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SCARCELY a month since, and we had made up our mind to bid adieu to our kind readers, and retire for ever from this field of our labours. It was not without a pang that after an acquaintance of nearly eight years' standing we came to this resolution. Of the cause which led to that determination, our friends, as well as others whom we hope we may yet rank amongst our subscribers, are already aware ; and our only object now, in alluding to the subjeet is to inform all whom it may concern, or who are in any way interested in the success of the “ CATHOLIC MAGAZINE,” that, encouraged by the good wishes of some persons, and cheered on by the approbation of others whom to know is to esteem—we have resolved to continue the publication. Its duration will, of course, depend upon circumstances, and upon the support which it may receive from the Catholic body,—to ensure which, the literary aid of some eminent Catholic writers has been promised, and in part secured. Emolument is not our object, and we shall be quite contented if, during our future career,—whether long or short,,our humble services shall be deemed of such importance by the friends of religion as to induce them to give it that support which is necessary for enlarging the sphere of its usefulness,—as an uncompromising Advocate of the Doctrine and Practices of THE ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH.




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