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For only ten cents a word you can advertise your wants in the Classified Department of The Outlook. The favoratie results may surprise you as they have surprised many other users of this effective service.

We recently published an announcement headed "Have you a Rare Book, a Carved Chest, or a Personal Talent to Sell?" and that announcement led many of our subscribers to use the Department of Classified Advertising for the


Another announcement entitled "In

quiries at 7 Cents Each” led many A CYCLE OF WINTER SPORTS

others to the door of opportunity.

The present announcement will lead HERE is no season of the year that kindled the imagination, turning the

still others to profit by the machinery provides such exhilarating, health- commonplaces of life into poetry and

of this department. ful, and enjoyable sports as the romance and making of its tragedies the winter. There is no place in the world inspiration to effort. that makes a better scene of action than While summer invites to contempla

WHAT HAVE YOU TO SELL? Montreal, Canada.

tion, the winter stimulates to action. It Other advertisements urge you to buy. In Mount Royal, rising from the very is the winter that offers a necessary

But this one invites you to sell. heart of the city, the Canadian metropo- natural outlet for the stored-up energy lis is fortunate in possessing an un- of the human frame.

Those of you who have read The rivaled playground. Snow-shoeing, slid- Participation in winter sports is the

Outlook regularly for years without having, skiing, tobogganing, riding, driv- best tonic in the world—a sort of scien- ing made use of this classified advertising, kodaking, daily draw the population tific massage administered by the wisest ing service have overlooked a practical in hundreds to its slopes. There is room of nurses, Dame Nature herself.

Who opportunity of unusual possibilities. enough and to spare for all who come, has not found from experience that an

If you are in need of a household and throughout the winter weeks the hour's brisk walk on a winter's day is

helper, companion, nurse, governess, clear, bracing air rings with the shouts as stimulating and beneficial to health

teacher, business of merrymakers, to which the sleigh

or professional as half a day outdoors in the languorous bells lend a harmonious note. summer? So a week or a week-end

assistant, you will probably find that a Montreal has always been a popular spent in a thorough indulgence in winter

small advertisement in this department center for winter sports. There is a sports will have all the healthful advan- will bring prompt and gratifying results. snow-shoe club here which recently cele. tages of a July vacation that is twice as The steady growth of this department brated its eightieth birthday. Another long.

bears witness to its ability to get results. one was organized one hundred and Sporting circles in Montreal have orseventeen years ago, and a hundred ganized this year on a gigantic basis. A

Decide now what you need or what years before that, and more, complete cycle of winter amusements

you want to sell, and then send us your shoeing was an every-day fact.

has been arranged to cover entirely the advertisement before you forget about it. In those strenuous early days, how- months of January and February. Every ever, it was probably not regarded as a week will have special attractions in the pastime, as it was the ordinary and way of hockey matches between the big

Department of Classified almost the only means of getting from leagues, ski-jumping competitions, curl

Advertising place to place for man or woman. But ing tournaments, horse-racing on the ice, it accomplished the same purpose then exhibitions of fancy skating, snow- THE OUTLOOK COMPANY as it does to-day. It set the pulses shoeing contests, trap-shooting, and throbbing and blood coursing. It de- fancy-dress skating carnivals, with to- 381 Fourth Avenue, New York City veloped mind and body, bone and sinew, bogganing and bob-sledding at the fabreeding a race of hardy northerners. It mous Park Slide, recently rebuilt. Dog






(Continued) teams of Eskimo huskies, which have proved so popular in the White Mountains, are to be imported, and there has been a revival in favor of tandem driving for horses as well. The oldfashioned low Russian sleigh, with its quantities of soft fur robes, has also come back into common use, and nothing

ADRIATIC is more suitable for an afternoon's drive

(24,541 tons) along the winding roads of the moun

MEGANTIC tain, from which such wonderful views

January 6 may be obtained over the city for miles

February 24

(20,000 tons displacement) of the surrounding country.

January 15, February 17, March 22 Those who have never before taken World-famous for steadiness, part in any winter sports will be delighted to find how easy it is to learn to

Magnificent cruising ship of ad

de luxe quarters, cuisine and skate, to steer a toboggan, or "soop 'er service. For travelers of dis

mirable construction for tropic up" at the curling rink. With competent crimination. Ample time for

voyages. Premier steamer to instructors, whose services will be read

the West Indies.

delightful visits ashore. ily available for yisitors during the winter, the novice after a few lessons

Rates $250 Upwards becomes proficient enough to venture Excellent Accommodations anywhere and so enthusiastic that the

Itinerary arranged by Cruise weeks of frost and snow seem all too

at Moderate Rates

Department of more than 25 short.

years' experience in the West Dress plays an important part in win- Itinerary : Madeira, Gibraltar, Indies. From New York to ter sports. Since fashion allows the most

Algiers, Monaco (the Riviera), Havana, Haiti, Santiago, Kingsgorgeous hues for men as well as women, we find the members of the sterner sex Naples, Alexandria (for Egypt ton (Port Antonio), Panama

, reveling freely in the vivid blues and and the Nile), Haifa for Jeru- Canal (Panama City), La Guaira reds and yellows that their every-day salem, and Athens (Phaleron

(Caracas), Trinidad (La Brea), Barbagarb forbids.Who shall measure the

dos, Martinique (St. Pierre), St.

Bay). psychological value of this harmless in

Thomas, San Juan, Nassau, Bermuda. dulgence of a primitive taste?

Inquire for booklets and detailed information The blanket coat, white or gray or colored, is still the popular garment for the snow-shoer, with woolen toque and sash and mittens of some bright con

No. 1 Broadway, New York City trasting shade. Skiers find a closely woven wool sweater more suitable, while men and maidens alike

kneebreeches and short coats. There must be no hampering skirts for the girl who skis-no flying tassels or loose ends to catch on the trees and stumps as she shoots down the runway. The curler who enters for the annual charity bonspiel would consider he might spoil his luck if he appeared without the Scotch cap that is invariably associated with the roarin' game. Visitors who prefer to be onlookers at

New International Large Type Edition (1922) the sports wear fur—long, rich-looking

A complete book of coats of seal or muskrat, Persian lamb or coonskin. It has been said that in no city of the world are seen so many fine looking fur coats in proportion to the population. So the lady who comes

By C. 0. S. MAWSON, Litt.D., Ph.D. up from a warmer climate to attend a

THE new Thesaurus is justly called the International, and league hockey match in Canada is ad

differs from its predecessors in: (1) enlarged list of vised to follow the fashion and wear a fur coat, even if she has to rent or bor

synonyms and antonyms; (2) special groupings of comparative row it.

terms ; (3) scientific and technical words ; (4) regrouping King Winter keeps a joyful court, but

of synonyms; (5) marking of rare and obsolete terms; (6) he is a despotic old tyrant. Woe to the

inclusion of plurals; (7) addition of phrases and American heedless individual who fails to obey his

idioms; and (8) inclusion of quotations from modern authors. laws! For young and old alike he makes a rigid ruling of warm clothes,

“A necessary part of the reference equipment of every writer

in English.— Boston TRANSCRIPT. with plenty of exercise and properly balanced food. Since these rules are so

8vo. cloth...

Net $3.00 Limp leather...... Net $5.00 easy to obey, few may be found unwill

Cloth, indexed.... Net $3.50 Limp leather, indexed Net $5.50 ing to conform. From all sides his sub

At all book stores. Postage extra. jects have enrolled themselves, for a day or a week or a month, determined

New York to make the reign of 1923 a happy and | THOMAS Y. CROWELL COMPANY a prosperous one.




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