manhood, bow Honour to spiritual Superiors,
make one Chrilt, 146. Some


Difficulties cleared, ibid. Humility, A Virtue peculiar to
Good-Friday, why so called, Chrfamily, 128. W herrin it

423.1V ly kept as a Faft, 424. confifts, ibid. H:wthe Founda-
How observed in the ancient tion of cher Chriftian Virtues,
Church, ibid. What may be 129. How to be exercijed, 130.
learned from th:Commemoration Heips to atiain it,
of Chrit's Saferings, 434

Humiliation agreeable to Chrif
Gospel, what meant by it, 193.


The au hority of the four Gol- Hymn Nunc dimittis, o


fels, ibid. Particularly that be learned

froin it, 127
of St. John,

Grace to be said at Meals, 459
Graces, when strengthenedky i he

Holy Spirit,

Guardian Angels, the general

Opinion of Marikind concern- St. James the Great, 309. What
ing them,


be learned from this Festi-

St. James the Less, 200. Whit

moy be learned from ibis Feiti-


St. Jerome's Authority against
Happiness of the nexiLife, what, Episcopacy; confiderid, 471

367. What the Scriptures jay Jesus Chrift, wherein be exceeded
concerning it,

ibid. all other Propiseis, 57. Uby
Happiness of a righteous Man's circumcifed, ico. W hat im iis
Death, what,


ed in bis jaring us from Sn.
Heads of Self-examination, 548

ibid. His Name worthy of all
Heretics and Schifinatics, how Hinour, ibid. lily manifejled
to be treated,

362 tu ihre Geniles, 108. Proord




to be God, 268. That there ques ty, 284. What may be learned
such a Person, 249. A Prophet from this Feilival,

Sent from God, 250. Proved jo Judas the Tra tor bad the Gifts of
by a Voice from Heaven, 253. an Apofile, 355. Wbut may be
By Miracles, 254. Objections

learned from ii,

against them. answered, 255. By St. Jude the Apostle, 355.
Prophecy, 258. His Siffering's What may be learned from this
what, 426. Not the Torments Feltival,

of the Damned, 4.28. Why Judgment General, kow proved
be suffered, 429. A Proof of from Reason, 24. From Scrip-
bis bring the Messias, 434. ture, 25. When it Mall be,
Not in his divine Nature, 431. 26. The Neceffity of it, ibid.
His Resurrection, 154. His Who mali administer in it, 27.
Ascension, 212.
See Birth of

Why Jesus Chriit, 28. Who

frall be judged, ibid. For what
Immortality of the Soul, proved. 29. By what Meafures, ibid.
from its Nature, 163. What By what Degrees, 30. The
meant by the Fathers when fixt Time not known, ibid. The
they say it is not properly in- Manner of it, 31. What to be
mortal, 164. From Universal learned from the Certainty of
Consent, 166. Epicureans it, ibid. What from the Un-
and Sadducees no Prejudice to certainty, when

this, ibid. From the natural
Notions of God, &c. 16.
From natural Hyres and Fcars

What yllurance the
Jews had, 169. 17 hat farther
Evidence the Christians have Keeping a Day holy, what, 72
170, 172. The Effect of this Knowledge of Religion, bow


Incarnation, what we are to be-

lieve concerning it,
Infidelity, in rejpect of the Gol-

pel, a Sin of the greatest Size,

Inspiration, what meant by it, Lav-Christians, their Duties to
224, 235. How in be proved, their

spiritual Guides and Go-
240. Not a Jiubb.rn Cr.ceit, vernors, 520. What we may

241 learn from them, 534
St. Innocents, 87. What may

be Lent, why so called, 389. Its
Karned from this Festival, 91 Antiquity, ibid. Why farty
Intrpretation of Torgoes, 191 Days, 390. The Defign of it,
Si. Tohn the Apostle, and 391. How observed by the

Eze!:, ?, 75. What ma be primitive Christians, 392.

12.37.nejrom znis Feitival, 82 How we ought to spend ibis
St. Jake Baptiit, his Narivia Season,





Litile Children, what Temper

live Chriflians, 316. To what
of Mind reprejented to us by Caujes may beatiributed their
our Saviour in that Emilem, Courage,

92. The Benefits of it, 94 Mary, The blefjed Virgin, her
Lord's Day,12. Why so called, Oferings, 126. W by the lub-

14. How obfirved by the Apo- mitted to the Law of Purifica-
atles, ibid. By :he primitive tion, 125. Her Annunciation,
Christians, 15. In what Serise 142. Salured by the Angel,
called a Sabbath, 16. Par- and how the received it, 143•
ticular Cuftoms anciently cb- What implied in her An, wer,
jerved on that Day, 17. Not 144. Wing Aled the Mother
to be fasted on, ibid. How to of God, 147. Why called the
be objevived, 18. The Advan- Ever-virgin, 148. How she
tages of observing it, 19 ough! to be reverenced,

Love of our Neighbour, what,

St. Mark the Evangelist, 190.
83. How a new Command- What we may learn from this
ment, ibid. Our Obligations Festival,

to it, 84. How to perform it, Matter, not capable of thinking,
ibid. To our spiritual Go-

vernors, what,


Matters of Fact, when they can-
&t. Luke the Evangelift, 347.

not be falje, 243. Proved

be learned from this

those that relate to Chriftia-
352 nity,

St. Matthew the Apostle, 326.
What may be learned from


St. Matthias the Apoile, 133.

What be learned from ihis
Magistrates, though futreme, Festival,

cannot communicate spiritual Meditation in a religious Senfi,

491 what, 394. The Exercise of
Manse, or Glebe, what, 527 it, 395. The Fruits of it,
Magnificat, what, 144. What

may learn from that Mercies of God, when acknow-

145 lidged, 20. W ben valued, and
Martyrdom, the several Sorts, how to be returned. ibid.

87 Mefias, what Expectationo his
Martyrs, commemorated, why, 5. appearing among the Jews,
When first began, 6. What

55. Among the Gentiles, 56.
meant by a Martyr, 314. The The Advantage of his appear-
Privileges assigned to them in ing,

the ancient Church, ibid. The St. Michael and All-Angels,
Reasonableness of Martyrdın, 334 What may be learned from
315. The Happiness of it, ibid. this Festival,

How embraced by the primi- Miniiters of Christ, ruhy so call-

ed, 439. 17]y the Glory of




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