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Lawrence F. Abbott, President.

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Vol. 90 Published by the Outlook Company: 287 Fourth Ave., New York, Chicago Office, Marquette puding.
No. 1

. :
Lyman Abbott, Editor-in-Chief. H. W. Mabie, Associate Editor. R. D. Townsend, Managing diso

4.6lo Prince Kropotkin, in executions are perpetrated by ivholesale, The Russian

a letter to the London and the executioners are paid tegin fifTorture Chamber

Times July 25, 1908, teen rubles to fifty rubles (that is, from reprinted in the New York Evening $7.50 to $25) a head. Hundreds, thoBRAR Post August 6, refers to a statement sands of unhappy, misguided men from signed by thirty-one members of the among the best class of Russian people third Duma, in which it is affirmed that are put to death-men misguided by the from December, 1905, to June, 1906, a very people who execute them. period of six or possibly seven 'months, not this kind of dreadful thing alone is 1,170 persons in the Lettish region were being done, but in the same place and executed without trial, and a number with the same cold-blooded cruelty all several times larger were flogged or sorts of other tortures and violence are otherwise tortured:

being perpetrated in prisons, fortresses, The punishments began to take, from

and convict settlements." The demoralAugust, 1906, the character of true inquisi- izing effect of this wholesale massacre tion tortures, which were carried on in con- is everywhere seen. “ Children play at cealment, not to inflict pain, but to obtain confessions from the arrested persons, and

hangings. Lads from the high schools,

who are almost children, go out on exconsequently to deliver them to the field military courts. However, it happened very propriating expeditions, ready to kill, often that such “confessions” could not be just as they used to go out hunting.' obtained, and then the persons arrested were The responsibility for these high crimes simply shot, or killed with bayonets, without any semblance of trial. In such cases it was

Count Tolstoy charges on the highest ordered to report that the prisoner was

officials of the Government: “Like the killed “while making an attempt to escape;", executioner, you fear men, and fear the but even this excuse was not always resorted

more the greater your responsibility for to; many were killed quite openly.

the crimes: the Public Prosecutor more This statement is abundantly confirmed than the Secretary; the President of the by an official report of similar conditions Court more than the Public Prosecutor ; made to the second Duma, a copy of the General Governor more than the which is to be found in the State archives President; the President of the Court at Washington, the details of which are of Ministers more still, and the Czar quite too dreadful for publication. And most of all.” The excuse offered for these reports cannot be discounted as this policy is that “firm measures newspaper exaggerations ; they are offi- necessary to put down the revolutioncial documents, and more than confirm aries. In fact, these barbarities proall that The Outlook has said on this mote revolution and multiply the revolusubject in times past. Scarcely less tionaries, , significant is the terrible indictment of

Your Government men call the acts of the Russian Government by Count Tol- the revolutionaries “atrocities” and “great stoy in his recent paper entitled “Gov- crimes,” but they have done nothing and are ernment by Execution,” reprinted in

doing nothing that you have not done, and Littell's Living Age for August 8. They only do what you do. You keep spies,

done to an incomparably greater extent. He addresses himself directly to the deceive, and spread printed lies, and so do Russian Government, which, so far as they. ... They are altogether your disciwe have seen, has made no reply. He ples; they have, as the saying is, picked up says that in the eighties there was only disciples, they are your products, your chili

all your little dodges; they are not only your one executioner in all the Russias; now dren. If you did not exist, neither would


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