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Strana 79 - Thus with each gift of nature and of art, And wanting nothing but an honest heart ; Grown all to all, from no one vice exempt; And most contemptible to shun contempt; His passion still, to covet general praise, His life, to forfeit it a thousand ways ; A constant bounty which no friend has made; An angel tongue, which no man can persuade!
Strana 80 - And bears his blufhing honours thick upon him : The third day, comes a froft, a killing froft ; And, — when he thinks, good eafy man, full furely His greatnefs is a ripening, — nips his root, And then he falls, as I do. I have ventur'd, Like little wanton boys that fwim on bladders, This many fummers in a fea of glory ; But far beyond my depth : my high-blown pride At length broke under me ; and now has left me...
Strana 210 - An Act for the Preservation of the Health and Morals of Apprentices and others employed in Cotton and other Mills and Cotton and other Factories...
Strana 154 - Memoirs of the Twentieth Century; being original Letters of State under George the Sixth, relating to the most important events in Great- Britain, and Europe, as to church and state, arts and sciences, trade, taxes, and treaties, peace and war, and characters of the greatest persons of those times, from the middle of the eighteenth to the end of the twentieth century, and the world. Received and revealed in the year 1728 ; and now published, for the instruction of all eminent statesmen, churchmen,...
Strana 43 - From your judicious and salutary measures during the last year, my people derived all the relief which could be afforded under one of the severest dispensations of Providence; and it was by the...
Strana 142 - ... extended a girl about five years old; it had rolled from under this covering, and was totally naked, except its back, on which a blister plaster was tied by a piece of packthread crossed over its breast; and, though labouring under this dreadful fever, the poor creature was asleep.
Strana 13 - The coining-mill, which was erected in 1788, and has since been greatly improved, is adapted to work eight machines, and each is capable of striking from...
Strana 92 - King John was particularly attached to the sports of the field; and his partiality for fine horses, hounds, and hawks, is evident, from his frequently receiving such animals, by way of payment, instead of money, for the renewal of grants, fines, and forfeitures, belonging to the crown.3 In the reign of Edward I.
Strana 11 - Soho is the name of a hill in the county of Stafford, about two miles from Birmingham, which a very few years ago was a barren heath, on the bleak summit of which stood a naked hut, the habitation of a warrener. " The transformation of this place is a recent monument of the effects of trade 'on population.
Strana 162 - Anne lies, a relation of his first wife, and by her fortune, and that which he acquired by the death of the widow of sir John Dimsdale of Hertford, he was enabled to retire from practice; but his family becoming numerous, he resumed it, and took the degree of MD in 1761.

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