Between Nation and State: Serbian Politics in Croatia Before the First World War

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University of Pittsburgh Press, 15. 2. 1998 - 240 strán (strany)
Nicholas Miller chronicles the politics in Croatia (1903-1914,) prior to the first World War. He examines the failures of the Croat-Serbian Coalition that led to their future inability to create a cohesive civic/democratic union during the war years. The Serb-Croat differences—political, ethnic, and regional—prevail to this day.

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Between nation and state: Serbian politics in Croatia before the First World War

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At first glance, this book's narrow scope might make it a minor addition to a crowded field. In fact, it is an important contribution to understanding the perennial Balkan dilemma of a minority's ... Čítať celú recenziu

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Nicholas Miller is professor and chair of the department of history at Boise State University.

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