Travels in France, During the Years 1814-15: Comprising a Residence at Paris During the Stay of the Allied Armies, and at Aix, at the Period of the Landing of Bonaparte

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Macredie, Skelly, and Muckersy, 1816

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Strana 276 - Come one, come all! this rock shall fly From its firm base as soon as I." Sir Roderick marked, — and in his eyes Respect was mingled with surprise, And the stern joy which warriors feel In foemen worthy of their steel.
Strana 131 - For contemplation he and valour formed, For softness she and sweet attractive grace, He for God only, she for God in him...
Strana 328 - It is impossible for language to convey an adequate idea of the universal expressions of execration, which accompanied these monsters on their journey ; it was fortunate for them that the weather was dry,, had it been otherwise they would have been smothered. From the moment the cart was in motion, the fury of the mob began to display itself in showers of mud and...
Strana 317 - But yonder comes the powerful King of Day, Rejoicing in the east. The lessening cloud, The kindling azure, and the mountain's brow Illumed with fluid gold, his near approach Betoken glad.
Strana 93 - She bore, with unexampled,magnanimity, the sacrifice of power and of influence which 106 she was compelled to make : she carried into the obscurity of humble life all the dignity of mind which befitted the character of an empress of France ; and exercised, in the delightful occupations of country life, or in the alleviation of the severity of individual distress, that firmness of mind and gentleness of disposition with which she had lightened the weight of imperial dominion, and softened the rigour...
Strana 133 - Amico, hai vinto: io ti perdon... perdona tu ancora, al corpo no, che nulla pavé, a l'alma si; deh! per lei prega, e dona battesmo a me ch'ogni mia colpa lave.
Strana 222 - Mon innocence enfin commence à me peser. Je ne sais de tout temps quelle injuste puissance Laisse le crime en paix, et poursuit l'innocence. De quelque part sur moi que je tourne les yeux, Je ne vois que malheurs qui condamnent les dieux. Méritons leur courroux, justifions leur haine, Et que le fruit du crime en précède la peine.
Strana 27 - The writer and his friends were more gratified on reaching Paris, and on enjoying an opportunity of seeing the most remarkable Sovereigns and Generals in Europe collected within the walls of that metropolis. ' It is fortunately superfluous for us to enlarge on the appearance, or on the character of the Emperor Alexander. We were struck with the simplicity of the style in which he lived. He inhabited only one or two apartments in a wing of the splendid Elysee Bourbon — slept on a leather mattress,...
Strana 118 - Rubens belong to a much higher school than that which rose oat of the wealth and the limited taste of the Dutch people. There are sixty pictures of the latter of these masters in the Louvre, and, combined with the celebrated gallery in the Luxembourg palace, they form the finest assemblage of them which is to be met with in the world. The character of his works differs essentially from that both of the French and the Dutch schools : he was employed, not in painting cabinet pictures for wealthy merchants,...
Strana 35 - ... with the impressions of his character derived from his whole conduct, and the style of his public writings, sufficiently shewed, that his time had been spent more in camps than in courts.

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