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Ordered, ly the House of Commons, to be printed,

7th, 14th, 19th, and 20th June, 1816.

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The SELECT COMMITTEE appointed to inquire into the

Education of the Lower Orders in the Metropolis, and to report their Observations thereupon ; together with the MINUTES of the EVIDENCE taken before them, from time to time, to the House; and who were instructed to consider what may be fit to be done with respect to the Children of Paupers who shall be found begging in the Streets in and near the Metropolis, or who shall be care ried about by Persons asking Charity, and whose Parents, or other Persons who they accompany, have not sent such Children to any of the Schools provided for the Education of poor Children ;-Have, pursuant to the Order of the House, inquired into the Matters to them referred,

and have agreed to the following REPORT: Your

OUR Committee have examined a great body of Evidence, which has been reported and ordered to be printed, respecting the State of Education among the Lower Orders in the Metropolis; and they have found reason to conclude, that a very large number of poor Children are wholly without the means of Instruction, although their parents appear to be generally very desirous of obtaining that advantage for them.

Your Committee have also observed with much satisfaction, the highly beneficial effects produced upon all those parts of the Population which, assisted in whole or in part by various Charitable Institutions, have enjoyed the benefits of Education.

Your Committee have not had time this Session fully to report their Opinion upon the different branches of their


Inquiry, but they feel persuaded that the greatest advantages would result to this Country from Parliament taking proper measures, in concurrence with the prevailing disposition in the Community, for supplying the deficiency of the means of Instruction which exists at present, and for extending this blessing to the Poor of all descriptions.

Although your Committee have not been instructed to examine the state of Education beyond the Metropolis, they have, in addition to what has appeared in Evidence, received communications, which show the necessity of Parliament as speedily as possible instituting an inquiry into the management of Charitable Donations and other Funds for the Instruction of the Poor of this Country, and into the state of their Education generally, especially in the larger Towns: and your Committee are of opinion, that the most effectual as well as least expensive mode of conducting such an Inquiry, would be by means of a Parliamentary Commission.

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20 June 1816.



Taken before The Select COMMITTEE ap

pointed to inquire into the EDUCATION of the Lower Orders of the Metropolis.

Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed,

13 June, 1816.

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