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of this will make you wish you had never been born.” But his heart being for that instant hardened, [he] was at once committed to one Master Key's house, a jail but lately built up in Wakefield, for at this time the infection of the plague was violent in York.

The way to Wakefield from Sir John Savill's lay direct by Mr. Caverley's house, against which when he came, he entreated the multitude that were his conduct, he might speak with his wife before he came to prison, who he heard was alive, though in great danger : that liberty was granted him. The distressed gentlewoman, when she saw him, forgot both her own wounds and the death of her two children, and did as lovingly kiss him and tenderly embrace him as he had never done her wrong: which strange kindness so strook to his heart, remembering the misery he had heaped upon her, that embracing one another there was so pitiful lamentation between them that had flint had ears it would have melted into water. And, could either words or tears have persuaded his keepers to have left him in her arms, she, Mrs. Caverley, before the blood was washed off from her cloaths (which he pierced out of her and her infants' bodies) gave occasion, would have altered them. But here they were divorced, she unable to rise to follow him, and he enforced to leave her : and by the way he should pass from his house, the grave chamber of his ancestors, which he never should see again, even

on the threshold lay his two children to take their farewell with bleeding tongues; which, when he beheld, his eyes were scarce able to bear up their covers ; nor was he distracted with the sight, but all like a pillar of salt, and the remembrance of their lively shape reflected such a natural heat



upon him that he was melted into water, and had not the power to take any farewell of them, but only in tears.

He was not long before he came to Key's house: he was not long there ; but the memory of his children sat in his eyes, so that for the one he repented all the day, and for the other lamented all the night: nor can the pen of the divinest poet express half the grief in words, that he conceives in heart. For, whereas, before he told Sir John

. Savill he was glad he had rid the world of beggars, now he employs his hours in these words, “ I would I had those beggars either to beg with them, or to ask Heaven's alms for me."2

? -or to ask Heaven's alms for me.”] Which, it will be observed, are the very words of “the divinest poet”, supposing Shakespeare to have contributed the conclusion of the tragedy.

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For one. AMADINE, the King's Daughter of Aragon.

For one.
SEGASTO, a Nobleman

For one.
ENVY, TREMELIO, a Captain, Bremo, a wild man
COMEDY, a Boy, an old Woman, Ariena, Amadine's Maid For one.

For one.
COLLIN, a Counsellor, a Messenger

For one. MOUSE, the Clown

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| This is the ancient distribution of the several parts as contained in the impression of 1609, after the King of Valencia and his followers had been added to the characters, as they are given in the earlier impression of 1598.

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