The Spirit of Buncle, Or, The Surprising Adventures of that Original and Extraordinary Character John Buncle, Esq

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Charles Stocking, 1823 - 342 strán (strany)

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Strana 59 - All, all of a piece throughout ; Thy chase had a beast in view : Thy wars brought nothing about ; Thy lovers were all untrue. 'Tis well an old age is out, And time to begin a new.
Strana 314 - LOOK round the habitable world, how few Know their own good, or, knowing it, pursue. How void of reason are our hopes and fears ! What in the conduct of our life appears So well...
Strana 291 - Hath oped his ponderous and marble jaws, To cast thee up again. What may this mean, That thou, dead corse, again in complete steel Revisit'st thus the glimpses of the moon, Making night hideous ; and we fools of nature So horridly to shake our disposition With thoughts beyond the reaches of our souls ? Say, why is this ? wherefore ? what should we do ? Hor.
Strana 54 - Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! well hast thou done, To lay down thy pack, And lighten thy back, The world was a fool, e'er since it begun ; And since neither Janus, norChronos, nor I, Can hinder the crimes, Or mend the bad times, Tis better to laugh than to cry.
Strana 249 - Learning and knowledge are perfections in us, not as we are men, but as we are reasonable creatures, in which order of beings the female world is upon the same level with the male.
Strana 56 - Mars. Inspire the Vocal Brass, Inspire ; The World is past its Infant Age : Arms and Honour, Arms and Honour, Set the Martial Mind on Fire, And kindle Manly Rage. Mars has lookt the Sky to Red ; And Peace, the Lazy Good, is fled.
Strana 34 - Though the weather should be worse. Fore and aft a proper draft get, Oil the engines, see all clear ; Hands up, each a sack of coal get, Man the boiler, cheer, lads, cheer. Now the dreadful thunder's roaring, Peal on peal contending clash ; On our heads fierce rain falls pouring, In our eyes the paddles splash. One wide water all around us, All above one smoke-black sky : Different deaths at once surround us ; Hark ! what means that dreadful cry...
Strana 204 - But this gentleman was the only man I ever saw who could or would attempt to do it ; and he made but one gulp of whatever he drank. He did not swallow a fluid like other people, but if it was a quart, poured it in as from pitcher to pitcher.
Strana 58 - Calms appear, when storms are past; Love will have his hour at last: Nature is my kindly care; Mars destroys, and I repair; Take me, take me, while you may, Venus comes not ev'ry day.
Strana 57 - Momus. Thy sword within the scabbard keep, And let mankind agree ; Better the world were fast asleep, Than kept awake by thee. The fools are only thinner, "With all our cost and care ; But neither side a winner, 70 For things are as they were.

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