Recollections of a Chaperon, Zväzok 3

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Strana 133 - When death shakes off the slave's body, the chain falls with it, and the man, disenthralled at last, goes where the wicked cease from troubling, where the weary are at rest...
Strana 65 - For contemplation he and valour formed, For softness she and sweet attractive grace, He for God only, she for God in him...
Strana 314 - Methinks if ye would know How visitations of calamity Affect the pious soul, 'tis shown ye there ! Look yonder at that cloud, which through the sky Sailing alone, doth cross in her career The rolling moon ! I watched it as it came, And deemed the...
Strana 314 - And deemed the deep opake would blot her beams; But, melting like a wreath of snow, it hangs In folds of wavy silver round, and clothes The orb with richer beauties than her own, Then passing, leaves her in her light serene.
Strana 95 - Must call thee so, the rich affection's store That fed our hopes lies now exhaust and spent, Like sums of treasure unto bankrupts lent. We that did nothing study but the way To love each other, with which thoughts the day Rose with delight to us, and with them set, Must learn the hateful art how to forget.
Strana 219 - You shall read (saith he) that we are commanded to forgive our enemies; but you never read that we are commanded to forgive our friends. But yet the spirit of Job was in a better tune: Shall we (saith he) take good at God's hands, and not be content to take evil also?
Strana 277 - Et son tant doux , tant doux regarder, Finirait mon martyre. Mais las ! mon cœur je n'en puis ôter, Et grand affolage M'est d'espérer. Mais tel servage Donne courage A tout endurer. Et puis comment , comment oublier Sa beauté , son bien dire Et son tant doux , tant doux regarder ! Mieux aime mon martyre.
Strana 31 - But if he lurk between the ruddy lips, Unhappy soul, that thence his nectar sips, While down into his heart the sugar'd poison slips ! Oft in a voice he creeps down through the ear; Oft from a blushing cheek he lights his fire ; Oft shrouds his golden flame in likest hair ; Oft in a soft smooth skin doth close retire ; Oft in a smile ; oft in a silent tear : And if all fail, yet Virtue's self he'll hire.
Strana 168 - I fear, alas ! will leave me. Shall then in earnest truth My careful eyes observe her ? Shall I consume my youth And short my time to serve her ? Shall I beyond my strength Let passion's torments prove me,—- To hear her say at length,
Strana 42 - Roma no la hallas; cadaver son las que ostento murallas, y tumba de si proprio el Aventino. Yace donde reinaba el Palatino; y limadas del tiempo, las medallas mas se muestran destrozo a las batallas de las edades que blason latino.

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