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Thou hast made us for Thyself, and our heart is unquiet, untu
it find satisfaction in lying upon Thy breast."

And now abideth health, science, and holócss, these three;
but the greatest of these is holiness."

Kenneth Sylvan Quthrie,

A. M., Rarvard, Ph. D., Culane.

Vol. I, No. 4.

May, 1899

Some Principles to Live By
Devotional Meditations,or, Instructions How to Attain Immortality

Regeneration Applied: First Instalment.

The Message of the Master: A Historical Analysis of what the

Teachings of Jesus of Nazara probably were.
My Way out to Freedom: or, Reasons why I Left the Protestant
Episcopal Church, and Essays on the Creeds {g Lambeth Articles.
Copyright, 1899, by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie. All Rights Reserved.

Entered at the Oaklyn, N.J., P.O., as Second Class Mail Matter.

Terms: 100 a copy; per annum, 75c if in advance; if not, $1.00.

No stamps accepted. Published monthly at


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For Brain-persons
Apply thy mind with infinite small pains;
Desert is more than title, work than brains.

For Neck-persons
What is the use of Heaven-shaking will,
If what it seeks be chosen without skill?

For Shoulder-persons
Though Martha labour till she shed hot tears,
She will not gain what Mary simply bears.;

For Chest-persons
Careful in details, ah, be careful too
In keeping thy weak soul to Heaven true.

For Heart-persons
O Love, that passest even righteousness,
Be true to God with fervour pitiless.

For Plexus persons
Do not reject before thou know'st what's meant:
When thou hast learæt, then show thy argument

For Reins-persons
O thou who canst discern the smallest thing,
How failest thou thy wavering to see?

For Begettings-persons
Cunning, at best, will


but little ways; Unselfishness, at last, far better pays.

For Thigh-persons
Rashness the best-intentioned souls offends
Whom no small services will turn to friends

For Knee-persons
As thau thyself would'st have, to others do:
Who gladly serves, is greater e'en than yoria

For Ankle-persons
Guide not thy path by What will people say?
Just you and God form a majority -

For Feet-persons
If still a fable Heaven seems to thee

Blame thou thine eyes that have not lecariet to see.


I love Thee, Father, not because this is Thy sovereign will,
Because Thy hand created me with true and loving skill.

I love Thee, not because with Thee abideth strength and health, Because Thy favor makes men great and blesses them with


I love Thee for Thy purity,—Thy purity of fire,
Whose flames ascend forevermore in infinite desire.

I love Thee for Thy face serene, whose beauty glows with light, Reflecting all the fragrant prayers that rise from out our night

I love Thee, Father, for Thy love, I know not how or why;
I only know I yield to Thee a love that cannot die.



I believe in physical health, cleanliness, temperance; and utter purity in thought, word and deed.

And in truth, honesty, accuracy and scholarship which demands reason for all things, and without prejudice yields its own opinion if shown to be false; which tolerates in each man his own opinions; which leads to art, literature and science; which in earnestness, sincerity and candor perfects all human powers.

I believe in Love, the Father and Destiny of all things, Light of light, Fragrance of fragrance, Beauty of beauty; who, working both here and beyond, is inexorably just, and therefore is the Comforter of the Afflicted and the Avenger of the Evil to the thousandth generation; who leads, by conscience, within myself to the Kingdom of Heaven, which only the humble can inherit, and which shall have no end, forever and ever. Amen.

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