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was recommended to the Author's reading, as a book that contained, in several parts of it, such plausible arguments, as did not appear to be easily confuted. From these suggestions he read over carefully that Treatise, and gave it as his opinion, that there was not that strength of argument which people feemed to apprehend. In consequence of this declaration, he was pressed, with some earnestnefs, to commit to writing those reasons that induced him to think so. Impelled, not only by this, but by an anxious concern for the welfare of the present and future generations, the writer publishes those reasons, in hopes that they will be found generally useful, which may apologize for


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troubling the public with his sentiments on a subject, concerning which fo much has been already said,

The above-mentioned elaborate work, with the additional consequence of a second edition, which called into the ļiterary world this production, it was supposed at first, would have been universally condemned : but experience has already shewn the suppor Gition to be ill-founded. Its doctrines, fupported by an appearance of great learning, and too well adapted to the taste of a licen, tious age, though generally, are far from be. ing universally exploded. The advocates for this work, excepting those who admire it only for the licentiousness of its principles, may be supposed, regardless of the means, to look forward to the desirable end proposed, of preventing seduction ;--to which end, however, it is greatly inadequate, and


must certainly mislead them, if no friendly information intervenes. For these reasons the author of the following sheets has attempted to administer an antidote to its poifon. He is sensible that it has been anfwered in some points of view, very ably.But even fupposing it fully answered before this book is submitted to public inspection ; yet it may be useful to many, since amongst mankind there are varieties of tempers, dispositions and geniuses; and great difference às to the magnitude of natural and acquired abilities; as also different perceptions and ideas in the same, as well as unequal degrees of improvement of the mental faculties ; confequently there is a necessity for writers of various abilities to demonstrate truths to communities, composed of different orders of men.

And as writers of humble abilities may by some happy thoughts very much recommend and support a good cause, every



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