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Page 18, for Comæna read Comana. Page 31, for would read could. Page 32, for 389 (in the margin) read 398. Id. for facks read shock.- Page 37 før punishment read punishments. Page 40, for we do read do we. Page 48, for privilege read privileges. Page 64, for Fat read Nat. ' Page 70, for vol. I. p. 13, read vol. I. p. 183. Page 84, for uninfluenced read uninformed. Page 100, for tend read tends. Page 105, for p. 181 (in the margin) read 281. Page 117, for ws read ws. Page 140, 'for nuk read 02x. Page 156, for III. read III. Page 165, for droploomuela read dropbwohjeeba. Page 176, for dropséolw read dopbécow. Page 198, for p. 438 read p. 423. Page 205, for absurdity read absurdities. Page 208, after the words New Testament, delę it. Page 228, for and which, read and in which. Page 287, for hæriticum read hereticum. Page 303, for rannarlevos read xonáuevos. Page 304, for πυρνη read Tropen. Page 320,

. 337, for state of nature read in a fate of nature. Page 344, for erroniously read 'erroneously. Page 347, for that inveteracy of habit read the inveteracy of habit. Page 351, for consequence read consequences. Page 367, for who read was. Page 410, for how much this read how much this is. Page 422, for are read is. Page 444, for ch. 23 rcád ch. 33. Page 445, for national virtue read national virtues. Page 473, for civil intents read all civil intents. Page 479, for witness read witnellës.

Page .ואשתו read דאשתד for

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