The Cyclopædia of Wit and Humor: Containing Choice and Characteristic Selections from the Writings of the Most Eminent Humorists of America, Ireland, Scotland, and England ...

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Strana 1004 - FROM his brimstone bed at break of day A walking the Devil is gone, To visit his snug little farm the Earth, And see how his stock goes on.
Strana 720 - Twas but in a sort I blamed thee: None e'er prosper'd who defamed thee; Irony all, and feign'd abuse, Such as perplex'd lovers use, At a need, when, in despair To paint forth their fairest fair, Or in part but to express That exceeding comeliness Which their fancies doth so strike, They borrow language of dislike; And, instead of Dearest Miss...
Strana 758 - Nothin' like it," replied his father. " But don't you think it means more? " inquired Sam. " Veil p'raps it is a more tenderer word,
Strana 759 - Mary my dear) altho it does finish a portrait and put the frame and glass on complete with a hook at the end to hang it up by and all in two minutes and a quarter.
Strana 759 - So they are," observed the elder Mr. Weller parenthetically. "'But now," continued Sam, — "'now I find what a reg'lar soft-headed, inkred'lous turnip I must ha' been; for there ain't nobody like you, though I like you better than nothin
Strana 758 - That ain't proper," said Mr. Weller, taking his pipe from his mouth. " No ; it ain't ' damned,' " observed Sam, holding the letter up to the light, " it's ' shamed,' there's a blot there — ' I feel myself ashamed.' " " Wery good," said Mr. Weller.
Strana 1063 - ... in England.* As to the return of his health and vigour, were you here, you might inquire of his hay-makers ; but as to his temperance, I can answer that (for one whole day) we have had nothing for dinner but mutton broth, beans and bacon, and a barn-door fowl.
Strana 720 - Lose discrimination quite, And their hasty wrath let fall, To appease their frantic gall On the darling thing whatever, Whence they feel it death to sever, Though it be, as they, perforce, Guiltless of the sad divorce, For I must (nor let it grieve thee Friendliest of plants, that I must) leave thee. For thy sake, TOBACCO, I Would do anything but die, And but seek to extend my days Long enough to sing thy praise.
Strana 762 - Listen, oh my son ! There is no wisdom equal unto the belief in God ! He created the world, and shall we liken ourselves unto him in seeking to penetrate into the mysteries of his creation ? Shall we say, Behold this star spinneth round that star, and this other star with a tail goeth and cometh in so many years ? Let it go I He, from whose hand it came, will guide and direct it...
Strana 762 - Oh, my soul! oh, my lamb! seek not after the things which concern thee not. Thou earnest unto us, and we welcomed thee: go in peace. Of a truth, thou hast spoken many words ; and there is no harm done, for the speaker is one and the listener is another. After the fashion of thy people thou hast wandered from one place to another until thou art happy and content in none.

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