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Gutta & india-rubber ...

$109,279 $298,831 $382,341 $249,197 $344,582 *Jelutong gutta ...

762,049 756,976 2,139,613 2,004,244 419,894 Plantation rubber

3,524,167 1,836,876 3,688,949 | 2,846,940 1,222,770 Rattans

55,565 93,279 48,006 103,535 75,607 Gambier

64,946 44,121 31,660 13,954 1,366 Pepper

1,471,003 1,336,767 | 1,867,063 712, 122 827,508 Sago flour

699,631 806,153 4,249,770 2,297,058 1,455,505 Petroleum

313,285 992,884 2,438,806 6,696,392 7,549,140 Cutch

505,896 497,461 450,056 482,591 591,778 * NOTE.-Jelutong gutta is the sap of a fairly common jungle tree. It is said to be shipped mostly to America, and used in the mannfacture of paint. -The bulk of the trade is with Singapore.

Chief Towns.

Local.—To any place in the country, 4 cents Kuching, the capital, population about 25,000, on

per 2 oz., and 5 cents to Singapore. Inland post the Sarawak River, about 23 miles inland (N. lat. cards 2 cents. 1° 33' 10", E. long. 110° 20' 13"), besides excellent Foreign.—The same as from Singapore (Sarawak Government offices and Court House, possesses a stamps). hospital, and a museum with a complete collection Since 1st July, 1897, letters come in direct bag of exhibits relating to Borneo. The Bishop of from London, but vid Singapore. Labuan and Sarawak has his headquarters there, Wireless installations have been erected at and has a mission school with 300 scholars, and Kuching, Sadong, Sibu, and Miri, which are in also a girls' school. The Roman Catholics also communication with Singapore. have a mission there, with a boys' school under two resident priests, and a girls'school under the

Sources of Revenue. sisters. The S.P.G., and Roman Catholic Mission have

The principal sources of revenue are the opium, stations at various other places all over the gambling, arrack, and pawn farms, producing Country.

in 1919, $682,762 ; in 1920, $564,576; and in Sibu,

on the Rejang River, has a large population 1921, $597,259 ; Customs and Royalties on Oil. of Chinese traders, who exchange European goods

Harbour, buoy, and light dues :—Three cents for jungle produce. The river has a native per ton, payable on arrival, and chargeable to all

vessels of five tons and upwards. population estimated at 90,000. The Chinese here trade direct with Singapore, as well as with

The taxes levied are :- Exemption, $2 per Kuching. Muka, a large town on the Muka River, door, payable by sea Dyaks ; $2 per annum for

annum, payable by Malays; $1 per annum per near its mouth, is devoted to the production of sago, the stems of the sago palm being cut in the every able-bodied land Dyak. upper reaches of the river and floated down to the for the year 1918 was $102,243 ; 1920, $98,179 ;

The total amount of Dyak and Malay Revenue town, where the pith is extracted and beaten, to be carried in native schooners to Kuching, to be and 1921, $96,153.

The weights are, 1 picul

1 cleaned.

133 lbs. ; 1 coyan = Other towns are Bintulu, Oya, Kapit, Baram

2 tons 7 cwt. 2 qrs. 18 lbs. Simanggang, Sadong, Trusan, Limbang, Lawas, Matu, Sarebas, Kalaka, Lundu, Miri.


Revenue. Customs. Expenditure. Communications.

1912 $1,521,839 $502,347 $1,251,239

1913 Vessels of the Sarawak Steamship Company

1,462,032 408,228 1,399,431

1914 1,410,797 Limited provide a service every 10 days between

352,494 1,403,918

1915 1,536,762 Kuching and Singapore ; and a coasting service is

427,150 1,313,328

1916 maintained by that Company and by the

1,624,143 421,613 1,500,853

1917 1,705,292 393,779 Government.


1918 1,921,964 379,345 There are roads only around the capital and


1919 thence to Upper Sarawak (about 25 miles). To

2,531,239 831,582 1,721,907

1920 2,646,265 1,065, 260 2,352,300 open up country in the vicinity of the capital

1921 where communication by water is not available

2,840,171 540,589 2,331,605 about 10 miles of railway has been constructed and

IMPORTS, EXPORTS, is open for traffic, and a further 10 miles is in course of construction to be increased gradually


Total, hereafter ; otherwise, internal communication is 1912

$10,371,971 $11,295,574 entirely by means of the numerous rivers, which 1913

8,299,458 8,865,153 form natural highways and by ways, by which 1914

7,885,442 7,709,372 any point in the country can be reached in steam 1915

8,432,848 10,287,506 launches or boats.


9,532,421 11,775,829 1917

9,013,896 10,947,458

1918 Posts and Telegraphs.

9,908,732 11,540,190 1919

20,265, 281 23,957,953 Sarawak joined the Postal Union on 1st July, 1920

19,858,700 22,388,074 1921

15,248,749 18,454,592

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1st Divisional Medical Officer, Dr. J. G. Reed, Tons.


M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., $5,400. 1912 Entered 58,055 Cleared 58,013 3rd Divisional Medical Officer, Dr. E. M. Mar1913 68,874


joribanks, L.R.C.P. & S., $6,000.

148,856 Medical Officer and Pathologist, Dr. E. J.

171,805 O’Driscoll, M.B., B.Ch., &c., &c., $6,000. 1916 151,242

133,519 Assistant Treasurer, P. H. Hayward, $4,080. 1917 115,696

92,786 Officer Commanding, Sarawak Rangers, Captain

133,369 Stuart Cunynghame, $6,720.

155,754 Gunnery Instruetor, Colour-Sergt. W. T. Clark,

136,453 late of the Royal Marine Light Infantry, $4,440 1921 172,598

226,796 (local rank of lieutenant). Civil Establishment.

Superintendent of Police, O. Lang, $6,480. Rajah of Sarawak, His Highness Charles Vyner Curator, Museum, Dr. E. Mjöberg, $6,000.

Editor, · Sarawak Gazette," J. B. Archer (acting). Brooke. The Tuan Muda, His Highness Bertram Brooke.

Superintendent Engineer, W. Service, $6,600.

Manager, Government Coal Mines, Brooketon, Private Secretary, Inchi Mahomat Alli bin Inchi

J. O. Maddocks, $6,300.
Abu Bakar.
Aide-de-Camp (vacant).

Manager, Government Coal Mines, Sadong, J.

W. Evans, $6,600.
Supreme Council.

Magistrate, Court of Requests, J. B. Archer President, His Highness the Rajah.

(acting), $4,800. Members, H.H. the Tuan Muda, R. S. Douglas, Registrar, Supreme Court, H. A. Adams, $6,720.

A. B. Ward, G. C. Gillan (Recorder), the Vatu Chief Health officer, Dr. O. G. F. Luhn, M.A.,
Temunggong (Haji Mahomad Ali), the Datu M.B., Ch.B. (Oxon), D.P.H., $9,000.
Hakim (Haji Halil), the Datu Emaum (Haji Municipal Officer, K. H. Gillan, $6,040.
Marais), the Datu Muda (Abang Haji Abdillah), Auditor, H. Calvert, $3,900.
Inchi Mahomad Zin.

Manager Wireless Telegraph and Telephone (The Council meet on the first Monday of each Department, J. R. Barnes, $7,200. inonth.)

Superintendent of Prisons, Capt. Stuart Cun. Chief Officers.

ynghame. Resident, 1st Division, A. B. Ward, $12,000. Resident, 2nd Division, F. A. W. Page Turner,

ADVISORY COUNCIL IN ENGLAND. $7,200. Resident, 3rd Division, D. A. Owen, $10,800.

Bertram Brooke (H.H. the Tuan Muda). Resident, 4th Division, H. L. Owen, $10,800.

H. F. Deshon (late Resident 1st Division). Resident, 5th Division, F. F. Boult, $9,600.

C. H. Willes Johnson Treasurer, G. C. Gillan, $10,800.

Charles Hose (late Resident 3rd Division). District Officers :

Offices : Millbank House, Westminster, S.W. A. E. Lawrence 3rd Division, $6,720.

Secretary: J. F. Rowlatt. H. D. Aplin


$5,760. C. Ermen


$5,760. C. D. Adams


$5,520. F. H. Kortright


W. F. de V. Skrine 1st

$5,760. H. H. Kortright


$5,280. J. C. Swayne


J. A. H. Hardie (on leave)


The peninsula of Aden is situated in lat. 12° 47' Assistant District Officer :

N. and long. 45° 10' E., about 100 miles east of the P. M. Adams

5th Division, $4,320. Straits of Bab-el-Mandeb, on the Arabian coast. Passed Cadets, W. F. Dick, E. V. Andreini, E. O. The Settlement (the total area of which, exclusive

Bruce, R. D. Horton, F. G. Carpenter, each of Perim, is 75 square miles) consists of two old $3,120 ; G. B. Stooke, H. E. Cutfield, G. T. M.

craters forming rocky peninsulas :---Aden proper MacBryan, R. E. Le Sueur, R. V. Palfreman, | (area 21 square miles) on the south, and Little each $2,880; R. L. Daubeny, $2,640.

Aden (area 15 square miles) on the west-and a Cadet, E. D. Humphery, $2,400.

flat strip of coast, about three miles broad and Treasurer, 3rd Division, W. H. Jacques, $5,175.

known as Shaikh Othman (area 39 square miles). 4th W. Cotterill, $4,080.

The peninsulas form the horns of a bay called

Aden Back Bay, which is about eight miles broad Superintendent of Public Works, C. P. Lowe, from east to west and about four miles deep. Its $10,285.

entrance is about three miles across, The native Assistant Engineer, P. W. D., A. S. Lowe, M.C., town of Aden is situated on the east of the Aden B.Sc., $4,800.

peninsula, opposite a gap in the crater walls. On Conservator of Forests, J. P. Mead, $7,200. the west side of the peninsula, some four miles Assistant, Forest Department, R. A. Miller- from the town, is Steamer Point, off which the Hallett, $3,300.

large steamers lie. The highest point of the Postmaster-General and Superintendent of peninsula is 1,776 feet above sea level.

The Customs, F. G. Day, $9,000.

average annual rainfall is about 3 inches, and the Superintendent of Lands and Surveys, H. B. maximum is about 8 inches. The climate is very -- Crocker, $9,000.

hot, especially during the summer months. Aden Assistant, Land and Survey Department, C. S. is an important coaling station, and also an Griffiths, $6,000.

entrepôt for the trade with Arabia. The exports Principal Medical Officer, W. E. Le Gros Clark, consist of coffee, gums, skins and hides, cotton F.R.C.S., $7,200.

goods, dyes, feathers, spices, etc. The population

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is about 45,000, of whom about 35,000 live in Apple trees and peach trees are in fair number, Aden peninsula. The settlement has hitherto and bear well; there are also a few fig trees, but been subject to the Government of Bombay, being they do not fruit. The tree of the island, which presided over by a Resident, who is also apparently is a juniper, and upon which the commander of the troops in the garrison.

islanders are dependent for their wood for fuel, is Aden, after being a trade centre under its native getting scarce in the neighbourhood of settlement, kings, became subject in succession to the Abys- but is abundant further off, and there is no fear sinians and Persians. In 1538 it was captured by of supply failing. the Turks, who lost it some years later, but In January, 1904, the island was visited by captured it again in 1551 and held it until they H.M.S. Odin" in order to ascertain whether were expelled from the Yemen in 1630. The Aden the islanders would accept the offer of the Cape peninsula was occupied by the British in 1839, and Government to settle them in the Cape Colony, in 1868 Little Aden was obtained by purchase. but out of eleven families only three families The coastal strip between the two peninsulas was elected to go. The islanders are liable from time secured by purchases in 1882 and 1888.

to time to privations. In March, 1907, owing to The Aden Protectorate, to the north and north- information indicating probability of failure of east of Aden, has an area of about 9,000 square supplies, relief was sent by His Majesty's Governmiles and a population of over 100,000.

ment by the "

Greyhound," chartered at Cape PERJM, a bare rocky island, five square miles in

Town. On this occasion also the inhabitante area, with a population of about 1,200, lies in the

were unwilling to leave the island, and the Rev. Straits of Bab-el-Mandeb, about 14 miles from the J, G. Barrow, a clergyman who had gone to the south-west corner of Arabia. It possesses a good island in April, 1906, reported that though there harbour on the south-west side, with an entrance

is sure to be privation from time to time, it does 860 yards in breadth. It was occupied the

not cause absolute distress. (See correspondence British in 1799, but subsequently abandoned, and presented to Parliament in Cd. 30998 and Čd. 3764.) was only re-occupied in 1857, when the overland

January, February, and March are the best route to India made the position important. It is months for visiting the island. It is in these a coaling and cable station, and forms part of the months that weather at times becomes so settled Settlement of Aden.

that the islanders are able to make visits to

Inaccessible and Nightingale Islands, which are SOCOTRA, an islandsituated about 150 miles E.N.E.

some 25 miles off. They also are often able to of Cape Guardafui, in 12° 19'—12° 42' N. lat., and visit these islands in November, 53° 21'-53° 30' E. long. and lying in the direct route to India, has been since 1876 under the Government of Aden, which pays a small subsidy to the

MISCELLANEOUS ISLANDS Sultan of Keshin, to whom it belonged. It is A number of islands and rocks throughout the famous for its aloes. The population of the island world are British territory, or under British pruis about 12,000. It is rather less than 100 miles tection, but are not included in any Colony or from east to west and about 30 miles broad. Its separate Protectorate. Many of these have no interior is mountainous. It was formally placed permanent inhabitants, but are, or have been, under British protection by agreement with the leased by the Lords Commissioners of the Sultan in October, 1886, together with the neigh- Treasury for guano collection, or for coconut bouring Abdal Kute and Bromers Islands.

planting. The rents are paid into the Exchequer. Among such may be mentioned the Ashmore

Group (Indian Ocean), Bird Island and Cato TRISTAN DA CUNHA.

Island (in the Norfolk Island Group), Sombrero Tristan da Cunha is the principal of a group of (West Indies, with a Board of Trade Lighthouse islands lying in lat. 37° 6' S. long., 12° 2' W. costing 5201. annually) Raine Island, Bell Cay It was taken possession of by a military force and Bramble Cay (near British New Guinea), during the residence of Napoleon at St. Helena. Caroline Island, Flint Island and Vostoc Island, Upon his death the garrison was withdrawn, with (Pacific Ocean, 9° 56' S. lat., 150° 6' W. long., and the exception of three men, who, with certain ship- 11° 26' S. lat., and 151° 48' w. long.), Malden wrecked sailors, became the founders of the present Island (4° 1' S. lat., 155° 57' W. long.), leased to settlement. For a long time only one of the Messrs. Grice, Sumner, and Co., and Starbuck settlers had a wife, but subsequently the others Island ; also Gough, Nightingale and Inaccessible contracted with a sea captain to bring them wives Islands (in the S. Atlantic), and there are many from St. Helena. The population is about others. 100. The inhabitants practically enjoy their The Great and Little Basses and Minicoy possessions in common, and there is no strong are small islets in the Indian Ocean, with drink on the island, and no crime. It was at lighthouses maintained by the Board of Trade one time proposed to give them laws and a regular out of shipping dues levied on vessels passing, government, but this was found unnecessary for and collected at Ceylon, Mauritius, Straits, and the above reasons, and they remain under the Indian ports. moral rule of their oldest inhabitant.

The Kuria-Muria Islands, five in number, The inhabitants are spoken of as long-lived, off the south-east coast of Arabia, were ceded by healthy, moral, religious, and hospitable to the Imam of Muskat for the purpose of landing strangers. A supply of stores and provisions was the Red Sea telegraph cable. provided out of a grant voted by Parliament, and Amboyna Cay and Sprattley Island (lat. 8° 38 sent out by a man-of-war in 1886, nearly all the N., 111° 54' E. long. ; lat. 7° 52' N., 112° 55' E. able-bodied men having been drowned while long.), two uninhabited sandbanks in the middle atternpting to board a vessel in December, 1885. of the China Sea, lying about 240 miles N. W. of

In the way of live stock, the inhabitants have Borneo and 100 miles N. of Labuan, were annexed between them about 400 head of cattle, about 700 in 1877, and leased for guano collection. They sheep, about 50 pigs, and an abundance of poultry. are annually visited by Chinese junks for the Potatoes do well, and a gooil crop is got annually. purpose of collecting turtle.

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LIST OF HONOURS. Conferred on persons (now living) for Services in and for the Oversea Dominions, Colonies, dc.

Atholstan, The Right Hon. Baron, 1917.
Milner, K.G. ,P.C., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Viscount, 1901.
Morris, K.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Baron, 1918.
Novar, P.C., G.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Viscount, 1921.
Shaughnessy, K.C.V.O., The Right Hon. Baron, 1916.

PRIVY COUNSELLORS. Bond, K.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Sir Robert, 1902. | Malan, The Right Hon. Francois Stephanus, Borden, G.C.M.G., The Right Hon, Sir Robert 1920. Laird, 1912.

Massey, The Rt. Hon. William Ferguson, 1914. Churchill, Major The Right Hon. Winston Meighen, M.P., The Right Hon. Arthur, 1920. Leonard Spencer, 1907.

Merriman, The Right Hon. John Xavier, 1909. Cook, G.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Sir Joseph, 1914. | Milner, K.G., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., The Rt. Hon. Davies, K.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Sir Louis Viscount, 1901. Henry, 1919.

Moor, D.C.L., K.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Sir Doherty, K.C., D.C.L., LL.D., The Right Hon. Frederick Robert, 1907. Charles Joseph, 1920.

Morris, K.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Baron, Duff, The Right Hon. Lyman Poore, 1919.

1911. Fisher, The Right Hon. Andrew, 1911.

Pearce, Senator, The Right Honourable George Fitzpatrick, G.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Sir Foster, 1921. Charles, 1908.

Seely, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., Major-General Foster, G.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Sir George The Rt. Hon. John Edward Bernard, 1909. Eulas, 1916.

Smartt, K.C.M.G., The Right Honourable Sir Hughes, The Right Hon. William Morris, 1916. Thomas William, 1921. Innes, K.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Sir James Smuts, C.H., Lieut-General The Rt. Hon. Jan Rose, 1915.

Christiaan, 1917. Isaacs, The Right Honourable Isaac Alfred, 1921. Stout, K.C.M.G., The Right Honourable Sir Islington, G.C.M.G., D.S.O., The Right Hon. Robert, 1921. Baron, 1911.

Tennyson, D.C.L., G.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Knox, LL.B., K.C.M.G., The Right Honourable Baron, 1905. Sir Adrian, 1920.

Ward, Bart., K.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Sir Liverpool, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., G.B.E., M.V.O., Joseph George, 1907. The Right Hon. the Earl of, 1917.

Watt, The Right Honourable William Alexander, Lugard, G.C.M.G,, C.B., D.S.O., Colonel The 1920.

Right Honourable Sir Frederick John Dealtry, White, K.C.M.G., The Right Honourable Sir 1920.

William Thomas, 1920.

BARONETS. Albu, Sir George, 1912.

Meredith, Sir Henry Vincent, 1916. Bailey, K.C.M.G., Sir Abe, 1919.!

Phillips, Sir Lionel, 1912. Cotts, K.B.E., Sir William Dingwall Mitchell, Steel-Maitland, Sir Arthur Herbert Drummond 1921.

Ramsay, 1917. Flavelle, Sir Joseph Wesley, 1917.

Ward, K.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Sir Joseph Graaff, The Hon. Sir David Pieter de Villiers, 1911. George, 1911.


Knight Grand Cross,
Dudley, P.C., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., The Right Hon, the Earl of, 1911.
Gladstone, P.C., G.C.M.G., G.B.E., The Right Hon. Viscorint, 1914.
Liverpool, P.C., G.C.M.G., G.B.E., M.V.O., The Earl of, 1920.
Milner, K.G., P.C., G.C.M.G., The Right Hon. Viscount, 1901.
Willcocks, G.C.M.G., K.C.S.I., D.S.O., General Sir James, 1921.

Knights Commanders.
Allen, Colonel The Hon, Sir James, 1917.
Dobell, C.M.G., D.S.O., Major-General Sir Charles Macpherson, 1916.
Fiddes, G.C.M.G., Sir George Vandeleur, 1919.


Knights Commanders-continued.
Lucas, K.C.M.G., Sir Charles Prestwood, 1912.
Ommanney, G.C.M.G., I.S.O., Sir Montagu Frederick, 1901.
Otter, C.V.O., Major-General Sir William Dillon, 1913.
Wools-Sampson, Colonel Sir Aubrey, 1902.

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Companions. Antrobus, K.C.M.G., Sir Reginald Laurence, | im Thurn, K.C.M.G., K.B.E., Sir Everard Ferdi. 1898.

nand, 1900. Butler, K.C.M.G., Sir Frederick George Augustus, Just, K.C.M.G., Sir Hartmann Wolfgang, 1902. 1917.

Kemball, K.C.M.G., D.S.O., Major-General Sir Cox, B.C.L., Hugh Bertram, 1902.

George Vero, 1903.

Lambert, K.C.M.G., Sir Henry Charles Miller, Grindle, K.C.M.G., Sir Gilbert EdmundAugustine,

1910, 1919.

Marsh, C.M.G., C.V.O., Edward Howard, 1918. Harris, K.C.M.G., C.V.O., Sir Charles Alexan. Read, 'K.C.M.G., Sir Herbert James, 1914. der, 1904.

Risley, K.C., John Shuckburgh, 1912.
Harrison, D.S.O., Lieutenant - Colonel Edgar Strachey, Charles, 1920.
Garston, 1907.

Thompson, D.Litt., D'Arcy Wentworth, 1898.

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His Most Gracious Majesty the King, 1910 (G.C.M.G., 1901).

The Grand Master and First or Principal Knight Grand Cross.
His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, K.G., K.T., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., G.C.V.O., G.B.E.,

M.C., A.D.C., 1917.

Extra ights Grand Cross.
Field-Marshal His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught and of Strathearn,
K.G., K.T., K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., G.C.V.o., G.B.E., A.D.C., 1870.
Major-General H.R.H. Prince Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert of Connaught,

K.G., K.T., G.C.V.O., C.B., A.D.C., 1918.

Knights Grand Cross.
(Not to exceed 100, of which number 30 are assignable for Foreign Services.)
Aberdeen and Temair, P.C., K.T., G.C.V.O., Fitzpatrick, The Rt. Hon. Sir Charles, 1911.
The Most Hon. the Marquess of, 1895.

Forster, P.C., The Rt. Hon. Baron, 1920. Bell, K.C., The Hon. Sir Francis Henry Dillon, Foster, LL.D., The Rt. Hon. Sir George Eulas, 1923.

1918. Borden, LL.D., Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Laird, 1914. Gladstone, P.C., G.C.B., G.B.E., The Rt. Hon. Bosanquet, G.C.V.O., K.C.B., Admiral Sir Viscount, 1910. Day Hort, 1914.

Haldane, K.C.B., D.S.O., Lieutenant-General Buxton, P.C., Rt. Hon. Earl, 1914.

Sir James Aylmer Lowthrop, 1922.
Byng of Vimy, G.C.B., M.V.O., General The Irving, Sir Henry Turner, 1888.
Rt. Honourable Baron, 1921.

Islington, P.C., D.S.O., The Rt. Hon. Baron, Cave, P.C., The Rt. Hon. Viscount, 1921.

1913. Chancellor, D.S.O., Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Kintore, P.C., Colonel the Rt. Hon. the Robert, 1922.

Earl of, 1889. Chelmsford, P.C., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., G.B.E., Kylsant, Baron, 1918. The Rt. Hon. Viscount, 1912.

Lamington, G.C.I.E., Rt. Hon. Baron, 1900. Clifford, Sir Hugh Charles, 1921.

Lansdowne, K.G., P.C., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., The Cook, The Right Honourable Sir Joseph, 1918. Most Hon. the Marquess of, 1884. Cox, G.C.I.E., K.C.S.I., Major-General Sir Le Hunte. Sir George Ruthven, 1912. Percy Zachariah, 1922.

Lincolnshire, K.G., P.C., the Most Honourable D’Abernon, P.C., The Rt. Hon. Baron, 1917. the Marquess of, 1885. Denman, P.C., K.C.V.0., Lieut.-Colonel The Liverpool, P.C., G.C.B., G.B.E., M.V.O., Rt. Rt. Hon. Baron, 1911.

Hon. The Earl of, 1914. Devonshire, K.G., P.C., G.C.V.O., His Grace Lugard, C.B., D.S.O., Col. The Rt. Honourable the Duke of, 1916.

Sir Frederick John Dealtry, 1911. Dudley, P.C., G.C.B., G.C.V.O., The Rt. Hon. Mackenzie, The Hon. Sir Thomas, 1920. the Earl of, 1908.

Manning, K.B.E., C.B., Brigadier-General Sir Emmott, P.C., G.B.E., The Right Hon. Baron, William Henry, 1921. 1911.

Miles, G,C.B., G.B.E., C.V.O., Lieutenant. Fiddes, K.C.B., Sir George Vandeleur, 1917. General Sir Herbert Scott Gould, 1916.

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