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Rev. LYMAN ABBOTT, D.D., Editor-in-Chief
HAMILTON W. MABIE, L.H.D., Associate Editor

Robert D. TOWNSEND, Managing Editor


Copyright, 1897, by the Outlook Company


Published Every Saturday

May 1, 1897

Vol. 56

No. 1


HE past week has made side of the Turks, together with all the very clear the desperate advantages of a much larger and much character of the war upon better-equipped army. The dash of the which the Greeks have Greeks through the frontier was splendid, embarked against immense but it was against hopeless odds, and the

odds numbers, equip- last week has not only demonstrated the ment, and military resources of every kind. failure of that movement, but has brought The strategy on each side has been ob- the Turks well within the plains of Thesvious from the start. The Greeks en- saly. The campaign in the east has cendeavored, in their first irregular move- tered mainly around the two passes of Miment, to get through the mountain passes luna and Reveni, where the fighting has on their frontier before the Turks had been stubborn and desperate. There are time to take advantage of their position. no more reckless fighters than the Turks, They were handicapped by the unfairness but it is so long since the Greeks have been of the Great Powers which are banded engaged in actual warfare that there was together to preserve the "integrity” of some uncertainty as to the manner in the Turkish Empire. The boundary be- which they would carry themselves. Their tween Thessaly and Macedonia proposed valor, however, is likely to make Reveni to the Berlin Congress of 1878 ran from and Miluna as memorable in their future a point on the Gulf of Salonica north of history as the pass of Thermopylæ. The Mount Olympus to a point on the Alba- main advance of the Turkish force has nian coast nearly opposite Corfu. This been through Miluna, and on Friday a line would have been easy of defense for desperate battle was fought at Mati, not the Greeks, and the Powers accepted it; far south of the Thessalian side of the but Turkey declined to fall in with their pass. As a result of the battle the Greek decision, and, in obedience to the Turkish army was driven back upon Larissa, 'its demand, the original boundary, which ran headquarters; and, being still further from the northeast corner of the Gulf of pushed, that town was abandoned, and at Arta to a point near the entrance of the this writing the army has retreated to Gulf of Volo, was allowed to remain. Pharsala, which is almost in a direct line Sixteen years ago the boundary was south of Larissa, where a new line of definally settled by Turkey and the Great fense is being rapidly established. The Powers without any reference to the de- Greek spirit appears to be unbroken. In mands of Greece, the latter country re- spite of the disasters of the week there has ceiving but a small part of the territory been no panic at Athens, and great conwhich had been set apart for her by the fidence is expressed by the Greek GovBerlin Congress; and the frontier was so ernment in the outcome of the struggle. drawn as to make it very difficult of defense by the Greeks and very easy of access to the Turks.

It is very probable that the present week will see the crisis of the struggle.

The Greeks are hurrying every available What the Greeks feared and the Turks man to the frontier, and the Turks are planned for in this arrangement has been pressing forward with equal energy. There fully realized during the past two weeks. is still a body of Greeks on the northern Every natural advantage has been on the side of the mountain chain in the neigh



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