The Knight of St. John: A Romance, Zväzok 2

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1817 - 282 strán (strany)

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Strana 1 - We, ignorant of ourselves, Beg often our own harms, which the wise powers Deny us for our good ; so find we profit, By losing of our prayers.
Strana 262 - Of these all-conquering arms. Son of Achilles [turning to NEOPTOLEMUS (For now to thee I speak), remember this, Without his aid thou canst not conquer Troy, Nor Philoctetes without thee succeed ; Go then, and, like two lions in the field Roaming for prey, guard ye each other well ; My jEsculapius will I send e'en now To heal thy wounds. Then go, and conquer Troy ; But when you lay the vanquished city waste, Be careful that you venerate the gods ; For far above all other gifts doth Jove, Th...
Strana 253 - Christ ; and dispose yourself so, as if you were even at the last affront, and the very latest injury you were to receive in marching under the cross of our Lord.
Strana 146 - Lomellino, without having once paused to take breath. He passed the servant who let him in, without a question. The man knew him too well, to give him any interruption, or to apprehend any thing from the fierceness and strangeness of his entry. Cesario, therefore, took the lofty staircase at a bound, and burst into Giovanni's apartment.
Strana 71 - I have now lived long enough to know that the greatest glory a soldier or sailor can obtain, is to give up a brilliant action, when the same object may be reached by a less showy and less dangerous road.
Strana 147 - ... sprang through the pillared entrance : he drew a profound sigh, and as he sighed, he looked up. He then saw Cesario standing opposite to him, with such an expression of misery and meltingness in his face ; and that face so wan, that he almost took it for his appa.rition. He half rose, ejaculating some pious adjuration.
Strana 145 - Cesario shot the bolt of his door. He listened with gasping anxiety, till the steps of Calva were no longer audible : then a wild and savage joy thrilled through him : for he was free! — free, to seek the revenge his soul thirsted for. With one spring he cleared the balcony of his window into the garden ; scaled its high wall ; and was at the door of Giovanni's house in the Strada H Lomellino, without having once paused to take breath.
Strana 149 - I will prove it to you,) that never by thought, word, nor deed; have I wronged you with Beatrice ; — is our bond of soul to be broken at...
Strana 148 - At that moment, had Giovanni possessed ten thousand lives, Cesario would have thought them all too few to slake his gasping vengeance : he uttered some unconnected words of horrid import, accompanied by certain wandering movements of the eye and hand, which had an expression in them even more horrible than his words. Giovanni, however, looked at him awhile with a fearless though afflicted aspect ; then advancing, said, " What fatal suspicion thus maddens you?
Strana 149 - ... of love pass between you? did I not hear her declare shame on that shameless avowal! Away — away.

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