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movement .up into itself '; 3. The direction of things to be taken out of the hands of the Tract writers into theirs, to whom, in the order of God's providence, it belongs to direct and guide his Church,' [i.e. Dr. Howley and his Protestant episcopal brethren ;] 4. To restore ordinances which have fallen into desuetude, viz. daily prayers; the keeping of fasts and festivals, the weekly commemoration of the passion of our Lord, and the hallowing of Lent, and the cheerful joy of the Pentecostal season, the greater frequency of communions, the restoration of the offertory, and its use in the collection of alms for religious ends. And as there is a greater longing for discipline, for acting under rule, for the comforts of absolution under a burdened conscience, to encourage the “ministers of God's word " to train themselves to receive "griefs” when others wish to open them, and give them “the benefit of absolution.”

“ And (continues Dr. Pusey) since the godly discipline which our Church yearly laments, cannot yet be restored, at least, let it be extended where it can and is desired ; let not persons have the temptation (I know such cases) of seeking relief for their consciences in the Roman Communion, because they look for discouragement if they apply to ministers in our own.”-p. 144.

In the present state of the Established Church, we see no prospect of those supposed remedial measures being adopted; and were they tried, we think that they would have little or no effort in stemming the current which is running cheerily in the direction of Rome.




Sanctissimi Domini Nostri,

LETTER APOSTOLIC OF POPE divina Providentia, Papæ XVI.

GREGORY XVI. LITTERÆ APOSTOLICÆ, Quibus publicæ preces commen- Wherein public prayers are recomdantur et indicuntur ob infelicem mended and instituted, on account of Religionis statum in Hispaniæ regno, the deplorable state of religion in concessa plenaria indulgentia Jubilæi. Spain, and the plenary indulgence of

a Jubilee is granted. GREGORIUS PP.XVI, ad perpetuam GREGORY, P.P. XVI.—for perperei memoriam.

tual remembrance : Catholicæ religionis causa a supre- The cause of the Catholic religion, mo pastorum Principe et amantissimo which has been entrusted to our huhumani generis reparatore Christo Je- mility by Jesus Christ, the supreme sul humilitati nostræ commissa, et ca- Prince of pastors, and the renovator ritas illa, qua omnes, populos gentes, of mankind, whom he has so much nationes prosequimur, ita Nos intime loved, and that charity which we expremunt et urgent, ut nil unquam tend to all nations, so thoroughly urge præterire possimus, quod ad fidei de- us on and animate us, that we cannot positum integre custodiendum, et ad but have recourse to whatever means animarum perniciem propulsandam we may deem necessary to preserve, pertinere intelligamus.

Jam vero in all its integrity, the deposit of the compertissimum est, quo statu sint Faith, and to ward off the destruction religionis res in Hispania, quantoque of souls. It is already well known in cum animi mærore tristissimas Eccle- what state the affairs of religion are siæ eo in Regno vicissitudines pluribus in Spain, and with what bitterness of ab hinc apnis lugere cogamur. Equi- soul we have been forced, for several dem ille populus, quin ab sanctissimis years past, to lament the ecclesiastical patrum suorum documentis desciverit, vicissitudes of that nation, whereof the orthodoxæ fidei est summopere addic- people, far from abandoning the holy tus, et clerus maxima ex parte strenue precepts of their fathers, are strongly præliatur prælia Domini, sacrique An- attached to the Orthodox Faith, tistites fere omnes, licet miserandum whilst the clergy, for the greater part, in modum vexati, expulsi, et gravissi- courageously fight the battles of the mis vel etiam ærumnis affecti, in pro- Lord; and whilst, also, almost all the prii gregis salutem curandam pro prelates endeavour, with their whole viribus incumbunt. Attamen perdi- strength, to secure the safety of their tionis homines, nec numero pauci, own focks, although those prelates are ibidem reperiuntur, qui nefaria inter most miserably harrassed, are in exile, se societate conjuncti, tanquam fluctus and labouring under most pressing feri maris despumantes confusiones afflictions. Nevertheless, there are in suas, teterrimum adversus Christum that country a number of abandoned et Sanctos ejus bellum gerunt, et men, who, criminally leagued with maximis jam Catholicæ Religioni each other, and, like the waves of a

damnis illatis, eam, si fieri posset, boisterous ocean, venting forth their everlere impie commoliuntur.

disordered thoughts, wage a most cruel war against Christ and his Saints. Having brought the greatest losses on the Catholic religion, they now attempt, in their impiety, to sub

vert it-could that but be effected. Nos profecto pro ministerii Nostri We, in the accomplishment of the munere, Apostolicam vocem attol. duties of our ministry raising our lentes, gravissima a Matritensi Gu- Apostolic voice, have not ceased bernio Ecclesiæ inflicta vulnera pub- mourning publicly the wounds inlice lamentari non prætermisimus ; flicted on the Church by the Governactaque omnia a civili potestate contra ment of Madrid, and denouncing as ipsius Ecclesiæ jura et leges edita null and void all those ordinances of plane nulla et irrita declaravimus. the civil power which have been diOmni præterea doloris significatione rected against the rights and laws of atrocissimas injurias ac calamitates this Church. We have, moreover, Venerabilibus Fratribus illius Regni with every demonstration of grief, veEpiscopis et sacris - utriusque cleri hemently lamented the atrocious inpersonis irrogatas, nec non abomina- juries and evils which have been intionem in loco sancto constitutam, et flicted on our venerable brethren, the ecclesiastica bona sacrilege direpta, bishops of that kingdom, and on the diveudita, et publico ærario adjudica- sacred persons of the clergy of both ta vehementer conquesti sumus; in orders; and we have seen, with sormemoriam una simul, revocantes row, abomination set up in the holy pænas ac censuras, quas Apostolicæ place, and ecclesiastical property saConstitutiones et Ecumenica Concilia crilegiously robbed, sold, and turned ipso facto incurrendas iis infligunt, over to the public treasury. At the qui talia facinora patrare non refor- same time, we did not omit to recal to midant. Atque hoc Apostolici Nostri memory the penalties and censures muneris officium semel et iterum ube. which the Apostolical constitutions undum curavimus binis Allocutionibus and the Ecumenical councils proad VV. FF. NN. S. R. E. Cardinales nounce, ipso facto, against those who habitis in Consistorio calendis Febru- dare to commit such crimnes. We arii Anno 1836, et calendis Martii have fulfilled-in the two Allocutions Anno 1841 : quas quidem typis edi addressed to our venerable brethren, jussimus, ut silicet Apostolicæ Nostræ the Cardinals of the Holy Roman solicitudinis ac reprobationis publicum Church, assembled in the Consistories illudque perenne monumentum ex- held on the Calends of February, 1836, isteret.

and on those of March, 1841-that duty which our apostolical charge imposed on us. We have even ordered them to be printed, so that that monument of our Apostolic solicitude and reprobation might publicly and

perpetually exist. In eam sane spem erigebamur fore, We had indulged in the hope that ut Nostra hæc vox, quæ ex afflictissi- the words which had emanated from mo communis omnium fidelium Pa- the afflicted heart of the common tris corde erumpebat, exaudiretur ; Father of the faithful would be heard, utque iteratis Nostris monitis ac ex- and that through onr reiterated admopostulationibus dura istiusmodi contra nitions and expostulations an end Catholicam Religionem persecutio would be put to the fierce persecution

Hac certe de causa dies of the Catholic religion. "Prostrate, noctesque ad Crucifixi pedes provo- night and day, at the feet of Christ luti plurimas inter lacrimas et gemitus crucified, we never ceased in the huhumilitate cordis Nostri orare nun- mility of our heart and midst frequent quam intermisimus, ut pro immensa tears and groans, to beseech that, in sua misericordia laboranti Hispanicæ the plentitude of His mercy, He would Nationi adjutricem dexteram porri- deign to stretch out a helping band to gere, et errantibus, ut in viam possent the Spanish nation in its difficulties, redire justitiæ, veritatis suæ lumen and to manifest to those who were in ostendere vellet. At inscrutabili divi- error the light of His truth, so that no judicio nullus adhuc spei Nostræ they might return to the paths of respondit eventus: immo vero ita per justice. But, by the impenetrable vastissimas eas regiones mala in dies judgment of God, no event has, as augeri conspicimus, ut Catholicæ Re- yet, responded to our hopes; on the ligioni extremum veluti excidium pa- contrary, we behold the evils increasing lam intentetur. Silentio enim præ- throughout those vast regions to such tereuntes alia permulta satis explorata, an extent, that the Catholic religion quæ contra sanctissimas Ecclesiæ leges is publicly menaced with utter deatque hujus A postolicæ Sedis jura struction. Without making mention recentissime decreta, vel etiam per- here of very many other decrees which fecta ibidem sunt, eo sceleris deven- have been levelled against the most tum esse dolemus, ut diobolica sane holy laws of the Church and the rights malatia execrabilis lex supremis Reg- of this Apostolical See, we grieve to ni Comitiis proposita fuerit, in id po- find crime arrived to such a height tissimum tendens ut legitima ecclesi- that it has proposed, with truly diaboastica auctoritas omnino tollatur, im- lical malice, an execrable law in the piaque statuatur opinio, laicam po- supreme assembly of the kingdom, to testatem supremo suo jure Ecclesiæ do away altogether with all lawful ipsi ejusque rebus dominari.


ecclesiastical authority, and has set up the impious principle that the civil power should, in its own supreme right, hold sway over the Church and

its affairs. Et quidem ea in lege constituitur, ab In effect it is determined by that Hispanica gente nullam hujus Apos- law, that the Spanish nation is to take tolicæ Sedis rationem habendam; no heed of this Apostolic See; that omnem cum ipsa communicationem all communication with it, in respect pro quibusvis ecclesiasticis gratiis, in- to ecclesiastical favours, indulgences, dultis, concessionibus intercipiendam, and concessions, is to be cut off, and eosque omnino puniendos qui hujus- that those who resist that law shall be modi præscripto adversentur. Itein severely punished. It is likewise ensancitur, ut literæ Apostolicæ aliaque acted, that the letters Apostolic, and rescripta ab Sancta eadem Sede pro- other documents from the Holy See, fecta, quin ex Hispania fuerint pelita, shall not only be left unregarded and non solum minime serventur, omnique considered of no avail (unless they be careant effectu; verum etiam ab iis, ad demanded by Spain), but shall be, quos pervenerint, civili auctoritati bre- without delay, denounced by those vissimo temporis intervallo denunci- who may receive them, to the civil entur, ut per eam dein Gubernio tra- authorities, who are to transmit them dantur, pæna quoque in hujusce præ- to the Government, a penalty being scriptionis violatores statuta. Præterea decreed against the violators of this decernitur matrimonii impedimenta statute. It is, woreover, ordained, that Regni Episcopis fore subjecta, donec the impediments to matrimony shall civilium legum codex inter matrimonii be submitted to the jurisdiction of the contractum et sacramentum discrimen bishops of the kingdom, until a code of ponat; neque ullam de religiosis re- civil laws shall establish a distinction


bus causam ad Hispania Romam between the contract and the sacramitte posse, et nullo unquam tempore ment of marriage; that no cause revel Nuntium vel hujus Sanctæ Sedis lating to religious affairs can be reLegatum illic admissum iri cum po- ferred from Spain to Rome; and that testate gratias sive dispensationes, licet for the future no nuncio nor legate gratuitas, concedendi. Quid plura! from the Holy See can be admitted Excluditur plane sacratissimum Ro- into Spain with the power of granting mani Pontificis jus confirmandi vel dispensations or favours, even 'grarejiciendi Episcopos in Hispania elec- tuitous. More yet remains to be told ! los; atque adeo exilii pæna mulctan- The most sacred right of the Roman tur tum Presbyteri ad aliquam Epis- pontiff to confirm or reject the eleccopalem Ecclesiam designati, qui ab tion of bishops in Spain is abolished, Sancta hac Sede vel confirmationem, and exile is the lot of those priests, vel Apostolicas litteras petierint, tum who, on being appointed to some epis. Metripolotani qui Pallium ab ipsa copal church, seek to be confirmed by postulaverint. Post hæc mirum pro- the Holy See, or ask for letters therefecto, quod ipse Romanus Pontifex from. The same punishment awaits tanquam Ecclesiæ Centrum haberi ea the metropolitans who solicit the Palin lege asseratur: cum quo tamen lium. It is astonishing that, after communicationi locus non relinquitur, such ordinances, the Roman Pontiff nisi intercedente venia atque inspec- should be declared, in those very laws, tione Gubernii.

the centre of the Church, although no communication with him is allowed, unless through the good pleasure and

under the inspection of the GovernIn hac igitur tanta Catholicæ Re- Desirous of checking as far as in us ligionis per Hispaniam perturbatione lies, the evils which are on the iningravescentia ibidem mala, quantuin crease throughout Spain, in consein Nobis est, compescere, Nostramque quence of the disturbance of the Caopem carissimis illis Fidelibus, qui tholic religion, and eager to afford jaindiu supplices ad Nos tendunt ma- our assistance to our beloved and nus, ferre summopere cupientes, Præ- faithful children, who, for so long decessorum Nostrorum exemplo statu- a time, have stretched out to imus ad universæ Ecclesiæ preces their suppliant hands, we have deconfugere, et omnium Catholicorum termined, after the example of our pietatem erga afflictam Nationem predecessors, to have recourse to the illam studiosissime excitare. Et certe prayers of the universal Church, and cum nemo possit ab hujus tristitiæ most zealously excite, in favour of participatione secerni, atque in tanto that afflicted nation, the piety of all Religionis et Fidei discrimine una Catholics. And as no one can, assuredly, cunctis dolendi sit causa; una pariter be a stranger to that common afflicomnium juvandi ratio esse debet. tion, and as there is the same cause of Itaque dum Nostris hisce litteris ques- grief for all in this so great danger for tus expostulationesque in memoratis religion and faith, so ought there to be Allocutionibus editas renovamus et equally but one motive for rendering confirmamus, actaque omnia a Ma- assistance. And whilst we repeat and tritens Gubernio contra Ecclesiæ Sanc- confirm in these present letters those tæque hujus Sedis jura et dignitatem complaints and griefs which have been hactenus gesta, et in primis propositam already set forth in the allocutions nuper legem reprobamus, abrogamus, abore referred to; and whilst we renulliusque roburis fore edicimus, sin- prove, abrogate, and declare null and gulos VV. FF. Patriarchas, Primates, void, not only all those decrees already Archiepiscopos, Episcopos, qua laté enacted, by the Government of Madrid, patet catholicus orbis, gratiam et com, against the Church and the rights and


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