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“ YE are sojourners and strangers.” And surely these days of revolution may well fix the solenn truth deeply in every heart.” Who, amongst us, can say, that the land he possesses is his, and that it will descend to his heir? 6. For, here we have no continuing city, but “ seek one to come.”-“ We are strangers “ and pilgrims on the earth.” And we, alas, live at à period, when the pilgrimage is frequently soon ended! How many of our contemporaries, both rich and noble, have been lately cut off in the youth of life? Let those, therefore, who survive and enjoy wealth and ease, consider their responsibility; for they also will soon be called to account for the TALENTS which have been committed to them. If religion hath acquired a due influence over their minds, they will begin to consider themselves as “ stewards of God;" and their desire will be to dispose of their means in such a manner as shall be most agreeable to his will. For the highest praise of the good man, in a practical sense, is, that he is a DISPENSER DE THE BOUNTY OF GOD.

Let the season, therefore, of the approach. ing Jubilee be employed, chiefly, in cultivating these noble principles and affections. May there be peace, and joy, and forgiveness, in every house at this time. Let it be a Jubilee to the Lord in the heart of every man, who

looks, himself, for mercy and forgiveness. Let him endeavour, in this day of temporal account, to prepare for the great day of eternal account, which will soon arrive. So that, when the LAST TRUMPET shall sound, and the time which God hath fixed “ for the redemp"tion of the purchased possession,” shall be fully come, he may have “an entrance minis- . “ tered unto him abundantly, into the ever

lasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour « Jesus Christ."






25th October, 1809.

1 KINGS viii. 66. " And they blessed the

King; and went unto their tents joy ful and

glad of heart, for all the goodness that the Lord had done for David, his servant, and for Israel, his people.

Since the great Jubilee in the days of SoloMON, to which these words refer, there has not, perhaps, been a more august festival before the Lord than the British Jubilee, which we celeþrate on this day.

To constitute a Jubilee, in the highest sense, there must be a knowledge of the true God, a

pure faith, a people exulting in the favour of the Almighty, a people animated by loyalty to their king, “ Peace within our walls, and pros- perity within our palaces." It will heighten the grandeur of the occasion, if the people be powerful and stand conspicuous among nations.

All these particulars centre with us." They are to be found in our nation to an extent and degree never known, perhaps, by any other people. At "the present era Great Britain stands conspicuous in the eyes of the world ; she assumes a commanding attitude; -and has become, by livine providence, the constituted guardian, in a manner, of the religion and 'Fiberties of men. And, behold, while occupying this exalted station, she announces'a grand Jubilee, to be celebrated.on the occasion of an

#empires the arrival of the fiftieth year of her 'monarch's reign. į It is to be wished, that an important' use could have been made of this event; that the impression of it could have reached an nations; that the trumpet of our Jubilee could have

been heard by all the world. It would have haccarded well with the character of this day, , that an illustrious act of national mercy had commemorated it for ever. In strict confor

mity to the name we have given it, EVERY DEB


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