Obrázky na stránke

vres. of the Oxford Union, 1891; B.A., 1891; reverted to substantive appt., 7th Sept., 1910; M.A., 1900; asst. priv, sec. to Mr. Chamberlain, ag. chief clk., etc., treasy, and customs dept., Sec. of State for "Cols., June, 1895; priv, sec., 20th May to 7th Sept., 1911. June, 1897 ; one of the British delegates to the ANDERSON, T.J.-Chief, entomological div., Internat. Sugar Conference, Brussels, May and agric. dept., E.A.P., May, 1908. June, 1898; lieut. Roy. 1st Devon Yeomanry ANDREW, ROBERT CHARLES.--Ed. Liverpool Cavalry; capt. 3rd batt. Bedfordshire Regt.; J.P., Inst., Harper-Adams Agric. Coll., Newport, and and prov. grand master of Freemasons, Bedford. Liverpool Univ. ; B.Sc. (agric., London); National shire ; governor of Madras, Oct., 1900-1905 ; Diploma in agric. ; mem. (by exam.) of Survr.'s ag. Viceroy of India in 1904.

Institn. ;

lecturer under the East Sussex county ANDERSON, C. E.-Asst. polit. offr., Tan council, 1905 to 1910; foreign experience, 1911; ganyika Territory, 1st Nov., 1916 ; A.P.O., cadet, asst. supt. of agric., N. Nigeria, 24th April, 1912. 25th Aug., 1920; confirmed in appt. as A.P.O., ANDREWS, HENRY LEONARD GREYSTONE.-1st Jan., 1921.

B. 1887; sub-inspr., Trinidad constaby., 12th ANDERSON, CHARLES OSBORNE.-B. 1868; Mar., 1913. 2nd. clk. and letter carrier, P.O., Bahamas, 1888; ANGLIN, HON. FRANCIS ALEXANDER.-B.1865; chief clk., 1890; ag. res. just., Inagua, 1896 ; ag. ed. St. Mary's Coll., Montreal, and Univ. of warehouse keeper and exainng, offr., 1906 ; ag. Ottawa ; called to the bar, 1888; K.C. 1902; postmr., 1907, 1909, 1910; ag. auditor of pub. apptd. sen. puisne judge, exchequer div., high accts., 1910; postmr., 1913; mem. H. of A. ct. of just., Ontario, 1904 ; puisne judge, supreme

ANDERSON, E. L. B.---Asst. dist. comsnr., ct. of Canada, 1909. E.A.P., Oct., 1919.

ANNETTS, HERBERT HENRY.-B. 1888; Ed. ANDERSON, GEORGE BARTLET.-B. 1880 ; Magdalen Coll.sch., Oxford, and Worcester Coll., ed. Gordon's Coll., Aberdeen; clk., acct.-genl.'s Oxford ; B.A., 1910; asst. master, preparatory dept., G.P.O., London, 1896; clk., war office, schl., Repton, 1910-1911; served in Oxfordshire Jan., 1900 ; 2nd cls. clk., G.P.O., Johannesburg, educn. comtee's. office, and inspr. of evening Dec., 1902 ; transfd. to exec. and legis, councils schls., Oxfordshire county council, 1911-1912 ; dept. ; 2nd cls. clk., June, 1903; 1st cls. clk., apptd. junr. supt., educn. dept., Northern Nigeria, July, 1905 ; acct.'s clk. and cashier, Transvaal 12th Sept., 1912; senr. supt., 1st Jan., 1913 ; ag. agt.-general's office, London, Oct., 1907 ; asst. dir. educn., 4th Apr., 1920; senr, supt., 1st Jan., acctnt., Apl., 1908 ; clk., P.W.D., Nyasaland, 1919; dep. dir., 1st Jan., 1920; ag. dir., 1920 June, 1909; chief clk., secretariat, Apl., 1914; and 1922. ag. asst, chief sec., Aug., 1916 ; on re-organisation ANSON, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR ARCHIBALD EDof secretariat apptd. 2nd asst. sec., Aug., 1919; WARD HARBORT, R.A., C.M.G. (1876), K.C.M.G. ag. Ist asst. sec., Aug., 1919; ag. ch. sec., June to (1882).-B. 1826 ; entered the royal mil. acad., Nov., 1920; admin. offr., 1st grade, July, 1922. Woolwich, 1841; presented with sword for exemp

ANDERSON, Hon. GEORGE JAMES.-B. 1860 ; | lary conduct; 2nd lieut., R.A., June, 1844; 1st ed. Lawrence Gram. Schl.; mem., N.Z. parlt. lieut., 1st Apr., 1846; 2nd capt., 9th July, 1852; since 1908 ; chmn. labour bills comtee., five years; 1st capt., 1st Sept., 1855; brevet major, 21st July, chmn., library comtee., eight years; min. of 1864; lieut.-col., 12th May, 1866; brevet col., 12th internal affairs, 1920-21 ; min. of lab., 1921; min. May, 1874; col., 23rd Dec., 1875; ret. with the hon. of mines, 1921 ; min. of marine, 1922.

rank of maj-gen., 26th August, 1879; served at the ANDERSON, MAXWELL HENDRY.-C.B.E. siege of Sebastopol in 1857; Crimean medal and (mil.) (1919); O.B.E. (1918); K.C., Aug., 1919 ; clasp, 5th class Medjidie, and Turkish medal ; capt., R.N. (ret). ; entered Royal Navy, 1893 ; | inspr.-gen. of pol., Mauritius, Sept., 1858; was ret. at own request, 1912 ; recd. thanks of Admy. employed in 1862 as the responsible mem. of the for valuable series of magnetic observations Br. mission to the court of Radama II. of Madacarried out in the Pacific Ocean ; instructor, R.N. gascar, on the occasion of his coronation; lieut.Coll., Portsmouth, 1908-10; called to the bar, gov. of Prince of Wales Is., Feb., 1867; admstd. Middle Temple, 1909; younger brother of Trinity govt. Str. Sttlmts. 1871, 1877, and 1879; conducted House, 1910; rejoined Navy on outbreak of war; the successful military operations for repelling employed on special services; recd. thanks of the invasion of the state of Sungei Ujong, 1875-76 Admy, for services rendered to naval prize fund (medal and clasp); ret. 1882 ; J.P. for Sussex. and at courts martial ; specially promoted capt., ANTHONY, PHILIP ARNOLD, C.M.G. (1918), Apl., 1919 ; govt. mem., central (unemployed) | M.I.C.E.-B. 1873; ed. at Mill Hill Schl. ; served body for London, 1913 to 1919; atty.-gen., in engineering dept., G.W. Rly., 1894-1910; gen. Gibraltar, 9th May, 1919; ag. chief just., and man. and chief engnr., F.M.S. Rlys., 1910; sercol. sec. on several occasions.

vices lent to ministry of munitions, May, 1915 to ANDERSON, ROBERT Mowbray.- Entd. govt. Nov., 1916, resumed duty in F.M.S., Feb., 1917 ; printing dept., St. Vincent, 6th Feb., 1886; chief services lent temporarily to govt. of South Aust., govt. printer, July, 1894 ; steward, col. hosp., Apr., 1918; resumed duty in F.M.S., Jan., 1919. Aug., 1901 ; mem. of comtee. to inquire into ANTROBUS, EDWARD GREAM, C.M.G. (1915). admstn. of poor relief, Aug., 1904; clk. to regisr., -- B. 1860, ed. at Charterhouse ; entered Crown sup. ct., and regisr. of B., M. and D. for dist. I., Agents' office, 31st Jan., 1879 ; asst. acctnt., 17th Nov., 1904 ; tempry, asst. landing waiter for spec. Jan., 1893; ch. clk., and acctnt., 1st July, 1902. excise duties, Nov., 1904 ; edited first "Illustrated ANTROBUS, MAURICE E., B. A.-B. 1895 ; ed. Handbook of St. Vincent,” 1907.

Winchester, and Trinity Coll., Cambridge; math. ANDERSON, R. T. H.--Asst.-supt. of police, exhibr., Trinity Coll., Dec., 1913; 2nd lieut., 6th E. A.P., 1911.

King's Royal Rifle Corps, Aug., 1914; lieut., ANDERSON, THOMAS EDWARD).-B. 1877 ; June, 1915'; capt., Jan., 1917; served in Flanders, excise offr., B. Honduras, Dec., 1902; 2nd grade Salonica and France, 1915-19; 2nd cls, math. customs and excise offr., July, 1905 ; ag. 1st | tripos, pt. I., 1919; 2nd cls. hist. tripos., pt. II., grade customs and excise offr., from April, 1904 ; 1920; B.A., 1920 ; temp. 2nd cls.clk., c.0., Aug., confirmed March, 1906, rlwy. acctnt., 1st Aug., 1920; apptd. under reconstruction scheme, asst.

completion of rlwy. construction prin., 7th Feb., 1921.

1909 ; on

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ANTROBUS, SIR Reginald L., K.C.M.G. | 1906 ; recd. deg. of Bach, of Scien. Agric. from (1911), C.B. (1898).-B. 1853; ed. at Winchester the Ontario agric. coll., 1908; inst. of agric, and and at New Coll., Oxford ; scholar of New Coll., expmtlst. at the Nova Scotia agric. coll., 1908 ; 1872; 1st class in classical mods., 1874; 2nd prof. of agric. and farm supt. of the same coll. in class in final classical school, 1876; B.A., 1876; 1910; entd. the serv. of the Fed. Dept. of Agric. apptd., after an open compet. exam., to be a clk. in June, 1912, as Dominion animal husband. in the 0.0., May 3rd, 1877 ; asst. priv. sec. to man at the Cent. Expmtl. Farm, Ottawa; ag. the Earl of Kimberley, 5th Dec., 1880, to Dec., dir. of Expmtl. Farms, 1918-1919; dir., June, 1882; priv. sec. to the Earl of Derby, 16th Dec., 1919. 1882, to 24th June, 1885; to Col. the Right Hon. ARCHIBALD, GEORGE.-B. 1869 ; entd. F. A. Stanley, M.P. (afterwards Earl of Derby), Trinidad civ. ser., Jan., 1892; cashier, Trinidad 24th June, 1885, to 6th Feb., 1886; and to Earl govt. rly., 1894 ; acctnt., 1906. Granville, 6th Feb. to 3rd Aug., 1886; administd. ARCHIBALD, MUNGO TENNENT,M.C.-B.1885; the govt. of St. Helena, 5th Nov., 1889, to 8th ed. Glasgow (M.A.), and Pemb, Coll., Oxford ; June, 1890; priv. sec. to Mr. Meade, 1st Feb., cadet, Ceylon civ. ser., Nov., 1909; offi. asst. to 1892, and to Mr. S. Buxton, M.P., 17th Aug., govt. agt., N. Prov., May, 1910; ditto, Batticaloa, 1892; sen. clk., Jan., 1894; princ. clk., 1896; asst. May, 1911; pol. mag., Kurunegala, May, 1912; under-sec. of state, Oct., 1898 ; crown agent for asst. land settmt. offr., Jan., 1913 ; special comsnr. the cols., 1909; retired, 1918.

in connection with riots, June, 1915; asst. land APLIN, CHARLES EDWARD D'AUVERGNE. settmt. offr., Aug., 1915; on military duty, 1916; B. 1873; ed. Plymouth Coll. ; served S. African asst. land settmt. offr., Aug., 1919; asst. gort. War, 1900-01 (medal and five clasps); cust. clk., agt., Puttalam, Dec., 1922. Nyasaland, 1903; clk., armed forces, 1904; asst. ARMBRISTER, PERCY W. D.--B. 1862 ; ag. pa ymr. to troops, 1905 ; asst. res., 1907 ; res., 1917. regisr., prothonotary, and clk. of Crown, Bahamas,

APPLEGATE, F. W.-B. 1887 ; ed. Bath Coll. 1884; ag. ch. clk., col. sec.'s dept., 1886; clk., pol. nd Queen's Coll., Cambridge ; B.A., 1911; asst. ct., Nassau, 1887 ; J.P., 1890 ; res. mag. and collr. dist. comsnr., Gold Coast, Apr., 1915; junr. asst. of rev., Abaco, 1890, Eleuthera, 1894, Harbour Is., col. sec., 13th May to 30th Sept., 1915; travelling 1895, Inagua, 1896 ; ag. stip, and circuit mag., comsnr., Nsawam, 1st Oct., 1915 to 31st May, Bahamas, and judge of ct. of com. pleas, 1896 1916, and from 12th Apr., 1917 ; ag. dist. comsnr., and 1897 ; regisr. of cts., prothonotary, and clk. Kwahu, 1919.

of Crown, Jan., 1897 ; Out Island comsnr., 1909; ARCHER, GEOFFREY FRANCIS, K.C.M.G.(1920), recvr.-gen. and treas. 1916 ; ag. col. sec., 19th C.M.G. (1913).- Asst. collr., East Africa Prot., Sept. to 12th Nov., 1919; ag. col. sec., and chmn., 1st Dec., 1902; attached secretariat, June, 1902 to bd. of educn., 3rd Feb. to 8th Apr., 1920, 15th Mar., 1903 ; dist. comsnr., 1st Apr., 1907 ; spec. July, 1920, and from 28th Sept., 1921. serv., Northern Frontier, East Africa, 1909; offr.. ARMBRUSTER, HUBERT, M.B.E. (1919).in-charge, May to Dec., 1911; awarded Cuthbert B.A., ed. at Caius Coll., Camb. ; asst. collr., Peak Grantby the R.G.S., 1918, for surveys in B.C.A. Prot., Aug., 1899; ag. dist. mag., E. Africa connecting Major Gwynn's Abyssinian Marimba dist., Apr., 1905; dist. res., 2nd cls., triangulation with the triangulation of E. Africa ; | Apr., 1906; res., 1st grade, Oct., 1915. transfd. to Somaliland Prot., June, 1912 ; admetd. ARMITAGE, CAPT. CECIL HAMILTON, C.M.G. govt., July to Oct., 1912, and from June to Oct., (1911) D.S.O. (1901).-Asst. inspr., G. Coast 1913 ; dep. comsnr., 31st Mar., 1913; comsnr. constaby., 1894 ; served in Ashanti exped., and comdr.-in-chief, Somaliland Prot., 15th May, 1895-6 (star); Northern Territories (Neutral 1914 ; assumed govt., 22nd May, 1914; present Zone), 1897 (medal and clasp) ; inspr., 1898 ; at operations against the Dervishes at Shimber priv. sec. to gov. of G. Coast and clk. of leg. Berris, Feb., 1915 (African General Service Medal and exec. couns., 1899-1900; Ashanti campaign, and clasp); member of British Mission on 1900 (ag. res. during siege of Coomassie, D.s.o., occasion of coronation of the Empress Zauditu of medal and clasp); trav. comsnr., 1901; comsnr. Abyssinia, Feb., 1917 (Star of Ethiopia, 1st class); of S. Province of Ashanti, July, 1901 ; comdt. of gov., Somaliland Prot., 4th Nov., 1919; directed Ashanti Mines volunteers with rank of major, operations against the Mullah, 1920, resulting in Nov., 1905 ; ag. chief comsnr. of Ashanti, Oct., complete destruction of Dervish power in Somali. 1901, to end of year, Apr. to Oct., 1906, Dec., 1907, land; gov. and comdr.-in-chief, l'ganda Prot., 6th June, 1908, and from June to Dec., 1909; chief Sept., 1922.

comsnr. of Northern Territories, 28th Jan., 1910; ARCHER, NORMAN E.-B. 1892; ed. R.N. gov., Gambia, 20th Nov., 1920; assumed govt., Colls., Osborne and Dartmouth; midshipman in 3rd Jan., 1921. Mediterranean and Home Fleets, 1909-12; sub- ARMSTRONG, C. B.--Man., Naivasha stock lieut. (six lst cls. certifs.), Sept., 1912; lieut., farm, E. Africa Prot., May, 1919. June, 1913; H.M.S. Warrior in Mediterranean ARMSTRONG, ROBERT.-B.1879; ed. Friends' and Grand Fleets, 1912-15; qualified, specialist Schl., Great Ayton, Yorks and Durham Univ.; course, as torpedo lieut., 1915; served with Russian diploma in agric., Armstrong Coll., NewcastleNavy in Black Sea, &c., 1915-17 (Order of St. upon-Tyne, in Univ. of Durham; lecturer, schl. Stanislas, 3rd cls.); passed exam. as Russian of agric., Egyptian govt., 1905-1910; lecturer interpreter, 1918; intell. divn. admy., H.M.S. and organiser in agric. for the Hampshire County Lovestoft in Adriatic, minelaying squadron, Council ; asst. dir. of agric., Zanzibar, 6th Feb., Grand Fleet, and H.M.S. Malaya, 1917-20; apptd. 1913; ag. dir, of agric., 28th Oct., 1915 to 13th under reconstruction scheme asst. prin., min. of Aug., 1916; ag. chief supply offr., 16th Sept. to lab., Sept., 1920; temp. attd. to C.O. as asst. 15th Nov., 1918, and 30th Mar., 1919; ag. prin., Dec., 1921.

admstr.-gen., 10th Nov., 1919 to 22nd Jan., 1920; ARCHIBALD, EDGAR S., B.A., B.S.A.-B. ag. dir., agr., 30th Mar., 1919 to 13th Jan., 1930; 1885 ; recd. pinry, educn. at Yarmouth pub. schl. ag. dir. of agr. and ch. supply offr., 7th Feb., and Yarrnouth acad.; grad. Acadia Univ., 1905 ; 1922. also grad. froin the Nova Scotia hort. schl, in the ARNDT, Carl Evan.-B. 1896; on mily. serv., same year, and from Nova Scotia agric. coll. in Jan., 1916; cadet, Ceylon, Oct., 1920; attd, to

Anuradhapura Kachcheri, Oct., 1920; ag. pol., 1893 ; sec. to concessions comsn. for Bech. Prot., mag., Puttalam, July, 1921 ; ag. pol. mag., May, 1893 ; C.C. and R.M. at Taungs, Brit. Bech., Negombo, Aug., 1922.

Feb., 1894; C.C. and R.M. at Gordonia, June, ARNETT, EDWARD JOHN, B.A. (1898). - B. 1894; asst. comsnr. for Bech. Prot., Nov., 1895; 1876; ed. St. Paul's schl. and St. Catherine’s R.M., Bloemfontein, Sept., 1901 ; chrmn., land Coll., Cambridge; classical tripos ; called to the laws inquiry comsn., O.R.C., Oct., 1901 ; ag. col. bar, 1912; C.A. office, 1902 ; rev. offr., N. sec., O.R.C., Apr., 1904, and Oct., 1906; mag., Nigeria, 1903; 3rd cls. res., 1906; 2nd cls. res., Johannesburg, Mar., 1920. 1909; 1st cls. res., 1912; ag. lieut.-gov., N. ASHTON, DANIEL ASPINALL.-B. 1869; ed. Provs., Nigeria, Oct., 1920.

at Manchester gram.schl, and Owens Coll. ; M.B., ARNOLD, W. J. J.-- Royal Univ., Ireland ; | B.Ch., Victoria Univ. ; civ. surg., S. African war, B.A. (hons.), 1887, M.B., 1894; D.P.H., Oxon., 1901-1902 (medal and three clasps); col. med. 1913; civ. surgeon attached to R.A.M.C., St. offr., S. Nigeria, Jan., 1903 ; served in Cross River Helena and S. Africa, 1900 to 1903; apptd. col. expedn., 1904 (medal and clasp); med. offr. at surgeon, St. Helena, Apr., 1903; M.E.O., 1911; Abe and Obubura. ag. gov., Sept., 1911 to Feb., 1912.

ASHTON, Hugh.-B. 1878; served in S. African ARRIGO, EDGAR, M.B.E. (1919).-B. 1870; War; sub-inspr., Basutoland Mounted Pol., 1906 ; entd. Malta civ. serv., Oct., 1887 ; clk., sup. cts., inspr., 1914; served in European War with native 1887-89; treasy., 1890-95 ; lieut. gov.'s office, labour contingent. Dec., 1895 ; sec., coun. of health, 1900; asst. clk. ASHWORTH, HENRY TWEEDALE, M.M.-B. of couns., 1902 ; dep. asst. sec. to govt., and clk. 1885 ; apptd., after compet. exam., clk., G.P.O., of couns., 1913 ; ret., Aug., 1920 ; el. to rep. first 1902 ; on mily. serv., Oct., 1914 to May, 1919; dist., Maltese parlt., Oct., 1921 ; speaker, Malta served in Gallipoli, Egypt (Canal Defences) and leg. assem., Nov., 1921.

France ; passed supplementary clks. exam., Jan., ARTHUR, JAMES STARTIN WILLS.-B. 1881 ; 1921 ; services loaned to C.O., 1st M 1922 ; ed. at Marlborough Coll. and Balliol Coll., apptd.cler, offr. and assigned to the C.O., 1st. Sept. Oxford; B.A. (1901) ; cadet, S. Sttlmts., Jan., 1922. 1905 ; ag. 2nd asst. prot. of Chinese, Penang, ASPINALL, ALGERNON EDWARD., C.M.G. Sept., 1907; ag. asst. treas., Singapore, June, (1918) --B. 1871 ; ed. at Eton and Magdalen Coll., 1909; 2nd asst. prot. of Chinese, Penang, July, Oxford; B.A., 1894 ; called to the bar, Inner 1910; attached to col. audit office, Feb.-Mar., Temple, 1897; sec., West India Comtee. since 1911; ag. 2nd asst. prot. of Chinese, Singapore, 1908, and West Indian Agrl, Coll., 1921 ; hon. July, 1911; ag. dist. offr., Christmas Is., Aug., treas. of W. Indian Club; mem.of Comtee. on Col. 1911 ; ag. 3rd mag., Singapore, May, 1912; ag. Blue-books and Blue-book Repts., 1917 ; mem., asst. P.M.G., Penang, Sept., 1912 ; ag. asst. prot. W. Indian shipping comtee., 1919; hon. sec., of Chinese, Singapore, Mar., 1915 ; offr., cls. IV, Trop. Agrl. Coll. comtee., 1920; hon, sec., W. May, 1916; seconded as asst. adviser, Kedah, Indian Contingent Comtee, 1915-21. May, 1916 ; ag. temp. as adviser in addn., Feb.- ASSER, LIEUT.-GEN.


JOSEPH JOHN, Mar., 1917; offr., cls. III, Jan., 1919; offr., K.C.M.G. (1918), K.C.V.O. (1917), C.B. (1915), cle. II., Dec., 1921.

and many foreign decorations.-B. 1867 ; served ARUMUGUM, JOSEPH NALLIAH.-B. 1896 ; with Nile expedn., 1897-9; in command of cadet, Ceylon civ. serv., Dec., 1921 ; attd., Kordofan expedn., Soudan, 1910; A.G., Egyptian Anuradhapura Kachcheri, Dec., 1921.

Army, 1907-16 ; served in European War, 1914ARUNACHALAM, Sir PONNAMBALAM, KT. 19; base commdt., 1914-16 ; lieut.-gen., 1919; Bach. (1914).-B. 1853; ed. Colombo Academy gen. offr. commdg. Br. troops, France and Flanders, and Christ's Coll., Camb. ;. Ceylon govt. | 1919-20; gov. of Bermuda, 4th May, 1922 ; scholar at Camb. ; foundation scholar at Christ's assumed govt., 9th Aug., 1922. Coll., Camb.; B.A., 1875; M.A., 1879; called ASTON, ARTHUR VINCENT.-B. 1896 ; ed. to the bar, Lincoln's Inn, 1875 ; apptd. after King's Schl., Chester, and Queen's Coll., Oxford compet. exam. to Ceylon civ. ser., Apr., 1875 ; | (open maths, scholar); R.F.A., 1915-18, M.C., filled various judicial offices as pol. mag. i 1917; apptd., cadet, M.C.S., 1919; ag. asst. to comsnr. of requests and dist. judge from 1875 to senr. dist. offr., Prov. Wellesley, June, 1920; 1904 ; ag. regisr. gen. of lands and of B. M. and ag. dist. offr., Nebong Tebal, Sept., 1920; ag. D. in the Island, and fiscal of W. Prov., Mar., harbmr., Malacca, Mar., 1922 ; ag. collr., income 1887; re-organized the depts., for which tax, Malacca, Apr., 1922. received thanks of govt.; confirmed as regisr.. ATHAWES, EDWARD JOHN SPOFFORTH, B.A. gen., Jan., 1898; supt. of decennial census, -Ed. King's Schl., Caterbury and Corpus Christi Mar., 1900, to June, 1903; received Diamond Coll., Cambridge ; called to the bar, Gray's Inn, Jubilee Gold Medal, 1897 ; offr. of cls. I. grade I. 1899; dist. comsnr., Corozal, Br. Honduras, Aug., of the civ. ser., Jan., 1908 ; ofll. M.L.C. from 191+; ditto, Belize, Nov., 1919; ag. atty.-gen., 1906 ; mem. of exec. coun., 16th Jan., 1972; May to Nov., 1919, Jan. to May, 1921 and from has served on numerous comens. (higher educn., July, 1921 ; ag. ch. just., May to July, 1921. tuberculosis, registn. of titles, notaries, etc.); ATHILL, SAMUEL LAUCHLAND, JUNR.-B.1885; pres. of Royal Asiatic Soc. (Ceylon branch), of ent. civ. serv., Leeward Is., Sept., 1901 ; clk. to the Ceylon Univ. Assoc., and of Ceylon Social atty.-gen., Leeward Is., Aug., 1906 ; sec. to legal Service League ; vice-pres. of Ceylon Agric. Soc.; affairs inquiry comsnr., Montserrat, 1911 ; ag. has written largely on Ceylon history, antiquities, regisr., Montserrat circuit, Feb.- Mar., 1915 ; vital statistics, and Indian religions and philoso- deputy coroner, dists. “A” and “B,” Antigua, phies; is engaged on a codification of the Civil Law 6th Oct., 1917. of Ceylon (vol. 1., published in 1910); ret., 1913. ATKINSON, Hon. LLEWELYN, B.A., LL.B. --

ASHBURNHAM, JOHN ANCHITEL.-B. 1865 ; B. 1867 ; ed. Church Grammar Schl., Launceston, clk. to admstr., Brit. Bechuanaland, Oct., 1885; Tas, and Melbourne Univ. ; called to the bar, sec, to Bech. admnstr., Feb., 1888; accompanied 1893 ; el. mem. of H. of R., Commonwealth of high comsnr. to conference with pres., S.A.R., at Australia for Wilmot (Tas.), Dec., 1906 ; viceBlignaut's Pont, Mar., 1890, and at Colesberg, Apr., pres. of exec. coun., C. of A., 1923.


ATTERBURY, H. W.-B. 1903 ; apptd. after examng. offr. and statistical clk., 1st July, 1902; compet. exam., cler. offr., C.O., 14th Oct., 1921. ag. acctng. offr., 8th Aug. to 30th Sept., 1903;

ATTERBURY, JOHN LUCAS.-B. 1877; ad- acctnt, and statistical offr., 1st Jan., 1904 ; ag. mitted a solicitor, June, 1899 ; served in S. sec., 10th May to 9th Aug., 1907; prov, acctnt., African war, 10th Regt. Imperial Yeomanry Natal, 1913. (Royal Bucks Hussars), Jan., 1900 to June, 1901, AUSTIN, ROBERT GORDON LEFROY.-B. 1871; medal and four clasps ; dist. comsnr., Gold Coast, ed. at Cheltenham Coll. and Oriel Coll., Oxford, 19th Dec., 1908; ag. prov. comenr., Cent. Prov., B.A., 1894; M.A., 1899; Transvaal educn. dept., May-July, 1911; ag. prov. comsnr., Western 1903 ; examnr., 1917. Prov., Nov.-Dec., 1912; ag. prov. comsnr., Cent. AYLESWORTH, Hon. SIR ALLEN BRISTOL, Prov., July, 1915, to May, 1916; ag. prov. K.C.M.G. (1911), K.C., B.A. (1874), M.A. comsnr., Western Prov., Nov., 1917, to May, (1875).-B. 1854; educ. at Newburgh high 1918; ag. comsnr., Cent. Prov., Mar. to Dec., school and Toronto univ. ; Prince of Wales 1919; ag. prov. comsnr., Cent. Prov., July-Dec., prizeman; bencher of law soc. of Upper Can. 1920; dep. prov. comsnr., 1st Jan., 1920; ag. ada; called to bar, Q.C. (Ontario); one of prov, comsnr., Jan.-June, 1921 ; prov. comsnr., H.M.'s comsnrs. for settlmt. of Alaska boundy., 2nd Aug., 1921.

1903 ; elected to the H. of C. for North York, AUBER, STEVEN JEREMIE.-B. 1858; temporary 1904 ; postmr.-gen. of Canada, 1905 ; min. of outdoor offr. customs, S. Leone, June, 1878; tide just., 1906 ; British ag. internat. fisheries waiter, Aug., 1879; landing waiter, Sept., 1880; arbitn. at the Hague, 1910; resigned portfolio sen. ag. measuring survr. of shipping, Aug., 1882; and retired, 1911 ; mem., privy coun. of Canada. clk. of customs, Gambia, 1883; ch. clk. and AYTON, A. L.-B. 1878; apptd., after compet. cashier, 1892; measuring survr. of shipping, Nov., exam., clk. 2nd div. civ. ser. and assigned to 1902; clk. to navigation and pilotage bd., June, science and art dept., Mar., 1899; to C.V. July, 1904; offr. in charge of cust. dept., 18th Sept. to 1899; clk. in charge of accts., Western Pacific 14th Nov., 1906.

high comsn., Dec., 1913; ag. sec., W.P.H.C., 29th AUCHINLECK, GILBERT GRAHAME.—B.Sc. Mar., 1915 ; returned to C.O. as staff clk. in accts. (McGill), F.C.S., B. 1884 ; ed. West Indies and dept., 29th Jan., 1920; ag. asst. prin., 16th Aug., McGill Univ., Canada; 1st cls. hons. in chemistry 1920. and botany, McGill Univ. ; govt. laboratory, BABER, EDWARD ALFRED.-B. 1888; copyist, Leeward Is., 1902-04; McGill Univ., 1904-08 ; survey dept., B. Honduras, 1905 ; apprentice, science and 2nd mast., St. Kitts-Nevis gram. ditto, 1906 ; passed exam. in theory of land schl., 1908-09; supt. of agric., Grenada, 1909-14; surveying; 2nd cls, clk., Aug., 1910; ag. 1st cel. asst. dir. of agric. and chemist, Mauritius, 1914; clk., 1911 ; 1st cls. clk., col. sec.'s dept., Nov., ag. dir. of agric., and regisr., C.C. societies, Dec., 1913; clk., roads and rivers bd., 1914; ag.ch.clk. 1916 to May, 1917; nominated M.L.C., Mauritius, and clk. of coun., 1914-15; ag. inspr. of schls. Jan.-May, 1917; reported on Is. of Rodrigues to and clk. to bd. of educn., Nov., 1915; senr, clk., the Mauritius govt., 1919; Mauritius del. to Imp. col. sec.'s dept., Feb., 1917 ; ag. ch. clk., etc., Entom. Confce. in London, 1920 ; divnl., agric. offr., for various periods, 1917-21; ag. asst. col. sec., S. Divn., Ceylon, 1920 ; seconded to Seychelles to Nov., 1921 ; ag. priv, sec. to Sir Eyre Hutson, report on the possibilities of agrl. development, May-Aug., 1922. 1921 ; has served in defence forces of Antigua, BACKWELL, H. F.-B. 1884; ed. at CharSt. Kitts and Mauritius ; author of papers on terhouse (jun. and sen. scholarships), and at land settlement and various tropical agric. King's Coll., Camb., exhibr. ; asst. subjects.

Portsmouth gram. schl., 1907-8; asst. res., N. AUCKLAND, BISHOP OF, Right Rev. ALFRED Nigeria, 19th Dec., 1908. WALTER AVERILL, D.D.-Ed. St. John's Coll., BADDELEY, FRANK MORRISH.-B.A., Mag. Oxford (2nd cls. Th, sch.), 1887; M.A., 1891; dalene Coll., Cambridge, 21st wrangler, Math. Ely Coll., 1888; deacon, 1888; priest, 1889, tripos, 1896 ; cadet F.M.S., 1897; passed final. Lon.; formerly curate of St. George's, Hanover exam. in cantonese, Dec., 1900; called to the Square, 1888-91 ; Holy Trinity, Dalston, Middle-| bar, Inner Temple, Jan., 1913; ag. asst. dist. sex, 1891-94; vicar of St. Michael's, Christ. offr., Kuala Kubu, May, 1901 ; ditto, Serendah, church, N. Zealand, 1894-1909; chaplain of Nov., 1901 ; recd. thanks of govt. in connection hosps., Christchurch, 1895-1909; hon. canon of with Ulu Selangor riots, Feb., 1902; revenue Christchurch Cathedral, 1902-1909; archdeacon auditor, Pahang, Jan., 1904 ; ag. dist. offr., of Akaroa, 1903-1909; Bishop of Waiapu, Jelebu Jan., 1905; ag. 2nd asst. prot. of chinese, 1910-1913; Bishop of Auckland, 1913.

Singapore, Aug., 1905; ag. dist. offr., Xmas Is., AUDEN, FRANCIS THOMAS.-B. 1869; ed. Oct., 1906 ; ag. ofil. assignee, Singapore, Apl., Shrewsbury; M.D., Edinburgh Univ., 1903 ; 1907 ; apptd. a currency comsnr., May, 1907; dist. M.B. and C.M., 1891 ; formerly res. med. offr., offr., Kuantan, June, 1908; supt., govt. monopolies Albany general hosp., Grahamstown, Cape dept., S. Sttlmts., Sept., 1909; P.M.G., S. Colony ; dist. surg., Rustenburg, Transvaal ; Sttlmts., Feb., 1916 ; food controller, Oct., 1920 ; civil surg., S. African field force, 1900-1901 under-sec., S. Sttimts., July, 1921 ; ag. col. sec., (medal and clasp); dist. comsnr. and govt. med. S. Sttlmts., Apr., 1922. offr., Caicos Islands, Dec., 1914; govt. med. offr., BAGSHAWE, ARTHCR WILLIAM GARRARD.Turks Is., Oct., 1916; mem, legis. bd., Sept., 1916. C.M.G. (1915), B.A., M.B., B.C., D.P.H., Camb.,

AUDETTE, Hon. Louis ARTHUR, B.A., LL.B., M.R.C.S., Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond. ; ed. at Marl. K.C.-B. 1856 ; apptd, regisr. of exchequer ct. borough Coll. and Caius Coll., Camb., served in of Canada, 1887 ; asst. judge, exchequer ct., resident hosp. appts., 1896-1899; med. offr., 1912 ; puisne judge, 1919.

Uganda Prot., Oct., 1900; served as med, offr. AUSTIN, JAMES.-B. 1867; apptd. to home in Lango expedtn., 1901 ; served with Anglociv. serv. in cust. dept., 1886 ; bd. of educn., German bndry, comsn., 1902-4; employed in 1891-1896 ; clk., educn. off., Natal, 1st Jan., sleeping sickness extended investigations in 1897; 2nd cls. clk., audit dept., 1st Aug., 1900; Uganda, Apr., 1906, to May, 1907 ; director of re-transferred to educn. dept., 1st June, 1901 ; sleeping. sickness bureau, 1908.

mast., BAILEY, ALFRED LISLE.-B. 1885; extra clk., BALFOUR, Douglas HASTINGS.-B. 1897 ; col.sec.'s off., Barbado, Mar., 1904; 4th clk. treasy., cadet, Ceylon civ. serv.,

16th Jan., 1911; Mar., 1908; ag. 3rd clk. on several occasions. attached to Jaffna Kachcheri, Feb., 1911; ag. pol.

BAILEY, EDWD. SHEPPERD.-B. 1857; 2nd mag., Point Pedro, May, 1911; extra office asst. clk. col. treas. Barbados, 1880; ch. clk. 1892; to govt. agt., N. Prov., Nov. 1911 ; attached to sec. to emigrn. comsn., 1893; ag. col. treas., 1894 Trincomalee Kachcheri, May, 1912; ag. office and on other occasion; clk. to plantation comsnrs., asst. to govt. agt., N. Prov., July, 1912; pol. July, 1903; man. of agric, bank, 1907.

mag., Matara, July, 1913; asst.comsnr. of excise, BAILEY, JOHN F.-Dir. of botanic gardens, June, 1917. Adelaide, S. Australia, 1917; formerly dir. of BALL, ARTHUR DYER.-B. 1888 ; barrister-atBrisbane gardens.

law; ed., Mill Hill Schl. and Exeter Coll., Oxford BAIN, NORMAN KERR, B.A. Cantab.-Cadet, (exhibr.); B.A. 1911; cadet, F.M.S., 1911; ag. S. Sttlmts., Jan., 1907 ; ag. dist. offr., Malacca, sec., san. bd., Kuala Lumpur, Mar.-June, 1912; Sept., 1907 ; ag. asst. to res., Malacca, July, 1910; passed final exam. in Cantonese, Mar., 1914; ag. offr. of cls. V., 31st Mar., 1911; ag. dist. offr., asst. contrlr. of labour, Perak, Apr., 1914 ; Kuala Langat, 29th Mar., 1914 ; ag. asst. to res passed final exam. in law, June, 1914; 1st cl. and harbmr., Malacca, Mar., 1918; ag. agent, mag., Perak, Aug., 1914 ; transfd. Hong Kong, food controller in addition, 1919; ag. dist. offr., Mar., 1915 ; ag. asst. dist. offr., May, 1915; ag. Port Dickson, Negri-Sembilan, Jan., 1921 ; ag. dist. offr., Taipo, Apr., 1917 ; passed final exam. 2nd mag., Kinta, July, 1921 ; mag., Ipoh, Aug., in Hakka, 1917; ag. 2nd pol. mag., May, 1917 : 1921 ; ch. asst. dist. Offr., Kinta, Aug., 1922. attd, to imp. and exp. off., and to col. sec's. off.,

BAKER, ALAN CUSTANCE.-B.A., Oxon. ; May-Sept., 1918; ag. asst. col. sec., clk. of cadet, S. Sttlmts., Dec., 1908; attchd. to land couns., and clk. to gen. mil. serv. tribunal, Sept., office, Malacca, Jan., 1909; ag. dist. offr., Alor 1918 to Sept., 1919; called to the bar, Gray's Gajah, 1912; ag. dep. regisr., sup. ct., Singapore, Inn, June, 1920 ; 2nd pol. mag., Sept., 1920 ; Apr. and Sept., 1912; ag. dist. offr., B. Pulau, asst. crown solr., Oct., 1920; asst. atty.-gen., 1913; joined offr. cadet batt., July, 1916 ; demob. Dec., 1920 ; 2nd asst. col. sec. in addition, Sept., June, 1919; officiating asst. supt., monopolies, 1921 ; ag. asst. col. sec. and clk, of couns., May, Penang, June, 1919; officiating asst. ofH. assignee 1922 ; priv. sec. to 0.A.G. in addition, July, and dep. regisr., sup. ct., Penang, Aug. 1919; ag. 1922. 2nd mag., Aug., 1919; capt., Penang volunteers, BALMER, A. B. - Asst. treas., E. Africa Nov., 1919; supernmy. offr., cls. III, Oct., 1920; Prot., Mar., 1918. ag. asst. oftl. assignee, Penang, Nov., 1920 ; ag. BALMER, F. E.-Dep. chief acctnt., G.P.O., 2nd mag., Penang, Jan., 1921.

E. Africa Prot., Mar., 1919. BAKER, CLARENCE FRANK STEWART, BAMFORD, LIEUT.-COLONEL H.W.M., O.B.E. M.Inst.C.E.-B. 1873; ed. Wyggeston Schl., (1918); M.C. (1916).--B. 1882 ; Cape Mounted Leicester; articled pupil to City Engineer, Canter- Riflemen, 1900-1906 ; S. African War, 1900-1902 ; bury, 1889-1892; asst. engnr., Canterbury, 1892- Transvaal Mounted Rifles, Zulu Rebellion, 19906 ; 1894; asst., Rochdale sewerage scheme, 1894-1895 ; | Natal Police, 1907-1912 ; dep. sheriff, N. Zuluasst. borough engnr., Stockton-on-Tees, 1895- land, 1913-1914 ; adjt., Natal Light Horse, S.A. 1901 ; irrigation engnr., Ceylon, 1901 ; divisional Rebellion and G.S.W., Africa, 1914-1915; adljt. irrigation engnr., 1911 ; ag. asst. dir. of irrigation, 2nd S. African Infantry, Senussi Campaign, 1911 ; asst. dir. of irrigation, 1913; ag. dir. of W.F.F. Egypt (wounded Hazalin Jan. 23rd, 1910); irrigation, Nov., 1915 to Aug., 1916 ; dir, of to France with S. African bde., 9th Scottish Div. irrigation, Jan., 1918.

(wounded Delville Wood, July 15th, 1916); bde.BAKER, ERNEST LAIDLAW.-B. 1880; ed. major, 90th infy. bde., France, 1917; comdg. 2nd Australia ; clk., col. sec.'s office, Fiji, 1901 ; S. African infy., 1917-1918 (very severely wounded shorthand writer, legis. coun., 1906 ; sec., Albert Beaurevoir, Oct. 8th, 1918); service in France Park Bd. (conjoint apptmt.), 1908 ; 1st clk., col. includes Somme, Arras, Messines, Ypres, defence sec.'s office, and clk. to legis. coun., 1909 ; 'clk., of Hazebrouk, Le Cateau ; three times mentioned exec. coun. (conjoint apptmt.), 1910; ag. 2nd asst. in despatches; O.B.E., M.C., Croix de Guerre col, sec., 1913; dist. comenr., Colo East, 1914; avec palme, 1914-15 Star, G.S. War Medal, Victory ditto, Ra, 1917 ; ditto, Savu Savu, 1918.

Medal; comsnr. of police and inspr. of prisons, BALDWIN, THOMAS HAYWARD, B.A.-B. Malta, 29th July, 1919; commdt., constab., N. 1896 ; ed., Stamford Schl. and Downing Coll., Territories, G, Coast, 28th July, 1922. Cambridge; supt., educn. dept., N. Provs., BANNERMAN, CHARLES EDWARD WoolNigeria, 19th Oct., 1921.

HOUSE.-B. 1884 ; entd. civ. ser. secretariat, S. BALDWIN, WILLIAM FREDERICK.-B. 1882 ; Nigeria (Calabar) govt., Aug., 1903; transfd. to 2nd div. clk., War Office, July, 1901 ; army audit headqrs., col. secretariat, Lagos, during amalgamaoff., Cape Town, 1904 ; army cashier, army tion, as 2nd cls.clk., 1906 ; 1st cls. clk., provincial accts., dept., O.F.S. and Cape Col., 1908; army secretariat, Calabar, 1908; acted as chief and conf. cashier, Pretoria (attachell to army pay dept.), clk., 1909 ; resig. Aug., 1910; called to the bar, for S. Africa, 1911; asst. auditor, col. audit Middle Temple, Nov., 1910: practised before the dept., S. Nigeria, 2nd Aug., 1911; auditor, sup. ct., Gold Coast, as barrister, solr. and advoc., Seychelles, 12th Nov., 1912 ; ag. auditor, Nyasa- Jan.,1914 to 31st July, 1919; pol. mag. and coroner, land, Sept. 1914 ; attached for one month to (er officio), sup. ct., G. Coast Colony, 1st Aug., audit off., Mauritius, 1915; resumed post of 1919; confirmed in appt., Aug., 1920. auditor, Seychelles, Mar., 1915 ; transfd. to Brit. BARBADOS, BISHOP OF (founded 1824), RIGHT E. Africa for military service in connection with REV. ALFRED PAKENHAM BERKELEY.-Foundation accts., Apl. 1916.

scholar, Codrington Coll., Durham ; B.A., 1883 ; BALFE, JOSEPH HAMILTON, M.D., F.R.C.S., M.A., 1908 ; D.D., 1917; consecrated Lord Bishop Edin., J.P.-Dist. surg,, Eshowe, Natal, 1890; of Barbados, 1917 ; vicar of All Saints, Antigua, medical supt., Durban hosp., 1898; dir., govt. 1886-88; vicar of the Holy Innocent's, Barbados, cottage hosps., 1904 ; member Natal Medical | 1890-1900 ; rector of St. Philip, 1901-06 ; dean and Council.

rector of St. Michael's Cathedral, 1906-17.

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