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H. W. Atterbury. G. Green.
A. H. Jordan.

H. A. Theohali.
R. A. Brown.

W. V. C. White. J. W. Staples.

P. M. Williams.

C. D. Grant.
J, H. S. Christian, C. J. Dabner.

G. F. Riches.
P, H, Perkins.

A. Cattanach. W. H. Fleming.

D, J. E. Harris. H. T. Ashworth.

E. P. F. Wilson.

H. Garton. B. D. Edmonds.

R. G, Gill. D. Callaghan.

A. S. Devine.
L. Martindale.

F. R. Stapley.
Office Keepers, H. J. Smith and C. Couzens.
King's Home Service or 1st Class Messengers,

G. L. Seaton, W. G. Tice, H. Creeil, G. H.
Kempsford, W. C. Lawrence and A. Deacon.

Miss M. E. Thomp

B. Nickalls. son.

H. E. Barnes.
Miss E. E. Scotland. R. Eastleigh.
Miss B. Macpher- T. Whiddington,

A. W. Baney.
Miss C. Peach.

S. V. F. Dutton.

H. W. Hart.
Temporary Clerks :-

R. A. Chalkley.
W. H. A. Foster.

G. E. Bailey.
W. J. Muston.

F. Woods.
F. B. Hart.

R. G. Wall-Row.
G. Blackett.

R. B. Gray.
F. W. Lea ke.

Miss M. S. Hall.
W. Sainsbury.

Miss A. Cope.
E. Wall.

Miss W. Burton. 2nd Class Messengers, F. Lea, J.S. Holland and

H. Battley.
Office Porter, J. Paine.
Pensioner Messenger, W. J. Peters.

DIVISIONS AND DEPARTMENTS OF THE COLONIAL OFFICE, Secretary of State :-THE DUKE OF DEVONSHIRE, K.G., P.C., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O. Private Secretaries :--E. H. Margh, C.B., C.M.G., C.V.O., W. C. Hankinson, M.C., The Marquis

of Hartington, M.B.E., Major R. D. Furse, D.S.O. (Appointments),

A. F. Newbolt (Appointment), and G. N. Irby (Appointments).
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State :-Hon. W. G. A, ORMSBY-GORE, M.P.

Private Secretary :-E. B. Boyd.
Permanent Under-Secretary of State :-Sir JAMES E. MASTERTON SMITH, K.C.B.

Private Secretary :-S. M. Campbell.
Political, Constitutional and Military Questions, General Supervision, Papers on subjects before

submission to the Secretary of State.


Assistant Under-Secretary of State :-C. T. DAVIS, C.M.G. Business connected with Canada, Australia, Union of South Africa, New Zealand, Newfoundland, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Rhodesia, Basutoland, Bechuanaland Protectorate, Swaziland, Fiji; Western Pacific, including Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony, British Solomon Islands Protectorate, Tonga, New Hebrides Condominium, Pitcairn and other islands; Nauru, Tristan da Cunha. General and Miscellaneous correspondence on matters affecting the Dominions. Correspondence with regard to the Imperial Conference and

matters arising therefrom. J. F. N. Green.

H. N. Tait.

C. R. Price. E, J. Harding, C.M.G.

G. A. Jones.

M. E. Antrobus. * H. F. Batterbee, C.M.G.,

L. B, Freeston.*

L. J. Barnes. C.V.O.

J. E. Stephenson.

G. H. Creasy.
C. W. Dixon, M.B.E.

N. E. Archer.

Assistant Under-Secretarics of State

SIR GILBERT E. A. GRINDLE, K.C.M.G., C.B. Business connected with Colonies and Protectorates and Mandated Territories except those

mentioned under Dominions Division and Middle East Division.
Jamaica, Turks Islands, British Honduras, E. R. Darnley.

R. R. Sedgwick.
British Guiana, Bahamas, Bermuda, Trini. R. A. Wiseman.

A. Bevir.
dad, Barbados, Windward Islands, Leeward H. T. Allen.

Islands and Falkland Islands.
Hong Kong, Weihaiwei, Straits Settlements, ' A. E. Collins, C.M.G.

J. J. Paskin, M.C.
Malay States. Business connected with

G. E. J. Gent, D.S.O.,

H. Beckett.
the Protected States of Sarawak and North


H. R. Cowell.

P. A. Clutterbuck, Ceylon, Mauritius, Seychelles and St. Helena. j 0. G. R. Williams. M.C. GOLD COAST AND MEDITERRANEAN DEPARTMENT.

Gambia, Sierra Leone, Gold Coast, Ashanti, W.D. Ellis, C.M.G. A. B. Acheson.

Northern Territories of the Gold Coast, A. Cooke.
British Sphere of Togoland, Gibraltar, A. J. Dawe.
Malta and Cypris.

• Employed on business connected with the Irish Free State.

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1 A. J. Harding, O.B.E. T. I. K. Lloyd. Nigeria and British Sphere of Cameroons. J. A. Calder.

S. L. Holmes, M.C.



G. F. Seel.
Uganda, Kenya, Zanzibar.

A. C. C. Parkinson, O.B.E.
C. J. Jeffries.

C. Strachey, C.B.

E. G. S. Mächtig, M.B.E. P. Liesching. Tanganyika Territory, Nyasaland, Somaliland.

(H. F. Downie.

Lt.-Col. G. J. Giffard,


C.M.G., D.S.O.

Capt. A. C. Milne

Home, M.C.

Col. G. M. P. Hawthorn, Major J. F. Edwards. KING'S AFRICAN RIFLES.


K. S. Minter. General and Miscellaneous Correspondence,

J. Megson. including Questions affecting the Estab

N. L. Mayle.
lishment of the Colonial Office and the

M. A. Greenhill.
Crown Agents' Office, Patronage and

F. V. Shergold.
Promotion, Indian Immigration, Audit

L. G. Allen.
Regulations (questions of interpretation A. Fiddian.

P. E. Richards. and amendment), Pensions (of Governors, J. E. W. Flood.

G. W. Henlen. inter-colonial cases and cases which raise

L. V. Martin.

J, A. Smith, M.B.E.
general principles), Postal, Copyright, S. R. Pughe.

H. F. Goddard.
Telegraph, and Commercial Treaties and

C. E. Pooley.

J, Hunter.
Conventions, Quarantine, University Ex-

D. K. Malone.

E. H. Howell. aminations, Military Commissions, Replies R. A. Hamblin.

H. W. Atterbury.
to Circulars, Flags, Naval Cadetships,

D. Callaghan.
Precedence, Ceremonies, Civil Service

G. F. Riches.
Uniform, Colonial Military Decorations and

E. P. F. Wilson.
Medals, Foreign Orders, General Corres-

W. H. A. Foster..
pondence respecting Colonial Defence

W. Sainsbury. I
and the passing of Charters, Letters Patent,

S. V. F. Dutton.
Commissions, Warrants, etc.

Miss M. S. Hall. :

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West Indian Departments.

Assistant Under Secretary of State :-Sir John E. Shuckburgh, K.C.M.G., C. B. ff (temporary).

Business connected with Iraq, Palestine, Aden, and Arab areas under British influence
Major H. W. Young, C.M.G., G. L. M. Clauson, O.B.E. A. L. Ayton.

J. B. Sidebotham.
R. V. Vernon.ll

J. H. Hall, D.S.O., M.C. Lt.-Col. R. Meinertzhagen, R. W. Bullard, C.I.E.S.

E. A. Simson, A.F.C.

D.S.O.(Military Adviser).**
F. J. Howard, O.B.E.
Departmental Assistants :
M. Jewell, East African Departments.

F. H. Harper, W.A.F.F. and K.A.R.
J. H. Emmens, Eastern Departments.

C. M. Hatcher, West African Departments (actg.)
Confidential Clerks :
W. H. Harman, Eastern Departinents.

E. J. Allies
L. J. Brearley, West African Departments. J. H. Thompson
B. C. G. Perry

F. W. Brett, East African Departments.
A. H. Bridgman

Dominions Division.
Library :-E. E. Wilkinson, M.B.E. (Librarian), W. R. Shipway (Registrar of Colonial Laws),

E. B. Burley (Assistant Librarian), F. Kennedy, W. H. Chums, P. M. Williams, H. Garton.
Registry:-W.F. Westbrook (Chief Registrar), E. R. Edmonds, T. Whiddington, # R. B. Gray. I
Colonies Sub-Registries :-No. 1 (West African): G. Venning, H. W. Thompson, E. Lesster,

W. D. Cooper, P. Maynard, R. A. Brown, F. B. Hart. (East African and Mediterranean):
H. F. Wood, S. F. Whitcombe, J. E. King, H. T. Ashworth, G. Blackett, : H. W. Hart. 1
No.2 (Eastern and West Indian): A. H. Boyd, S. A. Pilbeam, R. F. Jenkins, G. J. Lunnon,
R. A. Thorne, H. A. Theobald, W. V. C. White, Miss E. E. Scotland, Miss B. Macpherson,

Miss W. Burton.
Dominions Sub-Registry :-W. E. Hobson, M.B.E., G. C. Green, H. I. H. Titchener,

T. J. Hardy, S. W. Smith, S. Leadbetter, L. Martindale, F. R, Stapley, G. Green,
H. E. Barnes, R. A. Chalkley, I G. E. Bailey. :

# Temporarily serving.
a Seconded temporarily from Indian Army.

Seconded temporarily from Foreign Office.
ti Seconded temporarily from India Office.

|| Seconded temporarily from the Board of Education. ** Seconded temporarily from the War Office.

Middle East Sub-Registry :-E. Fleming, A. E. Gaunt, S. F. Chandler, G. Bryant, P. R.

Clipsham, E. Wall. I Military Sub-Registry:-F. H. McLean, H. F. W. Nash, E. N. Horne, A. H. Jordan,

W. J. Muston, I Telegraph Section :-w. E. Noall, R. H. Burt, J. Carden, W. P. Fleming, B. D. Edmonds,

C. J. Dabner, Miss C. Peach. Despatch Section :-A. E. Reynolds, F. Farmer, D. J. E. Harris, Miss I. M. Powell, F. W. Leake, I

B. Nickalls, # R. Eastleigh, : A. W. Baney..
Revision of Records :-W. H. Bickle, G. W. Henlen.
Printing : –T. Wilson, I.S.O.; J. H. S. Christian, M.C. ; Miss M. E. Thompson, Miss A. Cope.

Copying :-A. W. May, M.B.E., Miss M. McGavin, M.B.E., and Lady Typists.
Preparation of Parliamentary Estimates; M. J. Drayson.

W. H. Eggett, I.S.O., 0.B.E. C. F. Haddrill.

P. H. Perkins. accounting for Parliamentary Votes admin

V. H. Boyse.

C. D. Grant. istered by Colonial Department; Corres

H. Palmer.

A. Cattanach. pondence in respect of such Votes and other

C. G. W. Laurence.

F. Woods. 1 matters affecting Imperial Finance, Re

F. J. Ireland.

R. G. Wall-Row.I ceipts, Payments, etc.

Personal Adviser to the Secretary of State on Business questions : Sir James Stevenson, Bart.,

Sir J. S. Risley, K.C.M.G., C.B., K.C. (Legal Adviser), H. G. Bushe (Legal Assistant).


His Majesty's Government have found it necessary to undertake closer responsibility than they have exercised in the past in connection with the movements of British subjects wishing to settle overseas within the Empire, or to emigrate to foreign countries. In order to assist them in carrying out their policy they appointed a Committee at first known as “The Government Emigration Committee,' now renamed The Oversea Settlement Committee."

The Committee, which was established in January, 1919, is composed as follows:-President-The Secretary of State for the Colonies. Chairman--The Hon. W.G. A. Ormsby-Gore, P.M (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the

Deputy Chairman-Major A. Boyd Carpenter, M.P. (Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of

Vice-Chairman-T. C. Macnaghten, C.M.G., C.B.E. (Colonial Office).
Earl of Airlie.

Col. L. H. R. Pope-Hennessy, D.S.O. (War J. Ambrose.

Office). G. E. Baker (Board of Trade).

Dame Meriel Talbot, D.B.E. Mrs. Harrison Bell.

Oscar Thompson. Viscount Burnham, C.H.

Christopher Turnor. L. Cuthbertson (Treasury).

J. Wignall, M.P. A. B. Lowry, C.B. (Ministry of Health).

W. Windham, C.B.E. (Ministry of Labour). J. Paterson (Ministry of Labour),

Secretary-G. F. Plant.
Finance Officer--W. Bankes Amery, C.B.E.

Chief Clerk-Malcolm Jones, 0.B.E.
Editor of Publications-Capt. S. T. L. Maunder. / Senior Administrative Officer- A. C. Kelly.
Jun or Administrative Officer--R. Chalmers.
Interviewers-Major J. J. Berington, A. Bromwich, H. W. Lilley.
Staff Clerks-W. J. Garnett, E. A. Brett, J. Rushmer.
Clerical Officers-
E. A. Smith.
W. J. Daines.

W. E. Embury. R. H. Ridley. G. F.W.C. Joyce. F. S. Wagland.

J. Link,

L. F. Steed.
A. P. Heath.
R. H. Holding.

H. A. Bennett.
R. L. Dixon.
T. E. Nalder.

W. G. Loltgen.
Temporary Clerks-
W.C. Collins.
C. H. Stevens.
J. H. Bindon.

P. W. Parkin.
H. G. Day.
C. H. Tyndall.
W. H. Losh,

E C. Pippard.
A. Bowles.
A, H. Boden.
H. C. Field.

G. M. Hill,
J. H. St. Leger.
A. Hallam.
A. E. Rhodes.

E. Harper.
T. Spinks.
W. W. Clark.

H. M. Thompson.
Supervisor of Copying-Miss H. Stamp.
10 Shorthand and Copying Typists.
R. J. Palmer.
A. Stroud.

W. Beer.
F. Curnow.
N. Pickering.

J, Keefe.
Temporarily serving.

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The Committee is constituted in accordance with the recommendations made by the Dominions Royal Commission (sce Cd. 8462) and the Empire Settlement Committee (see Cd. 8672). The Staff of their office form a sub-department of the Colonial Office, and their salaries are borne upon the Colonial Office vote.

The Managing Committee of the Emigrants’ Information Office has been replaced by the new Committee. Continuity of the work has been secured by the appointment of the Chairman of the Emigrants’ Information Office as Vice-Chairman, and by the appointment of Lord Burnham to be a member of the new Committee, and also by the inclusion of the staff of the Emigrants' Information Office in that of the new Committee.

The Emigrants' Information Office was established by the Government in October, 1886, for the purpose of supplying intending emigrants with useful and trustworthy information respecting emigration to the British Colonies. This Office was placed from the first under the general supervision of the Colonial Office, but the Committee of Management was a voluntary and honorary body and had no executive powers. Originally the scope of the Office was confined to the British Colonies and to those Colonies only which were outside the Tropics and are fields of emigration in the ordinary sense. Subsequently it became necessary to widen the scope and to give information (though more limited in extent) not only as to certain Tropical Colonies but also as to various foreign countries. It was also found desirable to issue warnings in certain cases.

MEDICAL ADVISERS TO THE COLONIAL OFFICE. Sir J. Rose Bradford, K.C.M.G., C.B., C.B.E., M.D., F.R.S., 8, Manchester Square, London, W.1 (hours, 10 a. in. to 12 noon, except Saturdays—12 noon to 1 p.m. on Saturdays); Lt.-Col. W. T. Prout, C.M.G., M.B., C.M., 137, Harley Street, London, W.1 (hours, 10 a.m. to 12 noon, or by appointment); R. H. Kennan, Esq., M.D., M.Ch., F.R.C.S.I., D.P.H., 2. St. James Road, Liverpool (hours, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., except Saturday); Lt. Col. D. G. Marshall, M.B., I. M.S. (retired), 1, Douglas Crescent, Edinburgh ; Sir J. Hawtrey Benson, M.D., F.R.C.P.I., 57, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin (hour, 2 p.m. ).

ORDER OF ST. MICHAEL AND ST. GEORGE. The Rt. Honble. Earl Buxton, P.C., G.C.M.G., Chancellor ; Sir J. E. Masterton Smith, K.C.B., Secretary; Sir M. F. Ommanney, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., I.S.O., King of Arms ; Sir Herbert James Read, K.C.M.G., C.B., Registrar ; Sir Reginald L. Antrobus, K.C.M.G., C.B., Gentleman Usher of the Blue Rod ; Bishop Montgomery, D.D., Prelate.

COLONIAL AUDIT DEPARTMENT. The accounts of certain Colonies and Protectorates are audited, on behalf of the Secretary of State, by Auditors and Assistant Auditors acting under the supervision of the Director of Colonial Audit, who is assisted in London by a central establishment connected with, but not forming part of, the Colonial Office. The Auditors and Assistant Auditors, as well as the staff of the central office, form one Department, their salaries and expenses being defrayed by the Governments affected.

CENTRAL ESTABLISHMENT :--58, Victoria Street, S.W.
Director of Colonial Audit--Sir Edward Stephenson, K.C.M.G.
Senior Clerks-H. D. Fisher, J. C. Fisher, O.B.E.
Junior Clerks-W. H. Smith, H. C. E. Merrick, C. E. Dale, C.M.G., C.B.E. (ucting).
Clcrical Grade-A. J. Rodd, J. A. Flin.

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Assistant Awlitor--(racancy). BRITISH HONDURAS.-- Auditor - P. J. A. Hamilton.

Assistant Auditor--F. F. P. Smartt. CYPRUS.-

Auditor-E, du Boular.

Assistant Auditor, E. H. Heidenstam. FALKLAND ISLANDS.— The Colonial Secretary acts as Auditor. FIJI.

Auditor.-P. L. Collisson.

Assistant Auditors-H. W. Harcourt (vacancy). GAMBIA.

Auditor-E. L. Gueritz. GIBRALTAR.

Auditor-J. B. Hewlett.

Auditor--W. Bowerley.
Deputy Auditor-L. G. Corney.
Assistant Auditors, W. L. Mackinnon, R. S. Foster, c. Griffith, W. H.

Lernpriere, A. C. Hands, V. C. Fonnereau.
HONG KONG.— Awitor-H. R. Phelips.

Assistant Auditors-T. Dallin (vacancy). MAURITIUS.

Auditor-J. Craig.

Assistant Auditor-C. A. J. S. Jauger.

Auditor- B. E. Hanson.
Deputy Aulitor --K. J. Douglas.
Senior Assistant Auditors-H. St. J. Sheppard, M.B.E., A. W. Brown,

H. Gush, F. G. Langley, C. E. de B. Biden.
Assistant Auditors-H. C. G. Bridger, H. H. S. Cheeseman, A. A. Allen,

E. A. Stoodlev, A. G. Still, F. W.P. Kingdom, A. F. B. Howard, C. J.
Montague, H. V. Cusack, H. P. N. Gubbins, A. G. Bowring, c. W. S. Seed.

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