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ENTERED, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1859, by

D. APPLETON & CO., In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the

Southern District of New York.


Ad Candidum Lectorem.

Cum legis hunc nostrum, Lector studiose, libellum,

Decedat vultu tetrica ruga tuo.
Non sunt hæc tristi conscripta Catonibus ore,

Non Heraclitis, non gravibns Curiis :
Sed si Heracliti, Ourii, si forte-Catones,

Adjicere huc oculos et legere işta velint, Multa hic invenient quæ possint pellere curas,

Plurima quæ mæstas exhilarare queant.

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THE "Tin Trumpet," by the late Paul Chatfield, M.D., edited by Jefferson Sanders, Esq., was first published in London, in the year 1836. It was immediately republished in this country, but owing to the fact that much of its matter was of purely English, local, and temporary interest, referring to the political and religious squabbles of the times, the success of the work here was but temporary, and it has long been entirely out of print. It contained, however, a sufficient quantity of wit and wisdom, original and selected, to make its resuscitation at this time appear desirable. The American Editor to whom was intrusted the office of preparing it for republication has thought fit, while pruning the original of all that appeared superannuated and of no present and lasting interest, to embody with what remained such selections from his Commonplace-book as appeared to him to come legitimately within the design of the author. The original plan of the bookan alphabetically arranged collection of the wit and wisdom of many of the best writers, ancient and modern-has not been changed.



Such as it now is, the book is committed to the American public, with the belief that while it will become a mine of easy quotations to many of our ready writers, it will yet more serve to while away pleasantly and not unprofitably a summer afternoon or winter evening to the general reader.

Am. Ed.

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