Obrázky na stránke

In. rev.-Inland revenue. Min.---Minister.

Resig.-Resigned. Inspr.-Inspector.

M.L.A. - Member of the Resign.-Resignation. Institn.-Institution.

Legislative Assembly. Ret.—Retired. Instr.-Instruction.

M.L.C.-Member of the Retg.-Retiring. Internat.— International. Legislative Council. R.I.C.-Royal Irish CooInterp.-Interpreter.

M.V.O. - Member of the stabulary. I.S.O.-Imperial Service Victorian Order.

Rlys.- Railways. Order.

Mun. Coun.-Municipal R.M.-Resident Magistrate I.Y.-Imperial Yeomanry. Council.

R.M.A.-Royal Marine A

tillery. K.B.E.-Knight Comman- N.W.M.P.-North West R.N.R.-Royal Naval 3 der of the Order of the Mounted Police.

serve, British Empire. K.C.B.—Knight Commander 0.B.E.-Officer of the Order Schl.-School.

Sask.–Saskatchewan, of the Order of the Bath.

of the British Empire. K.C.I. E. Knight Com- OM.Official.


Sess.-Session. mander of the Order of

Offr.-Officer, the Indian Empire.

S.J.P.-Stipendiary Justice K.C.M.G.– Knight Com- 0.R.C.

0.F.S.-Orange Free State. of the Peace.
Orange River

S. Leone—Sierra Leone. mander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. Organizn.-Organization.


Solr.–Solicitor. K.C.S.I.— Knight Comman

S. of S.-Secretary of State

S. Sttlmts.--Straits Setilt der of the Star of India.

K.C.V.O. Knight Com- Parlmt.-Parliament.
mander of the Victorian Parly.—Parliamentary.

P.C.-Privy Council.

K.G.-Knight of the Most P.E.I.—Prince Edward Is. St. M. and St. G.-St. Michat
Noble Order of the Garter

and St. George.

Sup. Ct.--Supreme Court. Knt., Knt. Bach., or K.B.- Pett. Sess.—Petty Sessions. Knight Bachelor. P.M.G.–Postmaster - Gen

Super. Ct.-Superior Court eral.

Legis. Assem.—Legislative

Pol. Mag.–Police Magistrate. Surg.-Surgeon.


Tem.-- Temple.


M.B.E.-Member of the
Pub. W ks.-Public Works.

Treasy.- Treasury.
Order of the British Em- P.W.—Province of Wel-


U.K.-United Kingdom, M.E.C.-Member of the P.W.D.-Public Works De

U.S.A_United States of Executive Council. partment.

M.H.A.- Member of the
House of Assembly.

Qrtmr.—Quartermaster. V.-A.Ct.–Vice-Admiralty Mil. Acad.—Military Aca

Court. demy.

Rec. - Gen.-Receiver - GenM.I.M.E.-Member of the eral.

W.A.M.S.-West Africa: Institute of Mining En- Regisr.--Registrar.

Medical Staff. gineers. Res.-Resident.

Wt. Offr.- Warrant Officer.




RECORD of the Public Services of Officers of the several Colonial Governments

and other persons connected with the Colonies.

The titles of “His Excellency,” “His Honour,” are to save space, not inserted in the following records of services.

A Governor General is styled “His Excellency” and his wife “Her Excellency.” A Governor is styled “His Excellency” while actually administering a Government and an Officer Administering a Government in the absence of a Governor General or Governor is entitled to be similarly styled.

The designation of a Lieutenant Governor in a Canadian Province is “His Honour," and this is the customary designation of a Lieutenant Governor or Administrator. But the Administrators of the several Provinces of the Union of South Africa are styled “The Honourable."

Judges of Supreme Courts in His Majesty's Self-Governing Dominions are styled “The Honourable." In Crown Colonies, etc., they usually bear the local designation of “His Honour."

The title of “Honourable” is given for life to all Members of the King's Privy Council for Canada.

In His Majesty's Self-Governing Dominions the title of “Honourable" is borne during tenure of office by all members of Executive Councils, by all members of Legislative Councils (other than Legislative Councils of Provinces of Canada) and by the Speaker of the Lower House of the Legislatures ; also by Senators of the Dominion of Canada and the Union of South Africa. It is also used locally by Members of the Executive and Legislative Councils of all Crown Colonies, etc., but not by Members of the Legislative Councils of the Presidencies of the Leeward Islands.

The following in His Majesty's Self-Governing Dominions are eligible to be recommended to retain the title of “Honourable" :-Ketiring Executive Councillors who have served for at least three years as Minister or one year as Prime Minister. Presidents of the Senates and Legislative Councils and Speakers of the Legislative Assemblies on quitting office after having served three years in their respective offices. Senators and Members of the Legislative Councils on retirement or resignation after a continuous service therein for not less than 10 years. Judges of Supreme Courts on retirement.

Owing to the increasing pressure on their space, the Editors have been compelled to abbreviate the records of service as much as possible, and for the same reason it is impossible to continue to publish the record of an officers's services after his retirement unless he has received the honour of Knighthood.

Officers are requested to furnish prompt information of any errors or deficiencies in the record.

Insertion or correction of records in next year's list cannot be guaranteed unless particulars are forwarded in time to reach the Editors not later than 31st December.

* Records of officers of whose death the Editors have been informed while the sheets have been going throngh the Press are marked with an asterisk.

ABBOTT, WM, JACKSON.-Ch. warder of cent. ABRAHAMS, SIDNEY SOLOMON.-B. 1885 ; pris., Antigua, 8th Mar., 1901 ; ch. clk., regisr's. ed. Bedford Modern Schl. and Emmanuel Coll., off., 1903 ; ag. ch. keeper of pris., 1903 ; ag. supt. Cambridge; B.A., L.L.B.; called to the bar, of Skerrett's schl., 1904; ag. ch. keeper of pris. Middle Temp., June, 1909; Midland circuit; and supt. of pauper cemetery, 15th July, 1904 ; town mag., Zanzibar, June, 1915 ; crown counsel, asst. for agric. experiments, 24th Feb., 1905 ; city Kenya, Nov., 1915, but did not proceed ; seconded clk., supt. of water wks., etc., Antigua, 1st Apr., for serv. with Mesopotamia civil admstn., Jan., 1908.

1920; advoc.-gen, and regisr. of companies, ABERDEEN AND TEMAIR, 1st MARQUESS Baghdad, Apr., 1920; pres., ct. of first instance, OF (creat. 1915); 7TH EARL, creat. 1682; VISCT. ct. of sessions and ct. of criminal appl., Basrah, FROMARTINE, BARON HADDO, METALIC, TARVES, Jan., 1921; atty.-gen., Zanzibar, 30th June, 1922; and KELLIE, 1682 ; Bart., 1642 (Scot.); VISCT. editor, English Reports, annotated, 1914-15; GORDON OF ABERDEEN, 1814 (U.K.), under which compiled (jointly), Zanzibar law repts., 1868title he sits in the House of Lords; K.T. (1906); | 1918. P.C. (1886); G.C.M.G. (1895); G.C.V.O., JOHN ABRAMS, ARTHUR BARROW.--Fellow of Cent. CAMPBELL HAMILTON-GORDON, 3rd son of the 5th Assoc. of Accnts. (Incor.) England ; asst. head Earl.-B. 1847 ; succeeded his brother, 1870; lord storekeeper, P.W.D., Gold Coast, 9th Oct., 1905 ; lieut. of Aberdeenshire, 1880; high comsnr. to head storekeeper, 26th May, 1906 ; offl. mem. gen. assem., Church of Scotland, 1881-6 ; lord-lieut. town coun., Sept.-Oct., 1906 ; asst. ch. clk. and of Ireland, Feb. to Aug., 1886; gov.-gen. of accnt., 12th May, 1907 ; ch. clk, and accnt., 18th Canada, 1893 to 1898; representative of Canada Oct., 1908. on Pacific Cable Board, 1899 to 1900 ; lord-lieut. ACHESON, A. B.-B. 1895 ; ed. Dulwich Coll, of Ireland, 1905-1915.

and Keble Coll., Oxford (scholar, 1913); on mil. ABRAHAM, JOHN CONRAD, M.B.E. (1918). — service, 1914-1919; apptd. under reconstruction B. 1889; ed. Keswick Schl. and Wadham Coll., scheme, 2nd cls.clk.,

C.O., 12th Jan., 1920; asst. Oxford; asst. res., Nyasaland, 1911; sp. serv., prin., 1st Apr., 1920 ; sec. to cemtee, on the carrier transport, ' N.F.F., 1914–18 ; ment, in development of scientific training and research desps, three times; ag. res., 1920.

19th Nov., 1920. (c)


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ACLAND, FREDERICK A.-B. 1861 ; journalist, Kelantan, 1918; ag. Ist asst. sec., 1919; ag. England, U.S.A., and Canada ; apptd. sec. dept. 1st asst. sec. to govt., 1920; ch, asst. dist. offr., of lab., Canada, 1907 : deputy min. of lab., 1908 ; Kinta, 1920; ag. dist. offr., Ulu Selangor, July, King's printer, 15th June, 1921.

1922. ACTON, ROGER DAVID.---Cadet, F.M.S., Nov., ADAMS, THOMAS, F.S.I.-B. 1871 ; ed. Corstor1896 ; collr. of land rev., Perak, June, 1900; asst. phine and Edinburgh; pres., Young Scots' Soc., sec. to res., Perak, Jan., 1903; dep. regisr., sup. 1900 ; sec., Garden City Assoc., 1901-1904 ; sec. ct., Penang, May, 1907; ag. sheriff and deputy and man., First Garden City Co., 1903-1906 ; town regisr., Penang, Dec., 1907; deputy regisr. and planning adviser to Marquis of Salisbury, Earl of asst. offl. assignee, Apr., 1908; ag. 2nd mag., Lytton, Sir Richard Paget, Bt., and other land. Singapore, Dec., 1910; promoted to Cls. III., owners, 1906-1909 ; town planning inspr., L.G.B. Apr., 1911 ; 2nd mag., Singapore, Apr., 1911; ag. of England and Wales, 1909-1914 ; examr, in dist. judge, 1912 ; ag. regisr., sup. ct., Penang, civic design, Univ. of Liverpool, 1912-1914; rep. Oct., 1912 ; ag. 2nd mag., Penang, Oct., 1913; of L.G.B. on arterial roads ; Confces. of Greater ag. audr. gen., Feb., 1914; ag. senr. dist. offr., London, 1913-1914; prepd. offl. repts. on housing Prov. Wellesley, June, 1915 ; ag. censor, Penang, and town planning invstgtns. in U.S., Germany, June, 1915 ; ag. solr.-gen., Oct., 1915 ; ag. dist. Sweden, and other countries and on first town judge and ist mag., Penang, Dec., 1916; ag. planning schemes in Britain, 1908-1918; organised atty-gen., June, 1920; dist. judge, Singapore, cheap cottage exhibus., Letchworth, 1905, and July, 1921.

Wolverhampton, 1908 ; housing and town plan ADAMS, HON. ALEXANDER SAMUEL.-B. 1861; ning adviser to Canadian Govt. since 1914; hon. ed., pub, schls. and Otago Univ., N.Z. ; barrister mem. Instn. of Mun. and Cnty. Engnrs. (England); and solr., 1883; crown solr., 1920; judge, N.Z. mem. of American Soc. of Mun. Improvements; sup. ct., 1921,

pres. Town Planning Inst. of Britain, 1913-1914, ADAMS, C. H.--Asst. dist. comsnr., E.A.P., and mem. of coun., 1914-1919; mem. bd. of gors., 18th Dec., 1908; dist, comsnr., Mar., 1917. American City Planning Inst., 1915-1918; chmn.,

ADAMS, ERNEST VICTOR.-B. 1875; ed. at Town Planning Inst. of Canada, 1919. Cranleigh Schl. and City of London Coll.; served Publications :-“Land Question in Scotland, articles, Quan. Survrs., London, 1891-1894 ; passed 1897; “Garden Cities and Agriculture,” 1903; prelim. exam. Surv. Inst., 1895; Fellow of the "Housing in Town and Country,” 1906; “Town Registd. Corp. Acctnts. (F.C.R.A.), 1915 ; tech. Planning in Greater London,” 1914; "State, City asst., accts. br., H.M. Office of Works, London, and Town Planning,"1916; "Rural Planning and 1894-1895 ; acctnt. clk., civ.-engnr.-in-chf's. dept., Development,” 1917; Community Planning in Admiralty, in charge, corresp. br., ag. on various Wartime,” 1918; Planning and Development occasions as ch. survr., 1895-1900; transfd. to in Oregon," 1919, and

papers Simon's Bay Dkyd. Extension, Cape Colony, as scientific societies. senr. acctnt. clk., in charge accts. and corresp., ADAMSON, JOHN ERNEST.-B. 1867 ; ed. in S.C.E.'s Office, 1900-1905 ; served as sgt. in London ; Litt.D., M.A., London Univ. ; principal, Simon's Bay Dkyd. Vol. Rifles (Boer War), 1901 ; Normal Coll., Pretoria, 1902; dir. of educn., recd. comsn. in Cape Gar. Artillery, Sept., 1902, Transvaal, 1905 ; M.L.C., Transvaal ; mem, of prom. captain, Mar., 1905; ch. acctnt., Engnrs., coun. of Cape University ; dir. of eduen., India, 1906-1910; asst. sec., Engnrs., England, Transvaal Prov. 1910-1912; acctnt. and cshr., Gold Coast Harbrs., ADDISON, D'ARCY WENTWORTH, M.V.O., Accra and Seccondee, 1912-1918; rly, acctnt., in 1.8.0.- Ent. Tasmanian pub. serv., 1st Dec., 1887; charge rly, and pub. wks, accts., Anglo-French clk. of exec. coun., 1903 ; sec. to premier since occuptn., Togoland, 1918-1919; asst. rec.-gen., 1902; ch. electoral offr., 1914; mag., 1918; Gambia, 22nd May, 1919; senr. asst. recr. gen., admstr. of charitable grants, 1914-19; sec. for 1st Jan., 1920; contrlr., food and fuel, July to neglected children's dept., 1914-19; state organiser, Sept., 1920; J.P. and comsnr., ct. of requests, visit of H.R.H. Prince of Wales, 1920; under sec. 14th Sept., 1920; ag. rec.-gen., P.M.G., currency for Tasmania. offr., and chmn., navigation and pilotage bd., ADDISON, JOSEPH BARTLETT, M.B.E. (1918). July to Oct., 1920, and July, 1921 to Jan., 1922; M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.-Ed. at St. Mary's Hosp., mem., exec. and leg. couns., July to Oct., 1920 London; asst. med. offr., Seychelles, 1907; chief and Sept., 1921, to Jan., 1922; asst. acctnt., med. offr., 1908; ag. priv, sec. and clk. to exec. P.W.D., Gold Coast, 9th Dec., 1922.

coun. from May to Nov., 1912. ADAMS, PERCY TARGETT.-B. 1863; ed. at ADELAIDE, BISHOP OF, Right REV. ARTHCE Epsom Medical Coll., 1874 to 1879, Guy's Hosp. NUTTER THOMAS, D.D., Cantab.-B. 1869; and Durham Univ., 1881 to 1886 ; res. med. offr., rector of Guisborough, Yorks., 1901-1906 ; bishop Kent County Ophthalmic Hosp. (9 years), and a of Adelaide since 1906. further 3 years as hon. full surgeon; for 10 years ADERS, WALTER MANSFIELD.-B. 1881 ; ed. asst. M.O. H. of Borough of Maidstone and deputy Dulwich Coll. and Univ. Coll., London; Mar. M.O.H. and asst. pub. analyst for County of burg Univ., Prussia, Ph.D. (science honours) Kent; med. offr., G.P.O., London, 1897 ; asst. 1902; engaged on research work, Marine BioM.0.H., Port of Bombay, 1898-1900; retd. to med. logical Assoc., Plymouth, 1903; asst. to patholodept., G.P.O., London, 1900; govt. analyst and gist, Egyptian govt. hosp., Cairo, and curator of bacteriologist, O.R.C., June, 1903; asst. M.O.H. pathological museum, 1905 ; res. offr. of rinder. for Union of S. Africa at Bloemfontein, 1910 ; pest serum station, A bassia, Cairo, 1906 ; priv. asst. health offr., Bloemfontein, 1919, and Pretoria, asst. and scientific sec. to dir. of quarantine bd., 1921.

Alexandria, 1907 ; detailed to El Tor for research ADAMS, THEODORE SAMUEL.--B. 1883; ed. work re cause of dysentery amongst pilgrims : King's Schl., Canterbury, and All Soul's Coll., research work with Prof. Viguier Algiers (marine Oxford, B.A.; cadet, F.M.S., Nov., 1908; ag. biology); research work, Welcome Laboratory supervisor of cust., Taiping, 1910-11 ; asst. dist. Khartoum, 1909 ; London Schl. of Trop. Med., offr., Klang, 1911; dist. offr., Kuala Langat, 1912; 1910; research work, Zanzibar, since 1911: dist. offr., Ulu Kelantan, 1914; supdt., lands, recd. thanks of S. of S. for foreign affairs and the Order of the Brilliant Star of Zanzibar, / sisal inspr., pro, tem., Jan., 1919; also ag. S. 2nd cls., for services rendered, 1912; asst. and C. mag. from Aug., 1919. postal censor, 1914-1916 ; ch. censor, 1916–1918; ALBURY, JOSEPH JOHNSON.-B. 1881 ; Out lent to mily. authorities for work in Dar-es-Salaam Island comsnr. (4th div.), Bahamas, 1910; 3rd. and Kilwa, 1917 ; economic biologist, 1st June, div, comsnr., Jan., 1918. 1917; at request of gov. of Tanganyika Territory ALBURY, STANLEY VICTOR STRATHMERE.proceeded to Dar-es-Salaam to advise on anti. B. 1873; tidewaiter, Bahamas, 1901 ; clk., post malarial work, 1921 ; author of numerous papers office, 1907 ; Out Island comsnr. (3rd div.), 1911; and reports on scientific subjects.

(2nd div.), 1912 ; supt. of hospital, 1917. AGAR, ARTHUR KIBWAN.-B. 1877 ; ed, at ALBURY, WILTON GRANT.-B. 1877 ; public Brighton Coll., called to the bar, Grays Inn, May, school teacher, Bahamas, 1896 ; resigned, 1906 ; 1919; temp. lieut. R.A.S.C., Oct., 1915; ag.-capt. re-apptd., 1909; head-master, boys' central school, R.A.S.C., Aug., 1916 ; staff capt., W.O., Feb., 1914; inspr. of schools, 1915. Dec., 1919; dist. mag., dep. judge, ct. of ALCOCK, WILLIAM D. E.-B. 1892 ; ed. King summary juris., coroner, regisr. of sup. ct., Edward's schl., Birmingham, and Birmingham escheator gen., provost marshal, regisr. gen., Univ.; B.A., 1913 (1st class, two distinctions); regisr. of titles and legal adviser to govt. of cadet, Fiji, Jan., 1915; dist. coinsnr., Savusavu, Montserrat, 1st Oct., 1920; chmn., food prices Kadavu, Colo East, Lautoka and Bua, Nov., 1916 comtee., Oct., 1920.

to Jan., 1920 ; qual. in law, Oct., 1917; asst. AGBEBI, DENIYI. ---Asst. warder, Lagos prison, polit. offr., Tanganyika Territory, Apr., 1920. 1885; 4th clk., treas., 1886 ; examg. offr., customs, ALEXANDER, EDWARD BRUCE.-B. 1872; ed. 3rd Aug., 1893 ; paymr., Ibadan detchmt., Hausa Forest Schl., and Trin. Coll., Oxford (B.A.); Force, 15th May, 1897; in conjunction, postmr. cadet, Ceylon civ. ser., Dec., 1895; off, asst. to and clk. to res., Ibadan, 14th Dec., 1901, to Mar., govt. agt., S. Prov., Aug., 1897 ; pol. mag., Pana1903; audit June, 1903.

dure, Aug., 1899; asst. govt. agt., Matale, Dec., AHEARNE, CHRISTOPHER DOMINIO.-B. 1986; | 1900; Kegalle, Oct., 1903; seconded addl. supt. of ed. Christian Schls., Cork, and Trinity Coll., pol., Cent. Prov., May, 1905 ; supt. of pol., S. Dublin, scholar 1907 ; senr. moderator, B.A., 1909; Prov., July, 1905 ; ag. inspr.-gen. of pol., Mar.cadet, S. Sttlmts., 1910; India, studying Tamil, | Nov., 1907, and Dec., 1908 to Jan., 1909; supt. of 1911 ; asst. supt., Indian immigrants, Selangor, pol., Cent. Prov., Nov., 1907; asst. govt. agt., 1912; 1st asst. contrlr. of labr., Penang, 1913; Puttalam, June, 1910; ag. govt. agt., Sabaradep. contrlr. of labr., Klang, 1914; dep. regisr., gamuwa, Aug., 1911; chmn., mun. coun., and sup. ct., Penang, 1916 ; dist. offr., Balik Pulau, mayor of Colombo, Apl., 1913; on military duty 1916; asst. supt., govt. monopolies, S'pore, 1917 ; Sept., 1914; govt. agt., Prov. of Sabaragamuwa, asst. regisr., impts. and expts. (war dept.), 1918; Apl., 1919; ag. contr., rev. and ag. food contr., offr., cls. iv., Jan., 1919; asst. adviser to govt. of Mar., 1920; addtl. contr. of rev., Sept., 1921 ; ag. Johore, Batu Pahat, 1919-21.

prin, collr. of cust., Oct., 1921 ; govt. agt., W. AIKINS, SIR JAMES A. M., KNT. Bach. (1914), Prov., Nov., 1921 ; ag. contr., rev., Nov., 1922. K.C.-B. 1851; ed. Upper Canada Coll., Univ. ALEXANDER, GILCHRIST GIBB. - Ed. at of Toronto ; graduated in arts ; called to the Glasgow Acad. and Glasgow Univ. ; M.A., with bar, Ontario, 1878;

Manitoba 1879: Q.C., 1884 ; 1st cls. hons, in mental philosophy, 1893 ; Eglinton counsel for the C.P.R. Co. at Winnipeg, 1881- Fellowship; gold medal as most distinguished 1911; pres. Canadian Bar Assoc., 1914-1916; graduate in arts of year ; called to the bar, Middle lieut.-gov., Manitoba, 1917 ; re-apptd. for a second Temple, 1896 ; chief pol. mag., Fiji, Mar., 1907; ag. term, 1921.

atty.-gen., and mem. exec. and legis. couns., Fiji, AINSWORTH, THOMAS WILLIAM.-B. 1891 ; June, 1907, to May, 1908, June to Aug., 1908, Aug., ed. Leeds Gram. Schl. and St. John's Coll., 1910, to Feb., 1911, and from Oct., 1912, to Sept., Oxford; B.A., 1913; M.A., 1918; cadet, Hong 1913 ; seconded for serv. with W. Pacific High Kong civ, ser., Nov., 1914; passed cadet, June, Comsnr. on special mission to Peru, Oct., 1908, to 1917; ag. sec., sanitary bd., May, 1917 ; seconded Apl., 1909, and to Tonga, July-Aug., 1911; 'ag. for mil. serv., 1917; ag. dep. regisr. and appraiser, British judge of joint court, New Hebrides Con: sup. ct., Aug., 1919; ag. 2nd asst. to sec. for dominium, Feb. to Oct., 1912; chmn. of comsn. Chinese affairs, Sept., 1919; sec. to the industrial to enquire into shipping conditions of colony, employment of children comsn. in addn., Apr., 1913-1914; ag, chief just., Fiji, and chief judel. 1921; asst. treas, and asst. assessor of rates in

comsnr., W. Pacific, Sept., 1913 to Jan., 1915 ; addn., May, 1921 ; J.P., 1922.

on mil. service, July, 1917; special comsnr. to AITKEN, JOHN, B.A., L.L.B. (1906).--B.1885; Oct., 1919; senr. puisne judge, Tanganyika Terri

deal with land disputes in Brit. Solomon Is., 17th ed. Giggleswick Coll. and Christ's Coll., Camb.; tory, Aug., 1920; ag. ch. just., Feb., 1921. barrister-at-law, Inner Temple, 1909; asst. dist. offr., S. Nigeria, 1913; station mag., Nigeria, E.A.P., Oct. 1912.


Asst. land ranger, 1915; crown counsel, Gold Coast, 3rd Nov., 1920); ag. solr.-gen., Dec., 1920 to Apr., 1921, July to

ALLAN, PETER, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., Edin. Sept. and Oct. to Nov., 1921 and June to July, Hosp. for consumption, Edinburgh, 1911-12;

M.D. (1920).-Res. med. offr., Royal Victoria 1922 ; ag. puisne judge, Sept. to Oct., 1921, and clin. asst., med. out-patient dept., Royal Infirm. from July to Sept., 1922. AKITOYÈ, DANIEL.-B. 1866 ; ed. at Lagos boroughs of Paddington and Kensington, 1912-13 ;

ary, Edinburgh, 1912; asst. tuberculosis offr., Gram. Schl.; copyist to Queen's Advocate, Lagos, | 1st med. supt., Romsley Hill Sanatorium, BirAug., 1886 ; was fourteen years regisr. of instru- mingham, 1913-1920; capt., R.A.M.C., 1917-18; ments affecting land; dep. regisr. of births, med, inspr., dept. of pub, health, Union of South deaths, marriages, and aliens, Jan., 1895; ag. Africa, 1920; author of “An investigation into regisr. at intervals; clk. to comsnr. of lands (now the increased mortality from pulmonary tuberdir. of surveys), Apl., 1901.

culosis, 1914-1920.” ALBURY, G. A.-B. 1865 ; entd. Bahamas civ. ALLARD, JULES.-B. 1859; ed. Nicolet Coll., serv., 1898; 'Out Island comsnr. (1st div.), 1909; ' Quebec ; lawyer ; elec, to legis. assem., Quebec,

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1897, 1900, 1904 ; apptd. to legis. coun. and min. Sept., 1918; passed cadet, June, 1915; asst, dist. of pub. wks., Quebec, 1905; min. of agric., 1907 ; offr., Kuantan, Sept., 1918 to Aug., 1919; aset. min. of lands and forests, 1909,-1917 ; re-elec. dist. offr., Lower Perak, June, 1920; Brit. res. to legis. assem. at bye-election 1910 and g.e., Brunei, Mar., 1921. 1912 ; re-called to legis. coun., 1916 ; prothonotory ALLEN, RAYMOND CECIL, C.M.G. (1917), of the superior ct., Montreal, 1919.

F.R.G.S., A.M.I.C.E., F.S.I.-B.1872; ed. at Ror, ALLARDYCE, SIR W. L., K.C.M.G. (1916), Univ. of Ireland and Queen’s Coll., Cork ; dipl. in C.M.G. (1902), Knt. of Grace of the Order of St. engarg., Queen's Coll. ; asst. engnr, water supply John of Jerusalem(1916).-B.1861; clk.and interp., and main drainage, London Cty. Coun., 1st Auz Provincial Dept., Fiji, 1879; transfd. to Rotumah, 1895; resig. 1st Dec., 1900; chief survr., Uganda 1882; stip. mag., July, 1882 ; asst. native comsnr. Prot., 23rd Nov., 1900; land officer, prin. regisi, and stip. mag. and inspr. of native taxes, Kadavu, of documents, and ag. comsnr. of mines, is Jan., 1890 ; mem. exec. coun., Nov., 1893; native Apl., 1905 ; in charge of Crown forests, 1st Mar, lands comsnr. and mem. legis. coun., 1894 ; native 1905, to 31st July, 1907; regisr. of titles, la comsnr., 1895 ; asst. col. sec. and receiv.-gen., Dec., June, 1908; land offr., Tanganyika Terry., 17th 1898; deputy gov., 14-20 Feb., 1901; administrd. Aug., 1920. govt., 18th July, 1901, to 9th Sept., 1902; col. sec. ALLEYNE, JAMES DOUGLAS, M.D. (Tuft. and receiv.-gen., 18th July, 1902 ; gov., Falk. Univ., U.S.A.)--Ag. pol. med. offr., dist. A land Is., 1904 ; gov., Bahamas, 28th Dec., 1914; Barbados and visiting physician, leper asylum assumed govt. 15th June, 1915 ; gov., Tasmania, 1917; asst. port health offr., 1919; ag. supl 1920 ; editor of native newspaper "Na Mata," lunatic asylum, 1919; port health offr., 1921 ; 2 1890-99 ; author of a digest of Native Regulations, officio mem., quarantine board. 1877-1900 ; attended first Fed. Conf. on Education, ALLIES, E. J.-B. 1891 ; apptd. asst. clk., 1907; gov., Newfoundland, 1st Sept., 1922. Scottish Educn. Dept., 1910; apptd. after compe:

ALLDER, WM. HOWELL.-B. 1873; 5th clk., exam, clk. of the 2nd divn. of the civ. serv. to C.S.O., Barbados, 1892; 4th do., 1898; 3rd do., National Insurance Audit Dept., 1913; on mily. 1900; 2nd cls. clk., P.O., 1904 ; ch. clk., do., 1908 ; serv., 1917-19; assigned to the C.O., Aug., 1919; ch. clk., audit off., 1913; acted on several occa- cler, offr., higher grade, 1st Apr., 1922. sions as clk. of the exec. coun. and comtee., as ALLIN, CHARLES HENRY.-B. 1873 ; apptd. acctnt. in P.O., and as auditor-gen. ; sec. to after open compet. exam. to G.P.O., London ; Barbados quarantine comsn., 1903, to West dir., posts and telegraphs dept., F.M.S., June, Indian quarantine confce., 1904, and to confce. 1904. on trade relations between West Indies and ALUWIHARE, RICHARD.-B. 1895; on milt. Canada, 1910.

serv., Oct., 1915 ; cadet, Ceylon, Oct., 1920; ati. ALLEN, F.T.-Enlisted as trooper in Rhodesian to Jaffna Kachcheri, Oct., 1920; office asst. tô field force, 1900, and served in $. African war; dir, of agr., Feb., 1922. invalided home 1901 ; obtained comsn. as 2nd AMERY, LIEUT.-COL. L.C.M.S.-B. 1873; lieut, in 5th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles, Dec., 1901, ed. at Harrow and Balliol Coll., Oxford ; late and returned to S. Africa until end of war; Fellow of All Souls, Oxford; Duseley Scholar passed Hythe musketry and machine gun course, of Imp. Inst. in Turkish ; called to the bar, Inne 1903; military course of instruction, 1906; Temple, 1902 ; on editorial staff of The Times captain, May, 1906 ; dist. supt. of police, Uganda 1899-1909 ; served during the war in Flanders Prot., July, 1907; cadet course, Royal Irish Salonika, and the Near East; on the staff of the Constabulary, 1907; supt. of police, Uganda, 1911. Impl. War Coun. at Versailles, and as asst, str. ALLEN, H.-Tempy. asst. dist. comsnr.,

to the War Cabinet and Impl. Cabinet to Jan., E.A.P., Apl., 1919.

1919; under-sec. of state for the colonies, 14th ALLEN, H. T.-B. 1879; apptd., after compet. Jan., 1919; acted as sec, of state during Loni exam., clk. of the 2nd div. of the civ, ser., and Milner's absence in

Egypt, Nov., 1919 to assigned to the C.O. Mar., 1898 ; conf. clk., Dec., Mar., 1920; First Lord of the Admy., Oct 1907 ; also clk. to concessions and finance comtees., 1922; chrmn., oversea settmt. comtee. ; capt. Sept., 1910 to June, 1916; promoted, under 14th 1st B’ham Batt., Royal Warwickshire order-in-council of 1910, 2nd cls. clk., c.0., 16th Regt., 1914 ; lieut. col. on general staff, 1917; June, 1916 ; asst. sec. to trade relations comtee., M.P. (U) for S. Birmingham, May, 1911; Aug., 1917 ; sec., Dependencies of Falkland ditto Sparkbrook div., Dec., 1918; edited “The Islands com tee., Jan., 1918 ; sec., raw materials Times History of the South African War”; board, Dec., 1918; asst. priv. sec. to sec. of state author of "Problem of the Army," 1903; (Lord Milner), 1st Jan., 1920; prin., 1st Apr., “Fundamental Fallacies of Free Trade," 1906 : 1920.

"The Great Question” (with J. M. Robertson, ALLEN, Hon. SiR JAMES, K.C.B. (1917), M.A., M.P.), 1909 ; “Union and Strength,” 1912. Camb.-B. 1855 ; entd. New Zealand Parlmt., AMIRAYAN, G. G.-Called to the bar, Inner 1887 ; lieut.-col. in command Otago Division, New Tem., 1894 ; clk. and translator, comsnr. 's obce. Zealand Garrison Artillery, 1902; min. of defence, Larnaca, Cyprus, Oct., 1878; translator, high c. 1912; min. of finance, min. of stamp duties and of justice and ct. of Temyiz, 1881; regist., sup. min, of educn., 1912-15; min. of finance and min. ct., 1883; was sec. to comsn. apptd. 1888 to of external affairs, 1919-20; high comsnr. in inquire into organizn. of Cyprus pol. ; was examr. England, 1920.

in Turkish, 1886 ; sec. to legal bd., and examni.. ALLEN, LEONARD GILBERT.-B. 1901 ; entered 1901; asst. King's Advocate, 16th Apl., 1916: 0.0., 1917; apptd., after exam., asst. clk., 23rd wrote Turkish translation of draft penal code Apl., 1919; cler. offr., 1st Jan., 1920.

for Cyprus, 1897, and English translation of ALLEN, LUCIEN ARTHUR.-B. 1888; ed. Mer- Ottoman commercial code, 1906. chant Taylors' Schl. and St. John's Coll., AMPTHILL, 2nd BARON, creat. 1881, OLIVER Cambridge; B.A., 1910; cadet, F.M.S., Dec., ARTHUR VILLIERS RUSSELL.-Son of thelst Baroa: 1912 ; ag. asst. dist. offr., Batang Padang, Dec., born 1869 ; succeeded his father, 1884; G.C.SI 1913 ; ag. 2nd asst, dist. offr., Tapah, Feb., 1915; (1904), G.C.I.E., 1900. Ed. at Eton and New ag. sec. to res., Negri Sembilan, Apr., 1915 to Coll., Oxon. Rowed in the Oxford eight, 1889-91:

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