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The Objects of the West Indian Club are :—

(1) To bring persons interested in the West Indies and British Guiana together, in order to promote the discussion and consideration of questions affecting those Colonies.

(2) To further the interests of the West Indies and British Guiana by providing headquarters for associated action, not political, but social.

(3) To afford facilities for organising, in connection with the West Indies and British Guiana, Cricket Matches and other kindred amusements recognised by our English Universities and Public Schools.

(4) The doing of all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

Rates of Subscription.

Members resident within a radius of 50 miles of London (Charing Cross)
Members resident in the British Isles outside a radius of 50 miles of London
Members resident abroad...

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Entrance Fee



The Membership at the close of 1922 was 692.

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a Also $2,500 travelling allowances. b Also £2,500 allowances. c Also £500 entertainment allowance. d Also £150 allowance as Consul General. Also £500 duty allowance. f Also $600 duty allowance. g Also £1,000 for contingencies. h £1,000 from Imperial funds, £1,500 from Colonial funds and £100 from Crown funds. i Including £1,500 duty allowance. j Also £250 travelling allowance. k Including £200 table allowance. 1 Also £360 table allowance. m £1,000 as Administrator of Antigua, £500 of remainder is duty allowance; also £250 travelling allowance. 1 Also £100 table allowance. o Also £50 entertainment allowance. p £2,200 from Imperial funds; £1,200 from Colonial fund; also £600 entertainment allowance from Colonial funds, and £400 table money from War Office. q Also £300 travelling allowance. " With £200 transport allowance and £300 personal allowance. 8 With £380 horse and travelling allowance. t Also £1,000 duty allowance. u Also £750 duty allowance. Also £1,500 duty allowance. w Also £1,750 duty allowance. x Also £300 duty allowance. y Also £1,500 entertainment allowance, and allowance of £800 from War Office. a £3,000 from Colonial funds and £500 from Imperial funds. aa Also £600 dnty allowance. bb Including £1,500 entertainment allowance. ee Including £1,200 entertainment allowance. dd Including Rs.15,000 duty allowance. ee Also Rs.3,000 duty allowance. ff Is also High Commissioner for the Malay States and Brunei, and British Agent for North Borneo and Sarawak, salary includes £1,500 duty allowance. gg Also £150 entertainment allowance and house. hh Half borne by Imperial and half by Iraq funds, Rs.15,000 is personal allowance and Rs.15,000 entertainment allowance. kk £E1,000 is entertainment allowance. As Governor. † As Administrator.


The Imperial Conference was constituted under the terms of the first resolution of the Colonial Conference of 1907, which ran as follows :—

"That it will be to the advantage of the Empire if a Conference, to be called the Imperial Conference, is held every four years, at which questions of common interest may be discussed and considered as between His Majesty's Government and His Governments of the self-governing Dominions beyond the seas. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will be ex-officio President, and the Prime Ministers of the self-governing Dominions ex-officio members, of the Conference. The Secretary of State for the Colonies will be an ex-officio member of the Conference and will take the chair in the absence of the President. He will arrange for such Imperial Conferences after communication with the Prime Ministers of the respective Dominions.

Such other Ministers as the respective Governments may appoint will also be members of the Conference-it being understood that, except by special permission of the Conference, each discussion will be conducted by not more than two representatives from each Government, and that each Government will have only one vote. That it is desirable to establish a system by which the several Governments represented shall be kept informed during the periods between the Conferences in regard to matters which have been or may be subjects for discussion, by means of a permanent secretarial staff, charged, under the direction of the Secretary of State for the Colonies, with the duty of obtaining information for the use of the Conference, of attending to its resolutions, and of conducting correspondence on matters relating to its affairs.

That upon matters of importance requiring consultation between two or more Governments which cannot conveniently be postponed until the next Conference, or involving subjects of a minor character or such as call for detailed consideration, subsidiary Conferences should be held between representatives of the Governments concerned specially chosen for the purpose."

The following further resolution was passed at the Imperial War Conference, 1917

"That the Imperial War Conference desires to place on record its view that the resolution of the Imperial Conference of 20th April, 1907, should be modified to permit of India being fully represented at all future Imperial Conferences and that the necessary steps should be taken to secure the assent of the various Governments in order that the next Imperial Conference may be summoned and constituted accordingly." This resolution was duly communicated to the Governments of the selfgoverning Dominions, all of which agreed to the proposal.


President-The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Chairman (in the absence of the President)-The Secretary of State for the Colonies. The Prime Minister and other Ministers of the Dominion of Canada, the Commonwealth of Australia, the Dominion of New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, and Newfoundland.

The Secretary of State for India and other representatives of India.

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