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BARGERY, REV. GEORGE PEROY.-B. 1876 ; BARRETT, UNWIN SANKEY, B.A., LL.B. jnr. supt., educn. dept., N.Nigeria, 26th Aug., 1913. (Cape).-B. 1874 ; ed. Bedford Schl., clk., maste:

BARKER, ERIC GORDON, M.I.Mech. E.-B. of sup. ct's. office, Sept., 1902; ch.clk., insolvency, 1867 ; ed. Birkenhead Schl. and Owen's Coll., July, 1905 ; master, sup. ct., Pretoria, 1912. Manchester ; loco. supt., Sierra Leone Govt. Rly., BARRETT, LIKUT.-COL. W.E. H.-Subaltern, 29th Oct., 1904 ; ag. gen. man., 1919 and 1921; 3rd K.A.R., 5th Apr., 1902; asst. dist. comsnr., gen. man., Sth Mar., 1922.

E.A.P., 15th Feb., 1907 ; dist. comsnr., Aug., BARKER, R. D.-Tempy. asst. dist. comsnr., 1912; comdg. 5th K.A.R., 1916. E. Africa Prot., Apl., 1919.

BARRON, JACOB MAURICE.-B. 1891; ed. BARLEY, JACK CHARLES.-B. 1887; ed. Ton- | High Schl., Dublin, 1899-1910; sen, modr., nat. bridge Schl. and St. John's Coll., Oxford, B.A., sci., 1914, T.C.D.; cadet, F.M.S., 1914 ; labr. 2nd cls. hons. ; cadet, W. Pacific civ. ser., 15th dept., 1915-17; passed in Tamil, 1917; dist. offr., Dec., 1911; attached to res, comsnr's off., Apl., | Nibong Tebal, 1917; labr, dept., 1917 ; offr., cls. 1912; ag. dist. offr., Gizo, 1st Nov., 1912; ag. V., Dec., 1917 ; supervisor of cust., Port Swettentreasr. and collr. of customs, 16th Apl., 1913; ham, 1917-20; labr. dept., Apr., 1921 ; supernay. passed cadet, 14th Apl., 1914; deputy comsnr., offr., cls. IV., Nov., 1921. 29tb July, 1914; dist, offr., Gizo, 1915; ag. res. BARRON, WILLIAM DOUGLAS. -B, 1887; el. comsnr., 19th Apl., 1917.

Aberdeen Univ., M.A., 1909, and Balliol Coll., BARNARD, SIR FRANK STILLMAN, K.C.M.G. Oxford; cadet, F.M.S., 1911; ag. asst. dist. offr., (1918).-B.1856; entd. ser. of B.Columbia Express Ulu Langat, Selangor, July, 1912; ag. dist. offr., Co. in 1879; subsequently became gen. man. and Kuala Langat, Dec., 1912; ag. asst. dist. offr., pres. of the company; promoter, and dir. for Kroh, Perak, Apr., 1913; passed cadet, Dec., many years of the B. Columbia Electric Rly. ; 1913; asst. dist. offr., Kuala Kubu, Selangor, identified with many other important interests ; Dec., 1916 ; asst. dist. offr., Rembau, Negri mem. of H. of C., Canada, 1879-1896 ; alderman Sembilan, Aug., 1920; dist. offr., Tampin, Nov., of Victoria, B.C., 1886 and 1887 ; mayor, 1895 ; 1920; dist. offr., Temerloh, Pahang, Jan., 1921. ret. from active business life in 1906 ; lieut.-govr. BARRY, DONAL MICHAEL.-B. 1885 ; ed. at of B. Columbia, 1914-1919.

Stonyhurst Coll., Lancs. ; 2nd lieut., Limerick BARNES, A. C.-Computer, survey dept., City R.G.A. (Militia) 1903-05; probationer, E.A.P., Oct., 1914; asst, analyst, Apl., 1916. F.M.S. pol., 28th Oct., 1905; asst. comsnr., pol.,

BARNES, HAROLD CHARLES EDWARD, C.B.E. 25th Apr., 1910; dep.comsnr., pol., 16th July, 1921. (1918).-Ed. at Smythe's Naval Acad., Portsmouth; BARRY, Hon. JEREMIAH HAYES, K.C.-B. Somerset House, i9th Nov., 1894 ; asst. aud., S. 1858; ed. at public schls. of Saint Mary's and Leone and Gambia, 26th Jan., 1895, to May, 1897; Fredericton; mem, of Senate of Univ. of New asst. aud., E. Africa Prot. and Uganda Rly., 2nd Brunswick ; admitted to the bar, 1882 ; K.C., May, 1897, to 13th Feb., 1899; local aud., Somali. 1898; judge, sup. ct., New Brunswick, 1909; land Prot., Feb, to Dec., 1899; asst. aud., Uganda King's Bench division, 1913. Rly., 9th Dec., 1899; local aud., E. Africa Prot., BARTH, SIR JACOB WILLIAM, KT. BACH. 1st Nov., 1904.

(1922), C.B.E. (1919).--Ed. Wadham Coll., Oxon; BARNES, JOHN ALBERT, O.B.E. (1918).- B.A., 1895; M.A., 1898; barrister-at-law, Mid. B. 1857 ; Examr., E. and A. dept., 4th Jan., 1875; | Tem., 1900; regisr. and prin. regisr, of documents, sen, examr., 16th Aug., 1885; transfd. to col. audit E. Africa Prot., 8th Aug., 1902; Crown advoc., branch as clk. in charge of accts., 12th Aug., 1902; 1st Oct., 1902; apptd. to serve on land comsn., on amalgaination of col. audit branch with E. and 31st. Oct., 1904 ; judge, High Court, E. Africa A. dept. apptd. chief examnr., 1st July, 1906 ; | Prot., 1st April, 1905 atty.-gen., E.A.P., Feb., sen. clk., 1st Apl., 1908; ag. local auditor, 1914; ag.chf. sec., Aug., 1918 ; ch. just., Kenya, E. Africa Prot., 27th Nov., 1908, to 3rd May, Aug., 1920. 1909; asst. dir. of col. audit, C.O., 1st May, BARTLETT, C. A.-Clk., senr. police mag.'s 1910.

court, Bridgetown, Barbados, Jan., 1881 ; ag. BARNES, L. J.-B. 1895 ; ed., St. Paul's Schl. in. rev. offr., May, 1883 to Nov., 1884; chief clk., and University Coll., Oxford (exhibr. 1914); en- pol. mag.'s courts, dist. "A," June, 1897 ; ag. listed 18th Royal Fusiliers, Sept., 1914 ; 2nd lieut., pol, mag. on numerous occasions ; pol. mag. and King's Royal Rifle Corps, May, 1915; M.C., 1916; revr. of wrecks, dist. “F,” Nov., 1911; mem, of lieut., 1917; ag. capt., Nov., 1917; bar to M.C., police comsn., Jan., 1913; pol. mag., coroner and Sept., 1918; three times wounded : apptd. under revr. of wrecks, dist. “B," Apl., 1913; mem. of reconstruction scheme, asst. prin., C.O., 1st Mar., cane fires comsn., Apl., 1914. 1921.

BARTLETT, FRANK.-B. 1872 ; ed. Rugby BARNETT, ERNEST ARTHUR.-B. 1884; clk. and Trin. Coll., Oxford (B.A.); cadet, Ceylon and pay and grtmr., 1900 ; sub-inspr., Fiji civ. ser., Dec., 1895; asst. collr. of cust., Trin. constaby., 1906 : attached to R.I.C. for training, comalee, June, 1897 ; pol. mag. and asst. collr. 1908; inspr., Fiji constaby., 1911; higher grade, of cust., Jaffna, Sept., 1898; dist. judge, Tangalla, 1914 ; asst. adjutant to local forces, 1914 ; capt., Mar., 1899; off. asst. to govt. agt., Uva Prof., Fiji Def. Forces, 1914 ; ag. inspr.-gen. of constaby. Jan., 1900; dist. judge, Badulla, July, 1900; and sheriff, June to Dec., 1916 ; J.P. for the col., pol. mag., Kandy, May, 1902 ; dist. judge, 1916 ; press censor, 1917; ag. inspr.-gen. of Negombo, Oct., 1903 ; asst. govt. agt., Nuwara constab. and sheriff, 1917; chief inspr., 1918 ; Eliya, Feb., 1905; (ist. judge, Kegalle, Mar., ag. inspr.-gen, of prisons, 1918; dist. comsnr., 1910; asst. govt. agt., Trincomalee, Apl., 1910; 1921 ; dep. inspr.-gen., constab., 1922.

govt. agt., N. C. Prov., June, 1911; govt. agt, BARRETT, EDWARD.-B. 1876; magte.'s clk., Prov. of Uva May, 1912; ditto, May, 1913; ditto, Mount Ayliff, July, 1901 ; asst. mag., Aug., S. Prov., May, 1921. 1902; ag.chf.clk., native affairs dept., Cape Town, BARTLETT, HUMPHREY EDWARD GIBSON.June, 1907 ; confirmed, 1908 ; ag. under-sec, for B. 1880; ed. Winchester and Trin. Coll., Oxford, native affrs., Cape, 1910; under-sec, for native 2nd cls, class, mods., 2nd cls, final honour, schl. of affrs., Union of S. Africa, Apr., 1911; sec. for jurisprudence ; B.A., 1903; M.A., 1906 ; solr., native affrs., Union of S. Africa, Oct., 1919. 2nd cls. final honours., 1906 ; asst. dist. comsnr.,

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G. Coast, 1909 ; dist. comsnr., 1913; ag. prov. dir. of prisons, July, 1905 ; ag. dir., Nov., 1906 ; comsnr., Dec., 1915 to June, 1916 ; and from 23rd mem. of tender bd. at various times during 1902June, 1919; ag. comsnr., Western Prov., 1st Jan. 1905; ag. gov. of central prison and local gaol, to 25th Feb., 1920; dep. prov. comsnr., 1921 ; ag. Pretoria, June, 1907 ; gov. of Johannesburg gaol comsnr., C. Prov., June to Dec., 1921, and from and Diepkloof prison, Dec., 1907 : ag. asst. dir. Sept., 1922.

of prisons, Union of S. Africa, Oct., 1911; dir. BARTLEY, THOMAS DOUGLAS MURRAY, B.A., and under-sec, for justice, 1918. T.C.D.-Administrative offr. (cadet), Tanganyika BATHO, G. F. W.-B. 1872; asst. sec., tender Territory, 28th May, 1920.

bd., Cape, 1893 ; examnr, of accts., 1893 ; acctnt., BARTLEY, WM., M.B.E. (1919).-B.A., Dub. 1903 ; audr. of accts., 1910; prov. audr., 1916. lin; cadet, S. Sttlmts., Dec., 1908 ; ag. dist. offr., BATHURST, WALTER DUNDAS.-B. 1859; Labuan, Nov., 1909 ; ag. asst. to atty.-gen., S. ed. Lancing Coll.; agt. of Congo Free State, Sttlmts., Apl., 1910; passed in Malay, Jan., 1910; 1883-6; apptd. to col. audit branch exchequer and passed in law, July, 1910; offr, of cls. V., 1st Jan., audit dep., Jan., 1889; local audr., Gibraltar, 1912 ; ag. asst. dist. judge and 4th mag., Singa- under C. and A. G., Jan., 1891 ; ch. examr., E. pore, 2nd Jan., 1912; ag. inspr. of prisons, 30th and A. dept., col. audit branch, Dec., 1906. Jan., 1912; passed in Javanese, 21st Feb., 1912 ; BATTERBEE, HARRYF.,C.M.G.(1918); C.V.O. dist. offr., Dindings, 25th May, 1912 ; ag. asst. (1919).-B. 1880 ; ed. at Grammar Schl., Faversupt., Netherlands Indian immigrts., F.M.S. and sham, and at Oxford; classical scholar, Hertford S. Sttlmts., 11th June, 1912; ag. asst. controller Coll., 1899-1904 ; 1st cls. class. mods., 1901 ; 1st of labour, F.M.S., 10th Dec., 1912; ag. asst, to cls. math, mods., 1901 ; 2nd cls. lit. hum., 1904 ; atty.-gen., Singapore, 21st Oct., 1914 to 19th apptd. after compet. exam., 2nd cls.clk., exchequer Mar., 1915; asst. regisr. of imports and exports, and audit dept., Jan., 1905 ; 2nd cls. clk., C.O., S. Settmts. ; sec., food control comtee., June, May, 1905 ; ag. 1st cls. clk., 4th June, 1916 ; 1st 1917 ; mem., shipping comtee., Apr., 1918; sec., cls. clk., 6th July, 1917 ; sec. to W. African food contrlr's. comtee, Dec., 1918 ; agent, food lands comtee., 1912 ; asst. priv. sec. to Mr. Lewis controller, Singapore, June, 1919; services recog. (now Lord) Harcourt, 9th Dec., 1912; priv. sec. by sec. of state, Aug., 1919; sec., profiteering to Lord Islington, 12th Oct., 1914; priv. sec. to comsn., 1920; ag. collr.-gen., income tax, Sept., Mr. (now Sir Arthur) Steel- Maitland, 31st May 1920; supernmy, offr., cls. III, Nov., 1920 ; sec. 1915; priv. sec. to Mr. Walter Long, 11th Dec. to advising comtee. on allowances, in addition, 1916 to 13th Jan., 1919; prin., 1st Apr. 1920; ag. Dec., 1920; seconded for serv. under Kelantan asst. sec., 1st Mar., 1923. Govt. as asst. adviser, Apr., 1922.

BATTERSHILL, WILLIAM DENIS.-B. 1896 ; BARTON, C. J. J. T.-Asst. dist. comsnr., on mily. serv., Aug., 1914; cadet Ceylon, Apr., E.A.P., Aug., 1914.

1920; attd. to Colombo customs, May, 1920 ; BARTON, CECIL MOLYNEUX. B.A., LL.B.- atte. to Badulla Kachcheri, Jan., 1921; ag, office B. 1883; ed. Shrewsbury and Trinity Coll., asst., Badulla Kachcheri, Mar., 1921 ; pol. mag., Dublin (hons., classics, law); barrister-at-law, Panadura, Oct., 1922. King's Inns, Dublin, 1906 ; asst. dist. comsnr., BATTISCOMBE, EDWARD.-Ed. at Edinburgh E.A.P., 1913 ; res. mag., 1914-21 ; ag. judge, sup. | Univ. (medal for forestry) and in Germany; asst. et., Apr., 1921 to Oct., 1922; legal adviser, i conserv, of forests, E. Africa Prot., 15th July, Gambia, Dec., 1922.

1904; dep. conserv. of forests, 1st Apl., 1907 ; BARTON, MAJOR P. F., V.D.--Assoc., London conserv. of forests, 1911. Assn. of Acctnts. ; asst. treas., G. Coast, Mar., BATTLEY, H. J. L.--B. 1887 ; apptd. after 1907; attd. col. sec.'s office, Oct.-Nov., 1907 and exam., 3rd cls. messenger, C.O., 14th May, 1912. Sept.-Nov., 1910; senr, asst. treas., Nov., 1908 ; BAYER, CHAS. ALBERT.-Asst. survr., P.W.D. ag; ch. asst. treas., Apr.-July, 1914 and June, (Waterworks branch), S. Aust., 1882; sanitary 1916; ch, asst, treas., Apr., 1917; ag. treas, and engnr., 1888; hyd. engnr., 1902. currency offr., July-Oct., 1919 and Dec., 1920 to BAYLES, HERBERT LAURENCE.-B. 1886; ed. Aug., 1921 ; dep. treas., Jan., 1920; commanded Dulwich Coll. ; clk., C.A.'s office, 1905; elk., G. Coast Volunteers, 1914 and during War; cust, serv., Nyasaland, 1909; P.W.D., 1910; ment. in desps., Aug., 1917; col. treas. and Nyasaland Field Force, 1914; asst. finan. offr., currency offr., Sierra Leone, 6th Aug., 1922. Tanganyika Territory, 1916-17; asst. treas.,

BARWELL, Hon. SIR HENRY NEWMAN, Zanzibar, 1921 ; ag. treas., Ang., 1921 to Mar., K.C.M.G. (1922), M.L.A. Barrister-at-law ; 1922, and from June to Aug., 1922. premier and atty.-gen. of S. Aust., since Apr., BAYLEY, BENJAMIN HAMILTON.-B. 1874 ; 1920.

ed. at Queen's Coll., B. Guiana ; draughtsman to BASSETT, RALPH HENRY.-B. 1896 ; on mily. titles to land comsnrs., B. Guiana, Oct., 1890 ; sery., Sept., 1914 ; cadet, Ceylon civ. serv., Dec., gradual promotion to prin. clk., govt. sec.'s office, 1920; attd. to Ratnapura Kach., Jan., 1921 ; ag. Jan., 1920. pol. mag., Jaffna, May, 1922.

BAYLEY, SYDNEY HOWARD.-Entd. P.W.D., BASTEDO, SAMUEL TOVEL.-B. 1855 ; ed. B. Guiana, June, 1888 ; transfd. to pris. dept., Oxford schools; priv. sec.

premiers of 1889; sec. to inquiry into coolie riots at Skeldon, Ontario, 1880-1896; dep. comsnr. of fisheries 1895 ; seconded to audit office, 1895 : comsry. of for Ontario, 1898-1906 ; British representative taxation, B. Guiana, Feb., 1896 ; J.P., Mar., on internat. fisheries comsn. between U.S.A. 1903; supt. of govt. indust, schl., Onderneeming, and Canada, 1908; resigned apptmt. as fisherie. Aug.1905 ; mem., bd. of agric., B. Guiana, comenr. to accept position of supt. of Canadian 1908 ; comsnr, of oaths, 1910; census comsnr., govt. annuities, Sept., 1908.

1921 ; mem., bd. of educn., 1921 ; managing dir., BATEMAN, WALTER SLADE, O.B.E. (1920).- transport dept., B. Guiana, 1922. Served in convict and prisons branch, Cape BAYNES, EDWARD WILLIAM, O.B.E. (1920).Colony, 1894-1901 ; sec.,' bd. of management, B. 1860; elk., G.P.O., Antigua, Jan., 1899; clk. Somerset hosp., t'ape Town, 1897-1901; clk., to comsnr., Virgin Islds., Jan., 1901 ; ag. priv. prisons dept., Transvaal, Jan., 1901; chief clk., sec. and clk. to admstr., Dominica, Dec., 1906, to July, 1901 ; ag. inspr. of prison's, June, 1903 ; asst. May, 1908 ; ag. clk., gen. legis. coun., Leeward


Is., 1908 session ; priv. sec. and clk. to adminstr. BEATTY, KENNETH JAMES.---B, 1878; ed. Dominica, 10th Aug., 1909 ; transfd. to Impl. civ. Univ. High Schl. and Melbourne Univ.; qualified ser. and apptd. 2nd cl. clk., National Health Victorian bar, 1900 ; Transvaal law certif. (inclu. Insurance Comsn. (England), 13th June, 1912 ; ding Roman Dutch law), 1904; called to the bar, 1st cls. clk., 13th May, 1913; priv. sec. to sec., Middle Temple, 1908 ; served in S. African war as ministry of shipping, Jan., 1917; sec., National lieut., V.M.I., wounded in action (Queen's medal Health Insurance Joint Comtee., Oct., 1919; priv. and 4 clasps); apptd. pub. prosecutor, Transvaal, sec. to parly. sec., ministry of shipping, Apr., Nov., 1902 ; addtnl. asst. res. mag., Mar., 1903 ; 1920 to Nar., 1921 ; suptg. clk., Min. of Health, asst. res. mag., Dec., 1905 ; attached Natal Car1st Oct., 1921.

bineers, Natal rebellion, 1906 ; recd. thanks of BAYNES, T. E. P.-B. 1884; clerical asst., Natal govt., medal and clasp ; pol. mag., master col. sec.'s off., Trinidad, 1903; 6th clk., C.S.O., of sup. ct, and regisr.-gen., Sierra Leone, Sept., 1903; 5th clk., C.S.O., 1906; 1st clk., post office, 1908; has acted as ch. just., circuit judge and Antigua, 1907; ag. 2nd clk. C.S.O., 1907; ag. atty.-gen., Sierra Leone ; on mily. serv., 1915-18; 3rd clk., C.S.O., 1908, 1909, 1910 and 1911; 3rd puisne judge, Gold Coast, 1921. clk., C.S.O., 1911; ag. 2nd clk., C.S.O., 1911-12; BEAUCHAMP, 7th EARL (creat. 1815), VISCT. ag. clk, to admstr., Dominica, 1912; 2nd clk., ELMLEY (1815), BARON BEAUCHAMP (1806, U.K.); C.S.O., clk. of exec. and legis. couns., Antigua, K.G.; K.C.M.G. (1899); WILLIAM LYGON; B. and supt. of govt. printing office, 1912; clk. to 1872 ; succeeded his father, 1891.-Ed. Eton and admstr., and clk. to exec. and legis. couns., Chr. Ch., Oxford ; D.L. Worcestershire; Mayor Dominica, 1919.

of Worcester, 1895-6; mem. London schl. bd., BEAL, CAPT. WILLIAM PHILIP BARBERT.- 1897-9; gov. N.S. W., 1899 to 1900; capt. of hon. Vety.offr., Gold Coast, 15th May, 1909 ; seconded corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms, 1906; first comsnr. for service, B.E.F. as capt., R.A.V.C., 9th Aug., of works, 1911-14; lord-pres. of the coun., 1910-15. 1915 ; 0.C., 26th Mobile Vety. Section, 21st May, BEAUCHAMP, ARTHUR KENNET.-B. 1888; 1918 ; promoted ag. major whilst holding appt. ed. Worcester Cath., King's Schl, and Christ D.A.D.V.S., 5th Dec., 1918; demob., 20th Mar., Church, Oxford, B.A., 3rd cls. math. hons., 1910; 1919; returned to Gold Coast, 1919.

headmr., gram. schl. and sub-inspr. of schis., BEAMISH, F. C.-Asst. conservator of forests, Dominica, Sept., 1912; ag. inspr. of schls., LeeE. Africa Prot., Feb., 1919.

ward Is., July-Oct., 1916; inspr. of schls., St. BEATTIE, LIEUT.-COL. ALEXANDER ELDER, Lucia, Jan., 1921. C.B.E. (1920), M.C. (1915).--Entd. Army (Argyll BEAUFORT, SIB L. P., Kt. BACH. (1919), and. Sutherland Highrs.), 1906; transfd. on M.A., B.C.L.-Ed. at Westminster and Oxford : promotion to the Queen's (now The Queen's Royal) called to the bar, Inner Temple, 1879; mem, of Regt., 1908 ; served in Aden and India ; seconded London schl. bd., 1888; govt. sec. and judicial for serv. with W.A.F.F., 1911; asst. adjutant, comsnr., Brit. North Borneo, 1889; gov, and 4th Bn. Nigeria Regt., 1914 ; capt., 1914; Came- comdr.-in-chief, Labuan and North Borneo, 1895roons Expedy. Force, 1914; staff offr. to various 1900 ; chief just., N.E. Rhodesia, 1901 ; ag. field columns, 1914-15; ment. in desps., 1914; admnstr., N.E. Rhodesia ; on amalgamation of M.C., 1915 ; severely wounded, 1915 ; asst. staff N.E, and N.W. Rhodesia, 1911, became judge of offr., W.A.F.F., Col. Office, 1915; staff offr. high ct., N. Rhodesia ; ag. admstr. on more than (gen. staff offr.), W.A.F.F., 1916 ; offg. staff one occasion : ret., 1918. offr., K.A.R., 1915; tempy, major, 1916 ; brevet BEAUMONT, Sir W. H., KNT, BACH. (1910). major, 1918 ; tempy. lieut. col., 1918; C.B.E., - Ensign 75th (Stirlingshire) Regt., Aug., 1870 1920; accompanied inspr.-gen., W.A.F.F., on lieut. Oct., 1871; served on the “Langalibalele tour of inspection, Nigeria, Gold Coast, Sierra Expedition in 1873; ret. Aug., 1875; prir. Leone and Gambia, 1920 ; C.0. rep. on various sec. to Colonel Milles (administering the govt. inter-depl. comtees., 1915-21; ret., with rank of of Natal), May, 1873; to Sir Benjamin Pine lieut. col., Sept., 1922 ; recd. thanks of S. of S. (lieut.-gov.), and clk. to the exec. coun., July, for services under the C.O. ; asst. sec., Gibraltar, 1873; ag. R.M., Umlazi Div., Aug., 1874; Sept., 1922 ; res. inspr. of schls., Oct., 1922 ; clk. clk., col. sec.'s office, Jan., 1875; ag. gov.'s of exec. coun., Oct., 1922 ; sec., bd. of educn.clk. and clk to the exec. coun., Oct., 1875 (ex officio), 1922 ; local secy., Cambridge Univ. R.M., Newcastle division, Feb., 1878; col. comdt. Exams. (ex officio), 1922.

of Dist. No. 1, Natal, at the commencement of BEATTY, DAVID.-Cadet. S. Sttlmts., Nov., the Zulu War, Jan., 1879, during which time he 1898 ; passed final exam. in Chinese, June, 1901 ; raised levies called the “Newcastle Scouts" ; ag. 3rd magis., Sing., Nov., 1901 ; ag. dist. offr., R.M., Inanda, May, 1887; R.M., City div., Christmas Is., July, 1903 ; 3rd mag., Penang, Oct., Pietermaritzburg, 1896 ; ag. puisne judge, sup. ot.. 1903; but cont. to act as dist. offr. ; ag. 2nd mag., for various periods, 1st Feb., 1895, to Oct., 1902; Sing., May, 1904 ; ag. 2nd asst. prot. of Chinese, judge of special treason ct., Oct., 1901 ; puisne Sing., June, 1904; ag. sheriff and dep. regisr., judge, sup. ct., 1st Nov., 1902 ; admstr., 6th June Penang, Dec., 1905 ; ag. asst. prot. of Chinese, to 1st Sept., 1907 ; ret., 1910. Penang, May, 1907; ag. ofl. agsignee, S. BEAVEN, REGINALD ALBERT GARDENER.-Sttimts., Apl., 1909; ag. dist. offr., Jasin, Feb., B. 1880 ; Ed. Malvern ; solr., 1904 ; dist. comsnr., 1911 ; dep. regisr. and off. assignee, Penang, G. Coast, 1907 ; ag. prov. comsnr., 1911-12 and Apr., 1911; ag. regisr., sup.ct. dist. judge, mag. 1916; ag. chf. regisr. and sheriff, 1915; asst.and asst. prot., Chinese, Malacca, Apr., 1911; ag. controlling offr., enemy property, 1918. prot., Chinese, Selangor, Oct., 1913; sec., Chinese BECK, SIR ADAM, KT. Bach.(1914).-B. 1857 ; affairs, F.M.S., Apr., 1914 : prot., Chinese, Tavoy ed. in Galt; elec, to legis. assem., Ontario, 1902, and Mergui (Burma), Mar., 1916; collr., war 1905, 1908 and 1911 ; defeated at g. e., Oct., 1919: tax, Singapore, Apr., 1917; ag. prot., Chinese S. min. without portfolio, 1905–1914; mayor of Sttlmts., asst. col. sec., and clk. of couns., Mar., London, Ontario, 1902-3-4; chrmn. Hydro1918; offg. prot. Chinese, S. Sttlmts., June, 1918 ; Electric Comsn. of Ontario. ag. prin. asst. col. sec., May, 1920 to Jan., 1921 ; BECK, Hon. NICHOLAS Du Bois DOMINIC, sec., Chinese affrs., S. Sttlints., Nov., 1921. K.C., LL.B.-B. 1857; educ. pub. and priv., 557

schls., Coll. Inst., Peterborough, Ontario ; called | Messrs. Hawkshaw and Hayter, 1890-1891; asst. to the bar, Ontario, 1879; Manitoba, 1883; engnr. P.W.D., Br. Guiana, Oct., 1891 ; asst. N.W.T., 1889; K.C., Dominion of Canada, col. civil engnr., Oct., 1900; col. civil engar., 1893 ; judge, sup. ct., Alberta, 1907.

Aug., 1901; apptd. official member ct. of policy, BECKETT, HAROLD.-B. 1891; ed. at Mon- Feb., 1901; D.P.W., Trinidad, Nov., 1907, and mouth Grammar Schl. and Oxford; exhibitioner | ex officio M.L.C. and M.Ex.C., April, 1908. at Wadham Coll., 1910-1914 ; also Symons exhi- BELL, EDWARD, M.B.E. (1918)—Served in bitioner, 1912-1914; 1st cls. Class. Mods., 1912; R. I.C., Dec., 1885 to Aug., 1896 ; attached 2nd 3rd cls. Lit. Hum., 1914 ; B.A., 1914; apptd. Batt., Durham Light Infantry, 1896; Hythe after compet. exam., 2nd cls. clk., c.0., 30th certif. of musketry and instr.'s certif., Maxim Nov., 1914; asst. priv. sec. to Lord Milner, 14th machine gun; drill instr. to local force, St. KittsJan. to 16th Mar., 1919; ag. 1st cls. clk., 17th Nevis, 12th Aug., 1896 ; ag. inspr., L. Islds. police July, 1919; priv. sec. to permt, under sec. (Sir G. and adjut., St. Kitts-Nevis defence force, 1898 ; Fiddes), 1st Jan., 1920; prin., 1st Apr., 1920. inspr., L. Islds. police, Sept., 1898; and capt. and

BECKETT, OSBORNE. --B. 1889 ; ed. S. adjut. defence force ; ag. inspr.-gen., L. Islds. Andrew's Coll., Dublin and Trin. Coll., Dublin police, and ag. inspecting offr. of defence forces of (scholar, B.A.); cadet, F.M.S., Dec., 1912; on colony, Apr. to Nov., 1903 ; ag. inspr.-gen., L. mily. sery., Dec., 1914-July, 1919; asst. sec. to Islds. police, 1st Apr., 1905, subsequently conres., Perak, July, 1919; dist. offr., Port Dickson, firmed in commd. of force as

chief inspr.; July, 1921.

comdt, local forces, with local rank of lieut. col. ; BECKWITH CHARLES WILLIAM. - Entd. extra A.D.C. to gov. Sir Bickham Escott, 1912; H.M.'s Navy, 1895, as lieut, holding extra master's mem, exec. coun., Leeward Is., 1915; police medal, certif., B. of T. ; served in H.M.S. “Royal Oak” 1915; recd. thanks of H.M's. Govt., for services during occupation of Crete, 1898-1900 ; S.E. rendered during riot and disturbances in Antigua America as senior lieut., H.M.S. " Basilisk,” and in March, 1918; is a J.P. N. American Station in H.M.S. Pallas,” 1904; BELL, LIEUT.-COL. F.W., V.C.-Dist. comsnr., navigating lieut., H.M.S. “ Diadem,” flagship of E. Africa Prot., Jan., 1919. Sir G. U. Noel, K.C.M.G., K.C.B., China BELL, Hon. SIR FRANCIS HENRY DILLON, station ; ag. harb. mast., Hongkong, Oct., 1905 ; G.C.M.G. (1923), K.C.M.G. (1915), K.C.-B. 1851; reverted to Royal Navy, May, 1907 ; asst. harb. B.A., Camb.; barrister, Middle Temple, 1874 ; mast., Dec., 1907; ag. harb.-mast., marine mag., entd. New Zealand parlt., 1893 ; leader of legis. emigtn, and cust. offir., regisr. of shipping, supt. coun. ; min. of internal affairs, 1912 and 1920; of gunpowder depôt, collr. of light dues and min. of imigrn, in National ministry, 1915; also 'supt. of imports and exports, 11th Nov. to 3rd leader of leg. coun. ; atty.-gen, since 1918; min. Dec., 1908, and from 4th Aug. to 14th Oct., of educn., min. of public health and min. of 1909; asst. supt., fire brig. (additnl. appt.) 1st imigrn., 1919-20; comsnr. of state forests, 1919Jan., 1909; asst., supt., water police (second 22; min. of marine, 1921-22. additnl. appt.), 15th May, 1909 ; seconded as BELL, GEORGE FREDERICK.-Cape civ, ser., supt. of imports and exports, 17th Sept., 1909, to 8th Feb., 1902; regisr, of native lab., Transvaal, 31st May, 1910; ag. harbmr. on several occasions ; | 1910; pub. pros., native affrs. ct., Johannesburg, ag, supt. of imports and exports and marshal of 1913; S. African Expedy. Force, Dec., 1915; polit. the prize ct., from 1st June, 1919, to May, 1920; offr., Tanganyika Territory, 10th Aug., 1916. dep. supt., pol., 1st Apr., 1920; harbmr. and ag. BELL, MAJOR G. H., M.C., Officer Legion supt., import and export office, 29th, Aug. 1920 d'Honneur.-B. 1885; entered army, 1906 ; India, to 9th Jan., 1921 ; harbmr., 29th Aug., 1922. 1907-9; Nigeria, W.A.F.F., 1911; asst. dir, of

BELAND, Hon. HENRI SEVERIN.-B. 1869 ; surveys, Nigeria, 1912-14; served in France, ed. Three Rivers (Que.) Coll. (B.A.), Laval Univ. | 1914-16; Palestine and Syria, 1917-18; dep. ch. (M.D.); physician; mayor of St. Joseph, 1910; polit. offr., Egyptian Expedy. Force, 1919; G.S.O., el. to leg. ass., Quebec, 1897 and 1900; el. to Intelligence, E.E.F., 1920; dir. topographical H.C. bye-el., 1902; reel., 1904, 1908, 1911, 1917 branch, Gold Coast Survey, 1920. and 1921; postmr.-gen. in Sir Wilfrid Laurier's BELL, GERTRUDE MARGARET LOTHIAN, C.B.E. govt., Aug. 19th until resignation of govt., Oct.6th, (1917), F.R.G.S.-B. 1868 ; ed. Queen's Coll., 1911 ; served with the Belgian forces in the early London and Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford ; attd. part of the war, and made prisoner of war; min. to intelligence staff, G. H.Q., Egypt, Nov., 1917 ; of soldiers' civ. re-est. and health in King services placed at disposal of ch. pol. offr., Iraq, admstn., 29th Dec., 1921.

Feb., 1918; oriental sec. to high comsnr., Oct., BELCHER, CHARLES FREDERIC, M.B.E. (1919), 1920'; four times ment. in desps. ; author of M.A., LL.B.-B. 1876; ed. at Geelong Gram. Safah Nameh,” “ Poems from the Divan of Schl. and Trin. Coll., Melbourne (final scholar- | Hafiz,” “The Desert and the Sown,” “ Amurath ship in classics and comp. philology, Shakespeare to Amurath,” “Palace and Mosque at Ukhaider," scholarship); admitted to practice, Victoria, Oct., “Review of the Civil Administration of Mesopo1902; called to the bar, Gray's Inn, June, 1909 tamia,” part author of “The Thousand and One (cert. of honour); conveyancer, Uganda Prot., Churches." July, 1914; custodian of enemy property, Uganda, BELL, GEORGE PATRICK CECIL.--B. 1882; ed. Apr., 1915; mag., Uganda, June, 1916; asst. Bedford grammar and modern schl. ; midshipman, judge, Zanzibar, June, 1920; judge of H.B.M. | R.N.R., 1898-1901 ; ag, sub-insp., Jamaica conct. of appeal for E. Africa, Aug., 1920; atty. gen., stab., Mar. to Nov., 1901 ; 3rd cls. clk., revenue Nyasaland, Sept., 1920; mem., exec. and legis. dept., Jamaica, Dec., 1901, to Mar., 1902; asst. couns.; ag. judge, high ct., Mar., 1921 to Jan., 1922. supt. of pol., B. Hond., Apr., 1902, to June, 1906;

BELL, ARCHIBALD GREME, C.M.G. (1914), ag. dist. comsnr., Orange Walk and Stann Creek
M.I.C.E.-B. 1868; ed. Felstead and Upping. dists, for short period in 1906 ; asst. comsnr. of
ham; employed on surveys Jamaica rlwy. pol., G. Coast, 14th July, 1906.
extensions, 1887-8, and by Jamaica rlwy. co. BELL, SIR HENRY HESKETH JOUDOU,
after sale of line, 1889-90; asst. to W. Shelford, K.C.M.G. 1903), C.M.G. (1903).-- B. 1865; ed.
Esq., M.I.C.E., Apr. to Oct., 1890; asst. to l in Paris; 3rd clk. gov.-in-chief's office, Barbados,


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May, 1882; transferred to treasy. dept.. Grenada, BENKA-COKER, AMBROSE PETERSON.--Ed. 1883 ; supervisor of customs, G. Coast, Jan., 1890 ; Wesleyan High schl. and Educl. Inst., Freetown, sen. asst. treas., G. Coast, Aug., 1891 ; ag. dist. S. Leone ; pioneer offr. and offr. of customs (3rd comsnr. and sheriff, Accra, 1892; ag. col. treas., cl.) of Southern Nigeria-then the Oil River 1893; rec.-gen., Bahamas, Dec., 1894; represented Protectorate, July, 1891 ; attached to the preven Harbour Isld. in House of Assem., 1895-6; ag. tive service and stationed at Idu, Sep. to Dec., 1892; col. sec., July to Oct., 1897, Apr. to Nov., 1898; 2nd cl. offr., Mar., 1893 ; 1st cl. Apl., 1897 ; has admnsr. of Dominica, Aug., 1899; ag. gov., been successively prin. customs offr. of Bonny, Leeward Is., Aug., 1904, and from June, 1905; Warri, Old Calabar and New Calabar; transfd. to comsnr. and comdr.-in-chief, Uganda Prot., 31st Bathurst, Gambia, as chief landing waiter, etc., Jan., 1906; gov., ditto, 18th Oct., 1907; gov., 1st Aug., 1900; actd. as tide survr., warehouse N. Nigeria, 30th Oct., 1909; gov. Leeward Is., keeper, and wharfmaster, 1st Nov., 1901, to 2nd 1912 ; gov., Mauritius, 7th Jan., 1916 ; assumed Mar., 1902; re-transfd. to S. Nigeria as boarding govt., 18th May, 1916; author of “Geography of offr., 7th July, 1903; cashier and P.C.o. of the Gold Coast," " · Obeah," etc.

Calabar, later of Brass, and Bonny; asst. ch. BELL, LESLIE LIVINGSTONE.---2nd clk., govt. clk., secretariat, Calabar, Eastern Prov., 1st July, sec.'s dept., Papua, 20th Jan., 1906 ; chief inspr., 1907. dept. of native affairs and control, 20th Feb., 1909. BENNETT, CHAS. KAYE.-B. 1867; Tempy.

BELLAMY, WILLIAM EDWARD.--Ag. asst. outdoor offr., S. Leone, July, 1887; tide waiter, comsry. of taxation, B. Guiana, 12th Sept., 1893 ; 1888; bd. of trade clk., 1889; recd. thanks of s. dist. comsry. and crown land offr., Pomeroon of . with gratuity, 1889; warehouseman, 1890; River, 26th July, 1895; 3rd grade comsry., I.R.B., ch. clk. of customs, Niger Coast Protectorate, 1891; treasy., 24th Mar., 1896 ; 2nd grade ditto, 22nd inauguration of P.O., 1891; framing of cust. laws May, 1901 ; asst. inspr. of dists., L.G.B., 5th and regns., 1892 ; supervisor of cust., S. Nigeria, Sept., 1906 ; ag. sec., L.G.B., and inspr. of dists., 1900; auditor, Abeokuta, Lagos, 1903; requested 14th Dec., 1907 to 12th June, 1909, 1st Oct., 1910 to re-organise cust. dept. at Abeokuta, 1904; to 23rd Nov., 1911, 24th Oct., 1912 to 14th Feb., financial adviser (comptroller), 1907. 1914, and from 15th Mar. to 12th Oct., 1914.

BENNETT, Hon. J. R.-M.H.A., St. John's BELLANTI, J.J., LL.D., Malta Univ., 1910.- West, Newf?dld., 1904; M.E.C., 1913; col sec., B. 1885 ; ed. St. Ignatius' Coll., Malta ; matric. 1913; mem., defence comtee., 1915; deputy (3rd place in hons. list), Malta Univ., 1902; clk., chief censor, telegraphs and cables, 1914; press civil serv., Malta, 1907 ; mem, of coun. of govt., censor, 1915; min. of militia, 1917. 1911 ; asst. crown advocate, Gozo, 1914.

BENNETTS, ALBERT Thomas.-B. 1890; ed. BELLETH, BENJAMIN.-B. 1875 ; ag. office Camborne Schl. of Mines, 1908-11; medallist of asst., Kalutara Kach., Ceylon, July, 1918; apptd, the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Socy., 1910; 1st to Cls. V. of civ. serv., local divn., July, 1919; cls. hons, and silver medallist, City and Guilds of extra office asst, to the col. sec., Aug., 1920. London Inst., 1911; 1st cls. diploma, Camborne

BELMAK, FRANCIS LE CURIEUX.- Ed. Mount Schl. of Mines, 1911; mines dept., F.M.S., 1912St. Mary's Coll., Chesterfield ; 4th clk., treasy., 21. and customs, St. Lucia, 1898; 3rd clk., BENSON, Sir J. HAWTREY, Kır. BACH. (1912), secretariat, 1899; 2nd clk., 1st dist. ct., Aug., | A.B., M.D., F.R.C.P. Irel.--Ed. Trin. Coll., 1899; sub.-collr. and warden, Dennery-Micoud Dublin; 1st hons. maths., graduated, 1864; dists., Oct., 1905 ; ag. chief clk., 1st dist. ct., consulting physician to Royal City of Dublin Jan., 1903, to Jan., 1904 ; July, 1904, to May, 1905; Hosp., and to the Monkstown Hosp. ; Fellow of Oct., 1907, to Feb., 1909 ; specially apptd. to assist Acad. of Med., Ireland ; late censor and examr., clerical staff, 1st dist. ct., after riots, May-July, Royal Coll. of Phys., Ireland, and late external 1907 ; ag. inspr. of schls, in conjunction with other examr. in med., Dub. Univ. ; is now med, advsr. duties, April-Oct., 1908 ; ag. mag. and coroner, for Ireland to C.0. ; author of numerous papers 3rd dist., July-Dec., 1908; and on several special and articles on technical med. subjects. occasions acted mag. of 1st dist. ; apptd. J.P. of BENTINCK, MAJOR WALTER GUY, BARON, the colony, Dec., 1908 ; ag. 2nd clk., secretariat, C.M.G. (1912), D.S.O.(1902). -Ed. at Marlborough Mar., 1909, to Mar., 1910; asst. treas., N. Nigeria, Coll., Jena Univ., Gerinany, and Royal Mil. (voll., Mar., 1911, senior asst. treasr., Oct., 1912. Sandhurst: joined Ritle Brig., 1885; capt., 1894;

BEMINSTER, FREDERICK ARBON. Tech. major, 1902; ret., 1905; intelligence dept.,W.0.. instr., N. Nigeria, 17th June, 1914; instr. in arts 1899; served throughout S. African war, 1899and crafts, 1st Jan., 1920.

1902 ; (ment. in desps., Queen's medal with six BENHAM, JOHN ELLIOTT.-B. 1886 ; capt. clasps, King's medal with two clasps); dist. 3rd E. Lancs. Regt. ; war service, German and comsnr., Vereeniging, 1900 ; res. mag., WakkersPortuguese E. Africa, 18th Mar., 1917 to 1st Dec., troom dist., Transvaal, 1901-1907; Transvaal 1918; asst. dist. comsnr., Sierra Leone, 29th Apr., mem. of Natal-Transvaal boundary comsn., 1902 ; 1914 ; dist. comsnr., 21st Aug., 1922.

sec. in office of high comsnr. for Š. Africa, 1907 : BENJACAR, LEO.-B. 1863 ; entd. Malta civ. ag. Imperial sec., Aug., 1907, to Mar., 1908 ; asst. ser., 1881 ; clk., 1st cls., 1905 ; asst. regier., Imperial sec., Apr., 1908; chmn. Swaziland superior cts., 1907 ; regisr., ditto, 1910; comp- water comsn., 1909. troller of charitable institns., 1915 ; offl. mem. BENTLEY, J. C.-Inspr. of pol., E.A.P., Feb., exec. coun., and of coun. of govt., 11th Feb., 1916. 1905 ; supt. of pol., 1911.

BENJAMIN, Louis EDMUND.-B. 1865; ed., BENTLEY, WILLIAM Thomas LOOKHART.-B. puh. schl., Graham's Town, S. African Coll., 1890; entd. Fiji civ. ser., imigrn dept., 1908; trans., Cape Town and St. Peter's Coll., Cambridge; some- treasy, 1909; acont, treasy., Gilbert and Ellice Is., time Maynard and Univ, scholar, Univ. of Cape Nov., 1914 ; treas., collr. of customs and ch. postof Good Hope, and law scholar, St. Peter's, Cam. master, Dec., 1915 ; dep. comsnr., W. Pacific, bridge ; B. A., Cape, LL.B., Cambridge ; barrister. Mar., 1916 ; dep. comsnr. in charge in absence of at-law, Inner Temple, 1889; K.C., Cape, 1907, res, comsnr., 1916-21 ; ag. res. comsnr., Sept., 1921 and Union of S. Africa, 1910; judge, sup. ct., to Jan., 1922 in addition ; resumed duties as Union of S. Africa, 1920.

treas., etc., 16th Jan., 1922.

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