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To which address his Eminence was pleased to make the following reply :

“ I receive with sentiments of the liveliest gratitude, the kind congratulations which you bave tendered on the occasion of the exaltation of my humble and unworthy person to the highest dignity which could be conferred by bis Holiness upon a British subject. Such an elevation which I am conscious could not be deserved by any services rendered to the Church on my part, I look upon as the testimonial of the sincere love and affection which our venerable Pontiff bears to our nation, and of his wish to bind still closer the links of union between all British Catholics and the centre of unity; thus preserving

the unity of spirit in the bond of peace,' which forms the chief beauty of the Church of Cbrist. This dignity would have been more worthily held by other more distinguished and more useful members of the British clergy, who have laboured with apostolic zeal, and with a happy success, in the vineyard of our Lord. If it has pleased the Almighty that it should have fallen to my lot, I cannot but be anxious, and pray that, being guided by the counsels and by the experience of the venerable pastors of our Church, I may really and effectually represent the British clergy.

“God is my witness how much I have desired, and should still desire to descend from this lofty station, and unite with you in giving consolation to those who suffer afflictions and vexations on account of their attachment to the true faith. How gladly would I even cross the seas, and make myself an esile with the exiles, that I might labour with my brethren in preparing them for their passage to another world. My heart glows with joy and exultation when I see around me the venerable bishops of our churches, and the respectable superiors of the British colleges in this city, at the head of so many who have left their homes, their country, and their friends, to receive the blessings of an ecclesiastical education in institutions founded to perpetuate the succession of our clergy; and upon beholding you I think of the words of the prophet, ' How beautiful are the feet of those that evangelize peace, that evangelize the Lord.' I fervently commend myself to your prayers, and, in conclusion, I earnestly exhort you to make me a sbarer in your labours, that participating in your toils, I may receive a part in your crown.”

Early in March died a well known priest, Canonico Muccioli, very much celebrated for the indefatigable exercise of his ministry to the immense benefit of the people, but especially of the youth of the middle and lower classes in Rome. On the night of the 7th his body was conveyed to the Church of Santa Caterina della Ruota, followed by several thousands of the Roman youth. No death since that of the Princess Borghese has created so great a sensation amongst the people. His body lay exposed upon a catafalco, arrayed in his sacerdotal vestments, during great part of March 8th. It was a moving but eminently consoling spectacle. The countenance of the deceased was calm and beautifully serene. In fact he seemed but to sleep, and if it he true that the parting sentiment of the soul leaves its impression upon the fea. tures of the corpse, according as that parting be for good or for evil - there can be no doubt of the nature of the exit which this good priest's soul made. He is considered in Rome as a saint, and as such his loss is greatly deplored.

ENGLAND, The Letter Apostolic of his Holiness Pope Gregory XVI, at the present unhapry state of the Church in Spain, which we published in our last Number, has been already warmly responded to by a considerable number of the Catholic hierarchy, and ere long there will not be a country on the face of the habitable globe, where the fervent prayers of the faithful will not be delivered up for the peaceful and religious repose of a nation, once eminently Catholic, but now

a prey to the sacrilegious machinations of an infidel Junta, who have usurped the reins of Governmeut. If one thing more than another can affect the stony hearts of Espartero and his myrmidons, and make them tremble for the just retribution which will sooner or later overtake them, the spectacle of millions upon millions of every clime, and of every age, rank, and condition, spontaneously offering up their supplications in conjunction with the common father of the faithful, to the throne of mercy, in behalf of afflicted Spain, is certainly calculated to make them ponder in their mad career, and if not stricken with judicial blindness, to make them retrace their steps. We were happy to see the venerable the Catholic Bishops and Vicars Apostolic of England take an early part in this great movement, and it is with pleasure that we now, ad perpetuam rei memoriam, transfer the following charity-breathing pastorals to our pages:

“ London District — Thomas, Bishop of Olena, Vicar Apostolic, to all the Faithful in the London district.-Dearly beloved brethren and children in Jesus Christ, We have received from the Holy See an authentic copy of the apostolic letter, which his Holiness has addressed to the Catholic Church, on the miserable state of religion in Spain, inviting all the faithful to unite in fervent prayer to the Father of mercies for that unhappy nation. We insert this venerable letter of the successor of St. Peter for your instruction and edification; not doubting that its inflamed words will tend to excite in your souls the same zeal for the honour of God and the salvation of your brethren, which burns in the breast of our holy Father.

(Here followed the Letter Apostolic.) “In obedience to this Apostolic letter of the sovereign Pontiff, we exhort you, dearly beloved, to prove yourselves children of the same Heavenly Father, and members of the same mystical body, with your brethren in Spain. Unite with the whole Catholic Church in labouring to appease the anger of God; that the injuries already inflicted upon religion in that kingdom may be repaired, and the dreadful spiritual calamities which threaten it, averted.

“ In order that you may unite in the same prayers, we direct, that until further notice, all the clergy who say mass in the London district, add at each mass, when the rubrics allow it, the Prayer, Secret, and Postcommunion, contra persecutores Ecclesiæ;' and that after ihe last mass of each day, from Sunday, the 24th of April, to Sunday, the 8th of May, both inclusive, there be sung in Latin, or recited in English, the Litanies, &c., as appointed for the rogation days.

“For your encouragement in these pious exercises of charity, and likewise that your supplication to heaven may be more acceptable, as proceeding from more pure and holy hearts, we exhort you, individually, to gain the Plenary Indulgeace, which the Holy Father imparts in the form of jubilee for these objects. The conditions for gaining the indulgence you have heard from the words of his Holiness.

“ The time for gaining it in the London district, commences with Sunday, the 24th of April, and ends with Sunday, the 8th of May.

I. YOU ARE TO BE DULY PURIFIED BY SACRAMENTAL CONFESSION. “We need scarcely remind you, beloved children in Jesus Christ, that your souls cannot be purified from sin by sacramental confession, unless you have a sincere sorrow of heart for having offended Almighty God; unless you are prepared to make full reparation, according to your means, for every injury you have inflicted on your neighbours' feelings, character, or property; unless you are in a disposition of uniting your works of penance with the merits of your Sa. viour; and unless you have a firm resolution, by the grace of God, never to commit grievous sin again.

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“ These essential dispositions for sincere contrition will impart to your confession likewise its requisite qualities. You will declare to the minister of Christ in the tribunal of Penance, all the sins you shall have discovered after a careful examination of your consciences: you will make them known as criminals kneeling before the judgment seat of God, humbly and sorrowfully accusing yourselves of all your transgressions; that you may anticipate the scrutiny of his divine justice, and receive entire pardon from the mercy of your compassionate Saviour: you will faithfully discharge the light satisfactory works enjoined by your Confessor, as some small atonement for your offences, as a remedy for your weakness, and a preservative against a relapse. Without these conditions of true contrition, of entire confession, and of a readiness to make satisfaction, you will not comply with the first condition for gaining the jubilee ; you will not be duly purified by sacramental confession.



“If you shall bave duly complied with the first condition, your communions cannot fail of being worthy : you will have followed the advice of the Apostle, you will have proved yourselves; and you will be in a state to partake of this life-giving food. To correspond, however, with the loving bounty of God, you will not be satisfied with a freedom from guilt, which would provoke His displeasure ; you will labour by fervent exercises of devotion to adorn your souls for His reception ; you will invite Him to your hearts, by a lively faith, a firm hope, and an ardent love ; you will consecrate your whole hearts to that loving God, who desires to abide perpetually in you.

“ Children who have not made their first communion, may be dispensed with by their Confessors from this condition. They can gain the indulgence by performing the other conditions.


APPOINTED BY EACH ONE'S ORDINARY. “ The solemn prayers appointed in the London district, are the Litanies, &c. which will be sung or recited in every public chapel each day during the Indulgence. At these prayers each person must assist at least ibree times with attention and devotion.


“In the London district, we appoint any Catholic chapel, public or private, in which mass is said. To comply therefore with this condition, you will visit a chapel on three different occasions, within the space of fifteen days, and you will there fervently pray for the intentions specified in the letter of bis Holi. ness-viz., that the days of trial for Spain may be shortened, that the Divine wrath may be averted, and the mercy of Almighty God called down on its afflicted people.

“ These are the four conditions for gaining the jubilee now promulgated, a due compliance with which will obtain for your souls an abundant communication of the merits of Christ, in virtue of the ample power conferred by Him on St. Peter, and his successors,—'I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven ; and whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven. Matth. xvi, 19.

“The order of complying with these conditions for gaining the jubilee, is

left to the discretion of each one. It is advisable, however, that the faithful should commence with contrition and confession ; that being purified from sin, their other devotions may be more pleasing to Almighty God, and more beneficial to their brethren. The benefits of the jubilee will not be gained, unless the concluding works of it are performed in the state of grace.

“ As no particular prayers are prescribed for the visit to a chapel, each person may consult his own devotion in the choice of approved prayers; such as the Litánies, the Penitential Psalms, the Rosary, or prayers during masses not of obligation; provided he offer them up for the intentions of his Holiness.

“We have contented ourselves, beloved children in Jesus Christ, with thus laying before you the Apostolic Letter of the Holy Father, and briefly specifying the conditions of the jubilee: hecause we confide that the greater part of you, having worthily approached the sacraments of Penance and the blessed Eucharist for the fulfilling of your Easter obligation, need no exhortation to repentance, but are prepared, as friends of God, to intercede powerfully for your brethren. Should there, however, he any amongst sou, who have neglected the late gracious invitations lo mercy, and the particular opportunities which have been offered for repentance;-should there be any, whose souls are spiritually dead, and their works fruitless; who, knowing from the word of God, that death may come upon them like a thief in the night, are conscious at the same time that a sudden death would render them eternally miserable ; -let me conjure them, not to receive in vain this fresh grace, which their inerciful God offers them; let them rouse themselves from their fatal lethargy, and seize with avidity the proffered blessing of an entire reconciliation with God. Their heavenly Father now invites and presses them to return to his love; he wishes to give them the kiss of peace, to clothe them with the splendid robe of divine grace, to enrich and adorn them with the treasures purchased by the blood of his own Son. He is all mercy, all goodness and benevolence, if they will return to him : but if, contrary to our earnest entreaties, and our daily fervent prayers for their conversion, they turn a deaf ear to this fresh summons from heaven, let me remind them of the dreadful consequence which too frequently follows the repeated neglect of divine admonitions ; viz., an insensibility to the most obvious and the most alarming truths, a blindness of the understanding, and a hardness of the heart, unaffected by the terrors of the justice, or the allurements of the mercy of God. Fall not, we conjure you, beloved children in Jesus Christ, fall not into this dreadful state, too closely resembling, and too directly conducting unto, the state of eternal reprobation. Awake, arise, from this darkness of sin, from this sleep of death, obeying the exhortation of the Apostle, Rise thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall enlighten thee,' Eph. v. 14. Go to your pastors with confidence; they will receive you with the charity of Jesus, they will assist you in your conversion, they will join their tears to yours to appease the anger of God, and they will not cease from their exertions, till they have again imparted to you the grace of a good absolution, and admitted you to the marriage feast of the Lamb, as a pledge of the eternal feast prepared for you in heaven.

“In conclusion, we exhort you all, heloved children in Jesus Christ, to make good use of this acceptable time, this day of salvation. Become yourselves more pleasing, more acceptable to Almighty God, by devout use of the means of sanctity now abundantly offered; and thus become more powerful intercessors for your afflicted brethren at the throne of divine mercy and

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brethren. Amen.' Gal. vi. 18.

“Thomas, Bishop of Olena, Vicar Apostolic in the London district.”

of grace.

Western DistrICT.-PASTORAL, ADDRESSED TO THE CATHOLICS OF THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF ENGLAND, with THE APOSTOLICAL LETTER OF Gregory XVI, ON The PERSECUTION IN SPAIN. BY P. A. BAINES, D.D., Bishop of Siga, V.A.W.-" To all the faithful clergy and laity of the Western District. Dearly beloved, public rumours have informed you, that grievous outrages against our holy religion have of late been perpetrated in Spain. We had hoped that such rumours might have proved to be exaggerated. But, by an Apostolical Letter which we have received from our Holy Father Pope Gregory XVI, we lament to find that our worst fears have been fully realized. The Spanish Church is cruelly assailed, by an impious or ignorant faction, in her ministers, her Government, and her revenues. The chair of St. Peter has been grossly insulted, and measures have been projected, which, if carried into execution, would sever Spain from the communion of the Catholic Church, of which it has formed an illustrious portion from the days of the apostles.

"We cannot wonder, then, that the Holy Father, whose solicitude embraces all the churches, and whose paternal eye anxiously surveys every portion of his svidely-extended flock, should be overwhelmed with affliction to see the misery to which the Church of Spain is now reduced. He has employed en. treaty, reasoning, remonstrance and authority, in vain. No resource remains, but that which rescued St. Peter from the chains of Herod, namely, the prayers of the whole Church of God, a resource which his predecessors, in times of similar calamity, have so often employed with the happiest effect. He has, therefore, addressed letters to all the patriarchs, archbishops, and bishops of the Christian world, urging them to engage their clergy and people to join with him in praying for the Catholic flock in Spain. His best hopes rest on the promises of the divine Shepherd, whose vicar on earth he is, and who says, "Where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them; and whatsoever they shall ask, it shall be done unto them by my Father, who is in heaven.'

“To encourage the faithful in this work of exalted charity, the Holy Father opens for them the spiritual treasures of the Church, communicating a plenary indulgence, in the form of a jubilee, to all who, complying with the required conditions, shall pray for the above purposes, as their respective bishops shall direct.

“As nothing can be more eloquent and pathetic than the appeal which his Holiness makes on this subject, we deem it best to lay it before you in a literal translation.



" In compliance with the wishes and injunctions of the supreme head of the Church, we ordain as follows:

"Ist. That on Sunday, the 24th instant, in all the churches, chapels, and oratories of the western district, approved by us for the public celebration of mass, the respective pastors or chaplains, whether secular or regular, read, or cause to be read, to the people, this Pastoral Letter; and that they endeavour to make their flocks thoroughly understand the purport of the same, in order that the latter may faithfully and zealously comply with the injunctions of the supreme pastor, and be enabled to gain the spiritual advantages which he so liberally bestows.

“2nd. That on Sunday, the 24th instant, the Litany of the holy nạme of Jesus be sung in Latin, or recited in English, before the principal mass, in order to obtain the divine mercy in favour of the persecuted Church of Spain.

“ 3rd. That on Sunday, the 1st of May, the Litany of the blessed Virgin Mary, commonly called the Litany of Loretto, be iu like manner sung or reVOL. VI.

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